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  1. Looking for a roleplay partner to play as the Joker in one[x]one roleplay!
  2. I would suggest putting this in the Roleplay Talk or OnexOne request section, friend.

    Welcome to the site.
  3. I have, actually. haha

    Just trying to put myself out there and find a partner. :)

    Thank you! Nice to meet you. ^_^
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  4. Lol, You.... Dipperrrrrr *hiss*
    Welcome to Iwaku, I have naught much to say besides "holy holey pants batman!"
    Happy roleplaying!
  5. I want to be helpful. DID I DO GOOD?!

    Anyway, Harley, hit me up if you ever want to do anything Batman related. I'm not big on Joker, but Batman is one of my things.
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  6. Thanks! ^_^ It's nice to meet you.
  7. Sure, I'm into any kind of roleplay, really.

    Joker is just my favorite. But I enjoy /anything/ Batman-related, really. :)
  8. Yes my older than me child, you did well.
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  9. Hello Harly! >:3 Welcome to the site!
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