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  1. So this is "Hello". I'm not going to get all fancy with this greeting.
    I've been RPing on other sites and the site I was currently RPing on got shut down :'(
    So of course, being the RP junkie that I am. I decided to join this site! :D I honestly hope I enjoy being on here, and that I'll find an RP to join real soon!
    I'm *shaking* from excitement!!!

    I also hope if you're reading this you'd like to become friends with me... I like friends >.< lol

    So to my new found friend(s);
    "Nice to meet you -Hope we RP some time!!"​

    ~Vibrant Kisses
  2. Hi there Vikis! >:3 Welcome to the community!
  3. Welcome!

    That sucks your other site got shut down. We have a strong community here with lots of players of all play types :)

    I'm October nice to meet you.
  4. Ooh, I got welcomes! And a nickname! :D
    Thank you!
  5. Greetings, Vibrant! Welcome to Iwaku.
  6. Welcome to Iwaku^^
    Search and a story shall find you ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.