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  1. ahem, but no heres an actual theme

  2. You don't have to go Fury Mode if you don't want to. You can simply do a combination of other attacks without the need of a re-roll.

    Also, I'll be working on that new guide. I have the feeling it will be necessary to avoid more confusion. And don't worry about keep asking questions. It's my duty to help you out if you need it.
  3. I've been on a Vocaloid craze lately again. ^^

    Soneri Aundarya

    Liliya Blednyy​
  4. "You might not see her much see I wanted to introduce you."
  5. So excited to make my prologue but stressing over finishing this book for this book report has my brain overloaded XD

    I'll probably just read everyone's posts for now while I get comfortable
  6. Anya kiss him back deeply.
  7. dawwwww

    das so sweet ;3;
  8. -slowly slides head around the corner- Hello. -slides back out of sight-
  9. Great for Assassinations. Buy now for a discounted rate
  10. Does the D in D-class stand for dead meat?