Ello Dere!

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  1. Hi guys! I'm not only new to this site but also new to roleplaying in itself. So if any of you have helpful hints or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to say a few things about myself as a person!

    I'm more of an upbeat optimistic person and I am rather creative however I get writer's block in the worst possible moments. I love Oreos and just being goofy. I consider myself a big kid; I love legoing and My Little Pony because why not? I enjoy listening to records, yes records, mostly classic rock albums. In the warm months, visiting the local botanical garden and park is one of my biggest pass times. With my girlfriend. Sorry, ladies. I know I'm a fox, but hey.

    Soooo that's all I can think of!
  2. A crazy hobo! D: Please don't take my sammichs! I need them to live!

    Otherwise, welcome to the wonderful world of roleplaying! >:3 It's great to have new fresh faces. If you need a quick guide, the Roleplay 101 section gives nice straight forward instructions. But there's always the Roleplay Academy if you need a little extra help.

    Welcome to the community! <3