Ellismire...Before the Curse.

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  1. NOTE: This takes place several years before my other RP The Curse of Ellismire. This is the story of Zelena, Demiel, and Daniel, before Zelena turned evil.

    There is a land that far from earth, a land filled with magic, mountains, and the most unique creatures you would ever set eyes on. It's name? Ellismire. Ellismire has just celebrated 79 years of peace. Before that...there was war. Terrible war with the dragons. But they all live peacefully now.
    There is one family that is the focus of this story, Ava and Zelena, and Zelena's best friend, Demiel.
    This is the story of Zelena and Daniel, their love story, and of Demiel and Zelena's friendship, and how it all came to an abrupt end....This is their story.
  2. Ava
    Ava sat on a bench, watching Zelena play on the playground. Zelena, 6 years old, was laughing and giggling like any other normal girl would. She grinned, she was always happy when her daughter was. Her father was home cooking supper for them and suggested Ava and Zel go to the park. Ava quickly agreed, for Zelena had tons of energy to expel. So with a kiss from David, she took Zel and walked out the door.
    Little did they know that was the last time they would ever see David.....
    Zelena slid down the slide with a squeal of glee. Life was great! Mommy was happy, and so was Daddy! She got to play on the playground. She walked up and went to play on the swings, and saw this elf, who looked older than everyone here, except for the grown ups. She looked behind her, and Zel saw a rock floating in midair. Eyes wide, she went up to the elf and tugged on the hem of her shirt. The rock dropped to the ground with a CRACK!

    "Wow! Was that you, floating that rock? That was so cool! Can you show me how?" Zelena asked enthusiastically. "My name's Zelena. What's yours?" she asked.

    ((@wildpelt we can just dive right into it since it's just us, we don't really need Char sheets, do you think?))
  3. Demiel

    The elf was named Demiel, a woodland elf. She appeared a few years older than Zelena, except in reality, she was almost 30. She turned to look at the human girl, and she gave a tiny smile to this eager human.

    Greetings girl, my name is Demiel. You liked that trick? I can show you more!
  4. ((....o.O 30? Okay then.))
    Zelena nodded. Wanting to see more. "Make me float! That would be fun!" she said enthusiastically, the way a 5 year old would. She looked at her mom, who was reading a book."Come on! Please! It'll be fun!" she asked. She was just generally looking for a fun time.
  5. ((I'm using ages from the Eragon series. From now on in just gonna leave ages alone.))
    Demiel smiled and sat down on a rock; at her age, it wad much much easier for her to not be moving when she performed magic. She extended her hands and began whispering in the ancient language. Then, Zelena floated a few inches above the ground. The elf smiled.
  6. Zelena squealed with glee. She felt weightless! She looked at the elf with a big grin on her face, the innocent kind you only see on little children. "What's your name?" she asked, realizing the elf hadn't answered her earlier.

    In the meantime, Ava was looking around for her daughter, and saw her....a few inches off the ground; supposedly in midair, with nothing holding her there. She narrowed her eyes and walked over, sure she would find an explanation. She smiled when she saw an elf sitting on a rock smiling at her daughter. "Having fun, sweetie?" she asked turning her attention back to her daughter.

    "Yes! Mommy look! I'm floating!" she squealed.

    "So I see! Well dear, have fun! We should be heading home in a few minutes." Ave turned back to the elf, knowing she was probably older than she looked. "Would you like to join us for dinner,- I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name? I'm Ava, and you've already met Zelena here." she offered.
  7. Demiel turned to the voice of a woman she'd never heard before. She smiled ot Ava and gently lowered Zelena to the ground so she didn't drop her while she spoke. She sometimes had issues multitasking while using magic, and she had had an incident involving a few blocks of wood due to it.
    Greetings, I'm Demiel. Nice ot meet you. And certainly, I would appreciate that!
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