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    What on Earth have I stumbled upon?

    You heard it here, first... or maybe a friend recommended you check this out... or it came to you in a dream-like vision whilst you slumbered beneath the swooping boughs of a weeping willow, but whatever way it happened, you've searched long and hard and you've found Elle's Emporium of Pretty Things. Where awesome BBcode and beautiful images are right at your fingertips and all you need do is ask, politely. And the really exciting part? Everything is completely and utterly free, costing only the time it takes you to type up what you're looking for… and maybe a touch of my sanity ;-)

    Currently I am able to take on roughly FOUR projects at a time, but if all project slots are full please don't feel like you can't make a request - just note that you will have to wait your turn :)

    NEW!!! || As of 10/9/17 I am no longer offering CUSTOM BBCODE DESIGNS. This just got WAY too complicated for me to do on my schedule, and frankly, given how few RPs actually succeed (or even start XD) it became extremely frustrating to spend hours on a design that never saw the light of day.

    That being said - I am still offering coding. What you will do is select a code preference from my Emporium Workshop - You may customize the color options/font options, but otherwise, what you see is what you get. There are currently THREE styles to choose from, but more will come.

    >>>>Elle is currently operating at 100%<<<<​
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN
    • OPEN

    Who is responsible for these preposterous shenanigans? This absolute tomfoolery?

    You can call me Elle... You can call me a lot of things, but some I might not answer to. Everything I know, I've taught myself - and because I'm a stay at home mom with photoshop and a whole mess of time on my hands, I love to create things in my spare minutes.

    I have no delusions that I am a coding or graphic magician... I simply understand the site Code to some workable degree and I love to play around with whatever graphics google-fu will get me. It's a hobby that I love and hopefully it will prettify whatever parts of your RP you're looking to prettify.

    I do NOT draw/paint/poo out ORIGINAL art... at least not anything that you will want to use, so graphics will need to be FOUND and supplied by you. I can give you suggestions or tell you where to look, but most likely I will not have time to go graphic hunting as well as make you a design. Also, please do not give me things with watermarks or anything that will get me into trouble for using (I'm lookin' at you, Olympics Rings:tm:). I'm poor and want to continue to be able to feed my kids, so I don't wanna get sued <3

    What’s the catch, you sneaky, sneaky lady?

    What's the catch? Well, there isn't really one... other than you may need to be a little patient to receive your goodies, but I'll be working as fast and as hard as I can!

    I love to work on coding and making the world lovely is kind of a natural talent for me anyway, (seewhatIdidthere?) but I do, alas, have a real life (Toddlers and cooking and laundry, oh my!) that occasionally gets in the way of the FUN stuff, like art and coding. I also have my own projects... namely roleplays that I'm a part of or run or my Intern work, and those are my priority on this site. Please allow the time I need to create (which will be as quickly as I'm able at the time) and I PROMISE… you won’t be disappointed in the results.

    I create basically anything listed in the fancy shmancy banner at the top of this list (And in case you’re too lazy to scroll back up… That means coding or graphics for character sheets, overviews, ad/character banners). As well, I can do VERY LIGHT graphic-editing for character images/avatar. At the moment I don't really make signatures, because, well... I find them distracting and have them hidden.

    For simpler projects, please allow AT LEAST 3-5 days for completion and for larger projects, 7-10 days. These are not exact numbers, and you may receive your finished results before or after the time specified, but I will do my best to stay on target! Just know I'm working on it - but constant reminders MIGHT make me voluntarily 'forget' for a while >_>

    At the end of the design process, if there is anything you’d like tweaked, that’s fine - I always try to save a workable copy of everything I do, but please know that I will not do total redesigns. If you’re unhappy, you’re not obligated to use the design, but please don’t ask me to start over just because it’s not what you envisioned 100%. I am on a low-sodium internet diet, so if you become unexpectedly filled with angst, please keep your salt to yourself - sending me angry PMs about how you hate my work and want me to die in a hole won't get you much more than sore fingers from keyboard smashing.

    Because I’m not charging you, I don’t necessarily expect you to give me credit for my designs, but it WOULD be nice. I work hard and everyone likes to be appreciated and acknowledged. That said, please don’t TAKE credit for any of my designs - this will make me angsty and I will be obligated not to work with you again. Also, I will have to report you.

    My own aesthetic tends to run towards simpler designs - classic palettes with pops of color and a lot of sans serif fonts. Why is this important? Because if you fail to give me enough info I want you to know what to expect to receive ;-)

    IMPORTANT NOTE || I do NOT do strict horror or work with overtly violent imagery - I just won't. I'm a visually affected person and I can't deal with googling anything tooooo creeptastic. I also do not do EXPLICIT (lewd) designs for Red/Blue Star/ERP roleplays. This is a personal preference of mine.

    Also of Note || I CAN do gifs - but I will only do ONE gif per person, as they take longer and are a LOT more frustrating - I can only add text to an existing gif. I cannot CREATE a gif.

    TL;DR || Tell me what you want... in explicit detail. Be Patient. Don't be a jerk and take credit for my work.

    Now Serving Customer...

    Please include a TAG for me, so I see your form (as sometimes my notifs get a little wonky) - as well as the SITE THEME that you use, so that I know what I’m working with. You may not receive your design 100% the way you pictured it. Basically, I’m not a wizard… and cannot pull your vision from your mind, into my own, but I will do my best! I will allow for a few revisions, as well as offer several ‘previews’ beforehand, so we can discuss any changes you might like.The more detail you give me, however, the better and closer to your vision your design will be - if you fail to give me enough info, you might not get what you want and that might make you sad.
    • Design Preference | Please select a design from the Emporium Workshop - They are NUMBERED and you MUST specify which design you want.

      Color Scheme | What palette would you prefer? If you can't find/pick one, I will just have to guess based on other important info.

      Color Preferences | Which fonts do you prefer - please select at least two - but no more than FOUR.
    • WIP - Not currently Open for Interest Check applications!
    • Name of Roleplay | The name you want to appear in the banner

      Other Info | If you want any sort of short blurb or quote, and/or genre information listed ON the banner itself

      Theme/Genre | If it's an RP what sort of genre is it? This will help me determine the 'mood' of your design.

      Image(s) for Banner | Please provide -working- URL LINKS. These are any image(s) you want me to use - please note that for banners I will not FIND images for you - Images should be 800x100, or fit into that frame - anything with too low a resolution will be blurry/pixilated.
    • Name of Character | The name you want to appear in the banner.

      Quote/Blurb | This is any optional/additional information you want within the banner - for example a short quote.

      Image(s) for Banner | Please provide -working- URL LINKS. These are any image(s) you want me to use - please note that for banners I will not FIND images for you.
    • Type of Editing Desired | Please include what you would like done with the image - for instance, recolors, adding text, eliminating an element, transparency, combining elements (I may or may not be able to do these things, depending on the image and extent of work needed! I also will NOT edit copy-written images and/or images with watermarks)

      Image(s) for Banner | Please provide -working- URL LINKS. These are any image(s) you want me to use - please note that I will not FIND images for you. Images should be of decent resolution, please.

    But how do I know I'm not asking Bob Ross to paint the Sistine Chapel?

    First of all. Bob Ross is great... He's on Netflix now, and those happy trees have never looked better. Also, he was in the friggin’ Air Force. He would've done a great job on the chapel if Michelangelo wasn't such a show off... :-{

    Second of all - while I already mentioned I'm hardly the next new graphic-design master of the universe, I do have SOME skills, or I probably wouldn't have my own shop. But in case you require some encouragement, here is my testing thread as well as some examples of my work with graphics...

    RP Banners - AD or Interest Check

    Character Banners for Post or CS

    GIF Images

    Image Edits


    Some Helpful Resources

    These are some links to resources you can use to help fill our your forms. Please feel free to include any palettes or font info in your forms from any of these sources or use your own. Remember ! The more info I have, the better your design will look!

    Color Palette Designs
    MORE Fonts (downloadable)

    Final Notes (the small print): I use EVENING THEME for this site, so if you have trouble seeing any of the images within the accordions, please contact me

    As designer, I reserve the right to ask you about/fix potential typos/grammatical errors I find (particularly in sheets used for BANNERS) - Please note this is not a critique on you, personally, but I imagine most people don't mind some free editing, and we all miss things from time to time! ;-)

    Most of my coding borders on complex... Because of this, it is REQUIRED that in order for you to use/edit any of it, you MUST turn off Rich Text Editor in your PROFILE PREFERENCES. It is not enough to just turn it off temporarily - you must switch your DEFAULT editor to bbcode. I may choose not to fix exploded/cloned text if you failed to follow this step.

    Also, while I will do my absolute best to accurately create mobile friendly bbcode, if you want a complex design, chances are, it won't be 100% mobile friendly. Just bear this in mind - particularly if the GM is looking for mobile friendly CSs.

    In light of some RECENT ISSUES with coding and content being taken from Test Threads and used without credit or permission, I will be adding a very small credit-note to the bottom of all of my projects. It will be transparent as possible, but I do ask that you please do not remove it. If it IS removed, I reserve the right to no longer continue working with you on future projects. We all work super hard on our coding - sometimes taking upwards to hours, sometimes DAYS to figure things out, and having it stolen and someone else taking credit for it is incredibly disheartening, and this is the best way I can think to avoid the issue :) Thanks~
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  2. Design Preference | Number 3 , Please!

    Color Scheme | For the color scheme I'm aiming for , I'd like to keep to some darker colors meet pastels. I'd like to keep to color tones like that of Purples , Silver/Greys , White and or Darker blue tones with light effects to them if possible.

    Color Preferences | Font wise , I like the Dancing Script for the Quotes and Title and for the character sheet itself I like Cinzel/Natanael Gama if possible for this sheet.

    Alright and here is the CS!
    Show Spoiler
    NAME: First (Middle) Last Name
    PETAL: Your Godglaive call-sign
    GENDER: Your expressed gender
    AGE: 18+

    APPEARANCE: Additional description of their appearance. Feel free to include details that aren't covered by your faceclaim, or add visual things that aren't conveyed by it, such as gait etc.

    PERSONALITY: What is your character like? This shouldn't be short, and it shouldn't be too long either. Also make sure you like the base personality enough to be happy with it, but also remember that this is roleplaying and I don't want to cage you into your submitted sheet. You are free (and encouraged) to develop your character and change them over the course of the roleplay.

    Add some trivia likes & dislikes at the end (3-5)

    BIOGRAPHY: This will likely be the longest section of your sheet. Should include everything worthy of mention from birth to current day.

    ABILITIES: This is where you can go all out with your Piece of Eden or your CIPHER ability. Describe how it looks, what it does, and include all your other combat-related talents as well. You can also include everyday life talents such as sewing or the like as well.

    Piece Of Eden:


    MISCELLANEOUS: Anything you'd like to include that didn't fit elsewhere.

    And below for that CS I will list the needed images , quotes and music link I will need in it!

    Theme Song:

    Image One/Top Part with High Heels

    The Raven

    400x400 Image:

    Appearance Quote:
    Damaged People are dangerous they know how to make Hell feel like home.

    Personality Quote:
    I am Ravaged but , Spirited.. Damaged but , still deserving

    History Quotes:
    Rare is soul who holds my heart and in him.. He is the keeper.



    Relationship Images:
    Titus (Nathaniel) Orion ~ Husband


    Celestia Jane Orion ~ Daughter


    Ellyria Maria Mortimer: Desceased Mother


    Dastion James Mortimer ~ Desceased Father


    Image for Armor can be linked by click direct link:
  3. @Dante @Shayla - just a note! Totally my fault for not being clear... But with the new way I'm doing the sheets, I'll tweak all the colors, images and fonts, but for the actually infomation within the CS, you'll have to input that once I hand over the code :)

    Should be able to get the base code to you sometime today or tomorrow!
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  4. Hey @Elle Joyner~ I'm back for moar!!!! :D

    Design Preference | Option 2

    Color Scheme | I think blacks, greys, tans, neutral tones, and reds would work perfectly for the palette! Experiment as needed; I trust your insight and creativity~

    Font Preferences | I have no specific preferences, but again, like I stated in my previous request, I dislike most serif type fonts such as Times New Roman, etc. and enjoy more 'cleaner' type fonts, such as Arial, calibri for the main body text.

    | Sofia's CS
    Insp 172 best Mafia images on Pinterest | Story inspiration, Mafia and Natasha romanoff

    Thank you!!
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  5. As long as you can just make note which area images are able to go for mine I'll be good with that!
  6. @Elle Joyner I don't know if you can get edited tags but, my tag thing for a second CS messed up and tagged Elle instead of you. I made a quick fix, but I figured I'd let you know, just in case the tag doesn't work in an edit. xP
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  7. I can input the images :) Just not the actual form info !
  8. @Kit Kat Winding down from a crazy busy weekend! Will get this to you hopefully tomorrow :)
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  9. Hey there again!

    Design Preference | Design 2 Please :)

    Color Scheme | Silver and Blue

    Color Preferences | Spectral SC, Quicksand



    Full Name -
    Nicknames/alias’ -
    Hero, Villain, or Undecided? -
    Age -
    Gender -
    Sexuality -
    Birthday -
    Astrological Sign -


    Height -
    Weight -
    Build -
    Hair -
    Eye -
    Piercings -
    Markings -
    Complexion -
    Mode of Dress/Outfit -
    Extra -


    Outer Personality -
    Inner Personality -
    Likes -
    Dislikes -
    Strengths -
    Weaknesses -
    Hobbies/Talents -
    Fears -
    Health Ailments -


    Powers - (Max of 3)
    Weapons -
    Costume -


    Family -
    Friends -
    Enemies -
    Rival -
    Significant Other -
    Crush -


    Backstory -

    Theme Song -
    Extra -
  10. Hey Dante. I'm pretty busy this week, but I should be able to get this out to you by next week!
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  11. No worries at all :) I can manage with a simple CS then for this rp. So disregard. I just want even more love in the next one ;D
  12. Haha - no problem XD Yeah. Thanks for understanding. Threw my back out horribly this morning, so I'm not sure how long that'll put me out of commission >_<
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  13. Take all the time you need :)
  14. @Elle Joyner

    :O I can has ad banner? I use the dusk theme.

    | Neo's Free Art

    Other Info
    | N/A

    | It's for my art commission shop.

    Uh....there's not really a theme I had in mind. Maybe just blacks, greens, white, reds, and bright blues for colors, glitchy effects on the words if you can. ART TRADE REQUEST - FREE COMMISSIONS - I Can Art! ....Kind of.
    There's the link to the thread, if you'd like some example of what I'm looking for.

    Image(s) for Banner
    | Actually, I'd prefer no images. Just the words wth the glitches on a dark background.
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  15. Awesome :) Enjoy!!
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