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  1. ALORA

    Princess of Gabranth.
    "I want very much to see the world through open eyes... Unafraid and with conviction."


    Name || Alora Elianna Fortune
    Pronunciation || Ah-LOR-a EL-e-ah-nah For-TUNE
    Nickname || Lor (abbrv.); Water Lily (pet)
    Titles || Princess
    Species || Human
    Date of Birth || Summer, Month 6
    Zodiac || Merfin
    Age || Nineteen
    Place of Birth || Gabranth

    "We are given one chance in this life
    to make something of ourselves.
    One chance to build our legacies.
    It is too easy, too tempting
    to neglect this opportunity to
    change who we are to better
    reflect the person we long to
    be seen as."


    Eye Color || Blue
    Hair Color || Dark blonde
    Hair Style/Length || Mid-back, wavy
    Height || 5'5"
    Weight || 130lbs.
    Body Type || Narrow waist, full bust and hips.
    Body Modifications/Accessories || Pierced ears

    Written Appearance || Where the men are dark, the Fortune women all favor lighter coloring; Fair skin, soft blue eyes and hair of blonde. Smaller than her mother, Alora nevertheless is a younger picture of the woman, lithe and lovely, possessing an hourglass figure, delicate hands and feet and the twist of a permanent smile at the corner of her full lips.

    While undeniably beautiful, Alora can be, at times quite vain about her how she looks, and is rarely if not ever seen without the uttermost care given towards her appearance. Oddly enough, despite her vanity, she is most attractive with very little ornamentation at all.

    Ornamentation, however, is Alora's most favored attribute and it is not unusual for guests and well informed suitors to present the princess with extravagant jewelry or intricate hair combs.


    Personality Traits ||

    ✥ Gentle | Alora loathes violence of any nature.
    ✥ Curious | She has a strong sense of wonder, particularly about those things which are otherwise off limits or forbidden.
    ✥ Compassionate | Her heart is almost always towards those in need, even if she doesn't always understand what those particular needs are.
    ✥ Idealistic | She had an often times unrealistic view of the way the world works, and expects the same from others that she herself gives willingly.

    Strengths ||
    A strong sense of empathy.
    An optimistic outlook in most matters.
    An indefatigable spirit of goodness.

    Weaknesses ||
    A naive view of the world.
    A strained relationship with her siblings.
    An untamed curiosity for 'locked doors'.

    Quirks ||
    Despite it being somewhat frowned upon, most especially by her mother, Alora thoroughly enjoys reading and is almost never seen without a book.

    MBPT || ESFJ
    Alignment || Lawful Neutral

    Alora was born beneath a brilliant sun on an exceptionally hot summer afternoon, in a room of stark white. The second child to the King and Queen of Gabranth, her birth was nevertheless celebrated throughout the land. A daughter, after all, was an impressive commodity to have and at the start, she proved quite lovely, if not a little vapid.

    By her seventh birthday, it came time for Alora to bond with her fairy. Miore was a wisp of a thing, herself, but as spirited and gracious as any might hope for their fairy to be. Even early on, there's was a relationship defined by trust and respect, something, unfortunately, Alora did not share with the majority of her family. Shallow was the word that could be used to describe her kin, and while Alora herself would never admit it aloud, it wasn't difficult to see in the way that their people were treated. Strife and suffering was all but ignored, in favor of grand galas and parties, anything at all it took to further Gabranth's reach, politically.

    Unfortunately, seeing it was as far as Alora ever seemed to get. Understanding what was happening appeared above the young princess's reach, and doing anything to prevent the people's mistreatment further, still.

    But as Alora grew, she began to study, delving into books - one after the other- and experiencing the world from so many different views opened the young princess's eyes to the faults in her own. She began to question... and through these questions developed something of a contentious relationship with her father and brother, the latter in particular.

    Alora's engagement was announce upon her fifteenth birthday, to a much older man - a noble well beneath Alora's station. To those who cared to see it for what it was, it was viewed as a punishment for her insolence, as it all but guaranteed that Alora would lose her title as princess and fade into obscurity. Her wedding was to take place almost immediately, but her betrothed fell ill and remained so for many years. It was only recently that it was decided Alora would instead marry his son - freshly divorced, and also well her senior.

    Plot Arcs || Alora's betrothal to Lord Bishop Gaventry, a much older man and decidedly a poor fit. It is well known speculation that this betrothal is largely due to Alora's recently adapted behavior of speaking out against her father and brother's policies towards the citizens of their kingdom.


    Inventory ||

    On her person, Alora will almost always carry...

    ✥ A white lace handkerchief
    ✥ A blue sapphire ring bearing
    the family crest
    ✥ A book of some variant
    ✥ A small ornamental stiletto
    Occupation || The Princess of Gabranth - Currently slated for a morgantic marriage to a much older nobleman, Alora's title will be forfeit following their union.

    Bonded || Fairy; Miore (Me-Or-Ay) is a young, precocious creature, intensely pedantic in both her appearance and handlings. Fair skinned, Miore possesses hip length hair with a silver sheen and violet-grey eyes. Her form is willowy, like a birch, and especially long for a fairy, her wings bright vibrant blue and black.

    Education || Alora's education has been extensive for a woman of her position - finding she enjoyed the written word at a young age, she studied under many tutors and has learned both to read and write, efficiently, despite her mother and sister's claims that a woman who 'studies' is a horror at court and she'd be seen as a terribly pretentious snob.



    Betrothed | Lord Bishop Gaventry III


    Father | King Rothgard Fortune
    Mother | Queen Avenia Fortune
    Brother | Prince Tennison Fortune
    Sister | Princess Mallory Fortune

    Grandfather | King Remington Fortune
    Grandmother | Queen Amandla Fortune

    Uncle | Lord Reginald Fortune
    Aunt | Lady Maureen Fortune
    Cousin | Holden Fortune
    Cousin | Avarice Fortune

    Family Crest || The crest of the Fortune family is a delicate golden peacock abreast emerald green - the emblem was changed upon the even of King Rothgard's coronation when his father, ill with fever, recognized that, in his words, his 'idiot peacock of a son was actually going to inherit the throne'. Despite the intended insult, Rothgard kept the crest, to save face after what he referred to as his ailing father's embarrassing spectacle.


    Magic Tier || Lower
    Attuned Element || Water
    Fleuntia || Solis
    Main Weapon || While she abhors the idea of any sort of violence, Alora is trained in the art of archery, and is, in fact quite the decent shot with a bow - capable of hitting the bullseye of a target from nearly fifteen paces.

    Her bow is yew, smooth and finely curved, with intricate carvings along the shaft, etched in silver. Each arrow is crafted in with silver tipped heads, the feathers a deep blue and burgundy.

    Despite being well gifted in archery, she does not participate in any hunts, though once during her training, accidentally grazed a page boy in the arm with an arrow, a mortifying incident few ever speak of.

    Secondary Weapon || On public excursions outside the safety of the palace, Alora is required to carry on her person a small stiletto blade. The handle is ivory, ornamental with gold filigree, the sheath gold, with the etched image of a peacock across it's face.

    Writing Prompt
    Alora sat in the solarium, sunlight falling in streams through the domed window overheard, incandescent ribbons dancing across the yellowed parchment. She stared down at the pages with hardened intensity, but while her eyes moved along the lines, her mind was transfixed elsewhere.

    Bishop Gaventry the Third was a man of incomparable size. What he most unfortunately lacked in height, for he stood barely to Alora’s chin, he made up for in girth - rotund, squashed, shapeless man. He had very little neck, so where the lace of his cravat met his jawline there was a discomforting pinched redness in the folds of his many chins, and his fingers poked out from beneath his lace cuffs like tiny sausages. A head of thinning blonde hair sat in a tuft atop his round head and beady grey-blue eyes, like flat, matte pearls, sat deep in their sockets. His lips would not have been wholly unattractive on another man, but on his face they appeared far too feminine, which was an overall disquieting contribution to otherwise bland and dreary features.

    He was dressed in a noxious green color, that made his sallow skin more yellow than white, and the more she stared at him, the more in occurred to her how he seemed closer to a toad, in fact, than man. He was forty... She supposed that she should've been grateful. His father, to whom she had previously been betrothed before an untimely illness had befallen him, was well into his sixties. His son, married at the time, was divorced now, and proved a suitable replacement for her future husband.

    Her nurse, Rowena, had called in mean-spirited, but Alora saw something more disparaging than that in the future union. He was trying to shut her up... and if he had his way, he would finally find success.

    "Dear girl." Bishop croaked, and looking up, Alora noticed he had come closer, his hands resting on his squat hips as he looked down his knob-like nose at her, "Reading is for Scholars and Monks. Not Princesses. Good Heavens, child... has no one taught you manners? Well. We'll soon have that remedied, won't we?"

    Her lip twitched downward, but from the corner of her eye she could see her mother standing in the doorway, and fighting the frown, she bowed her head, "Yes, My Lord. I'm certain we will."

    "Good girl. Now then... Let's have it, hmm?" Wiggling his fat little fingers at her, Alora did her best not to cringe, and with a small, weak smile, she handed over the book, "There we are. Come. I'd like a walk. I hear your gardens are magnificent. We've no room for them back home, of course, but you'll be far too busy raising our children to waste time on roses, as it is. Take my arm, child."

    He held it out to her, and as she rose, she eyed it for a moment before linking her arm through his, a sweaty palm encapsulating her own. This time, she did flinch, though she was sure he hadn't seen it.

    "I come from a rather small family. But I think we shall change that. You're older than I'd like... but you've got a few years in you, yet. I'm thinking eleven... All boys, of course. I've no use for girls... Don't know why anyone bothers with them, to be perfectly hon--"

    "...How would you have children, without a woman, M'lord?" As the words left her mouth, Alora knew she'd made a mistake. He paused, and all but threw her arm from his, and as Alora took a tentative step backwards, those eerily opalescent eyes narrowed up at her.

    "Why... You petulant little--"

    "Please forgive my daughter, Lord Gaventry." Her mother's voice interjected, smooth and fluid as the woman herself and as she stepped forward, she met the nobleman with a brilliant, sun-warm smile, "She often speaks her mind, but we all know the worth of a woman's tongue." Laughing softly, she reached out and patted Alora's arm.

    "Three months till we're wed, Your Majesty. You will have her properly broken in, yes? I will not have an insolent bride."

    "Of course, Lord Gaventry. Now then, you spoke of the gardens? You really must let me show you..." Deftly, she had secured Bishop's arm and leading him away, she flashed Alora a look. It wasn't anger... or irritation, but disappointment and as Alora was left to herself in the bright, sunny space she felt suddenly frigid, her eyes stinging with tears.

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  2. CLARA

    "Profound... how being ordinary is what makes us extraordinary."


    Name || Clara Elergy
    Pronunciation || Cl-ar-AH EL-er-Gee
    Nickname || NA
    Titles || Unattuned Priestess
    Species || Human
    Date of Birth || Autumn
    Zodiac || The Gryphon
    Age || Twenty-two
    Place of Birth || Oraheim

    "We don't ask to be born any
    certain way. We can only make do
    with what we are given..."


    Eye Color || Blue
    Hair Color || Red
    Hair Style/Length || Mid-back, wavy
    Height || 5'4"
    Weight || 120lbs.
    Body Type || Hourglass waist, full bust and hips.
    Body Modifications/Accessories || None

    Written Appearance || Clara is a complex blend of vibrancy and softness. Pale skin is an extreme contrast to bright red hair, round blue eyes set beneath dark lashes and auburn brows. Of smaller stature, with willowy limbs and long fingers, she holds herself with a confident posture, soft curves apparent in her hips and bust.

    The confidence she carries herself with comes from a natural grace and effervescence, as Clara puts very little effort into her appearance. She wears relatively plain clothing, and favors comfort over fashion, though she has a penchant towards floral patterns and more delicate hues.


    Personality Traits ||

    ✥ Clear-headed| Clara has a knack for seeing the light through the storm - regardless of how dire a situation may seem.
    ✥ Good-natured | She makes a discernible habit of doing the right thing, even when it isn't always the easy choice.
    ✥ Modest | Despite what she is, Clara never makes a point of touting her own worth or importance.
    ✥ Prudent| Clara sees things for what they are and has a reasonably realistic outlook on the future.

    Strengths ||
    A level-head and focused mentality.
    A kind and generous heart.
    A firm sense of reality and rational thinking.
    A natural curiosity for the world around her.

    Weaknesses ||
    A strong willed stubbornness.
    An occasionally confrontational sense of justice.
    A lack of imagination.
    A slightly sheltered perspective.

    Quirks ||
    Clara hates swearing, and has a penchant for replacing expletives with more creative variations. She is an avid artist and enjoys sketching.

    MBPT || ENTP
    Alignment || Neutral Good

    Born to the Unattuned, Clara grew up in the clutches of temple life, with little access to the world beyond. Early on, she was groomed for the wealth of knowledge and information her kind typically endeavored to learn, but past what her studies afforded her, Clara lived a sheltered, monotonous life. The Temple Parishioners often told her she was meant for something more; more than the books and studies and gardens.

    There was a natural understanding among her peers and predecessors that Clara was destined to someday leave the temple.

    It wasn't until her elevation to Priestess that she ever actually believed it was possible. Graced with the chance to explore, to broaden her horizons, Clara began preparing herself for the journey ahead of her. There was so much beyond the walls she had come to know as home... A world of wonders, unique and terrible curiosities and the opportunity to explore them was finally at her fingertips.

    PLOT/ARC || Clara's journey into the world, unknown, beginning with leaving the temple.


    Inventory ||

    On her person, Clara will almost always carry...

    ✥ A small red sketch book and charcoal
    ✥ A short stone hilt knife
    ✥ Spare coins for those in need
    Occupation || Arcane Priestess
    Eudcation || Clara has a wide variety of education, as common among those within her position.





    Clara's mother and father belong to the temple as Unattuned Priest and Priestess. While she has encountered them and knows of her parentage, she was not raised by them.


    Magic Tier || --
    Attuned Element || Unattuned
    Fleuntia || Luna
    Main Weapon || Clara is not a fighter, and thus her main weapon of choice is conversation. She will and usually can talk her way out of any situation, no matter how tempestuous it might be.

    Secondary Weapon || Though she would undoubtedly never use it, Clara does carry a small knife on her person, with a stone hilt handle and a leather scabbard - this she wears at her belt, along side her change purse.

    Bless Jihae for the starting base behind this code​
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    Princess of Emeraldy
    "Sometimes... even duty bound, we do what we must for our heart."

    Name || Hollis Morova
    Nickname || Holly
    Titles || Princess of Emeraldy
    Species || Human
    Date of Birth || Autumn (Gryphon) | Age: Twenty

    Eye Color || Blue
    Hair Color || Red
    Hair Style/Length || Wavy/Mid-waist
    Height || Weight: 5'5" | 115lbs.
    Body Type || Thin | Narrow


    Personality Traits || Sheltered, naive, spoiled, delicate.

    Magic Tier || Lower
    Attuned Element(s) || Water
    Fluentia || Luna

    Bio || Hollis's entire life has been duty, and never once did she question it. Flawless in her obedience, she was sheltered, greatly, and this instilled in her a sense of entitlement and propriety. But deep inside, under the surface of the girl too afraid to peer beyond her veil, lay a woman of great potential... a woman with a sense of passion and curiosity. Her betrothal to the prince of Visulla came as little surprise, but what came from that betrothal would shock a nation... and none more than Hollis, herself.

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