Elkhorn Private Academy 2: Rise of Ruby Knight OOC

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  1. This is the OOC of the Elkhorn Academy series.

    A little bit about characters. This is a jump in though so profiles are not a requirement, but they are appreciated.

    Assassins are people who were most likely born with some form of magic, but being spoiled with a power like that they learned to use both mind and body. They are the equilibrium of the factions. Led by Ms. Masumi

    Acolytes are those who have created many magical vessels within themselves to allow for control over more spells. Acolytes are head strong and the brains of the factions. Led by Mr. Palenski

    Thieves are cursed and most often refuse to use their magic for it can cause things like death, transformation, even something as gnarly as skin lesions. Due to this fact Thieves are known for physical prowess even if they don't look it. Thieves are the brawn of the factions. Led by Mr. Chinatsu

    Short description of why you are at E.P.A.:

    My name is Alojz Barna
    I am 5'11 and a Rank 7 out of 9.
    I am of the Thief faction, although I am not one.
    Being here wasn't much of a choice villages on the South American continent kept getting overun, the current Magic Hunters would not last. I plan to return one day.

    ((If you do it this way feel free to put it in the RP, then put your entrance post. Doing it this way is considered a interview with the headmaster. ))
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  2. Oh! XD I would totally play as Ayu Konata again, but if that messes with any of the story, I could make an entirely new character o-o
  3. @york yeah she wouldn't work since she's graduated.
  4. Appearance:
    appearance (open)


    Name: Yuriko Konatu
    Height: 5'4
    Faction: Assassin
    Rank: 6 out of 9
    Short description of why you are at E.P.A.:
    Like others in her family, she decided to enlist at E.P.A. after some encouragement from her foster parents, especially after she discovered a strange magic skill she possessed; time manipulation, it allowed her to progress faster through the ranks than the average student would.
    Note: Despite how little she can actually impact the flow of time since it drains alot of mana. She can still manage to slow down time for herself allowing herself to make quick adjustments and even appear to have fast reflexes by someone who's unaware of this ability.
  5. @york I wont be on today.
  6. Aww... Well, I guess that's fine o.o I guess it'll just be stuck in an hiatus for now :L
  7. If you still wish to use Ayu I've figured out a way for them to leap in the story @york sorry for the absence as well
  8. Alright o.o I guess I could try that out :3 Ayu's developed new abilities since she's been in that last RP, so I have some new ideas for her, and it's fine, I'm patient o-o
  9. Bo's post. He will gather Ayu and the actual 700 that have been admitted from Elkhorn (It's not the only school just well known and prestigious, but certainly not highest graduation rate.)
  10. Yeah o.o I guess I'll mkae Ayu's profile when that happens XD I Just need to find her picture from before
  11. I'll get it for you. The old RP went into the hall of fame
  12. Name: Ayu Konata

    Age: 22

    Class: Assassin

    History(optional): I am Ayu Konata, a student at Elkhorm private academy, or I was... That was many years ago, it's been a while since I've seen Bo or the others, ever since my peculiar graduation ceremony with that last reunion with Bo, I've been stationed in the cold continent of Antarctica. Most of the time I work as an armed guard, protecting people of importance during their journeys in and out of this accursed place. I've taken to carving ice sculptures to sell them or just as a hobby in general when I'm off duty, often times I long to see at least Bo again, I do miss my old friends....

    If Assassin fighting style and magic you've mastered:

    - Advanced ninjitsu (favors using her twin swords for swift and silent combat)
    - Cloaking: This grants me full on invisibility, this gives me more than enough time to perform many stealthy attacks on my target(s) I am still vulnerable to attacks even while in this state, so this does not make me any less susceptible to damage and injuries than I was before
    - Healing aura: The ability to "generate" an white "aura" of light in a 2 meter radius around me, this lasts for approximately 5 minutes and heals most injuries of any allies within this aura over time, it takes longer for more severe ones. This doesn't work for broken bones or any brain damage; those injuries are currently beyond my ability.

    Job for revenue: Armed escort, often hired to keep certain individuals safe during their travels into monster territory, as a side job when she's "off duty" she's most likely found carving ice sculptures to sell.

    Where you stationed after graduation: Antarctica, the territory of rather resilient monsters due to the extreme conditions they're exposed to
  13. Thanks :3
  14. Appearance:
    appearance (open)


    Name: Ayu Konata
    Height: 5'8
    Faction: Assassin
    Rank: Magic Hunter
  15. @york i know 030

    Name: Bozidar "Bo" Hephaistos

    Age: 23

    Class: Master Assassin

    Curse: Bo's curse causes him to have nine black tails, claws, cat ears, and useless red eyes. He cannot hide these features, however he can turn into a giant one tailed, black mane fox. The fox is immune to fire.

    Fighting styles: Bo is a master wrestler and kick-boxer. And to accommodate his newly formed claws he chose to learn Drunken Kung-Fu, wear slashing and piercing attacks are common and whip-like.

    Job for revenue: King of the Astral Plane. He gets paid through tax of entering the world.

    Stationed: He is stationed in Arabia, but since he lives in the Astral Plane you couldn't find him.

    Kid, Bo's Servant. He was aquired by an old man who disapear immidiately after giving him a piece of paper which was, Kid. (He is half Bo's size and Bo is 5'8'')

  16. XD Looks like we managed to brings these characters back o.o thankfully I remember how to play Ayu :P
  17. That works too lol.
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  18. Can I join or is it too late?
  19. Go ahead though I dont know if our other player still remains @Roxshi
  20. I'm still around o-o
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