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    Aino Momoko
    After last night's concert, Momoko was more than ready for her first last day at the Elite Magical Girl Academy. Being a third year was a pretty big deal, as if she hadn't felt on top of the world before. It was strange, but she was actually looking forward to seeing her classmates again. Of course, she wasn't particularly close with any of them, but with this being her final year the idea of making friends suddenly appealed to her. Before, she was always too busy to pay any mind to any of the other students, and forming close bonds was difficult when Momoko didn't know who was truly interested in her as a person. Being a big idol had it's perks, but she didn't want to be used by anyone due to her fame or money.

    "I'm leaving!" Momoko called out before shutting the door behind her. Shiny keys jingled between her fingers as she made her way over to the brand new, lavender motor scooter. It was a gift from her father after completing the last leg of her tour, and Momoko was eager to ride it to the Academy. Not many students were fortunate enough to have their motor scooter license already, or parents willing to allow their teenage daughters to ride one alone.

    The ride to school took around half an hour, and by that time the campus was bustling with students. Momoko took in the sight with a nostalgic smile, and turned into the small parking lot. She removed her helmet and goggles, storing her belongings away in the trunk. Holding her things tight, Momoko maneuvered the crowd of green-uniformed girls, doing her best not to attract more attention than necessary. She couldn't be bothered to sign autographs, but that was an inevitable aspect of her life.

    A group of obvious first years approached the pink-haired girl on her way to the office, all holding different school supplies with Momoko's face on it. Momoko quickly whipped out a small stamp and stamped it on each of their items. This left most of the girls disappointed, but they walked away with their peach-bunny stamped school supplies. Feeling satisfied, Momoko continued on her way to the office.
    Saito Midori
    Midori awoke bright and early to get ready for her second year at the Elite Magical Girl Academy. Thankfully all of her siblings were still asleep, so she had time to take a bath before anyone came knocking on the door. She got dressed in her uniform, fixing the blazer on her neatly and adjusting the tie so that it aligned perfectly with her shirt. Her mom had packed a bento for her and left a sweet note on it, which brightened Midori's mood significantly.

    Without a good bye, Midori left her house, headed for the bus stop down the street. As she waited, she inhaled a deep breath and reminisced on her first year at the academy. One incident stuck out to her, but she didn't want to linger on bad memories. As long as that girl stayed far away from her, Midori would have an excellent second year at the academy.

    Several moments passed before the sound of the bus wheels squeaking snapped Midori out of her daze. Glass doors slid open and Midori walked onto the bus, quickly paying for her ticket and taking a seat near one of the windows. She gazed outside, once again lost in thought. Behind her a child gasped and spoke happily to his mom, pointing out the window excitedly. Midori glanced over and her eyes widened at what she saw.

    A large cotton candy colored carnival tent had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. There were mary-go-rounds, and towering roller coasters. That was only what Midori could see, but she was sure that there was more. How had she not noticed this yesterday? Midori watched out the window as they passed by the colorful carnival. They were a good distance from it, and the tip of the tent could still be seen over the horizon.

    Midori was somewhat mesmerized by the place, but the bus had finally arrived at her stop and she needed to pay attention now. She made a mental note to herself to visit that place at least once before it left their city. Stepping off the bus, Midori crossed several streets and approached The Academy, a smile growing on her lips as she saw new and old faces. She met up with some of the Martial Arts Club members, happy to see her old friends again.
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  2. Eile Mizer

    Waking up with a start, Eile Mizer looked around her room at the orphanage frantically. After a few seconds of seeing nothing out of the ordinary, she let out a sigh of relief.

    "That same nightmare." Eile mumbled as she dragged herself out of bed and into the showers. A few minutes later, Eile left the showers and quickly got dressed in her uniform. She didn't bother to adjust the tie since she knew that she would most likely fall asleep in her uniform again. She grabbed her bag and started to leave her room before stopping.

    "Can't forget that." Eile muttered as she grabbed her sports bag. It had her daily attire (Seen in the character picture of her non magical girl side) and her hat which she promptly put on her head. With that, Eile quickly left the orphanage as she rushed towards the bus stop. Once at the bus stop, Eile sighed a bit, trying to remember the nightmare she had. But for the life of her, she could not remember what it was. All she knew is that it was the same nightmare that plagued her ever since she could remember. Before she wondered too deeply, the bus pulled in and stopped in front of her. She quickly got in and found her seat near the back before dozing right back off to dreamland.

    The bus' wheels squeaked again, pulling Eile out of her daze as she disembark. She looked around and saw some carnival tents and merry-go-rounds as well as roller coasters. Eile snorted as she walked towards the school. Granted, she was working as a part time cashier, but that didn't give her enough money to do anything but pay for her expenses that the orphanage wouldn't cover. Regardless, she soldiered on as she looked around.

    So far, several groups of people stood out. One of the group was heading into the building holding out what looks like a piece of paper as another person pulled out a stamp. That must be the idol Momoko. A fellow third year and a super fancy idol that she never understood why she was that famous, though from talking with her in the past, her personality could use a bit of work. The other group was the martial arts group. She knew this since she was apart of the club itself and she could recognize some of the faces. One of them being Midori, a second year and a complete hot head when it comes to competition and was willing to challenge any and everyone.

    Eile shrugged as she started walking towards the building, wondering if someone was going to talk to her.
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  3. Moriyama Kureha

    She had rosen early for the occasion and gotten ready with plenty of time to spare. The first day of school, she would be going back to the Academy today, another year with magic, studies and some... Minor annoyances. Reminded the event that happened almost a year ago she gripped the notebook she was holding tightly. Thanks to that menace she had almost gotten in trouble and- Sighing softly she cut off the following thoughts before they could fully ruin her mood. Putting the notebook in her bag she was completely sure she had everything she needed for the first day.

    Heading down to the kitchen she greeted her parents, smiling, until she saw the cheerful, happy grin of her older brother. "No." She said it straight out before her brother had a chance to speak. "You are still not allowed to visit." Their parents shared a glance at the now usual pattern as her brother slumped down, looking up at her with forlorn puppy eyes he still tried. "Why not? Kureha..." "Because you are a creep," she shot back, ignoring his heartbroken expression as she sat down for breakfast. Getting the time to eat a few bites she started to feel guilty, again, because of his heart-broken look that was because of her, again. "Of course you're going to be seen as a creep if you visit an all girls school," stressing the last three words she instantly regretted even attempting to amend her statement. He instantly perked up, "but there's no issue in visit my little sister's school."

    Grabbing the collar of the shirt her brother wore she hid none of her intent to harm as she spoke. "If you even try visiting my school then I will break every. Single. Figurine. You. Have. Understood, onii-san?" Blanching in fear he nodded and Kureha let go of him while idly wondering how her brother even managed to enter a top tier university. Finishing the breakfast she smiled at the exparated pair of parents. "Thanks for the breakfast." Returning the used plate and cutlery to the kitchen she made herself a thermos of tea, a normal earl grey blend she liked, and headed off to school, secure in the knowledge that a certain embarrassment wouldn't be visiting her school so soon.

    On the bus she put the thermos, with a rose print, safely in the bag. She was still mourning the bunny-print thermos that had gone missing at the end of the previous school year and was planning on heading straight to the faculty office to ask if it had been turned in yet, she really did like that thermos.


    Mihara Ririka

    Ririka's morning had been uneventful, something that bored her, but she had gotten ready soon enough, she had responsibilities now after all. Making sure she had brought some of her drawing materials and the items she was going to leave in the club room she set off. "Bye bye~" Cheerful she had reached the school right as the gates opened.

    First thing she did was getting the key from the faculty office, with a stern warning from the teacher to not be late for homeroom or scare any of the new students. Laughing she left with the key and headed for the Doujin Club Room. Once there she immediately got to work with hanging up a few new posters and a list of events and contests. She had put a lot of time in finding events and contests she knew was applicable for the Doujin Club she was the president for, not that she would directly admit being that serious.

    Second on the order was putting some new mangas and doujins in the cabinets that worked as her 'library'. She had good control of exactly which volumes was there and their state, it was her beloved manga after all. Next to the cabinets hung a notice that read:
    "You're free to borrow the manga here,

    but we have an honor system in place.
    If a volume gets lost or ruined then

    I won't be happy~ ♥
    - Mihara Ririka, Club President"
    Satisfied that most of the mangas were in place, and whole, she took note of which volumes that was missing. One she had lent out herself, she could ask that person later on getting it back. Two other volumes was most likely borrowed by a kouhai in the club, they would return in due time.

    With everything in working order and in place Ririka took the chance to finish the storyboard she was working on before she had to play nice at the classroom. Humming cheerfully her mind was already plotting the fun she could have this last year of high school, it was going to be a fun year.
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    • Pandora Fairchild

    • Pandora the Queen of the Shadows, The Mistress of the Night, Voodoo Princess; she had finally woke up. Her parents have been calling up to her for an hour now. Pandora never woke unless she was ready to. Pandora got dress in her uniform. She wanted to so badly to join the Elite Magical Girl Academy; she just didn't know that the uniforms were so ugly. She could at least accessorized it, she put a nice blue and black glowing flower in her hair. It was her lucky Night Shade Tulip. Today she would have to go to the office to get all her classes together. As long as she got into the clubs she wanted and made it to cheerleading tryouts she could care less about anything else. "Mom! I'm ready, I'll be in the car." Pandora couldn't wait until her parents finally got her a nice car of her own. They wanted her to prove herself in the school first though. Her mother Amaya got into the car. "Pandora I don't know how many times I've told you to be on time." Pandora didn't here anything else from her as she put in her ear buds.

      Pandora and her mother made their way towards the academy. On the way Pandora noticed a carnival tent thing. She wasn't into the whole "fun" kiddy thing, she would much rather go to a freak show or something spookier. "Ok Pan Pan can you please promise me that you will at least try and not...you know trick somebody?" Pandora knew what her mother meant by "trick". "Ok mom I won't "trick" anyone...see you later." Pandora got out of the car as her mother drove off. There were a lot of faces in the place; cute girls, ugly girls, and...uhhh whatever the others were. Pandora saw a girl heading to the entrance of the school. The girl (Elie Mizer), to Pandora she looked older so she probably would know the building more. Pandora skipped her way towards the girl. She tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me...do you know where the main office is? I need to get my class schedule and sign up for music and theater club. I'm Pandora by the way." Pandora twirled her hair, she was good at playing ditzy lost girl. Maybe if she played dumb, people would do things for her without being compelled or hypnotized. Even if this is a new school Pandora still used her old tricks.

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  4. Takenaka Chiharu
    Finally here, first day of the second year. Chiharu left the house and unlocked her bike humming on a tune while she guided it out on the side walk.
    It wouldn't take to long to get to school so she took her time looking over at the big tent that had been raised. A circus?
    Soon she caught up with the flow of students heading for school and smiled at the ones she knew thought not all of the where heading to the same one and soon only female students were around her. Along with the view of the Academy with a bustling entrance.
    Locking the bike at stand among the others, the girl began searching for familiar faces she hadn't seen in a while and spotted Midori and the rest of the martial arts club. Approaching she patted the other girl on the shoulder.
    "Yo how was summer?" she looked over at the others doing a small wave. With a big smile.

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  5. Yukiko Hanamori Yukiko weaved through the crowd of students absently, her skates bouncing against her back as she moved. She was busy with her thoughts, wondering about who she could listen in on to learn more about Elite's own little "underworld". Of course, that was assuming Elite even had an underworld. Anyway, as soon as Yukiko checked her phone, all of that became unimportant. After all, at this rate, she was going to be late for homeroom!

    Victoria von Lieblos With a frustrated sigh, Victoria tried once more to get her bag out of the locker that had been assigned to her the previous day. She'd stuffed it a little bit too tight in her haste to get back to her host's home, and now she was suffering for it, especially with her first class happening in a few minutes. Luckily, the blasted bag popped out after the fourth try, allowing Victoria to rush to her homeroom. Maybe calling it names really did work, after all.
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  6. Semine, SkyBlue Semine stood within her room getting her uniform on when her father came into her room. By this time she was fully dressed and standing up straight almost at attention. Her father nodded to her and she relaxed "Another year my child." He said to her. It was rare for her and her father to talk considering he was busy and not the most approachable individual considering his stature and upbringing. Nevertheless the times they shared were always interesting to say the least. Her father put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it "I remember the day I discovered you had the most beautiful powers imagineable... To think... Your grandfather would be so proud of you." He said before turning and leaving.

    That was all she got from him and it was alot considering the normal amount of tlaking that passed between them. She loved him more than anything... even if at times he showed it differently. She owed her strong love of nature and martial prowes to him more than anyone else. He taught her the love of discipline and strength through courage and resolve. If it were feudal Japan he said that she would have to be considered for a Samurai even if she was a girl. Her skill was somthing to be put down on paper. In the end her years of training had left her in a position of extreme discipline without loosing the social side of herself... somthing her father seemed to have lost long ago.

    Eventually she found herself within a large and heavily outfitted car. The car itself was somthing to marvel at considering her familys more than rich backround. It was bought as a gift to her for her 18th birthday but as of now she had to ride in the passangers seat. Her mother sat in the seat behind her while her father drove with the skill of some kind of stunt man. He was not an aggresive driver but overly defensive in the sense that it almost turned offensive. That was another trait given to her at a young age.... Trust not the advantage of the enemy.... Trust only your defense and the offense will rise in their arrogance.

    They arrived at the academy and stepped out of the high end and up armored car to look out at the academy she called home two years before this. Her father stepped out of the car and walked over to her. He was in full uniform which was uncommon considering he was currently off duty. Semine looked up at him. "Going on deployment again?" She asked him. Her father nodded "A Cheif Executive..... A Colonel is always needed especially one of my skills." He said before patting her on the head. "Truth My daughter..." He said before she smile "Reconcilliation My father." She responded before turning to her mother. It was quite obvious which side of the family she got her looks from. Her mother was far from japanese in appearence but carried a aura of authority about her. "My little Goddes.... I knew I named you that for a reason... Make us proud again this year." She said before they both got into the car. Semine turned back towards the school and put her hands behind her back. She walked slowly up and through the gates of school looking around at all the first years that had come.

    She looked forward to this year more than any other. To her in the culmination of all the time she spent training over the last six years atleast. She gained a strong core strength that would never be forgotten or lost again in her life. Somthing inside her that resonated strongly with her personality and love for all things living. To her... Life was more than just living things. It was an energy that resonated within everything and she finally figured out how to bend that force to her will. Never to be used in darkness but to be controlled like she did with the stars above.

    She wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to anyone yet and for some reason was feeling really awkward with the news of her father going back to the ministry. Although she knew it was the good of everyone else she didn't want her father away for long periods of time anymore. She rarely spoke to him and having him gone again made her upset more than she realized at the moment. In the end she knew that she needed to open up and move around which always made her happy. Any form of physical exercise made her feel more awake due to the high she normally got from running and other things that got her adrenalin going.

    Hayley Stein, Purple

    Hayley awoke in a cold sweat and wiped her head before shaking her head and letting a deep sigh of relief out. She had for her entire life had nothing but nightmares but with the prospect of school coming up she began to degrade faster than normal. She brushed her pitch black and almost purple hair out of her eyes and just sat there staring at the ceiling. It was the same one over and over again. She was being hunted down by one of her own children... A Void Creature of Chaos... it wanted ot devour her but she always fought back before the voices began and caused her to cry out and stutter for a second... then it was over and she was devoured.

    Every night for the last week it was the same thing.. nothing but running and running and hiding... She felt her heart give several times and that was some of the ways she died but the most recent rang out farther than the last few... it was a creature she hadn't seen as of yet. All the others were terrifying but this one was somthing massive and distant to the point where it blocked out the black hole sun that lit her dreams every night. It then dawned on her that she wasnt dreaming anymore and shot up and out of her bed with the speed of some jacked up bullet.

    Her adopted mother came in the room and just looked at her. Her mother and father could luckily speak english well enough and were able to communicate with her as learning japanese was more difficult than her learning Russian. "Hayley.. we heard you screaming last night... Its... Its alright we understand." She said maing Hayley tilt her head in surprise. "I... was screaming.." She said slowly almost in a confused fashion. Her mother nodded "Yes... we let you be this time... I can see that it wasn't for the best.. look at your wrists... they are nearly cut open by your nails." She said before coming through the door and taking her hands.

    The whole family at times was at a thin line due to her instabilities but for a girl that literally had no one else in the world it was hard to give up on her. As strong of a face that she put on she was horribley shaken up nearly all the time. She was worried about those aorund her and if she would hurt them all the time. When she slips into a mental breakdown she looses nearly all control of herself while she fights a uphill battle to regain control. The only thing she could come to terms with is the unorderly chaos that bound itself into her so tightly.

    After patching her wrists up Hayley changed into her uniform as she prepared for the first day of her second year at the academy. She was worried after the incidents she caused the year prior. She didn't want to be looked at as some kind of deranged animal and it made her almost want to cry out. In the end she just put on a brave face and quietly walked out of her room with her wrists bound up in gauze. Her adopted brother looked at her and put a hand on her shoulder. She felt warm for the first time in awhile and suddenly felt like breaking down once more in a fit of crying. It was becomming harder for her to cope with everything going on without medication.

    That was the one big downside of her household. Her adopted parents did not believe in medication which made her keeping control even harder than it would otherwise. With half her body out of the door leading to insanity she claws and kicked to latch onto everything to keep her mind bound to reality. Even then.. it was a battle she knew she would eventually loose and in the end she accepted the inevitability of it all without the medication she so direly needed to keep her on the move.

    She simply walked out of the door half without even knowing due to her thinking and realized she had decided to walk to the school instead of take the bus or ride. To her it felt better to be alone at the moment that to deal with people possibly judgeing her... she was no secret to those at the academy. She was known as 115 for some reason and it stuck like tar to a tree. She didn't like it and barely understood it at all but she knew she would have to live with it as girls are hard to change.

    When she arrived at the school nearly an hour and a half later she simply walked through the gates with a hoodie on with the hood up to try to keep calm. She knew she would be recognized by the way she walked. It wasn't abnormal at all but carried a sense of grace with it that befitted the dancer in the girl. To her, dancing was the only outlet of happiness she found in the wake of her mounting episodes. She would dance untill her already weak heart couldn't take it anymore and she collapsed only to wake to the same place as if nothing happened. She needed more help than she could do for herself and thought about taking to the school Counsular for the first time in her life about the need for medication.

    To her finally being in the school was both a relief and a curse at the same time. It forced her to think about the others around her which no doubt realized who she was by now but also about the ability to use the powers within her. Whenever she was here the episodes were dramticly decreased but were much more violent. She concluded that it was due to the fact that she could express the chaotic energy contained within her releasing the preassure on her mind. Atleast... that is what she thought.
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  7. Moriyama Kureha

    Once at the school Kureha headed straight for the school administration to ask about her missing thermos. If it hadn't been turned in over the break she had no choice but to give up, she had already looked everywhere. On her way to the office she ran into some girls from the Tea Ceremony Club and stopped to chat with them. Smiling she caught up with them as they exchanged stories about the break.

    During the chatting Kureha skillfully avoided any mention of her older brother, having already done so during the previous year. No one at the school knew about him and she preferred it that way, he was embarrassing enough with his fanboy moments, especially with how he worshipped the principal of this school, Mizuno Sachiko.

    Out of the corner of her eye she saw a brawn-brained girl she couldn't help but dislike, and she was sure as hell not going to approach that idiot either. Last time they had been nearby each other had gone badly, just like all the previous ones back until the first time they met. That girl was bad luck and trouble for sure.


    Mihara Ririka

    Noticing the time Ririka sighed and put away her drawing supplies, glancing out the window she saw people entering the school in groups of varying sizes. A few walked alone, and one caught her eye in particular. Was that Semine-chan seemingly alone and unguarded? She who held a perfect guard at all time? Grinning Ririka saw the opportunity and was so going to grab it. Taking her things with her she locked the club room and headed straight towards a perfect point to intercept Semine's path.

    Once in place and Semine walking towards her she called out to the dazed teen as she jumped her. "Semine-chan~" The glomp-attack was harmless enough, from the front with a reasonable time frame to respond. Ririka just wanted to glomp the militaristic girl, not get killed by her.
  8. A black car with tinted windows pulled up beside the gates of Elite Magical Girl Academy with a very fine purr. Definitely a car belonging to a very wealthy company, the BMV stood still for a moment, before the door opened, revealing a slightly embarrassed girl. Small in size, with glowing white hair and large brown eyes, the uniformed child said, “Nii-chan, you really didn’t need take the company car out to drive me here.”

    a scary-looking man in a suit replied, his face hidden by the shadows cast in the BMV, “Elite Magical Girl Academy is, by definition, an elite school. You see that pink blob over there? That’s Aino Momoko, a famous idol. Internationally known, probably makes a billion a year.”

    “Eh…but that’s one out of many, right?”
    She tilted her head to the side, slightly confused. “Wouldn’t I be more approachable if I bussed like everyone else?”

    The man sighed, shaking his head slowly. “Kao-chan, I’m sorry to say this, but it is not friendliness that will make you friends here. It’s portraying yourself as a cool, mysterious, enigmatic beauty. Honestly, you already have the physical traits down. People flock to those that appear untouchable.”

    “That sounds so boring though,” she pouted, crossing her arms. Must have still been down about leaving all her friends behind.

    “This is your first year in any magical school ever. Your official debut as a one-of-a-kind magical girl with an Element that has never been a thing in the past. Kaoru, believe in your big brother, yeah?” He grinned, patting her on the head. “With your appearance, personality, and general newness, you’ll definitely make a ton of friends. Just got to pretend to be one of the elites before then, yeah?”

    “If you say so, nii-chan…”

    “Well, off you go then! See if you can make a few friends in your clubs, yeah?”

    “Mission accepted! Bye bye!”
    She said happily, waving as she walked off to school

    “Toodles!” He said with a nod, before realizing his mistake and facepalming. So much for portraying her as an elegant, upper-class lady. As Katsuo watched his little sister skip away though, he couldn’t help but smile at her childishness. Well, what’s done was done, huh?

    And like that, the fancy BMV did a donut-turn, its tires screeching dramatically as he sped back to work.


    The sky was painted with pink cherry blossoms, dancing in the light breeze. Rows of grand, blossoming trees framed the path to the school, and for a moment, Kaoru was mesmerized by it all. She knew that Elite had lots of money and property, but seeing it for the first time still tugged at her heartstrings. The spring wind smelled of life, and a few sparrows could be seen fluttering within the branches of one of the trees. A nest? She looked harder, as the light shone between the blossoms, creating a shimmering display of color. It was a lovely place, wasn’t it?

    There was a quiet excitement in the air, and though Kaoru was still alone, there was no anxiety at all in her heart. Heaving her dark brown backpack onto her shoulders, she stretched out her arms, her fingertips still a feet or two away from the lowest branches of the cherry blossom tree. Jumping up and down with no consideration given to her criminally short skirt reduced that difference to only a few inches.

    Still not enough.


    She wanted a whole blossom, a proper flower, not just the petals. It looked like there was no way around it.

    Forgetting all about the fact that she was still at school, and that she was supposed to be heading to homeroom, Kaoru, her hair dyed the same color as cherry blossoms from the light that filtered through the trees, took off her backpack, placed both hands onto the sides of the tree, and began to climb.
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  9. Iguchi Matsuri

    "Oi, Matsuri."

    The girl's ears twitched at the sound of her name being called, Matsuri giving a snort as she awoke. Letting out a yawn, she began to sit up, wiping her mouth with one arm and scratching her stomach with the other. "Breakfast?" She muttered sleepily.


    Cracking an eye open, Matsuri moaned, "Ehhhhhh?" Looking around, she blinked as she noticed the stacks of cardboard boxes before kicking off the blanket of her futon, giggling, "Oh right, we moved." Lighting up, she shouted, "Oh right, school!" Horrified expression crossing her face, she gasped, "Ah! School!"

    "That's why I was trying to wake you up," said her oldest brother, Mitsuo, his short pale red hair combed straight, barely touching his ears, a half eaten piece of bread hovering around his mouth.

    Matsuri laughed, "Sure you don't know how to cook, but you could at least toast it... Here, I'll show..." Matsuri stopped herself, reaching over to a nearby box and yanking out a shiny new toaster...well, presumably. It was still in its packaging. Matsuri sighed, "You didn't even try."

    Mitsuo shrugged, "The deal was that you would cook, but you wouldn't get up. Set an alarm for tomorrow or I will."

    "Okay~," Matsuri nodded as she got up a stretched, going to toss on her equally shiny new uniform. The two members of the Iguchi household were in something of an unusual situation. The two having been accepted to two rather exceptional, but fairly close, schools, the issue arose when neither had been particularly close to where they'd lived before. And thus, the current setup was arranged, with the two living in an apartment, alone! Their parents and other three siblings were a few long train rides away.

    As for nearby, Mitsuo was attending a university, and was by far the more responsible one even if he was a bit absentminded at times, while Matsuri knew some basic cooking skills and...well, that was pretty much, it really. And magic, but that didn't help too much around the house. Quite the opposite in Matsuri's case, really. There were some other stipulations, but the first thing on Matsuri's mind was not being late!

    Conceding to a meager breakfast of a few pieces of untoasted bread, Mitsuo locked the door behind them before they headed down a few floors to the ground level and split, Mitsuo taking his bike while Matsuri was close enough to walk, or ran as things turned out. After she swallowed the last piece of bread, crossed a few streets, and dashed down a few open sidewalks, she calmed her pace when she reached the main gate, seeing that most of the students were actually quite relaxed. Crisis averted!

    Seeing the school properly, Matsuri felt her heart beat with excitement. So far from home with a school that was supposed to be really great...it was amazing! And she wasn't the only one excited, either: one of the students was in the process of climbing a tree, no doubt out of pure...wait, no, that didn't make any sense.

    Looking up to Kasane Kaoru, Matsuri asked, "What're you doing up there?" And idea crossing her mind as she asked, she blurted curiously, "Are you looking for beetles!?"
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  10. Akemi Nagi, teal, trebuchet ms

    Standing in front of the full body length mirror, Nagi patted down the invisible wrinkles in the green uniform given out to those who attended the Elite Magical Academy. Hm ... it definitely sounded classy, like it was the highest form of education only the privileged could attend. It was true though, not every girl on Earth was destined to be a magical girl, and those who were ... chosen - for lack of better wording - were handed great responsibility. At such a young age, too.

    From her own experience with her parent's business, the business world, and their business partners, Nagi had learned early on that people with huge egos were dangerous, especially when they were handed uncontrollable, unpredictable, and unidentified power or knowledge. She had met a variety of people, some who immediately set off the warning bells in her head, and those who she gratefully kept close to her side.

    Thankfully though, this would be her last year. Should she decide to not return for some post-graduate program or whatnot. Only one year left, until she was left to wander out the world, handle the dark evils that roamed free, deal with cunning sharks in the business world, oh ... the dangers ahead of her, the sarcastic thought twisted into her mind as she nodded at herself, satisfied with her appearance at last.

    Turning her head to the clock that hung over her door, she frowned, noting that she had only had about 4 hours of sleep. Hardly healthy for a growing girl. It wasn't like she had the choice though, the sighed as she silently looped her bag around her fingers and headed for the stairs, her family had only returned from France early in the morning. So not only would she look like shit, she'd sound awkward. Her Japanese would be accented, and ... oh dear lord, she might even switch back to her mother tongue in the middle of a conversation.

    C'est la vie, as some would say. Unfair, unfortunate, and a huge pain.

    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
    Although Nagi had her complaints about the system, and society as a whole, she couldn't find it in her to make her complaints verbal, or at least in front of her parents. They had only wanted the best for their daughter - and really, what kind of parents wouldn't want such a thing? Silently, she kissed them both on their cheeks before she headed into the car, ready and prepared for her to reach the school on time ... perhaps even earlier.

    The ride had been mostly silent, though Nagi did make a point to make pointless conversation, more for her benefit than anything else. Hearing the driver's Japanese - unaccented - she had hoped that she would catch on and make the switch quick enough. That still didn't change the fact that most of the ride was filled with silence, Nagi prepped herself for another year, and the ... string of second years - formally first years - she had taken the time to 'get to know' that would undoubtedly recognize her.

    While she had been zoning out, she didn't realize she had arrived when the car pulled up to the school. No, not even when the driver had walked around and opened the door. Hell, she managed to get herself out of the car, onto her feet, and not realize how her surroundings had changed ... at least not until she blinked, seeing a flash of obnoxious pink filling her sights.

    Looking up, her blue eyes widen in ... shock? She was definitely speechless that was for sure. It had been ... well, Nagi hadn't exactly seen anyone in the past few years climbing a tree - on the first day, nonetheless! Pulling her lips back into a smirk, she only let out a low whistle, though loud enough to gather a few eyes. Her eyes roamed, taking note of the pink haired girl up on the tree and the ... surprise, another pink haired girl at the base of said tree.
    ~ * ~ * ~ * ~​

    Turning on her heel, Nagi walked on. Tossing smiles to those who knew her by name and winks to those whose gazes seemed to linger just a few seconds longer than necessary. Oh, she still had it alright. While staying in France had messed with her tongues (language), it certainly did give her a boost in her confidence - letting her shamelessly roam her eyes without looking like a sleazy pervert.

    Without many other interruptions, Nagi headed towards the office. Her parents hadn't been able to find her schedule in their mailbox upon returning from France ... and it wasn't like the school would send the schedule to France ... would they? In that case, they probably missed it, Nagi herself tended to lose herself while she was in her home country after all. Couldn't be bothered by the details of her ... 'other life'.

    On her way though, she found herself staring at the back of ... yet another pink blob. Wonderful. Dragging her feet up though, something clicked. If the disappointed faces of the First Years were any indication, the pink midget a few steps ahead of her ... "Aino Momoko." Oh, crap. The redhead definitely didn't mean to call her out loud.

    The two weren't the best of friends - if they were friends at all. The 'spoiled princess' was definitely one a kind, as a person and as a musician. Even if the pink midget grated her nerves at times, Nagi would always respect the drive and work she'd put into her work - even if her magic allowed her to ... 'cheat' (as she'd gently tease the pink haired girl from time to time).

    "How was your tour?" She decided to continue, having called the other girl, "Heard you managed to touch the hearts of everyone with your magic you know?" Nagi added, just barely holding off the joke in her head. ("I mean, have you seen the increase in young pink haired girls on campus?")​
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  11. "What're you doing up there? Are you looking for beetles!?"

    Beetles? Beetles?! BEETLES?!

    Six-legged freaks of nature made out of pure blackness, with massive pincers capable of taking off fingers? Pretty much cockroaches, just a little prettier? Which didn’t matter, because all insects were disgusting regardless? The tree had them? What the hell?!

    Instantly, Kaoru’s imagination exploded, as delusions of beetles crawling all over her body plagued her. She could literally feel their jaws pinching her skin, and at that instant, the white-haired girl let go.


    Needless to say, being a magical girl didn’t exempt one from the laws of gravity. She fell on her butt and spent the next few seconds squirming uncomfortably from the impact to her tailbone. Thankfully, the grass was thick enough that her skirt was relatively free of dirt. Unfortunately, rolling around on the ground with a school-mandated miniskirt didn’t do well in regards to hiding anything at all. For more than a few seconds, the girl’s…black-lace panties…

    Wait wat.

    By the time she had progressed to the state of rubbing her sore bottom, Kaoru had gained enough prescence of mind to say to the beetle-warner, “Thank you so much for the warnings! Ughuu, and I was so close to getting those blossoms as well…”
  12. Semine, Skyblue

    Semine continued her slow walk towards the main area of the school as her mind drifted off into the unknown. She thought queitly and pondered on many things as time seemed to slow to a near stop as she went into her own head. Her mind went at a mile a minute making time seem to slow for the girl as she walked in an orderly line. To her, the thought of loosing her father to whatever could possibly happen was somthing she couldn't bare at all on her mind. It made her want to break down and cry. But, she knew she couldn't... atleast not now. She already missed her parents and that realization made her wonder if she was a child at heart still.

    Was she someone yearning for a childhood she never truly had due to her militaristic up bringing. She didn't experience boyfriends or anything like that due to people being afraid of her fathers position of authority. It was truly hard to understand her at times but atleast here she could be away from all that yet yearn to be around it. To her she felt trapped in a place between worlds and it made her want to cry out for help. But... like her crying it couldn't happen. She had to stay strong even if she felt like tearing herself apart.

    'Oh, Semine...' She couldn't help to say to herself. 'You are a mess.. Pull yourself together and get on with it already!' She screamed into her head making her twitch slightly. Finally through it all she smiled and blinked as time seemed to resume for the iridesent Bleach Blonde haired girl. When she snapped back into it she realized a girl was running towards her at a speed she couldn't stop. The only thing she could do was take the hit and press forward as her father said about a good defense. Doing what her father would have done she braced herself in time to get hit by the girl full force.

    Semine buckled slightly and sighed "Hello Ririka... How are you.... You finally got me it seems" She said before grabbing the girl under her shoulders. With a strength not seen from the exteriror appearence of the girl Semine lifted Ririka up and looked at her. "Yes... you finally got me.. now what? It seems I have you." She said as a smirk began to form across her face. She put the girl down and stretched her arms "Its been awhile since I lifted someone up... Kinda hurts.... Im out of shape.." She said in a loud whineing tone.

    "I HATE BEING OUT OF SHAPE!" She said and seemed like she was about to go into a fit before doing a 180 and composing herself. She poked her stomach which didn't move at all "Nope... still good... Not fat at all... father wouldn't be happy if I was getting chubby...." She said before giggleing. "SO! Ririka... About that.... Glomping..." She said and turned back towards the girl. "Im not mad and honestly I kinda needed a hug." She said before putting a hand on her classmates shoulder "Dealing with stuff in my head.. not easy." She said out loud not caring if anyone heard her.
  13. Eile Mizer

    Eile felt someone tap her shoulder as she turned around. She then saw the girl with black hair behind her. She was playing with her hair and was giving off a klutz vibe as she looked at Eile.

    "Excuse me...do you know where the main office is? I need to get my class schedule and sign up for music and theater club. I'm Pandora by the way."

    Eile shrugged a bit before pointing at the building, stifling a yawn.

    "Office is on the second floor of this building Pandora. You'll see a big crown in front of the office. My name is Eile. Nice to meet you. Looks like you're new here. You know anyone here?" Eile said taking a closes look at Pandora as she took her hat off.

    Something about Pandora seemed off to Eile. But, then again, everything seems off to Eile when everyone wears the same outfit going to this school. That's why she wears her hat. Before Eile could say something, a bell ran out as Eile remembered something.

    "You might wanna hurry if you want to get your stuff. I'll point you in the right direction. Keep up with me." Eile said as she readjust her hat before walking towards the school door, not looking back to see if Pandora was following her or not. It didn't matter to Eile. She didn't mind helping people out unless she was running late for the Anime club or the Martial Arts club,

    • Pandora Fairchild

    • Pandora thought Elie was a cool girl, she seemed to not be stuck up. Which was a good thing, Pandora was the stuck up one. She couldn't possibly be friends with someone who was too. "Well it's nice to meet you Elie. Yeah I am new, first year a little nervous. Do you have any good tips; best places to meet people, how to get away with trouble, if there's any cute male teachers?" Pandora really didn't want to know any of this, besides if she did get in trouble she would just compel a fellow student into taking the blame for her. Maybe she could do that to Elie.

      While she was walking to the office she noticed that Elie liked to accessorized her uniform with hats. "I like your hat Elie, I usually wear flowers or ribbons to show my uniqueness. Maybe someday I could make you a hat...I'm a wiz at trinket making." Little did Elie know that Pandora was more then a hat making lost fool, she was a big time trickster. Just call her Pandora The Manipulator from now on.

  14. Kimiko arrived at Elite, ready for her first day of school. She was extraordinarily nervous. After all, it was her first time at any magical institution. As she walked in the front door, she looked around at the students... and promptly started fangirling out. "Aino Momoko?! Here? Oh my god, this is AWESOME!!"

    It's not often a country bumpkin girl gets to meet a superstar teen idol, so Kimiko went up and said, "Hi, Aino. I'm a new student and a huuuge fan, so if it's not too much trouble, could I have your autograph? Make it out to Kimiko." Kimiko realized it probably wasn't the best way to make new friends, but what could she do? She was starstruck.
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  15. Kaori, plum
    Kaori had woken up early enough to get dressed and get ready for the day, not a minute earlier and not a minute later. The tall fifteen year old looked in the mirror and did a quick turn. She had chosen the uniform without lace. She didn't consider herself a lacy girl. Instead of the traditional socks, Kaori had donned leggings. The skirts were short, but on her they were short . While she didn't mind so much about others seeing her panties necessarily, she did care about how that particular lack of care would affect her reputation. She needed a good reputation at the school. She had to be perfect. There was simply nothing else for her to be.

    When she headed down the stairs, a maid met her halfway, telling her that her breakfast and lunch were made and waiting for her on the dining room table. The pale haired girl offered the other a smile and a polite thank you before heading in that direction, school bag in hand. She'd eat then a car would take her to the school. The sound of Kaori's heels echoed through the empty rooms. They had a staff, but not an overly large one, and it was just her and her dad otherwise. Of course, Kaori didn't expect to see her father. He no longer drove her to school like he had done when she was younger. No, now he was gone before she woke up and he always came home later than she did. The man practically lived in his lab at work.

    Ten minutes later, Kaori was ducking into the back seat of a black vehicle, on her way to her first day of school. When they pulled up to the gates, the crowds were starting to dwindle. The plum eyed girl glanced at her watch, she should have plenty of time to get what she needed done, done. She just wouldn't stop to chatter with anyone.

    "Thank you, Kenji-san" She said just before she shut the door behind her and the car drove off. The tall girl, made taller by her heeled boots, walked towards her classroom. Kaori made it to her classroom with plenty of time to spare, taking a seat and waiting for the teacher.

    Asami, Brown
    Asami had woken up late. Like, twenty minutes late. With the first glane at the clock, the brunette had felt a jolt of panic before springing out of her bed and beginning her morning routine at a near break neck speed. It wasn't until she had fallen over and looked up at her clock upside down that she remembered.

    "Idiot." She grumbled at herself as she picked herself up from the floor and continued to get ready at a more moderate pace. Going back in time was still a new trick for Asami, it had been something she'd learned to do the tail end of her last year at school. Of course, learning the trick had lead to a lecture about screwing with the space-time continuum from more than one of her teachers. But, eh. As long as no one was around to witness her trip back in time, then it should be alright. After all, she would be dependent on her time abilities for her clubs this year. She'd taken three....perhaps not a great idea. But she had really wanted to do Literature, and she couldn't be without art. Asami without art didn't compute into the brunettes mind. It just didn't. Besides, all of the time skipping should make her stronger, right?

    After Asami was finally finished....now 40 minutes late. The brunette closed her eyes, before the sound of a clock ticking, and grandfather clock gongs began to echo around in her head, strong enough, that to Asami, the noise may as well be surrounding her. When her eyes opened, Asami was in an alternate space, full of clocks with hands that moved at different speeds, all of the colors in view had been altered to look like an old photograph, as if someone had taken everything in the space and applied the Sepia editing option. Now the various sounds of time really did echo around the brunette.

    As if unison, all of the clocks around her struck 12 and a near ear shattering gong ran out and the transformation began. The space turned into a rush of Sepia tones, the only clock keeping its shape beneath the teenagers feet. As all of the neutral tones rushed the girl at once, the sound of frantic ticking began again. The colors wrapped and twisted around Asami as she felt her powers surging in her. Just as oon as it began, it ended as the remaining colors rushed to the center of Asamis chest and swirled together before two strands shot up either side of her neck before connecting behind her neck, then the colors at her neck stilled and flickered out, where they were a golden clock necklace dropped against the girls chest. The rest of the colors followed suit, by the time they had all disappeared, Asami was clothed in her costume and she had reappeared back in the middle of her room, leaving her little alternate pocket of reality.

    Asami, a little breathless as she always was after transforming took a moment to reconnect to he setting. With a hake of her head, Asami gave herself a firm nod before she took a few steps forwards.

    "Right." She took a couple extra beaths before she clutched at the clock at her neck to center herself, pulling forward at the clock she had at the back of her mind. Before mentally resetting it to when she wanted to jump back to. She opened her eyes, mouth set. Before she turned and took two running steps before jumping into the air.

    "Redo!" In mid air, once again, Asami returned to her pocket dimension. The clock beneath her was set to her desired time, while the rest of the clocks around her rewound, signifying the leap back through time. Again, it was over before it began, Asami landed with a soft flutter of her skirt back into the middle of her room. Quickly, warm brown eyes glanced at the clock. Success! Asami let out a whoosh of her own breath, before she panted just a bit, a slight feeling of vertigo hitting her, making her stumble and catch herself on her foot board.

    'Right, stay focused." Asami closed her eyes again before letting her transformation melt away. However, she did not return to her pocket dimension. No, as she un-transformed, her costume seemed to melt off in Sepia colored tones, fading and disappearing before it hit the floor until Asami was how she had been when she transformed, fully dressed and ready to go forty minutes before actually waking up.

    Asami let another grin light over her face as she ignored the left over vertigo, grabbing her school bag and repacking it quickly and darting down the stairs for her tiny little apartment. her family lived too far away for a bus, and they had been paying for Asamis room and board since middle school, so renting out the tiny little apartment hadn't been too much of a stretch for the family.

    Asami, still slightly rushed and paranoid about being late, ran half the way to school before she let herself slow down to a walk. However, Asami arrived on time and was sitting in her seat, head down as she tried to quell the head spinning left over from her redo trick.

    Fuji, gold

    Fuji had been woken up by cat tongue early the morning of the first day. Of course, it had taken several kitty licks before the girl actually stirred from her bed at the orphanage. Brown eyes blinked open as the long haired girl pulled herself to sit up. The older teen glanced over at the beds of the slumbering girls near her. Fuji always made it a point to be awake and up before the rest of her roommates. It wasn't that Fuji disliked them, she just disliked the hustle and bustle that went with a whole group of girls getting ready for the day at the same time.

    The brunette pulled herself from the bed and let her toes touch the cold of the floor. A small grimace passed over her face before she made herself fully leave the bed, a shiver racing down her spine. She'd gone to bed in a small pair of shorts and a tank top and had left the window open for Rai, Dai, and Mai, a group of stray cat's she'd befriended two years ago. The brunette shook herself, much like a dog would shake out its fur before she wen to the foot of her bed and slowly, quietly pulled out the drawer containing her school uniform. As she got ready, she barely made any noise. She was almost too quiet with her actions. The loudest part of her routine was taking a shower, and that was only because she couldn't hush the water as it fell to the tile flooring.

    Fifteen minutes before the earliest alarm would go off in the girls dorm of the orphanage, Fuji was slipping out of the door and creeping down the stairs towards the kitchen followed by the three cats. Technically, the long haired girl wasn't supposed to have pets, and animals weren't supposed to be allowed in the living quarters, nor the chapel, of the orphanage. But the cat's and Fuji had found ways around these stipulations, and Fuji's roommates, for those that had actually seen the three cats, hadn't said anything. Fuji, her bed near a window anyways, usually left the window cracked for the cats. And for the days that it was too cold, the teenager had made the cat's their own room in the hollow part of a tree near her window, water proof and as warm as the girl could make it.

    Half an hour later, the rest of the kids of the orphanage began to bustle, just as Fuji and her three shadows left for the day, heading towards the school. It was quite a walk, but the quiet girl didn't like riding a bus full of people, and the subway, in her opinion, was even worse. Besides, the active girl liked the exercise before she was stuck sitting until gym.

    Time passed before she came to the school gates. The small group paused before farewells were said, Fuji dropping to the ground, getting her knees dirty without a care as she picked up each cat and rubbed her cheek along the top of it's head until she had completed the ritual for all three of the cats. With that she got to her feet and waved as the cats would disappear to complete their own day. Often enough, they would lurk somewhere on or near the school grounds. But this was not always the case. Fuji, meanwhile, made her way to her classroom as if she were a ghost, and she took her seat just as quietly. She would watch her fellow classmates, but she didn't often interact with them. She knew people didn't like her, she'd been adopted and returned by enough families, and scorned and mocked by enough people to know, and expect it from nearly everyone.

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  16. Mihara Ririka

    If Semine had paid attention to the normally shameless girl she would've seen the light flush of embarassment crossing her face from having been lifted up, but the flush was gone once Semine had turned back to face her. Ririka laughed and half-glomped, half-hugged the more physically fit girl so Semine's arm lay more across her shoulders. "Then plenty of hugs it is until you figure things out," she then paused thoughtfully for a moment before saying things straight out: "And if you seriously start worry about flab then your poor kouhais will be in trouble, they're the ones training with you."

    Chuckling she then pulled away, lightly straightening out the lace-free uniform before stretching. "We're third years now, plenty of us will be competing over a spot in an agency now too, but I'm sure you're a shoe-in if that's your plan." She honestly liked her classmate, who never really seemed to be bothered by her shenanigans and actually treated her friendly. A few of her other classmates had taken to ignoring her, especially Momo-tan who was most likely hating her because of an incident in their first year. Ah, well, that was kinda expected from what Ririka had done.
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  17. Iguchi Matsuri

    Matsuri let out a gasp of shock as the girl began to fall, landing on the grass close by. Matsuri briefly flapped her arms in panic, but began to calm when she seemed to be fine. Letting out a sigh of relief, Matsuri attempted to spot what had startled her as she recovered, but Matsuri had only seen one flash of black, and it hadn't been in the tree.

    Were there beetles? I wanna look, Matsuri thought as she let out a forlorn sigh, knowing better than to dirty herself before class. At the mention of blossoms, Matsuri held out her hand until a petal fell into her palm, wondering why she didn't just wait.

    Walking over, Matsuri held out a hand, petal still in her palm as she offered both the fallen petal and a hand up. Glancing upward, Matsuri began, "Well, at least there are plenty of blossoms!" Glancing downward, she leaned in, whispering, "Also, if you don't want anyone else to see your panties, you should wear spats. Spats are nice!"
  18. For a moment there, Kaoru got her hopes up, thinking that the pink-haired ponytail beetle girl had somehow jumped skywards like a basketball player, elegantly plucking a blossom out from the tree and offering it to her. But, alas, reality was harsh, and, as Kaoru took the girl’s hand and pulled herself, up, she realized that what laid in the palm of beetle girl’s hand was not a blossom, but a petal.

    Her hopes crushed two times over, she let out a soul-crushingly depressing sigh with enough sorrow that ten years of life exited her mouth, before saying, shaking her head like a teacher would do with an eager, yet mistaken student, “Blossoms aren’t petals, but…thanks for the thought~ Wanna give me a boost up instead then?”

    "Oh, and don't worry about my panties! My mother always said that they're just like swimwear, so it doesn't matter if anyone sees!"
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