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  1. The IC


    In a world where a little less than half of the female population has magical girl abilities
    You'll need to hone your skills to stand out from the rest and become the best magical girl the world has ever seen, but you discover there is more to life than being a 'magical girl'. Along the way you meet new friends, make enemies, and if you're lucky you may just find love.

    Elite! Magical Girl Academy
    Congratulations! The staff would formerly like to invite you to the Academy of Elite Magical Girls. We offer the very best in Magical Girl training and have the highest acceptance rate to any Magical Girl Agency from our graduates. No matter your element, we accept those who have shown prowess and talent with their special abilities. You'll find that our curriculum matches that of the best Academies around. However, we have the added bonus of extensive training in all aspects of being a Magical Girl.

    Mizuno Sachiko

    • [tab=The roleplay]

    • The five basic:

      Earth - A powerful element connected directly to the ground we walk on. It is strong against electricity, but weak against Wind.

      Water - Using the element of water. Strong against fire, but weak against Electricity.

      Fire - The flame element, able to cause harm to most living things, but protects the user. Weak against water, and strong against the air element.

      Air - Able to conjure up powerful blades of wind, and create powerful cyclones. Weak against Fire, and strong against Earth.

      Lightning - Able to conjure up lightning and use it in a variety of ways. Weak against earth, and strong against water.


      Nature - Connected to the plant life, and the animals.

      Light - When you think of light, think of the sun that shines down. It is strong against Dark, but just as weak against it.

      Dark - The darkness casts a shadow on everything it touches. It is weak against light, but just as strong.

      Sound - Use sound waves to your advantage.

      Ice - A deadly element that is weak against fire.

      Metal - Metal is weak against electricity, but strong against the other elements.

      Magic - Is anything that doesn't fall under an element. It is equal to all, and is in every one Magical Girl. As an element, it gives the user witch like powers, sorcery, or can used similar to alchemy. It is the most versatile element.

      Mana - Magic in it's raw form.

      Death/Fear - Terrifying hallucinations and grim-reaper like powers.

      Emotions - Uses the power of emotion.

      Love - Uses love for manipulation, or as attacks. Very versatile depending on what you choose.

      Time - Control over time.

      Beast - Animal like gifts.

      Ink - Self explanatory


    • ???

    • Each magical girl is allowed up to 6-10 abilities. These will be a mix of minor, medium, and major power levels. You can have two major abilities at the start of the roleplay. The older your character, the more powerful your abilities can be. As your magical girl grows, she will earn the chance to gain more attacks and special abilities.

      Minor would be small, single target attacks or stuns. For instance, Sailor Moon's moon tiara prism. Also can include special abilities that have nothing to do with fighting if that's your thing.

      Small to Medium scale aoe attacks.

      Highly exhausting, yet powerful attacks that may or may not one shot someone who isn't as skilled. Your trump card.

      While out of Magical Girl Form, your character is just a normal human. While transformed, you gain the ability to jump at unprecedented heights, have heightened reflexes, and are a lot more durable.

      If need be dice rolls will be implemented on certain battles.

    • Ocha-chan Shop (Tea shop)
      Cafe Rua ~ Cosplay Cafe
      Genki's Stationary
      Crown Arcade
      Shibuya Shopping Mall
      Kita Ice Rink
      Sakura Park
      Doki Doki Cafe ~ Normal Cafe
      Akihabara Manga Store
      Mr. Munchies 24 hr Convenience Store
      City Library
      Abandoned Amusement Park
      Subway Station
      Bath House
      Karaoke Club
      Martial Arts Dojo

    • Appearance: (Anime Pictures)
      Name: Age: (14-18)
      Year: (First-Third)
      Element: (It can be anything)
      Extracurricular Activities: (1-sport, 2 clubs)
      Magical Girl Abilities: Minor: (2-4) Medium: (2-4) Major: (2)
      Costume: (Picture or Description)
      Theme Song: (Optional)

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    • [tab=Cast]

    • [​IMG]

    •    Sports Clubs    
      Martial Arts ClubEile Mizer (3rd year)Suki BoomBoom (3rd year)Kuruseida Semine (3rd year)Saito Midori (2nd year)   
      DanceAkemi Nagi (3rd year)Victoria von Leblos (3rd year)Nataliya Potenelen (2nd year)Fujiwara Akiko (2nd year)Hanamori Yukiko (1st year)  
      TrackShirakawa Airi (1st year)Ienobu Makioko (1st year)     
      FencingMoriyama Kureha (2nd year)      
      CheerleadingPandora Fairchild (1st year)      
      BasketballKuruseida Semine (3rd year)Akemi Nagi (3rd year)Saito Midori (2nd year)    
      VolleyballMihara Ririka (3rd year)Iguchi Matsuri (1st year)     
      ArcheryChaika Kalinin (3rd year)Kyoko Mai (2nd year)Suzuhara Mizuki (1st year)    
      Rifle shootingHosoi Ryoka (1st year)      
         Liberal Arts    
      Music ClubKuruseida Semine (3rd year)Suki BoomBoom (3rd year)Moriyama Kureha (2nd year)Pandora Fairchild (1st year)   
      Theater ClubAkemi Nagi (3rd year)Victoria von Leblos (3rd year)Pandora Fairchild (1st year)Ienobu Makioko (1st year)   
      Manga Research ClubMihara Ririka (3rd year)Chaika Kalinin (3rd year)Eile Mizer (3rd year)Saito Midori (2nd year)Ienobu Makioko (1st year)Hanamori Yukiko (1st year) 
      Literature ClubVictoria von Leblos (3rd year)Chaika Kalinin (3rd year)Hiramoto Hideyo (3rd year)Arisoto Yuki (2nd year)Nataliya Potenelen (2nd year)Suzuhara Mizuki (1st year) 
      Art ClubNataliya Potenelen (2nd year)Kyoko Mai (2nd year)Shirakawa Airi (1st year)    
      Ikebana ClubAino Momoko (3rd year)Fujiwara Akiko (2nd year)     
      Tea Ceremony ClubMoriyama Kureha (2nd year)Arisoto Yuki (2nd year)Shirakawa Airi (1st year)Iguchi Matsuri (1st year)   
      OrchestraAino Momoko (3rd year)Arisoto Yuki (2nd year)Kyoko Mai (2nd year)Suzuhara Mizuki (1st year)   
      EtiquetteAino Momoko (3rd year)Suki BoomBoom (3rd year)     
      Computer ClubEile Mizer (3rd year)Iguchi Matsuri (1st year)     
      Cooking ClubMihara Ririka (3rd year)Fujiwara Akiko (2nd year)     
      ChoirLillian O'Phalen (2nd year)      
      Credit to: @dragonesper

    • [​IMG]

    • [​IMG]

    • [​IMG]
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  2. My characters

    • Appearance:

      Saito Midori



      Jade Fire



      Green Fire

      To put it bluntly, Midori isn't an easy person to get along with. She's a hot head, and never cared for making friends that weren't on the basketball team. Her goal in life is to be the best 'fighter' magical girl the world has seen, so she's naturally competitive when it comes to those types. She won't hesitate to challenge someone to a duel, even if it's a girl she likes. One of her weaknesses is cute girls with a goofy sense of humor. No matter how angry she is, laughing always calms her down. She enjoys playing sports, martial arts, and video games.

      Midori grew up in a two parent household with four other siblings, all of whom are boys. She's the youngest of all her siblings, and is considered something of a runt by her brothers. Her mother is a sweet stay at home wife, and her father is a hard working police officer. He inspired her to take her magical girl abilities seriously when she was a preteen, noting that magical girls were the closest things to cops in the world. Since that day, Midori has concentrated her time on being a magical girl, and applied to the Elite Magical Academy when she was fourteen. She takes her studies seriously, and takes her career as a Magical Girl even more serious.

      Extracurricular Activities:
      Martial Arts Club
      Doujinshi Club

      Magical Girl Abilities:

      Jade Fireball - A generic projectile attack where Midori shoots a fireball at her opponent, singeing whatever it comes into contact with.

      Flaming Fists - Fire engulfs Midori's fists and boosts her attack speed and power significantly.
      Jade Shield - A shield of flames, able to eat most minor attacks.

      Jade Whip - A whip of green fire. A tool used for mobility, and restraining. However, Midori has been known to use it in battle for various reasons.

      Jade Prison - A ring of fire forms around her opponents, trapping and burning anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it.

      Jade Flame Thrower - A cone shaped wave of green fire sprays from her mouth, burning everything in it's path.

      Jade Hailstorm - Flaming Fireballs conjured up from the sky fall towards their target, effectively burning and blasting everything in it's radius. A channeled ability.

      After Midori's transformation sequence she will be wearing an emerald green, metallic, deep v-plunging bodysuit with a sheer, open front mini skirt attached. A precious green stone is embedded in her forehead, either for decoration or for some other purpose. She hasn't figured out, yet, but it flickers when she uses her powers. On her feet are matching emerald green over the knee boots, and elbow length gloves. Two barrettes form on each side of her hair, seemingly engulfed by green fire, as well as a matching choker and earrings. Her costume certainly leaves little to the imagination, but somehow offers just the right amount of protection from oncoming attacks. Her whip is almost always equipped.

    • [​IMG]

      Aino Momoko



      Princess Symphonia


      96 lbs


      Momoko is an overall snob, and expects nothing but the best for herself, and for her friends - if she ever had any. She's known as the 'spoiled princess', and is one of the most recognized composers and solo violinists in Japan. She's used to being pampered and praised, and while she likes the attention, Momoko loves nothing more than being a musician. It was only by coincidence that the teen idol was blessed with the element of sound. Overall, she's an extroverted type and loves fashion, peach flavored snacks, and small animals.

      Momoko's mother passed when Momoko was only a child, and her father was left with the task of raising her alone. With him being a recognized musician himself, he gifted Momoko with her own violin as soon as she was able to walk. She was told that her mother was a famous Opera singer, and that she loved to hear her father playing the violin, so she studied it religiously in hopes of making her Mother proud. At the age of eight, Momoko had performed her first solo concert with a professional symphony. After that day, her career skyrocketed, with the violinist being featured in a multitude of teen magazines, and commercials. She has composed several pieces for popular Japanese films, and shows, and has now added 'Magical Girl' to her resume. Her dream is to join a famous Magical Girl Agency and continue to tour the world.

      Extracurricular Activities:

      Ikebana Club
      Etiquette Club

      Magical Girl Abilities:


      Opera Star - Emits a high pitched beam of sound from Momoko's mouth.

      Idol blast - Basic sound projectiles emitted from Momoko's hands.

      Echo of love - Use echolocation to find people or things.


      Reflection of Sound - A wave of sound emission that repels projectiles, and shields Momoko from oncoming attacks. Strictly defensive.

      Dubstep - Spheres of sound that, when in contact with a object, erupt into a sound that stuns the person in range, inflicting medium damage.

      Marching Band - Release blasts of sound in the form of a creature or object. Offensive and Defensive.


      Maelstrom Symphony - A powerful cyclone of distortion and noise, which not only encircles the target, but sweeps them away into the eye of the storm. A channeled ability, which lasts for half a minute.

      Vibrato Heart - Sonic booms sent out in rapid succession, sending any and everything in it's path flying back. Another channeled ability that fails if the user is interrupted.

      A matching baton, which transforms into a staff during her 'major' attacks.
      Matching crystal, earrings and a tiara as accessories.
      High heeled boots


      Theme Song:


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  3. Can I reserve a spot?
  4. Reserve a spot for? The roleplay is open so you can create a character and submit it for approval. :)
  5. I mean can I reserve just a spot for the roleplay while I get the character worked out :P
  6. Sure thing.
  7. Asami, brown
    Muto Asami






    Time and Space

    Asami while not necessarily shy, is reserved. She doesn't mind if she's alone, or if she's in a group. Don't misunderstand, she likes company. But she doesn't need it to flourish. She loves timeless things, perhaps this is because of her powers. But she loves how seem things just seem to be eternal. it's not uncommon to see her with nose stuffed in a book or see her scribbling in a notebook. Asami is kind on default, thinking that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Even though she is kind by nature, she also has a vindictive temper. If you've wronged her in some way she will pay you in kind. but on the same side, if you've done good by her, she will do good by you.

    Asami is from a family on the wealthy side of middle class. She has a younger sister who's just turned seven, she doesn't know if her sibling has developed powers of her own yet or not though. She's not often home. Ever since she turned 11, with the more obvious development of her powers, her parents have sent her away to boarding schools. After she heard of the Academy, she applied immediately, not even bothering to ask her parents until after the application was sent off. She's been attending since she was 14.

    Extracurricular Activities:
    • Literature Club
    • Art Club
    • Theater Club

    Magical Girl Abilities:
    • Fast Forward: Asami can make herself, or another single target, move through time at a faster rate then everything around her, making her appear as if she were a character on a movie that was fast forwarding.
    • Slow Down: The opposite of fast forward, this makes Asami or her target progress through time slower than everyone around her.
    • Quick Shot: Fire a bullet faster than a bullet would normally fire. Depending on the amount of speed it can get by how Asami affects the time around it, decides how much extra damage it does. (She has yet to break the sound barrier)
    • Jump: Asami and/or her target can "jump" into a space as long as Asami can see it. (this happens instantaneously)

    • Pause: Completely freezes time to a maximum of half an hour (after 30 minutes the ability stops when Asami passes out)
    • Bring a Friend: Asami can alter time for three more people other than herself. However, the amount of time the ability gets depleted per person. (ex: if Asami brings one friend along, the duration of the ability is halved, if she brings two, its divided by three.)
    • Teleport: As long as Asami can picture it in ehr mind, she can teleport herself or her target or a group. (the distance decreases with the more targets being teleported) Limit: By herself, she can't teleport anywhere ten miles outside of Japan. Her range loses 20 miles for every target that makes the trip. Teleporting take time, about 10 second per mile)

    • Redo!: Asami can transport herself back in time up to an hour ago. She can only bring one other person, and like her previous time abilities, the limit is halved.
    Show Spoiler


    Fuji, Gold
    Hayashi, Fuji





    136 lbs


    Fuji dosen't talk much, however she makes up with it with very expressive facial expressions and actions. The girl is smarter than she comes across as. Animals love her, but she dosen't quite 'click' with people as well. But once you get through to her she becomes a lot like a loyal pet dog. she will never betray a friend unless it is well deserved and shes been pushed past her breaking point. She will always shower her friends with love, affection, and kindness. She goes beyond above and out of her way for her friends. However, on the flip side of this, she is very territorial of the people she care for her, her things, and her spaces. Probably because of her affinity for animals, but she's unconsciously picked up and began using a lot of mannerisms seen with animals. (ex: baring her teeth like a dog, rubbing her cheek on someone like a cat)

    As a magical girl, her personality switches and she gets a lot harsher and she embraces the harsh names given to her over her past. She becomes a savage, a monster, a demon. Her distaste violence becomes a love for it. But she manages to funnel all of that darkness into something productive and for a good cause. She also becomes a lot more...dominant(?) in this form, taking what she wants, or pushing her will unto others.

    Fuji grew up in an orphanage. She doesn't know who her parents are or what happened to them and the rumor at the orphanage was that they found her in Aokigahara. (Suicide Forest) Fuji has demonstrated some of her abilities since far before she can remember. She was moved around from place to place after people noticed this. Some of them even began to call her a monster or demon. The girl bottled this up and withdrew from people. Finally, the last orphanage she was in heard of the school and got her signed up right away. The school has since become Fuji's home.

    Extracurricular Activities:
    Martial Arts Club
    (leaving this slot open for right now)

    Magical Girl Abilities:
    • Beastly Amazon: This is more of a passive ability that's usually in effect: when she transforms, she grows to be six foot tall and her senses, strength, and speed all increase from her normal human state.
    • Scratch: Fujis hands become beastly claws of massive proportions, perfect for slashing and hacking.
    • Summon Ally: Summons a random beast from anywhere in the world to fight alongside her.
    • Aspect of the Beast: Will take on an aspect of an animal she chooses (ex: eyes of a hawk, strength of a bear, Nose of a hound, ect.)
    • Berserker: Fuji goes into bloodlust mode, her skin toughens and it becomes much harder to hurt her. Gains four random Beast Aspects Downside: her capability for thought process slows down into a animalistic state.
    • Shift: Fully shifts over into an animal shape, if she stays in this shape for over an hour her thought process begins to drop into animalistic.
    • Summon Pack: Lets her summon up to five beast allies.
    • Human's Bite: Attacks made with her spear multiply dealt damage by two.
    • Night Strike: Affects the area around the target(s) up to fifty feet. It'll seem as if it is night, pitch black. The targets will hear howls, growls and other beast noises before what appears to be glowing eyes start to appear around them. Then those phantom beasts attack the target(s).
    • Hunting Frenzy: She needs to catch her targets scent. But after she does so she goes into hunting mode, and she will not stop until her target is found. In this mode she does not need sleep, food, or water. But as soon as this ability ends, normal effects that should have happened during that time, happen all at once. (Ex: if she went three weeks without food or water, when the ability ended, she'd probably need to be hospitalized if she didn't die on the spot.) After she uses this ability she cannot stop it until her query is found.

    Show Spoiler


    Kaori, plum
    Kuroki, Kaori



    Midnight Lover



    Element: Love/Lust

    Kaori's personality can be hard to actually pin down, because of her abilities, she appeals to everyone at least a little bit in some way, shape, or form. It's hard for people to hate her because they often feel a magnetic pull from her. Kaori plays this to her advantage without any remorse. She will act just the way she needs to, when she needs to, in order to gain something she wants. The pale haired girl isn't afraid to be underhanded when the need comes up, nor is she afraid of being downright nasty at tims. However, on the norm, she acts quite charming, polite, and kind. She is not shy, and she embraces her sexuality at a young age. When she's in the mood, she can be a bit of a playgirl, but will never do so in an obvious manner. She has a hard time making lasting relationships because she believes that everyone's attitude towards her is forced, therefore fake, because of her abilities and powers. The girl has a heart of gold lurking somewhere in her chest, it just dosen't always make itself known. She also harbors an extremely guilty conscious over the deaths of her mother and brother.

    Kaori comes from a wealthy family who owns a pharmaceutical company. From a young age, she had been nothing but loved, pampered, and adored by her parents and elder brother. The ple haired girl takes most of her coloring from her foreigner mother. She is also quite tall for a Japanese girl, also taking after her mother's side with her height. Kaoris powers unknowingly began to manifest while she was in middle school, and that's when everything took a turn for the worse.

    People, other than her family who had for some unknown reasons managed to develop an immunity to her powers, began to flock to her. At first, things were okay, it was just a little extra attention, no big deal. People began to do as she asked, whenever she asked to prove their "feelings" for her. But then people began to get obsessed with her, to the point of violence. Kaori would walk through the halls, and fights would break out because someone looked at her wrong.

    Kaori withdrew from school, deciding to be home schooled for awhile. An expert was called in and she was diagnosed as a magical girl. Then another expert was called in and she was trained how to... control her powers to a point. however, one day, her family was out for a charity function and her control lapsed. Violence once again began to brew and the family went to leave. On their way to the car, a group of men intercepted them. Bad things happened. Her mother was beaten, raped and murdered in front of her. Her brother was beat to death for trying to save her mother. Kaoris father was beat to the point of hospitalization and Kaori was raped. again. and again. and again. She blacked out somewhere in the middle of this. When she woke up she and her father were both in the hospital, but she was put into isolation for her own saftey.

    However, the event didn't traumatize her in a way that someone would normally be traumatized. Instead, it was like she just stopped caring. She learned to control her powers, but she isn't afraid of using them. She was raped repeatedly, but now she isn't afraid of using her body as a tool if she needs to. It's like everything that she had held dear, or that she had been taught to value, just didn't matter anymore. And she let herself fall into darkness. Her personality did shift from the experience into what it is now. Her father, on the other hand, went insane with the need to get his happy little family back. He wanted his wife and his son alive, and he wanted his daughter to revert back to her original self and he's willing to do anything it takes to do it.

    A few months after this incident, it was decided that she would attend the Elite Magical girl School. She still can't contain her powers completely, but they don't affect people around her normally nearly as much as they did.

    Extracurricular Activities:
    Martial Arts Club
    Ikebana Club

    Magical Girl Abilities:
    • Infatuation: This installs the desire to not hurt Kaori. Her targets will struggle, or flinch with every strike they attempt at her. (can still hurt her, but it bothers them)
    • Smooth Talker: This makes Kaoris target want to believe every word she says and do anything she requests. (Can still refuse her, they just don't want to.)
    • Juliet's End: Kaori stabs someone with her sword and they feel as if they've just suffered from heartbreak. Magic effects can cause suicidal behavior.
    • Aura de Amor: This is a passive ability that Kaori can't quite turn off completely. It makes people like her in some way shape or form, feel attracted to her, or just not quite able to hate her.

    • Woo: This makes a target think they are head over heels in love with Kaori, or someone of Kaori's choosing.
    • Seduce: Same thing as woo, but with lust. This can lead to very bad situations.
    • Romeo's Kiss: Kaori kisses someone and they're body recognizes her saliva as poison, depending on the person's sensitivity to illusions decides how well this works. Some shake it off as if nothing happened, others have died from it.
    • Lover's Energy: Kaori can "feed" off of feelings of love, lust, and affection. This can heal her, or give her a power boost.
    • Heart's Sacrifice: Kaori can cause someone to temporarily love her SO much that they will step in and take an attack meant for her, or they do whatever she asks of them, no matter what it is. The effects last up to an hour.

    Now, pretend that the boy in the image is Kaori and mentally add about B cup sized breasts. Under the tunic there are leggings that are the same purple as the cape and black knee-high healed boots.
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  8. Uniforms have been updated. :3 I think they're pretty cute. I'll add more tabs tonight if I have time after I get home, but I'm about to head out.
  9. Semine Kuruseidā, Purple


    Name: Semine Kuruseidā

    Age: 17

    Year: Third

    Alias: Luna

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 121

    Element: Life/Star

    Personality: Loving in nature and very hard to put down she is a person who stands as beacon to those who may feel down. Her personality is a reflection of her own magical abilities. She is a out going individual who hates seeing others hurt. She is a reclusive individual even though she is very good at breaking down others 'Social' Boundaries. She would rather have the night as a friend than another human being. That being so she was labled with the nickname 'Luna'.

    Bio: Born to a Japanese father and a Danish mother Semine was brought up with the best of bother worlds. Her father being an individual of discipline with a prestegious Military Career behind him. He was and remains an Engineer for the Japanese military with a standing rank of Colonel. Her fathers family extends back far beyond World War 2 in their military History. Her father's family's close ties to the Japanese military leave her open to being abducted or injured by anyone seeking revenge.

    Her mothers background is much more subtle. Her mothers family is vast and spread out across Northern Europe. Her mothers family is rich with Danish Mythology and deep into the Scientific area of study. As of now her mother works as a Scientist for a Japanese Industry based around Bio-Medical Neural Engineering Science.


    Semine's manifestation of her powers began at the age of eleven when she began to be seen communicating with the plant life around her lavish home in central japan. Her mother was surprised by the extent she spoke Danish. It was rare for her to speak Japanese when communicating with the life forms out in her homes land. She was rarely seen in the house and it became evident when it all began one day.

    Her father watched her when she wandered out of the house one night begin to change the direction of the moon and starlight. Her hair began to shimmer and her eyes seemed to glow a radiant Green. Her hair changed to a pure white to reflect the star light of the sky above her. The ground around her seemed to light up causing the grass to grow at a rate impossible without out side influence.

    At seeing this her father ran out to confront her. Semine turned and looked at her father causing him to begin to laugh at the realization of what his daughter was. To say that he was proud was an understatement but he had to watch over her. Her powers had manifested and she was placed into a school for her powers at a young age for her to gain a basic understanding of them. Finally, when she was old enough she was placed into the prominent school at which she finds herself now.

    Extracurricular Activities: Basket Ball | Martial Arts and Music Club

    Magical Girl Abilities: Only Usable at Night | Usable at any time.

    Minor: (2-4)
    Mending Touch: She can place a hand on an individual that is injured and use her powers to mend their wounds.
    Moon Light Sonata: She can call forth a formation of moon light to empower her during the night. Increases her movement, Reaction and Casting Speed.
    Drain Energy: She can funnel the energy of the land around her to help her stay on her feet and heal herself.
    Boon of the Star Born: During the moon and star filled night she is able to see as clear as day.

    Medium: (2-4)
    Drudaic Call: Calls forth nearby plants to fight for her. Causing them to grow in size and take forms. (Ex. A tree turning into an Ent.)
    Moon-Beam: Concentrates the moon and star light into a Fatal beam. (Usable only during the night.)
    Animation: Uses the energy of life around her to create or animate an object. (Ex. She can create a stone Golem or such a creature using materials around her.)
    *Will add one more Blue in during the RP.*

    Major: (2)
    Star Fall: Calls forth a rain of Ethereal and deceivingly beautiful stars from the heavens above. The stars rain down on the target causing massive burn and light damage upon them. During this cascade of stars the area is enveloped in a beautiful starlight causing damage over time. (Only usable outdoors or in an area where the night sky can be shown.)

    Lazarus Hymn: She begins to sing something that sounds beautiful to every person within distance. The song is of a language unknown to most and seems ancient in dialect. (It is a form of the Mythological Danish Elves.) The noise causes all those around her to feel empowered with renewed strength and Courage. If chosen during combat the song begins to weave the energy of the life around her into a single construct that will rise and fight for her. (Advanced form of Animation)
    (Sings this Song)

    Costume (open)
    Wields: The Tear of the Moon

    Passive Theme:

    Battle Theme:

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  10. I will also write up a very extensive history for Hayley and Semine since I am in the mood for writing massive posts.
  11. ... This is the OOC right? So we don't have to put our CS here, right?
  12. Going to put up a char death skills like more voodoo type
  13. I am going to add Hayleys last Card based Magic if thats alright. I may be Re-Working some things about them. I like Semine the way she is but may change around some of the magic.
  14. No, you don't have to put your CS here. I can link it from the interest check. Also, still here for the moment. For people that were already approved in the old roleplay, if you change anything about your cs as far as magic goes, then you'll need to be approved again.
  15. Alright, I am switching around Beauty of Annihilation and am just removing it to add more of a Chaos based attack mixed in with cards. Her nickname is Pandora for a reason and I will have this Major Attack be the reason for it.
  16. Alright, I typed that addition up on a tablet so its not to pretty and I will edit all the colors tomorrow. That is the jist of it and I added the Emperor of the Void. Trust me.. you will probably never see it as I dont see a situation in which it will ever come out. Now, Pandoras Locket I can see happening but the Emperor coming out is like the odds of being struck by lightning.

    SO! As the GM you control what happens when that Locket opens as it is the Maw of Chaos. You can have it rain cats if you want but its up to you making it literally all powerful or useless. You never really know and whenever it happens I plan on talking to you about it.
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  17. I like the locket idea, and could.be interesting in the rp but characters are starting with only 1-2 major attacks.
  18. Yeah, I removed Beauty of Annihilation and replaced it with the Locket. The Emperor of the Void is an outcome of the Locket. That entity can not come out of a Card. It isn't another power. Sorry... I cant change the colors on my tablet.
  19. Akemi Nagi <= Please just imagine there are black plants and the shirt is halfway buttoned up.

    Name: Akemi Nagi [Last-First]

    Age: 18

    Year: Third

    Alias: Queen

    Height: 5'7" (170cm)

    Weight: 123 lbs (56kg)

    Element: "Puppetry"/Chains [Art of manipulating "puppets" although I use 'puppetry' as a mini-form of mind manipulation as well...]

    Personality: Nagi is a mysterious girl. Her smiles can tell many things, her tongue can spin up stories on the spot, but her eyes flawlessly hide the things you desire to know. Nagi is a confident person - arrogant even - she knows that she's intelligent and beautiful, and so she can comfortably flaunt around and maybe even sneak a few playful suggestions here and there.

    That being said, Nagi isn't just some playful girl. She's quick and complex thinker. She respects those who have talent, and potential, but above all, she definitely looks up to those who are honest hard workers. While Nagi does put a considerable amount of effort into her work, she's more prone to try and persuade - nothing naughty now - others to 'assist' her. [Sadly, this happens more often than not]

    Bio: Nagi's parents were from France, though they have moved to Japan just as Nagi was in First Year of the Academy. When she was still in France, as a child, Nagi loved playing with her dolls. She would pretend to go through adventures, stories, change clothes and the hair ... surprisingly, when she turned 10, Nagi still continued to play with her dolls.

    Her parents, while amused, tried to steer her away from the dolls, and tried to get her to learn about their business - as Nagi would inherit it one day. At first, Nagi was excited, to dress up, pretend to be an adult, and watch her parents expertly turn away and talk to people of importance in parties. Of course, as she entered her teen years, the magic of parties and dresses faded quickly, letting her see the reality that was just behind all the glamour and innocence she had as a child.

    She watched her parents cunningly manipulate, persuade, lie, and argue their way in the business world. Nagi did not hold it against them, it was just the way of the world - not just business. To get to the top, you need connections, 'friends', favors ... and maybe some magic. Which Nagi conveniently found as she fooled around with boys and dolls in her rebellious teen years.

    Extracurricular Activities: Dance [] Theater Club [] Empty Option Avaliable

    ~ Magical Girl Abilities ~


    Strings: Nagi summons up numerous chains [Max Right Now: 4] These chains stabs targets

    Tight Trap: Chains don't stab, but wrap around target and attempts to keep them rooted to the ground [Maximum of 15 minutes]

    Spider's Web: Chains will detatch themselves from Nagi and sprawl all around the 'battlefield', limiting movement.


    Devil's Gaze: If Nagi can look into the eyes of her target for about 4 seconds, she can whisper one instruction into the target's mind, it's not an order, but a strong suggestion that has a 40% [of success] of urging the target to do as instructed. The more loyal or strong-willed the target is, the less effective this attack is.

    Flicker: Uses two 'layers' or rounds of chains. The first layer of chains will shove/stab targets, pushing them outwards. However, during the targets airtime, Nagi readies the second layer and when she pulls the first layer back, she stabs them with the second layer. [Maximum Targets for Now: 2][Time it takes to get 2nd layer ready: 5 seconds]


    Chosen Sacrifice: The ultimate goal of this technique is to make a living person Nagi's puppet human shield. To do so, Nagi will have to make a sacrifice herself, the most often route she takes would be to offer the blood off her one arm - Nagi does so with such a violent behavior she usually loses use of the one arm for the rest of the battle and then some time. With the offering made, a red chain will attach itself with the target - it doesn't stab through flesh, it's magical. From there, Nagi can use her attacks through her puppet [Gives her more distance.] Nagi can only keep the puppet for half an hour.

    Diana: This attack summons up a doll ... a strangely real doll, and it's main job is to protect. When Nagi summons Diana, Nagi has no real control over the doll. It's only objective is to protect, and Nagi's only real influence over it is when it's choosing it's target. To protect, the doll will use Nagi's chains, deflecting attacks, make a cocoon of chains, use them like vines to reach high places, etc. Diana can be 'summoned' for only 15 minutes, but during that time, if Nagi keeps feeding her magic into her, Diana can restore itself unless the enemy completely obliterates Diana in one shot.


    Main Theme

    Other 'Theme' Songs (open)

    "Intro" Theme [30 seconds really ...]

    "Nostalgic Nagi"

    "BloodyThirsty Nagi"

    [Finally decided on alias! Yay!]
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