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    Aino Momoko

    A white limousine pulled to a slow stop in front of the Elite Magical Girl's Academy, and out poured several dark-suited men with their hands full of suitcases. One man was lucky enough to only have to carry a purse, but that was taken shortly after a pink haired girl exited the vehicle. She was petite, and bright eyed, appearing as if there was no better place to be in that moment. Behind her was a man much taller than herself, older judging by the wrinkles around his eyes as he smiled down at his daughter. He placed his hand on her shoulders, and gave them a firm squeeze before entering the limousine again. Oddly enough, she smiled and nodded. No words were spoken, but that gesture was all she needed to know that her father would miss her during the year that she was gone.

    "Well, what are you guys waiting for?" Momoko folded her arms and glared at her hired help, a disapproving look worn across her face. They looked down at her, a visible sweat drop rolling down the sides of their face in unison. "Go. He needs you more than I do, and I can't have you guys hanging around in an all girls school," Momoko almost scolded, but she laughed afterwards and sighed. "We go through this every year. Luckily, this is my last year being here. Maybe you'll be more useful after I graduate." Momoko could only hope that her bodyguards would get the big picture someday. She was a magical girl, and thanks to the training the academy provided she was good enough to defend herself. Of course, the sight of burglars and other suspicious characters still scared her, but Momoko was a tough girl. She wanted to be more independent, and not just when it came to handling finances.

    Heaving a sigh, Momoko waited for her bodyguards to set her belongings down. She tapped her foot impatiently in attempts to urge them on, but they never did. "Fine. You can help me take my things to my room, but after that you're gone. Mizuno-san will transform if she sees you in here," she said, picking up her feet and walking up to the giant glass double doors. One of the body guards opened it for her, and Momoko entered with a roll of her eyes. She hated to cause a scene every year, but the looks from the first years and new students always provided some laughter. By now most of the returning students were used to seeing the idol up close, and Momoko was thankful that no one seemed to make a big deal over her anymore. She had gained quite the reputation as local snob just from refusing to sign autographs, and take pictures during her freshmen year.

    Momoko unzipped her purse and retrieved a piece of paper with her room number written on it. It had her roommate's name on it as well, but she wasn't interested enough to check. The knowledge that she was roomed with a second year was enough to shrug it off, but secretly she hoped whoever the girl was was easy to get along with. And neat, she hates clutter and dirtiness.

    It only took several minutes before Momoko arrived at her room. She was pleasantly surprised to find no signs of life, and quickly jumped to claim her bed. "Put those there," Momoko pointed at a bed, and the body guards did as they were told. "Thank you. Now, please. Get out of here before you scare my room mate. The last thing she needs is to come here and see three men in black," Momoko demanded. The men took their leave, and were never to be seen or heard from again. Momoko smiled and walked over to the window, peeking down at all of the students that were down below. She turned away and glanced at her watch. It was still early in the morning, and she still had a bit of time to unpack and make it to the mandatory school assembly.
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  2. Suppressing a yawn Kureha got off the night bus that had brought her to the school. She would have taken an earlier bus so she wouldn't have to attend the first day with very little sleep but there was no luck, a certain annoyance that had finally learned just what school she attended was pestering her to get this and that from her school. She had made sure to correct him severely for that level of creepy.

    Being a bit too tired to stop and chat she only waved lightly to a few of her friends from the music club as the light breeze played with her long, red hair. Pulling out the information slip with her room number and room mate she took note of the number. A casual glance at the name of her room mate told her that she would be rooming with someone who was potentially snobby. "She might be nicer in person," she murmured softly to herself as she pulled the hard case travel bag, with a bunny sticker on of course, behind her. A duffel bag was securely tied to it for easier transport.

    Her mature features and sinevy frame made her indeed different from the ideal cheerful and happy Magic Girl, something she honestly was happy about. Stopping in front of the room she took a calming breath, hoping that things would go okay. Entering the room after confirming the number she entered, knowing that she needed time for a shower and the chance to change out of her casual clothes into the uniform and offered a smile to the famous girl that had already arrived. "Hello, it is nice meeting you."
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  3. More and more people were arriving at the school by now. Life was bustling as usual, and the sounds picked up. Laughter, chatter, the occasional shout of enthusiasm followed by the sound of running and giggling.

    From the top of the school building Astraeha was looking out over the main courtyard where people came in. Quietly she looked on as students came in, parents or other guardians left, groups of friends were formed, and people entered and exited the buildings. Everything looked so perfect and peaceful. So perfect that Astra wished she could be a part of it. But even she knew that wasn't possible.

    She had entered school halfway last year, since schools start at a different time in Japan, and hadn't exactly succeeded in making friends. She had been taken aback and fell silent when the girls in her class had approached her, asking her all kinds of things. It ended up making her seem cold and distant. Add to that her slight translation error when someone asked her what her power was and she said 'Die' instead of 'Death' as if telling the other girl to bugger off and die. The result, everyone kept their distance. A weird fan like distance as if they thought she was 'too cool' to approach.

    All in all, her months of school last year weren't exactly the most fun. So no doubt this one wouldn't be much different. "Welcome to the new year." With a sigh she pushed away from the ledge and headed for the exit. She had already unpacked and settled into her room. Perhaps by now her roommate might have arrived too. Might as well go check and get the introductions over with.
  4. Semine stepped out of her parents car and looked back at them. Her father put a hand on her shoulder "Continue to learn my daughter." He said to her in Japanese. Semine looked up "Knowledge is power in more ways than one father." She responded with a large smile. Her mother then came and hugged her tight. Semine nearly squeaked at the feeling but managed to pry her mother off. Her mother smiled "Remember always the Tears of the Moon." She said in Danish linking back to an old Myth she was told as a child.

    Semine waved goodbye to both of them as she walked onto the Academy grounds. Immediately she saw people looking at her. It was Morning out but she would rather of it been night. She always seemed to have a glow about her at night. She had earned the nickname 'Luna' over the last year due to her late night strolls through the ground. She always felt more lively during the night. It wasn't something she was ashamed of at all. Her mother told her that her family in Denmark and Northern Europe always enjoyed the night over the day.

    The opposite was to be said about her father. His family was from a prestigious military back round. Her family was well known in the Military based world making her a rather large target for anyone wanting to get back at the government. Her father was an Engineer in the Japanese military with the rank of Colonel. She knew all of this but kept her cheery attitude none the less. She was safe within the school and did not fear those that meant to do her harm.

    That all was in the back of her head as she walked to once again spend another year at the school at which she honed her magical abilities. She had the best of both worlds. She realized that her love of the moon was not something random but inbuilt. She harnessed the power of the stars within herself and used it just like she would use the energy of life around her.

    The sky above her was clear giving her a clear sight of all the stars above her. The light from the stars made her white hair shimmer and almost dance with light as she walked. She couldn't help feeling giddy about returning. To think of all the new people who may be at the school made her happy but also the chance of being able to move around alone. She loved people but also the silent nights that she could spend alone.

    Now within the Dormitorys she looked around for her room and found it. She went inside and set her things down. It didn't take her long to put everything away as she had a fairly meager ammount of things. It wasn't that she was poor at all. It was quite the opposite. Her family was more than Rich when it came to more than just the Japanese currency. She never had much love for material goods.

    After several minutes of rearranging things neatly as was taught to her by her father she finally gathered her school uniform up and went into the shower. She placed her phone down on the sink before turning the water on and put a song on. She got into the shower after undressing and began to sing the lyrics. Her voice seemed to Sync up as she sang with a voice that would surprise most people who didn't know she could sing.

    (This is the Song.)
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  5. Asami, brown

    Asami looked out one of the windows from the hallway lading to her dorm. She'd been here during most of the break, only going home for a short weekend before she was sent back. As such, she'd already claimed the right side of dorm room 300C, and had all of her things set up and her half decorated. A couple of her favorite projects from art clubs could be seen either on the walls, or in the case of one small sculpture, on her desk.

    Asami smiled, things were about to get lively again. The school was always boring when it was like a ghost town. There were some girls to keep her company, but a lot of them seemed to keep to themselves over break. It was something that just was, Asami didn't hold it against them, but she would have like a little company, and a little inspiration for her various projects. She had done a lot of scenery work that break. But then again, she usually did a lot of scenery work.

    But not this year, this year I am going to paint a portrait of someone! And it's going to be perfect! I just have to decide on who... As her mind jumped around, picking out and dismissing different candidates from the crowds or from her memories, she began to walk back towards her dorm. Almost as if she had switched her body over to auto pilot, the girl became aware of herself again as she plopped down onto the old quilt of her bed with a slight bounce. By this time though, the girl had a few victims picked out for her work. A slow, sly smirk slid across her face. She even knew her first would be. After all, if she went after the hardest target first,t eh rest would be a piece of cake, right?

    Arissa Astraeha , your face is mine! A low, nearly evil sounding chuckle slid from the girls lips, even as a little voice in the back of the 16 year olds head began to wonder if she may be turning into a villain. The older girl was beautiful and almost untouchable. if she could convince the blonde beauty to let Asami paint her, then the other targets should fall into line simply. I'll let you have today, but tomorrow the battle begins! The brown haired girl flopped over onto her stomach, kicking her feet into the air a little bit as she began to plot out her plans while she waited for her roommate to arrive.

    After a moment, Asami reached beneath the bed, and pulled out a little black notebook. It was her project planning book. She flipped to the next page and scrawled out the main points of this project, she'd name it later. She scribbled down some of the names she had thought of to include in the project, and she knew she would add more as the year continued. But for now she had: Arissa Astraeha, Takanaka Natsuki, Moriyama Kureha, Totsuno Rakashi, Saito Midori, Aino Momoko, and Semine Kuruseidā. As the year grew, she was hoping to find some others to add to her list that were interesting or different. She wanted to capture as many different personalities as she could. Hopefully, she'd meet a couple cute first year girls to add to the list to. Another low,evil giggle slipped from her lips. This year was going to be great! If nothing else, she'd be thoroughly entertained.

    I'll make you all timeless...

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  6. It was that time of the year again. The school finally started and all the fuzz and passive nervousness was slowly getting under Totsuno´s skin. She wasn´t sure if she was supposed to be happy or worried. Probably both. The time spent back at home was pleasant and full of relax, but she was slowly getting bored of it. There really weren´t many things she could do back there. Studying might not be the most entertaining thing in the world, but at least it kept her mind occupied.
    Besides, most of her friends were from school and she was starting to miss them. There wasn´t many of them, but she could still use some company of someone who wasn´t her mother. She loved her but, oh god, she was getting tiresome lately.

    She chose to visit her new room first, to mark her territory before her roommate gets there. Last year, she ended up with a little bit more pushy girl that made the room her own kingdom and reduced Totsuno to a mere guest. She is not going to do the same mistake for the second time. Fool me once...
    She was curious about what will be her new roommate like. She had a rather strange reputation among students. People said that she was an odd one, cold and indifferent. They even called her an "unapproachable beauty". It was silly, at least in Totsuno´s opinion.

    Totsuno entered her new room and, to her mild disappointment, noted she wasn´t the first one. There wasn´t anyone in the room, but someone else´s clothes in the closet and other random things were a clear enough evidence of other being´s presence. At least this one left her some space. She started with unpacking her things. There wasn´t really lot of them. Some clothes, some books, her own baseball bat for good luck... A few minutes passed and she was done. It was actually kind of depressing to see how little time it took her to unpack all her belongings.

    Checking her watches, she found out that there was still a plenty of time, before the school assembly and decided to go look for her friends. The first days of school were always a little bit depressing and a little company was always nice.
    Before going out, she decided to check herself in the mirror, just in case. It was the first day of school and she wanted look as good as she could.
  7. A cellular phone sprang to life for the second time, playing its cheery ringtone and buzzing a bit where it sat on the bed. And this time, when a hand darted out from under the pile of blankets, it didn't just retreat after turning the alarm off. Airi sat up in bed, pushing the covers off herself, and yawned. She didn't exactly like getting up so early, but it was a new school year, at a new school, and it was a boarding school at that. It still took her a little while to wake up enough to remember what day it was and shock herself the rest of the way toward awareness. After that, she hurried through her usual morning routine. Shower. Get dressed--in the new uniform. Have breakfast.

    The conversation around the breakfast table was focused on the new school. Yes, Airi would miss everyone as much as they missed her, but she could always go visit on the weekends. She wasn't nervous at all, just excited. She had everything packed the night before and was all ready to go. After all last-minute things were taken care of, Airi was on her way to the Elite Academy.

    When she arrived with her parents, who were there to see her off and help her move in, Airi had to stop and take it all in, as soon as she passed the campus gates. Her pace slowed as a look of wonder played across her face. Like many first years, she tuned around, stunned by the beautiful scenery and probably making a fool of herself in front of the older students. She almost walked right into someone before she recovered herself. "Ah! I'm sorry," she said, quickly coming to a stop. She just as quickly retreated to the relative safety of standing right next to her parents, and dug out the letter with her rooming arrangements on it, so she could lead the way and get her things dropped off.

    Once she had moved in and said her final, tearful goodbyes to her mom and dad, Airi...really didn't have much to do before the opening ceremonies. She decided to read over the school's handbook one more time, so she'd be familiar with her schedule and any important policies.
  8. With a barely covered yawn, Natsuki slowly dragged her feet through grand gates of the Academy. Pausing for just a moment, the light haired teen tilted her head back, looking straight up at the looming structure that was the Academy. It was definitely grand and beautifully constructed; Natsuki remembered when she had been a First Year and had spent a good couple of minutes just gaping at the sheer size of the building. While she shook herself out from her memories, she was quick to notice that some of the people around were all moving along and she was rudely blocking the way.

    Tossing a sheepish grin over her shoulder and around her, Natsuki hastily made her way into the Academy, lugging her lone suitcase and a shoulder bag that sided neatly against her right thigh. Humming quietly to herself, the small smile Natsuki had before slowly grew as she passed by familiar classrooms, hallways, corners ... it was as if she had fallen asleep for a long time and woke up to another word. While familiar, the white haired girl could feel the changes that could happen. After all, the winds always swept away the past and ushered the future forth, how would this year be any different?

    As she wandered the halls fondly, by the time Natsuki reached the dorm hall, she had already read the tiny slip of paper at least four times. Just to make sure. "300 C..." she muttered quietly to herself as she neared the stairs. "That should be ... third floor? Oh wow ... I bet the view is great!" She whispered to herself excitedly, adding just a little skip to her steps as she hiked the flights of stairs until she reached the third floor, C.

    Still humming, though quietly now as Natsuki had no desire to disturb any who might already be residing in the dorm rooms, she reached a hand into her side bag, fishing out a lone key as she neared the dorm room. Sticking the key in and turning it, Natsuki pushed open the door softly, just slightly nervous to meet her roommate face - to - face. The slip of paper did mention that Muto Asami would be her roommate, but sadly, Natsuki had never really exchanged much more than the polite 'hello' with the girl down the halls in first year.

    Stepping into the room though, Natsuki only watched on - confused, and just slightly amused, as Asami gave a rather ominous giggle. The other girl had been lying out on her bed ... and she'd probably already been the room for a long time, Natsuki noted as her eyes roamed across the decorations and details that now colored the walls and occupied the one desk. Quickly realizing that it was perhaps impolite to stare - not to mention how creepy it was - Natsuki cleared her throat, just loud enough to catch her attention.

    "Hello! I'm Takanaka Natsuki ... you're my roommate, Muto Asami, right? Were you the one who drew those?" Natsuki asked as she nudged her head at her roommates art projects that were on the wall "They're stunning ... and oddly striking too, you must be really good at visual arts."
  9. Fuji, Gold

    That morning had been like most others that break, as soon as she had finished eating, Fuji had gone outside and basically stayed there. She slept in her room as was required of her. But she hated being inside. Hated it. Walls around her made her feel locked up, besides, it wasn't like she belonged among the majority of the students anyways. She was a monster.

    As the day passed, the 18 year old had spent it with her friends, three feral cats, that she'd named Rai, Mai and Dai, who liked to lurk around the academy. That's what she was still doing when other students began to arrive. When the first bits of the sound of bustling drifted to her, the girl had frozen before abruptly standing straight up to see what was going on. However, once her mind caught up to the day it was soon dismissed. She didn't belong with humans. Even as the thought crossed her mind though, a longing hit her in the guts. one of the cats, picking up on her distress rubbed up against her and Fuji picked her up and snuggled her to her chest before rubbing her cheek against the top of the cats head. As the noise on campus increased, the larger that lonely pang grew and the more affection she showered on the three cats around her. I have friends. I'm not lonely. I have Mai, Dai, Rai, and Hayley. That's four! Which was four more than she'd ever had before. She growled at herself before getting to her feet.

    Time stretched by before the brunette checked her watch, something she'd had to adapt to wearing since there weren't many clocks handing outside, and noticed that the first of the year assembly would begin soon. The thought almost made her nauseous. She picked up each cat before nuzzling at their cheeks with her nose in parting before she stood up and began to trudge towards the buildings, dragging her feet. However, the thought of hanging out with her roommate had her picking up the pace a little bit. She and Hayley where in different years, but they got along pretty good after meeting each other and breaking the ice.

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  10. "Make sure you give us a call sometime dear"
    ". . ."
    "We just know you'll have a lot of fun"
    ". . ."
    "See you soon,Emiko"

    Not receiving a response from Emiko was not an unusual thing for her aunt and uncle,and the silent emotionless teenager was not to blame for it.Despite not knowing the reason behind this,the couple kept on fully supporting her and kept on caring for her like she's their own child.After a final exchange of hugs and kisses,the pinkish white-haired girl stepped out of the car,pulling her luggage with one hand and slinging her backpack behind her with another.

    New students,especially Freshmen like her,would usually be overwhelmed in a new environment especially when it's packed like how the Academy was.But Emiko did not show any signs of panic nor curiosity.She stopped and looked around for a moment,then spotting the buildings where the dorms were she walked towards it,her luggage rolling behind her.

    It didn't take her long to find her room.She reached out for the doorknob and let herself in.Emiko didn't have to go all the way inside the room to hear the water and the singing that came from the shower.She didn't say anything about it.Closing the door behind her,she walked over and sat down on the unoccupied bed and set her belongings down.She opened her backpack and pulled out the guidebook the school sent her before the start of the school year.It was basically a school manual talking about what the school does,how it works,and what to expect from it.It also had the school map she studied on her way here.So far,she only knows which building's which,but not where the rooms are.That was gonna be a problem.

    Another problem she was a bit worried about was her roommate.How was she going to communicate to her?Should she talk?She never really talked even if she tells herself that she would.There was nothing she could really do about it than just wait and see who her roommate is.With a small sigh,she started unpacking her belongings and listened to the singing of the girl she was yet to meet.
  11. Momoko walked over to one of her suitcases and opened it up to retrieve a uniform. So far, her favorite combination was the pencil skirt and white blouse, so that would probably be the one she chose. She laid it out neatly on her bed, and then began to unpack some of her belongings, mostly room decorations. With the room to herself she could make good use of the time alone to set things up, but her plans were interrupted. Green eyes shifted to the door, and took in the sight of a fiery-red head standing in the doorway. Momoko inhaled deeply through her nostrils, and stood up off the ground.

    "Mmmm," Momoko hummed, and then smirked. "Hi. I suppose it is nice," she said, covering her mouth and stifling a giggle. And then she stopped, and reached into her purse for that piece of paper with her room mate's name on it. She found it in no time, and then scanned the paper for a Moriyama Kureha. "Moriyama-san, is it? Well, I just want you to know that I've saved you the trouble of picking your side of the room. This is my half," Momoko made a chopping gesture towards her side of the room, and then pointed to her room mate's side. "And that's your's. I know, I have a lot of nice things and you'll probably want to touch them, but don't."
  12. "I don't make a habit of touching other people's things just like that so you don't need to worry Aino-senpai." Walking over to her side of the room Kureha untied the duffelbag from the travel bag before speaking up again. "If you don't mind then I'm going to take the shower now, I'm not going to take too long." Setting her travel bag on the side she took out the full set of her preferred uniform from the large case, pleated skirt, vest, tie and blazer. To her it felt more like a proper uniform than the other choices.
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  13. Semine turned the water off and stepped out of the bathroom. She had no clue that her room mate had arrived so she got out and dried herself off before dressing. She left the bathroom still in mid-song then stopped immediately at seeing the girl there. "Oh.... Uhm... Hi.." She stammered out before running a large brush through her white hair. "Beautiful night isn't it? I am Luna by the way... I got stuck with that nickname as I normally take long walks at night." She said as she finished brushing her hair. She then sat up straight and looked at her "Whats your name?" She asked.

    "Well, I never saw you before so its safe to assume you are a first year. Don't worry its pretty nice here... My real name is Semine... My last name means Crusader in Japanese so if you translate it from Danish it means Star Crusader... Kinda cute." She continued on even though she didn't feel like talking anymore. She stopped talking before laying back on her bed. She stared up at the ceiling "I looked forward to coming back... I love the serenity of the nights around here." She said before going quiet once more.
  14. It wasn't that far a walk, considering she had been on the roof of the dorms, so she simply had to descend a flight of stairs or two, go down the hall and there she was, back at her own room for the year.
    Instead of opening it right away, Astra stood there for a little while, just staring at the door knob. Would her roommate already be in the room? Maybe if she pressed her ear against the door she would hear footsteps or so, but that would be weird to do at your own door. Especially if the door then would be unexpectedly opened up from the inside. Imagine that for an entry. Of if she was listening at her own door and then the other girl would arrive. Not exactly a good idea.

    After taking another deep breath Astra decided not to enter her room, and just walk around the hallways. Eventually the assembly would begin, the opening ceremony. But she wasn't exactly in the mood to be one of the first ones to arrive, so she wandered.
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  15. Hayley walked the ground as new people and returning students poured from the buses and from their parents cars. She heard many of the talking in Japanese but only picked up some of it. She never developed Japanese as well as she did German and English. It came hard to her and she didn't like speaking it much which made her stick out. The other thing that made people look at her odd was her enigmatic and overly eccentric personality. She was labeled as 'Pandora' thanks to her chaotic style. She didn't really like the name but she dealt with it as it was in reference to Pandora's box. a mythological tale she knew from school back home.

    She saw people looking at her but brushed it off with a smile in their direction. She was feared but people were always wary of her. She stayed over the break as her parents asked her to. At the moment they were unable to take her home which left her hurt but understanding as she didn't do the best discipline wise her first year. Her Bi-Polar disorder had left her with many detentions to which she just shrugged them off. She was the 'Bad Ass' of the school but didn't really want to be considered as such. Just because you get into trouble a lot doesn't mean you are a 'Bad Girl'. She was always nice until someone acted like a bitch. Then she took the cute and lovey girl gloves off and normally slapped them.

    She continued to ponder every thing that passed her mind before going up to the dormitories. She walked into the large building and walked up the flight of steps to the third floor. She went over to her room to see that Fuji wasn't inside. She went over to her side of the room and flopped down on her bad. She groaned "Im so boreeed! Entertain me!" She said before playing with a deck of cards she kept near her bed.
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  16. Asami, brown
    The sound of a throat being cleared had Asami stiffening, before she jumped back up into a sitting position and then a standing one, almost all in one move.

    "Hello! I'm Takanaka Natsuki ... you're my roommate, Muto Asami, right? Were you the one who drew those?" The girl asked before tilting her head towards the projects that were on the wall "They're stunning ... and oddly striking too, you must be really good at visual arts."

    Wait, Takanaka Natsuki.....this is perfect! Maybe I should start with her instead, after all, we're roommates! Asami tilited her head at the girl before answering her,

    "Yea, I'm Muto, Asami. It's nice to meet you Takanaka-san and welcome back to school!" she gave a sweet, almost bashful smile as she glanced over at all of her displayed work. "And yes, those are mine." Asami didn't necessarily mean to toot her own horn, but she thought she was pretty damn good, one of the best so far in the art club. Come on, ask her! she demanded of herself. Asami paused and glanced to the side. How?! Do I just blurt it out, or?

    "Is that side of the room okay with you? We can switch if you really want this side." She started. ..... That had nothing to do with asking about a portrait....She berated herself. Asami took in the form of her roommate, she loved the girl's white hair, it was one of the main reasons she had wanted to paint her, it was so unique.

    "Would you like some help unpacking?" She asked. That still has nothing to do with a portrait!

  17. Fuji, Gold
    Fuji, after ducking through the crowd of students, finally made back to her dorm room, pushing through the door and closing it firmly behind her with a nod and a small glare at the wood. The long haired girl turned before she took in the sight of her roommate, a big genuine smile crossed her face, lighting up her expression.

    "Hayley!" She all but chirped in greeting. She stood still for a few seconds longer before she crossed over to her bed and bounced down on it, shoes and all to watch the other girl fiddle with her cards.

    In the back of her mind, she knew she should probably change into her uniform, the simplest of the sets composing of a long sleeved blouse, bow, pleated skirt and knee socks. Even further in the back of her mind, she knew she should take a shower before she changed into her uniform. She always came back kind of dirty from being outside, pitch on her hands from the trees, dirt smudges on her cheek from where she cheek rubbed the cats' heads, and the like. But for right now, she was content with watching Hayley play with her cards quietly. Fuji was easy to please. The girl rolled onto her stomach and propped her face up with her hands while she watched, however it wasn't long before her legs began to move a little. It was hard for the brunette to hold completely still for long.

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  18. Hayley Stein Card/Chaos, Red
    Hayley looked up as Fuji ran in. She began to giggle "Well hello to you to Fuji." She said in dicey Japanese. Thanks to Fuji she learned more than her fair share of japanese while at the school. It was better than when she arrived but she still have a long way to go before she could speak it fluently. "Wie geht es dir? How are you?" She asked in Fluent German then normally. She glanced over as the girl bounced down on her bed. She couldn't help but smirk. Fuji was one of the few girls she could call her friend in the school. Most of the other girls feared her because she got in trouble so much. It wasn't the type of fear Astra gained but similar. People fear what they do not understand and chaos is something so common yet very misunderstood.

    She stopped toying with her cards and sat up to look at Fuji at her level. Hayley smiled "You are dirty... You are going to get our room dirty... I know you like the outdoors and I KNOW you were with your kitties.. I wish we could have a cat as well but you need to shower... that assembly will be soon." She said to Fuji with a smile. Like Fuji it was hard for Hayley to sit still for long periods of time without moving. It was hard enough to sit still as long as she did. "Ill get your uniform ready while you take a shower." Hayley continued with a smile.
  19. Ririka was humming lightly as she drew, already wearing her uniform, the pinafore and shirt, she was hanging out at the club room to draw her doujin. She wondered idly how the first years would be and was looking forward to new pairings to draw. Her dark-brown hair was tied loosely and her green eyes was filled with boundless amounts of energy and joy. Anyone who knew that look on her knew better than to ask without being prepared, that look often meant that she was in the mood to tease, or worse, in the mood scope out possible pairings for her new doujin.

    After two years there was a whole stack of manuscripts taking place in her room. She had quickly unpacked earlier that day when her room mate was out before heading over to the club room. She had missed her manga so, so, so much but it would have been a pain to ship them to and from her home. Instead she had brought her manuscripts home to get proper critique from her parents about the quality of her work. Humming a random anime song she continued drawing, she still had plenty of time before the assembly started after all. She could check out the new kids then, maybe there was one she could tease a bit among there too. Her club members didn't react anymore...
  20. "Yea, I'm Muto, Asami. It's nice to meet you Takanaka-san and welcome back to school!" she gave a sweet, almost bashful smile as she glanced over at all of her displayed work. "And yes, those are mine." Asami didn't necessarily mean to toot her own horn, but she thought she was pretty damn good, one of the best so far in the art club.

    Natsuki easily returned the smile, while her roommates smile was slightly reserved, the white haired girl's smile stretched across her face. Asami's words had been polite, almost cheerful, and it was clear that the girl was proud of her work - and rightfully so! It might've been too early to clearly make out the other girl's character, but so far, Natsuki found no reason to think otherwise. As Asami quieted and turned her head to the side, Natsuki took that time to walk over to her bed. It looked new and fresh, smelled like it too, Natsuki discovered happily as she tossed her suitcase onto the bed while she dropped her side bag along with it. "Call me Natsuki, I'm not too tight on the formality stuff."

    "Is that side of the room okay with you? We can switch if you really want this side."

    Caught off guard by the question, Natsuki blinked a few times before she got her act together and quickly shook her head, "Oh no. It's completely fine! I don't really care much about different sides and all, besides you already set your stuff up, it'd be a huge bother to move everything around," Natsuki said, once again admiring the different arts that adorned the wall on the other side of the room from her spot. However, her mind quickly switched back to her task, which was unloading her stuff, and getting ready for classes and other things.

    "Would you like some help unpacking?"

    Just as the question was posed, Natsuki had unzipped her suitcase. Inside, there was her uniform - a white blouse, blue tie, black pencil skirt, and grey tights - a lot of books, school supplies, a few stacks of papers with a 'do not touch' sticker on the surface. Of course, there were other things like a few decorations like wall stickers, pencil holders; just small things. "I think I'll be fine ... I didn't exactly bring much with me, so this shouldn't take too long," Natsuki assured her roommate, "Oh right, do you have any idea when uh ... classes begin? Are they doing the half-day orientation, half-day classes? Or am I mixing things up again?" Natsuki groaned.
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