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This is for your character sheets ONLY. No chatting or questions, that should stay in the OOC! After getting my permission to submit a character do submit it here for review! Thanks :)


Physical Appearance: [In-depth character description, or an anime style picture.]




Sexual Orientation:



Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Fashion Style:

[At least three sentences.]





Magical Girl Appearance:
[In-depth description of outfit, and/or anime picture.]

Magical Girl Alias:

(Brief description of what it is and what it looks like.)

[Any element from my list, or your own custom mastery with GM approval].]

Utility Spells:
[Five max. Purely Utility that have no offensive use. ]

Minor Masteries:
[At least 2, and no more than 5. Small projectiles, beams, darts. Basic attacks with low energy cost]

Medium Masteries:
[Max 3. Small aoes, hard hitters.]

Major Masteries:
[Max 1. Large scale AoEs. the potential to one shot weakened Youma.]

Character Bio:
[At least Five Sentences. A brief description of what they were doing before their third year at the academy.]

Sample Post:
[As your character. Can be anything.]

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Modern, futuristic, magical girl
Physical Appearance:

Name: Angela Christie

Age: 15

Nationality: American

Sexual Orientation: Asexual

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 126 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Red

Fashion Style: Functional, practical, very few frills.

Personality: Angela is quite friendly, once you get to know her. Granted, under normal circumstances, she's very snarky and elbow-ribbing, but she knows when to stop. Around others, Angela is usually the type to let conversations float over her unless she's addressed or she has something that needs saying, but don't think she's not listening. You'll end up regretting it.

Watch out for Angela's temper. It may not be short on fuse, but she can be quite violent when she finally loses it. And no. She's not related in any way to famous author Agatha Christie. So stop asking!

Likes: Tabletop miniature games, ice skating, cute things, board games, card games, music

Dislikes: Water, Winter, Swimming, video games, rude people, being asked if she's descended from Agatha Christie.

Hobbies: Tabletop gaming of any variety. She's got several hodgepodge decks for various games as well as various well-maintained armies. Angela is also fond of writing poetry, but strictly honest, she's not very good at that. She does occasionally sing along to some of her favorite songs, but only when she thinks she's alone. She's not a fan of being caught singing.

Talents: Angela is a brilliant tabletop tactician, though her strategic skills in game don't always translate well to reality. She's quite good at reading people, though she has been known to make mistakes.

Magical Girl Appearance:
Angela adopts the uniform of a Cygnar Warcaster, adapted for "Magical Girl" aesthetics. Golden-bronze chestplate and arms, electric blue pauldrons, a brown belt and miniskirt, white tights with blue knee-guards, and finally, heavy knee-high boots, a solid Cygnar blue. For identity concealment, she wears a bronze and white mask. She also gains a golden-bronze spear she can use to defend herself, though it's not exactly effective against youma.

Magical Girl Alias: Warcaster

A small sapphire cut into the shape of a lightning bolt.

Mastery: Electricity

Utility Spells:
Technopathy: Angela can talk to machines and electronics. She's fond of conversing with computers, unless they're infected. She considers viruses rude.

Radio Wave Manipulation: Angela can manipulate radio waves that operate on EM frequencies. So far, she's learned how to buffer them for a clearer signal, fine tune them in case two signals are trying to share the same frequency, and jam them.

Electroshock Immunity: Angela is immune to being shocked and electrical hindrances in general.

Minor Masteries:
Plasma Bolt: A long range, fast travelling jolt of electricity fired from Angela's outstretched hand.

Pulse Blast: A short range blast of electricity directed in a cone in front of Angela.

Medium Masteries:
Cygnar Light Warjack Minuteman: Angela summons a rough copy of the Cygnar Minuteman Warjack to blast a small area around her with electricity designed to slow the victim. The copy sticks around for a bit, but doesn't really move and doesn't do much more than randomly spit out bursts of electricity and swing its arms.

Tesla Ring: Angela electrifies a circular patch of ground to stun enemies with. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on flying or floating enemies.

Major Mastery:

Cygnar Collossal Warjack Stormwall: Angela summons a copy of the Cygnar Stormwall Warjack and rides on it while it discharges electricity and strikes out at nearby enemies. Only lasts for a minute (exactly), but can deal a lot of damage due to its size.

Character Bio:
Angela is the daughter of an Elite. A dead Elite. Angela's mother died early in the young gamer's life, but Angela is still quite familiar with the stories and legends surrounding magical girls since her mother used to be one prior to her retirement and eventual death. With that in mind, Angela took steps to get herself enrolled in Elite, with her father's approval. Much to her appreciation, she was accepted, though a small part of her still worries that it was less due to her own merit and more to being the daughter of an Elite.

Sample Post:
It happened at the weirdest possible time. Angela had been painting her latest Cygnar units one moment, and the next, she was a Cygnar Warcaster. Sort of. Her armor was the spitting image of Victoria Haley's, except for a few minor details. Which was ironic, since Haley was one of the few Cygnar Warcasters Angela didn't have in her collection. Angela was quick to stand up from her chair and examine herself, studying every facet of the armor. The skirt was an interesting touch, and the way it felt, it was clearly just for show, but the power Angela felt wearing it. Was this what being a magical girl felt like? If it was, she liked it!

Angela's attention was quickly caught by a small gemstone lying on her desk where previously, there'd been nothing. If she was a magical girl now, then this must be her Heartstone. She picked it up and started examining it, curious. If there was one thing she'd learned from following her mother's exploits, it was that a magical girl's Heartstone was the clue to what her powers were. A sapphire shaped like a lightning bolt, Cygnar Warcaster armor, and an electric blue color scheme? It was a safe guess that Angela's new powers were over electricity.
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Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Yaoi, Magical Girl, Supernatural, Victorian Goth, Steam Punk

Aozora Miyuki



Sexual Orientation:



Hair Color:
Silvery White

Eye Color:
Ruby Red

Fashion Style:
Romantic blouses, cute dresses, mini skirts, and fashionable, weather appropriate shoes. The bows in her hair often change color, and she is a big fan of trying out new hair styles to complement her outfits.

Miyuki is carefree and charismatic. She is usually the first one to speak up, whether it's to greet a stranger, or to calmly voice her opinion. Miyuki is not very reserved, but she is just as happy fading into the background as she is chiming in and sparking up conversation. She is optimistic, always hoping for the best and willing to help uplift people's spirits when they're in dire need of it. Don't be fooled, though. Her flirty nature Is often mistaken for feelings, but this usually not the case. She hates to linger on the negatives and focuses on the positive, even if the situation seems hopeless.

Miyuki feels she only owes her family her loyalty and doesn't hold 'friends' to a very high standard. Of course, if you manage to get very close to her this may change. She has a particular fondness for dancers and favors artistic people somewhat. However, she gets bored very easily and no one has been able to hold her attention for long. The white haired girl is quite independent, lacking in tight knit friendships and 'special' bonds with others.

As a magical girl, her carefree nature and lack of obligation to others can translate as disloyalty and selfishness. This would be the farthest thing from the truth. Miyuki may not be the first to jump to someone's aid, but she will defend someone if they are standing on their last leg. If she sees even a little fight left in your eyes, she will leave you to stand on your own two feet.
However her views have somewhat shifted since her first mission where she was saved by her teammate, Crimson Moon.

Origami | Kirigami | Painting | Arts & Crafts | Ballet | Archery | Musicals | Horror Films| Green Tea | Ikebana |Cleaning

Mess | Hot Weather | The color yellow | Soda | Arguing | Relationships

Origami | Kirigami | Ballet | Kabuki | Ikebana

Arts & Crafts

Magical Girl Outfit:

Magical Girl Alias:

A red jewel about the size of a dime that looks like an origami crane. Separates into a pair of earrings during her transformation.


Utility Spells:
Paper Mastery - The ability to create paper out of thin air and create small constructs, harden, reinforce, repair, sharpen, and compress paper.

Paper Flight - Using Paper Mastery, Miyuki is able to create objects out of paper that assist in her flight. e.g. wings, paper planes, flower petals. Her most common mode of travel would be in the form of butterfly wings created using Paper Mastery.

Paper Mache - A wall of sturdy paper able to absorb three consecutive minor attacks, or one medium attack. Is especially weak to fire and water.

Construction Paper - Can create semi-living constructs with their own specific attacks. Can only have one active at a time. [Currently only has one unlocked.]

Kirigami Lace - Intricate paper whip designed to restrain, or bind.

Minor Masteries:

Paper Weaponry - Miyuki is able to create various handheld weapons using her Paper Mastery. Her favorite weapons are bows, swords, and fans, but she has the potential to create others. She can not have more than one weapon active during a battle.

Kirigami Flowers - Giant paper shuuriken in the shape of intricate flower cut outs. Can fire up to three at a time, dealing more damage with each hit.

Paper Charm (Ofuda) - Temporarily stuns enemies. Can use up three at a time.

Paper Wave - Creates a wave of paper that sticks to her opponent's body, inflicting shallow wounds over time. Mainly serves as a distraction or to disorient for a short period of time.

Medium Masteries:

Construction Paper: Crane - A crane with swift, deadly kicks and a lethal beak. Wing flaps shoot out confetti that shreds the opponent. Lasts ten seconds.

Advanced Kirigami Flowers - Able to construct up to six Kirigami Flowers, with the ability to split them into smaller ones for more precise, piercing damage.

Paper Doll - Miyuki can create up to two clones. Unfortunately, they can not speak, but are excellent at scouting the area as Miyuki can receive messages through the paper from them. They can also act as decoys, use Paper Weaponry, and Kirigami Lace. Lasts up to 30 seconds without using minor abilities. Lasts 15 seconds when attacking.

Major Masteries:

Party Blast - Summons a storm of colorful confetti shaped like butterflies over the area that sharpens and then homes in on the area, dealing massive damage to the main target.

Character Bio:

Miyuki was raised in a family where being a magical girl wasn't the norm, or anything to aspire to. The last known Magical Girl in her family was one of her great grandmas, and that was over a hundred years ago. Her family owns the Getsu shrine, and before being accepted into Elite! she was only a shrine maiden, aspiring to be a famous ballerina and origami star. She had no close magical girl ties to speak of, but one fateful day, she awakened her heartstone as a magical girl. Miyuki's family was just as shocked as she was, but grew to accept it. She felt she had a duty to follow in her grandmother's footsteps, a woman who she had never met, but felt a strong connection to. Without much to go off of, she applied to Elite Magical Girl Academy, and off of her grandmother's name alone was given a spot at at the academy. Now she has to find a way to juggle her love of ballet and her duty to fighting Youma.

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Yuri, Magical Girl, High Fantasy, Sci-fi, Ray-gun Gothic, Mecha, Steam punk. Scifi Apocalyptic,

Name: Kireina Aki

Age: 15

Nationality: Japanese

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Height: 5.1

Weight: 47 KG

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Very Light Violet

Fashion Style: Kireina spends most of her time dressed in traditional, yukata, rarely wearing makeup or jewelry, most of her clothes tend to be padded for extra warmth.

Personality: Kireina is a quiet girl who usually tries to avoid drawing too much attention to herself, however she can speak up when she wants to be heard.
Her loyalty to her friends is also unwavering, and she will happily risk injury to protect them.
Kireina can occasionally take on the role of covert pervert, though most people who know her would never believe it.

Likes: Yukata, Manga, Cherries, Ribbons.

Dislikes: Shouting, Impatience, Trucks.

Hobbies: Writing, Drawing, Flower Pressing, Card Games.

Talents: Cooking, Drawing, Sewing.

Magical Girl Appearance: Kireina's Magical Girl outfit consists of a purple Yukata that becomes lighter the further it gets from the centre, with the edges and sleeves being almost completely white.
The Yukata is shorter than her usual ones, coming to just above the knee.
Her arms, legs, and waist are covered by blue and white armor with several floating spheres attached that allow her to float around without needing her legs.
The armored boots are flat and rounded, with no particular decorations.

When Transformed Kireina's hair becomes a dark purple rather than black.

Magical Girl Alias: Refraction

Heartstone: A small Lily made of mirrors.

Mastery: Light

Utility Spells:
Parabolic: Uses several mirrors to reflect and see something in the distance.
Warmth: Uses several mirrors to focus sunlight to warm someone up but not burn them.
Feng Shui: The Asian art of mirror arrangement, using this on a magical level allows Kireina to calm people in a room, as well as restore imbalanced energy flows through the careful redirection of light.
Light: Creates a small beam of constantly reflected light with a ball of two way mirrors.

Minor Masteries:
Burst: A simple blast of unfocused light to stun, distract, or blind a foe.
Beam: Uses several mirrors to concentrate light into a beam.
Diffraction: Magically bends light to go around Kireina partially, making her seem slightly further to the side than she actually is.
Mirror Shield: A basic shield of mirrors to deflect attacks, very low effectiveness against physical based attacks and projectiles.
Solid Light: Uses magical mirrors to solidify light into sword to give Kireina a slightly more physical attack.

Medium Masteries:
Ignite: Focuses light with the intention of lighting fires on the target.
Mirror Ball: A ball of mirrors surround Kireina and she fires light beams in all directions.
Reflected Army: Creates reflections of Kireina which can't fight and simply reflect her movements.

Major Masteries:
Mirror Room: Surrounds a target with a massive two way mirror sphere that reflects a single beam around itself hundreds of times a second.

Character Bio:
Kireina was born into a family that owned a flower shop and as such spent her childhood years playing with many plants and flowers, though much to her father's disappointment she was more interested in pressing the flowers than growing them.
One day while running errands for her parents Kireina ran across a road without thinking, and was hit by a truck.
Though she survived, Kireina hasnt been able to walk since that day.
Thanks to her quiet nature she was able to adapt to her new lot in life quite nicely, and even managed to convince her mother to let her attend the elite magical girl school.

Sample Post: Kireina shivered as the wind hit her where she sat on the station platform, despite the padded Yukata she wore it was still far too cold for her liking and she briefly considered using magic to warm herself before dismissing the thought and just rolling herself to a slightly sunnier part of the station.
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Name: Irina Dmitrievna Nikolaeva
Age: 15
Nationality: Russian
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual

Height: 163 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Fashion Style:
Irie prefers clothes that are simple and comfortable yet don't appear lazy. As a result, her clothes are typically neutral in color to make it easier to focus on the silhouette and over-all appearance. Plain pleated skirts, loose button downs, square neck dresses; her clothes are as appropriate for school as they are for a casual day out. The only real determining factor are her shoes, which she freely admits she's extremely picky about.

Irie's quiet nature is not an aversion to people; she simply has no real feelings towards them, whether animosity or companionship. The brunette is the kind of person who you could be seatmates with the entire year, yet never exchange more than a few words with. She doesn't indulge in small talk, and only really strikes conversation if something or someone interests her. It's rare, but it does happen. Surprisingly, she's not prone to monosyllabic answers. She will truly take her time to fully explain her thoughts and convictions, but she doesn't quite know how to phrase it so that others can discuss it alongside her.

Thanks to her single-mindedness, the young teen is frequently careless and forgetful. If a book has her by the throat, she'll forget to eat and sleep unless someone drags her out of her self-induced trance. It's gotten so bad that she has a self-declared reading moratorium whenever exams roll around. It doesn't help that once she gets fixated on one thing, it's incredibly difficult to pull her attention away from it. And this is primarily why she's been banned by her classmates from the hands-on part of alchemy/chemistry/cooking... much to her own chagrin. Still, that doesn't stop her from trying these things at her own time, often with disastrous results.

Likes: History, chemistry, ice and snow, understanding youma, calcified heart stones, flying, calligraphy
Dislikes: Humid weather, English, running, house of mirrors, onions
Hobbies: Reading, collecting whatever suits her fancy for the month
Talents: Math, or anything logic-oriented really. If she bothers to, her memory is fairly sharp. Her hand is also incredibly steady and does well in calligraphy and art if she wanted.

Magical Girl Alias: Lull
Heartstone: A quill with a longer than normal pure white feather. The smallest movement could be a mighty gust of wind, depending on Irie's own whims. Truthfully she wishes she could use it while untransformed so she could fan herself whenever it got too hot.
Mastery: Air

Utility Spells:
Aerokinetic Flight - Using the wind, she propels herself to the skies and remains there to oversee the battle from above. For someone bad at multi-tasking, she's gained quite a bit of mastery in using it alongside her other abilities.
Temperature - Adjust the temperature of the air around her to be more palatable, which will frequently happen around summer time. Just be warned that people who dislike the cold should probably stay away from her. While theoretically she can change the temperature to various extremities, she's not immune to frostbite or spontaneous combustion.
Atmosphere Adaptation - Manipulate oxygen molecules to enter her respiratory system in cases where breathing would be a difficulty (ie. smoke, high altitudes)

Minor Masteries:
Aerokinetic Constructs - creates a patch of wind that's almost solid, and uses it to create things like balls, darts or even a shield
Air Molecule Manipulation - moves molecules to encourage certain reactions to happen, such as rubbing oxygen molecules against each other near a fire. Ideally used as a support to other magical girls.

Medium Masteries:
Gust - A large sweep of wind that will knock lighter opponents off their feet.
Vacuum - Remove all molecules in a particular area to create a vacuum. Irie can only do this in a limited space for a short time frame, as it's a lot harder to prevent and block all molecules vs moving some of them somewhere else, as what she usually does.

Major Masteries:
Whirlwind - Summons a tornado that wreaks havoc on everything in its path, whether friend or foe.

Character Bio:
Irina was born to an officer of the Military Police, and she continues to say this with great pride should the subject of family come up. Her mother lost an arm in her service yet that did not stop her from raising Irie as a she should. Her father's typically persona non grata in her mother's presence, but despite the divorce he frequently calls and sends his daughter presents when appropriate. All in all, fairly normal except for that one incident that bore fruit to Irie's heart stone.

It was the first and last time the MP tried to recruit Irina's mother back into service. Until now, she remembers it clearly; the anger she felt, and that sense of betrayal when she thought her mother might accept and leave her alone. She formed the quill, and blasted the recruitors, who thankfully took it with a laugh and gracefully accepted her mother's rejection. It only made sense that once she came of age, she would be sent to her mother's alma mater.

She hated being separated from her family and country, but she adapted. The multiples of books she read, the lessons in Japanese as she struggled to be more fluent - she ate those hungrily to assuage the desire to run back home. Eventually, she found peace in the academy, and relaxed in its day to day pace.

Sample Post:
Irie breathes in, then out. Her muscles feel stiff, and she could feel bruises hidden by magic on her arms and leg from the battle only hours before. Being Lull didn't feel so much like a transformation but more a change of clothes; no matter how much she changed outside, Irie still felt whatever had been done to her magical girl counter part. If that involved being hurled a couple of yards or so, then the human part of her was sure to complain even if no evidence showed it.

Yet here she was again, battling yet another Youma alongside her team. The steady stream of missions was supposed to be "practice" for real life, where you could go on call at a moment's notice. When she got back home, she would indulge in a long hot bath, then some tea and a book.

"Lull, what the heck are you thinking about with that dreamy look in your eye?" Green eyes flick towards the girl beside her: some fire girl. Unfortunately, her name escaped her, as was the case with most members of the team. She at least remembered their faces, if that was anything.

"I was thinking about what I want to do afr-" Her words were forcibly cut short by a strong wave of power, sending her out of the air and straight into the ground. Ouch.

"Pay attention to the battle." With that, fire chick leaves her to her own devices, joining the rest of the team in their brawl. Irie mutters curses in her mothertongue as she dusts herself off, once again lifting herself off the ground. She already knew how bad she was at multi-tasking; she shouldn't waste it chatting up her teammates. "Next time, I'm just going to pretend they're mute." And with that, she joined the fray. If the last explosion cut it a little too close to fire chick, well, she'd gladly admit it was her fault.
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Name: Carmen Hernandez

Age: 15

Nationality: American

Sexuality: lesbian

Height: 5 foot 9

Weight: 170 lbs

Fashion sense: T-shirts and jeans, mostly. She much prefers comfort over looks.

Hair color: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Personality: Carmen is usually a very laid-back, relaxed kind of girl. She'd much rather be in her room reading or painting than out on the town. That said, when she gets in a fight, she's so intense that the other magical girls get kind of frightened.

Likes: Reading, art, playing soccer

Dislikes: crowds, rain.

Hobbies: Painting, cooking.

Talents: Extremely good at math

Magical Girl Appearance: Brown top and skirt, white boots, and a long white cape. Instead of a wand or anything like that, she carries a humongous hammer with a boulder on each end.

Heartstone: A topaz in the shape of a heart

Magical Girl Alias: Earth Princess

Mastery: Earth (Rocks and the like, NOT metal or plants)

Utility spells: Earth Sense: (Passive- can feel vibrations in the earth to tell when someone's sneaking up on her. Kinda like Toph.)
Stone Surf: can levitate a stone underneath her to fly at slow speeds and low altitudes
Rock Armor: Conjures a stony suit of armor. Increases defense, but lowers speed

Minor Masteries: Stone Shards: creates a barrage of razor sharp stones to slice enemies
Golem's Grip: Creates a giant hand of stone to grab a single enemy, immobilizing them and dealing minor crushing damage
Super Strength: Passive- can lift a small car
Earth Shield: can conjure an earthen barrier to protect herself and allies from attacks

Medium Masteries

Stone Transmutation: Can transmute her flesh to living rock. Grants massive enhancements to strength and durability with no loss of speed, but comes with a downside: after 30 seconds, must fully depower, and can't re-transform for a full minute.
Seismic Shockwave- Carmen slams her hammer into the ground, creating a massive ripple of earth that deals damage and knockdown

Major Mastery- Boulder Crush: Carmen raises several stones to increasing heights, bounding up them with surprising agility as a stepladder before jumping down for a massive, gravity and super-strength enhanced hammer strike.

Bio: Growing up, Carmen had always wanted to be an Elite. Her grandmother, Anita, was the famous Mexican heroine La Gata, and her mother followed in her footsteps. Knowing that the family tradition was what it was, she studied hard, worked on her magic, and got accepted into Elite.

Carmen's first two years in Elite have been nothing to write home about. Mediocre in classes and fighting youma alike, she'd just be part of the crowd if she didn't stick out for her size. But mediocrity is a terrible fate, and Carmen is hell-bent on stepping her game up this year.

Sample Post

"Earth Princess, ROCK ON!" A flash of brown light, and Carmen had transformed. It wasn't just a physical transformation, either. Gone was the shy, awkward teenager; in her place a confident woman ready to take on any foe.

The swarm of monstrous ravens circled her, unsure of what to make of this. Fine by her. "Stone Shards!" A barrage of flint flechettes bombarded the monsters, leaving them leaking some sort of black fluid. A couple dive-bombed Carmen in retaliation, and she managed to block them with her hammer. "Could use some help over here!" she yelled.
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Sci-Fi, Yuri, Supernatural, Modern/Modern-Future

Cynthia Einfeld
Sexual Orientation
Hair Color
Eye Color
Fashion Style
Cynthia likes to shop, and has collected quite a bit of a collection for herself. Most of her clothes are only white or dark in color, though her pants are only ever black. She often wears black jeans - some ripped some not, though most have many unnecessary belts and chains in a very visual kei look - and her tops are often on a rotation of button ups-sleeves up, cowl necks, tank tops or just a hoodie. Whenever the weather drops even just a little bit, you can be sure to see her with a black scarf around her neck. As for shoes, sans intense winters and snow, she always has ankle highs on her.

If she's just feeling lazy, she'll trug on a suit.

Cynthia is likened to that of a resting lioness at times. She is an approachable person, friendly, kind and open to many. Those who know her more personally often garner her loyalty and earn her honest opinion and words. One cannot help but to notice, though, that Cynthia often lacks the energy to engage in confrontations, or the presence to become an overbearing or noticeable figure. Instead, she often carries a smile, a pleased and rather smug smile. She may seem too nonchalant, or tired even, to pay attention at times, but if you have truly earned a spot in her heart, one should know that she always has a watchful eye and ear on them.

As Red, she is a very intense person. Her usual saying, though stolen, is very appropriate: “Do it with your dying will,” or as she sometimes shortens it, “Do it or die!” When she is given a task, or has set a goal in mind, she gets tunnel vision, and there is nothing in her that will stop her from trying with all her might to accomplish what’s set out in front of her. However, at times, she may be antagonistic towards others who do not share the same mindset, thinking that they are simply sabotaging or hindering progress. Though she says nothing, her chilling politeness may speak volumes. In all, Red is the perfect soldier, perfectly amiable and tolerant to a point, though thoroughly untamable. Keep in mind, that despite being a friendly asset, when plans don’t align with her ideals she may turn her back on you.

With Red taking up so much focus and intense dedication, when Cynthia no longer has to be Red, she may get flighty and if you're not careful, she'll completely zone out on you.

Star Gazing - Plush Toys - Arcade Games - Scarf - Wind Chimes - Animals

Pineapples - Insects - Octopus - Liars - Uncertainty - The Rain

Baking sweets - Shopping - Napping - Playing Piano

Apologizing - Multitasking - Ambidexterity - Magic Tricks - Carrying People

Magical Girl Appearance

Magical Girl Alias

A pendant, Red fondly refers to it as a capsule. At it's core a soft light emits steadily, and has never died out even once.
Utility Spells
Blazing Heart
Red’s temperature is always raised just a little higher, keeping her warm. Poisons and illnesses tend not to linger with Red as a host.
I See You
The shimmering fire in her eyes aren’t just a magic trick of hers. It provides slight protection against very bright lights, and helps to make out things in the dark just a tad bit better than any average eyes.

Minor Masteries
Enfiring Symphony
Red may set her blades on fire. Though she doesn’t keep the fire continuously running, if anything she only sparks the fire every now and then.
Flash Fang
A long range attack. Swinging her swords, blades of fire energy are shot towards their target. If it misses they do not dissipate - abandoned on the floor, any who step on them may receive a foot-burn.
Marked for Death
Red’s fire may take on the shape of birds with a snap of her fingers. Birds that land or make contact with an adversary leave their mark and when Red strikes the markings, they explode.

Medium Masteries
Any discarded Flash Fang blades on the battlefield may be called forth. With an absolutely brutal time limit, red may send the fallen blades into a frenzy, and storm an area, hitting and sinking into the enemy mercilessly.
Red manifests fires that take on the shape of a wolf’s head. She may summon up to four of these that will then do it’s best to bite and grab hold - then set aflame- of whoever they catch. Any wolf heads that contact the fire bird’s mark may trigger the magical mark.

Major Masteries
Enraging Symphony
Casting this, Red plans to forego her swords entirely and possibly the rest of her stamina. As the fire sings in her veins, her swords will be completely encased in blue fire. Fired up, she may deal a considerable amount of damage, frenzied and ravaging the enemy relentlessly. When the chains abandon the sword, the fires wearing away even the holder, Red will throw the swords - a parting gift if you will - which will explode on contact with the enemy.

Character Bio
The Einfeld family is a family whose history involves generations of Magical Girls being selected to join the Queen’s guard - the Royal Knights. They aren’t the only family renowned for their services and duty to the crown, which lowered expectations for Cynthia to join the order as well. However, seeing as most of her favored relatives were often away from home, or out of immediate reach, Cynthia had to make the trips to those she wanted to see instead, which meant she was often in the company of those who did serve in the ranks of the Royal Knights.

She had no real desire for anything particular in life just yet, she was more than content to simply enjoy the pleasures that life had to offer. That often meant watching the nobles attend court and tea, and eventually making friends and frolicking with children of her age. It was during one summer that finally set her on the path to “Knighthood”.

Cynthia had misplaced someone’s ring, an heirloom. She swore, in front of the two guards and the group of children, that she would return with the missing ring, before setting off into the woods - where she last remembered seeing the ring. She was quickly joined by at least three others who sought to assist in her search. However, as the sun began to set, eventually all that remained were Cynthia and … well, the princess herself. Cynthia refuses to share the rest of the tale, but what the public does know is that Cynthia’s Heart Stone came to be, providing just enough light for the two of them to make it to the edge of the forest where the guards awaited.

The Princess and Cynthia had clipped and short conversations since then, but Cynthia was clearly bothered by the events that transpired back on that night … she pushed herself to gain a position in the Elite Academy, her mind set on joining the Knight Guard. Perhaps if you ask nicely, she will share the rest of the story with you, the story of hope, incomplete as it is.

-- In her first year, Cynthia was still rather doubtful of her decision to join the Academy, but the end of the year, she was more confident and definitely more comfortable with her decision, which may have helped with the conversation between herself and … her friend after her first year. In her second year though, Cynthia’s mastery seemed to have increased in level, though she was not aware of it until it was a tad bit too late. She had quite the pleasant dream … not that she’s sure it was a dream.

Sample Post
When the smoke clears, her clouded sight hasn’t immediately faded. An oddity. Only when the faint clatter and ring of familiar metal, chains, make it to her ears, does she finally register the pain, the exhaustion and emptiness resonating with every part in her body. Her arms, her face, her back … she is covered in a cold sweat, a chill makes it down her spine - how, she wondered breathlessly, silently - for the first time in years.

A heavy breath falls from her mouth, it’s unsightly, but Red doesn’t have anything left in her that cares about that anymore. Another breath in, her vision blurs and frantically, the monotonous ‘stay alive’ ringing in her head turns into uneven poundings of a drum, ‘stay the fuck awake’, she tells herself. She chokes. The precious air she gathered not moments before is released, hacked out in dry and horrible coughs. Her chest rattles, and her arms shake, though they do not hold anything. Weak. Her vision actually dims to a terrifying black color and she is only faintly aware that she has fallen to her knees, her head lolling for she no longer has the strength to stand, to see, or hear.

How arrogant she would tell herself when she woke up, both arms wrapped tightly with white bandages, surrounded by white walls in every direction, to think that such phenomena could be tamed. How arrogant, she would continue to chide herself, jaw clenching in the most painful ways, teeth grinding, do I have to be to believe I was ready for this, that I’m actually cut out for this, she seethted. Then panic settles over her person, anger suddenly drowned by the cold tethers of fear.

Before she can piece the threads of her memories together, before she loses herself in the fear of failure and the meaning of it, the door slides open with a soft and intimate hiss. Her eyes, a dull amber, immediately takes in the figure that crosses the threshold. Her throat closes up, and she desperately mutes her worries, they are hers alone, her burden. There is little reason to present them to anyone else.

It doesn’t seem to matter though. Soon, soft arms encase her head, and before everything around her turns hazy, like that of a dream, she hears the quiet words, “Sleep well. Firefly.”
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(A rare instance where ALL of her hair is pulled into drills: usually only a small amount are given the treatment)

Physical Appearance:
Possessing wavy golden hair that reaches the middle of her back, deep green eyes, an air of superiority and a proper posture at all times, one would be forgiven for thinking Samantha was some sort of fairy tale princess brought to life. This assumption is greatly helped by the fact that she curls the front of her hair into two modest ringlets that frame her face, and her exquisite taste in dresses.
Indeed, the only thing that might make one doubt that she isn’t some kind of princess is whenever she opens her mouth to speak…

While Samantha’s fair skin is clearly properly cared for, one does notice that the girl often gets a little over-zealous when applying make-up: while not to a ridiculous degree, it’s hard to ignore that she uses too much eye shadow and lip stick for so young a girl. On that note, one wouldn’t call the assorted jewellry she owns very subtle.

While she tries to cover up any negative emotions like anger or annoyance with a confident smile, Samantha has the worst poker face imaginable, and one can usually guess at her current mood by sight alone.

Name: Samantha Clara Victoria Alexis Edinburgh of the venerable and prestigious Garland family (the third), though she’s just Samantha to her friends.

Age: (15)

Nationality: British

Sexual Orientation: Bi-curious.

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 148 lbs

Hair Color: Golden blonde

Eye Color: Mossy green.

Fashion Style: EXTRMELY fond of dresses of all kinds, though tends to favour any kind of long dress/anything that at reaches down to her ankles. Tends to favour anything with a blue or purple colour scheme. Insists on wearingly delicate silk gloves that reach her wrist at any given time, regardless of practical needs.

Personality: A girl who sees herself as a princess to the whole world, Samantha is used to getting things her way. Although spoiled rotten and with something of an ego, she greatly values any who would become her friend, and any possessiveness shown is often a reflection of her fear of losing them.
She takes a great deal of pride in everything she does, and won’t stand for anything less than perfection from herself, often to her detriment. Likewise when she takes a shine to someone, she won’t allow herself to stand by idly if they’re upset or in danger.
Despite her claims to a “demure maiden” she is easily irritated by anyone who doesn’t follow proper decorum, and likewise becomes giddy at anything sufficiently cute enough. Swoons at people she considers ‘knightly.’ She likes to consider herself ‘adult-like’ and responsible, though often can’t resist her main vice of eating too many sweet things. However, if given responsibilities from others, she will not allow herself to be swayed; she will either see it through, or be crushed by her failure.

+ Being swept off her feet
+ Long books
+ Large parties
+ Laughing loudly
+ Being flattered/praised
+ Cakes, tea and other sweet things (perhaps a little too much)

- Not performing to 100% of her ability
- The thought of letting down a friend
- Being denied something.
- Messy people/”unrefined” people
- Insults against her family name
- Being called abbreviations of her first name (Sam/Sammy etc.)

Hobbies: Cake tea parties, reading (fiction/fantasy), dancing (anything which requires a partner), wine tasting (“It was perfectly legal, just because it was hosted by my family has nothing to do with it!”), horseback riding.

- Understands perfect etiquette for about every kind of high class party under the sun.
- Multilingual (First language English, learnt Japanese, French, basic Spanish, loose grip on simplified Chinese, VERY poor German)
- Knowledge of dancing (when actually dancing, it varies from her being competent to her having two left feet)
- She considers her ability to talk more and faster than anyone she knows a talent.

Magical Girl Appearance: When transformed Samantha’s hair shifts to midnight black, and flows outward and grows in length (in particular, her ringlets could be described as becoming closer to hair drills), with its total length reaching the small of her back. Her clothes are replaced with a pretty elaborate purple and white Victoria era-esque dress, though one that completely bears her arms and shoulders and only goes down to below her knees. Additionally, she gains plain black shoes, white stockings and a fancy looking silver choker.

Magical Girl Alias: Princess of the People’s Hearts, Cordiculya.

Heartstone: A clear square amethyst, which is set into a silver hairpin. When transformed, the entire hairpin shifts to take the appearance of a silver crown, with the amethyst heartstone front and centre.

Mastery: Adoration Army – The power to summon helmeted stone knights to very briefly do her bidding. They can only follow very basic commands and shatter as soon as their task is complete, but with her mental commands , Samantha can command them in perfect sync (though, she likes to shout the commands out anyway).
The knights come into existence almost immediately when summoned, BUT can only be summoned in a roughly five to six meter radius around Samantha, have to be within her line of sight, and suffer a delay before they can be summoned again. Likewise, while made out of stone, any damage the knights take while active will cause the delay to increase.

Utility Spells:
--- “Your princess is tried, carry me!” > Summoning three knights, Samantha simply sits back and lets them carry her in a way that is reminiscent to sitting in a chair. They can travel for an unlimited amount of time before shattering and can move decently fast, but are incapable of defending themselves or their charge. There’s enough room for a second person (or a third if they’re willing to sit in someone’s lap), but it’s going to be a cosy ride. Can be used as a stationary chair, if need be.
--- “Your princess must ascend higher, form up!”> A knight is summoned beneath Samantha, and sitting on its shoulders she can be lifted up to a higher location. The real trick that she can summon another knight below THAT one, increasing the height by as many as five knights, though in practice they quickly lose their balance after two.
--- “Your princess has need of your strength!” > Samantha can summon up to four knights to lift, carry or move something heavy. Unlike the knights carrying Samantha, these knights cannot not move quickly, and are thus unsuitable for travelling any sort of considerable distance.
--- “Ohoho~, yes, I know I’m the best.” > Samantha summons a group of around nine knights whose job can be summed up as ‘be a fan club.’ Alternating between enthusiastically clapping and holding signs and banners that range from inspirational numbers like ‘Samantha = #1 princess,’ ‘princess of the year, every year’ and ‘Samantha is best magical girl.’ Considering the knights are incapable of having thoughts or emotions of their own, it is likely that they are simply following Samantha mental (and potentially sub conscious) command.

Minor Masteries:
--- “Swordsman!” > A knight wielding a long sword forms up, takes one step and swings in the same motion. This connects to…
--- “Spearman!” > A knight wielding a short spear performs a dashing stab. Neither knight persists after their single swing, hence why Samantha will often ‘combo’ one knight after the other. Both only have a short delay before being able to be summoned again.
--- “Archer!” > A knight wielding a long bow forms, and can fire up to three arrows before disappearing. The archer cannot change its angle of aim, so for faster opponents Samantha will usually have it fire once at a time, speeding up it’s already very small delay.
--- “Guardsman!” >A knight wielding a small shield forms before Samantha. It can persist for several seconds, and absorb small attacks, but it cannot change the direction it is facing, and anything greater than small attacks will send it scattering.

Medium Masteries:
--- “Aim for their hearts, and let fly your fury!” > Samantha summons a group of ten archers, and let’s fire with a deadly flurry of arrows. Like their singular counterpart, they can’t change directions, and are even more limited to only firing twice each, but their area of effort can be most useful at suppressing or slowing even nimble targets.
--- “Form a wall, and let not even their evil intentions get by you!” > Samantha summons seven knights, all holding MUCH bigger and sturdier shields than the ability’s singular counterpart, all of which form a somewhat variable wall formation. These knights are much more resilient to damage, able to stand against more dangerous attacks, and even persist longer. The downside is that, if kept active for an extended period of time, or if the knights take too much punishment, the mental strain on Samantha will become great, and can even knock her out of transformation.
--- “Take the battle to them! Charge forward!” > Samantha summons ten knights wielding either swords or spears, and has them charge forward in formation. While the knights can only attack once, and must all attack at the same time, this attack can deal some heavy damage (assuming all the knights live long enough to actually attack).

Major Masteries:
--- “I open my heart to you, truly and openly: come to my side, Knight Cordicitus!” > Summons forth a tall, grand knight wielding an imposing halberd. With a longer life span, heavy and fast attacks and a wide reach, the only thing stopping Cordicitus from being the ideal knight is how much of Samantha’s energy is used in the summoning. It is worth noting that the knight has served every magical girl of the Garland family, and uniquely even has the family crest etched onto it’s breast plate. It’s current mistress is uncertain why such a being would choose to serve the family, though tries not to worry about it: Cordicitus is a powerful asset, and that’s all she needs to know.

Character Bio: Samantha hails from the very prestigious and wealthy Garland family, an estate that has its history in lords, land ownership and having a proud line of magical girls to the family’s name. The boast is that every generation has at least one girl join the Garland’s magically-gifted linage, though that isn’t strictly true, or even very likely, though Samantha is indeed a daughter of the last.
Samantha was raised with both a silver spoon in her mouth, and pretty much whatever else she wanted. The girl has never really wanted for anything: her family’s extensive wealth and the power of their name means there was little her doting father and exasperated mother couldn’t procure for the girl. And with her younger siblings of three brothers and two sisters, she was rarely without company (though, she was devoid of company that DIDN’T inflate her ego…).
She was only twelve years old when her Heartstone was awoken. She had dragged her twin brother out gallivanting around the grounds of the estate alone, against the advice of her guardians, when the two came across an abandoned well. The well had evidently once been a feature of the grounds, though its usefulness had obviously faded with the invention of modern plumbing. She had started to pace around to the other side of the well, and so her eyes weren’t on her brother.
They most certainly were when she heard the sound of cracking stone, however.
The well’s stonework was ancient. Even the light body of her brother was enough to make it start crumbling away.
It was in that moment everything seemed to slow down, and even as she child she understood what was about to happen. The well was half full of filthy rain water. Her brother couldn’t swim. They were at least thirty minutes away from any adults that could help.
She had to catch him.
She had to.
As she stretched out her hand, her tiny heart thundering in her chest, a wave of an unknown emotion washed over her. An emotion that caused her throat to tighten and dread to crawl over her back. An emotion that she had never felt, wrapped in the cosy safety blanket of her station.
A fear for those she cared about.
Her hand couldn’t reach her falling brother’s. But the gauntleted hand that shot out from behind her could.
As she turned to gaze back in awe at the silent, tall knight that had simply materialized because she had willed it, Samantha could already tell that her life was about to take a sudden turn.
She found that the turn was not an unpleasant one, however. Her mother began to tutor her in the art of the magical girl, and her sibling’s already outstanding admiration for her tripled. Before long, the girl’s already impressive ego was sweltering, not helped by the fact she basically had an on-demand fan club. Her mother, feeling that enough was enough, declared that Samantha would finish her training at the Getsu city academy.
The first two years at the academy have been fairly kind to the princess wannabe: she has managed to refine the control of her power, and continues to have at least sufficient grades. Though, a slight sticking point is that she hasn’t been hugely successful at making long term friends. Whether this is fated to change this year remains to be seen.

Sample Post:
It is always important to make a strong first impression.
Her father had been the one to supply this piece of advice, back when she was only a young child. Despite her naivety at the time, it was a nugget of wisdom that had stuck with the magical-girl to be. She had made it something a goal: no matter what she was doing, she would always leave a unforgettable first impression on anyone she came across, even her enemies.
That line of logic was how she found herself here…
Her pearl of laughter rang out, echoing and bouncing through the back alleys and streets with a calculated glee. The Getsu 54 – petty criminals that had recently taken up shop in this part of the city – all looked up as one, and Samantha knew what they would see.
Silhouetted against the full moon, one hand on her hip with the other raised up to her mouth, was an exquisitely beautiful young maiden. With her hair flapping suitably dramatic in the night’s cool wind, Samantha’s full body laughter continued to echo out. Subtly, she tried to angle the light of the moon to bounce pleasingly of her crown, but she wasn’t sure she was hitting the light quite correctly. Regardless, she finally let her laughter finally fade, leaving only the distant sound of cars and the night life.
The thugs on the ground continued to stare in a mixture of confusion and bewilderment. Samantha knew from reports that the group of around ten gathered here every few nights, before wandering out into the night and causing all kinds of trouble and disturbances. She didn’t intend to give them the chance tonight. All she needed was for one of them to…
“…What the hell-”
“Ohoho~!” Cutting off the gang member who had spoken up with another short laugh, Samantha fixed the group with a piercing smile. “My oh my, is this really the group that’s been causing such a fuss? Such an unwashed and unruly group?”
Said unwashed and unruly group bristled like the raising hackles on a mutt. Samantha’s smug smile widened. “Ahh, but it matters not: prepare yourself, plebs, because I intend-pfft. Intend to-pfft-“
One slight problem with dramatically billowing hair: you can’t stop it from ending up in your mouth mid speech. The second problem: this wasn’t the safest thing to be happening while you’re standing on the edge of a rooftop.
“-pfft, I will show you how – come on, really, pfft- whoa, WHOA-”
A sudden gust of wind upset the delicate balance Samantha had established. With the grace of a baby elephant tripping over its self, the magical girl pitched forward with a high octave scream off of the rooftop. It was only thanks to the timely intervention of a magically assisted sheet of paper slowing her down mid fall that the landing into a garbage container only resulted in bruises rather than broken bones. Unfortunately, it couldn’t help in lessening the damage to her pride. Or the smell of a garbage container, for that matter.
“…Ughhh.” While doing her best to not touch anything, Samantha awkwardly clambered out of her impromptu landing spot. “My beautiful uniform…can transformations get stains out? How am I even going to clean it if they don’t?”
Eventually, after what felt like a small age, Samantha’s feet were back on sweet terra firma. Making a futile effort at dusting herself off, she took stock of the surrounding proceedings. Her back up had easily subdued the crooks; it had been a one sided affair when it had just been her alone, so a whole squad of magical girls had just breezed through. While a part of her was just glad they didn’t let a single criminal get away, a much bigger part of her, was disappointed that her dynamic appearance really had been naught.
Speaking of said appearance…some of her friends were shooting her pretty amused looks, while the others were giving her extremely unimpressed looks.
Gathering the shattered remains of her pride, a fairly challenging move when your crown is sporting a new plastic Wacdonalds bag, Samantha tried to draw herself up.
“N-no one must speak of this. As far as the record shows, I landed without issue and helped with the fighting, c-correct?”
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I enjoy modern fantasy, fantasy, scifi, romance, yuri, romance,adventure, action, all that good stuff. I tend to stay farther away from horror and the like, but thrillers maybe? I guess? I've never really tried so I'd be open to it.
Physical Appearance:

Kokuyo Kano



Sexual Orientation:


140 lbs.

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Fashion Style:
Casual, tomboy. Usually slacks and a button up shirt or jeans and a tank top/t shirt

Kano is a bit closed off to others, and even her family. She comes off
a bit cold hearted, but she can be nice when she wants to or to her friends if she had any. Even though she
is a bit stoic, she is always polite and never lashes out at someone due to spite and some
even consider her slightly charming. Kano carries a high sense of honor because of her family status,
but tries to stay under the radar as much as possible since she hates small talk.

Exercising-martial arts-fencing-reading-animals-food-art
socializing-cooking-sitting still-studying

Fencing-taking walks-reading-napping-horseback riding

Sword fighting-pull ups-decent artist-ballroom dancing

Magical Girl Appearance:

Magical Girl Alias:

Lightning Ridge Black Opal
Inside the pommel of her fencing saber.


Utility Spells:
Can heal superficial injuries to herself or others with dark energy.

Void Walker
Allows Kano to become invisible for a short amount of time
(15-20 sec)

Night Fall
Engulfs her opponent in darkness
(30 sec)

The more damage Kano takes, the more powerful her attacks become

Shadow Shield
A barrier of dark energy that protects her from damage.
(lasts at the most 15 seconds)

Minor Masteries:
Darkness Blast
Shoots blast of dark energy from her hands

Shadow Sword
Engulfs her sword in dark energy and releases
waves when she attacks

Path Forbidden
Uses dark portals to travel around the battlefield

A portal that absorbs enemy projectile attacks and projects them back at them.

Medium Masteries:
Dark Rain
Small projectiles of dark energy falling from the sky
(Can control the size of the area it falls)

Dark projections of herself that assist in battle
(Lasts until they get hit with an attack)

Kage no Nami
Releases a large wave of dark energy from her sword

Major Masteries:
Uses darkness to invade her enemies mind and immerse them into a demonic illusion.

Character Bio:
Kano is the only child to the Kokuyo family, her mother is part of the Elite Circle and because of that, a lot
of pressure is left on Kano's shoulders to uphold her family name. Even though Kano had attained her Heart Stone
when she was twelve years old, she has yet to transform fully. Since her stone is part of her sword, she can
summon her weapon and it enhances her attacks as a normal human, but isn't at it's entirety.

Even though Kano hasn't transformed completely yet, she tries not to let it get to her.
She is very proficient in hand-to-hand combat and sword play to make up for her lack of magical abilities.
Though her parents try not to add anymore pressure to her already stressful life, they are always
trying new ways to induce her transformation which have included intense physical trauma. Because of that,
Kano has a strained relationship with her family and has a hard time trusting others, thinking they always
have an ulterior motive to their interest in her.

Regardless of Kano's past, she is always polite when addressing anyone and follows orders
unless they clash with her moral standings. She has a hard time making friends since she
doesn't like small talk, but she will make it if engaged, though she will often give short answers.

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Sexual Orientation:



Hair Color:
Platinum as a Magical Girl
Light Pink as a Human

Eye Color:
Purple as a Magical Girl
Pale Brown as a Human

Fashion Style:
Normally she prefers boyish outfits. She often will wear rompers and one-pieces or will decide on shorts and a T-shirt. While transformed, she wears her trademark frilly dressed with intricate straps and jewel inlays.

Ruka is a quiet girl with a ruthless heart. She may not be the sweetest magical girl out there but given her history and the public perspective, it makes sense. She's by no means corrupted however, and isn't in danger to become a Youma. Primarily, Ruka is driven by three things: food, money, and cute things. She loves to watch cute creatures do their thing. Little creatures with big shiny eyes and soft fur delight her and she will go out of her way to play with them.

On the other hand Ruka has always been a foodie. Her secret is that as a kid she was a chubby baby and didn't slim down till sixth grade, but she's proud of it since it meant that she was eating good! At least that's what her mother always told her. She especially loves desserts but salty foods are just as good.

When it comes to her friends she seems nonchalant but she actually goes out of her way to make sure they are taken care of, often deciding to share her food which is a big thing for her considering her 'foodie' behavior. She treasures the few friendships she has because not everyone looks fondly on magical girls. She keeps her identity a secret but Ruka isn't the type to lie about who she is and acts true to her nature. Although once you become her friend, she won't let go of you.

Sugary Sweets

Horror Movies
Being Broke

Arcade Games

Mathematical Ability
Long-Range Shooting

Magical Girl Alias:

Its in the shape of a rose-like flower and in the very center there is a circular opal that is iridescent, opaque and silver-grey. Once transformed, it becomes a long sniper rifle. The rifle's main chamber is circular and glows pale blue, housing her magic.


Utility Spells:
Reveals enemy targets within 20 yards of her rifle. Short-range sensing allows for allies to seek out the enemy if they are hidden. Performed by having the chamber release a pulse that detects biological signs of life, more specifically the magical girl aspects. It does not detect human signatures.

Tags an enemy with a location-revealing spell for 5 minutes before re-tagging is needed. The enemy has to be hit with the spell and that means using her rifle's bullets or metal shots.

Booster Shot:
A spell that forms a thin metal needle in the chamber and once fired at an ally, can re-invigorate an ally temporarily. The effects usually give a burst of adrenaline, some numbing to pain, and slight chance of magic rejuvenation depending on the magic affinity from Hawk to her target. (i.e Earth masteries would experience more rejuvenation as compared to Air and Water masteries)

Minor Masteries:
Normal Fire:
One spell that allows her to form one bullet and with increased accuracy, fire at her target.

Hawk enhances her bullet with the capability to knock back her target. Its context-based in that it can stun her foes by pushing them back into walls or simply causing them to lose a hell of a lot of footing. Its a relatively powerful knock back and the approximate distance (Depending on weight and strength of the enemy) is at least a 15 feet knockback.

Hawk fires a single bullet that is actually segmented metal shards. The shards separate after a certain distance, creating an AoE fire.

Medium Masteries:
Wasp's Nest:
This spell allows her to fire five to ten bullets in successive fashion. While this may be impressive with a sniper rifle, whats more amazing is that each bullets has homing capabilities, seeking out magical signatures.

Hawk's sniper rifle transforms into a machine gun at the cost of mobility and higher energy output. She can effectively fire twenty rounds of normal ammunition per second. She can't move from her position but the force of the bullets can definitely destroy walls and barriers.

This spell allows Hawk to fire a special bullet that have increased piercing damage. When the bullet hits a shield or barrier it begins to rapidly rotate like a drill until it has pierced the shield or effectively damaged it. If the barrier isn't thick, oftentimes the bullet will hit the enemy as well.

Major Masteries:
Spear of the Heavens:
Hawk's ultimate mastery of metal allows her to fire one specialized bullet that is imbued with explosive properties at her target. It takes time to cast but once she hits her target which she definitely will because of the homing capabilities of this move, its a one shot kill.

Character Biography:

Sample Post:

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Physical Appearance:

Charee Moreau, nicknamed 'Cherry' by non-French friends.



Sexual Orientation:


112 lbs.

Hair Color:
Platinum blonde.

Eye Color:

Fashion Style:
Sweet lolita.

On the surface Charee is an innocent little girl who is curious about the world. She acts naively and carelessly, which makes many people protective of the cute looking girl. However Charee is far more aware than she lets on. She knowingly uses her sweet child-like persona to manipulate people, mainly for the purpose of having people look after her rather than causing harm. Despite her devious ways Charee doesn't wish ill upon others, and will protect others with her powers when necessary.

Normally Charee is calm and confident, at ease in social situations. However if you manage to push the right buttons Charee will become completely enraged, dropping her sweet persona entirely. She will become recklessly violent, uncharacteristically vulgar, and someone to avoid at all costs. While dangerous in this state it is one of the few times she takes things seriously, usual preferring to play around.

Plushies, cutsie styles, fruit, social media, and chemistry.

Bridges, geography, dirt, surprises, and winter.

Gymnastics, shopping (especially for clothes), making youtube videos (has a fashion blog channel), doing chemistry experiments.

Charm- Charee is good at persuading others to do her bidding, or at least getting them on her side
Flexibility- Practising gymnastics has led to Charee being both flexible and having good balance.
Chemistry- Charee is knowledgable on chemistry, particularly the chemistry of poisons.


Magical Girl Appearance:

Magical Girl Alias:
La Voisin.

A cherry blossom themed orb. Upon transformation it elongates into a staff.


Utility Spells:
Toxic Immunity- Is immune to many poisons, although some stronger poisons may still affect her. She is immune to all of her own poisons/attacks.
Spirit Fountain- Can create various types of alcohol, including that which may be used for sanitation.
Antidote- Cures target of the effects of poison.

Minor Masteries:
Dousing- Shoots a small amount of flammable liquid at the opponent, which can be set alight when it receives enough friction (much like a match stick).
Snake Fangs- Shoots 2 to 4 darts of poison at the enemy. Upon contact they will cause a moderate stinging sensation and slightly slow muscle movement.
Lilac Slice- A slashing attack imbued with poison, which will mildly corrode biological substances.

Medium Masteries:
Laced Mist- A lilac mist forms, which will cause great disorientation and nausea to anyone who inhales it.
Showers of Hell- Acidic rain will fall upon a target area of about 15 metres² for 20 seconds, moderately corroding biological substance it comes in contact with.

Major Masteries:

Black Mass- An indigo fog forms around the opponent, which will paralyse muscles it engulfs for 60 seconds. After the fog has formed Charee can send 5 bolts at a target, which will cause great corrosion to biological substances it comes in contact with.

Character Bio:
Charee comes from a long lineage of women who have used their magical girl powers for less than honourable purposes- Charee's mother, Manon Moreau, is no exception. Manon is famous for selling some of the most potent drugs on the black-market, created using her Mastery, earning her rich clients and the Military Police on her tail. Despite Manon's celebrity-criminal status it is unknown to the public that she has a lover and child, much to Charee's relief. On the other hand Charee's father Laurent lives a very different lifestyle to Manon, being a reputable businessman. The story the public knows is that the mysterious mother of Laurent's beloved child left him and Charee shortly after Charee was born, although the reality is very different. How Laurent and Manon's relationship came to be when they live in such different worlds is unknown to Charee. What Charee does know is that her parent's are completely in love and are trying their best to raise her... too bad they suck at it. Compassion and honesty are the sorts of traits that get one killed in Manon's line of work, so she struggles to let down her guard and show them to Charee, even though her child means the world to her. Laurent's own complicated upbringing has left him unsure of how to raise a child with tenderness, which isn't helped by the fact he struggles to find family time with his busy job. Add the awkwardness from Charee having to keep her family situation secret so Manon isn't caught by the police and you have a recipe for a problematic upbringing. It's not like Charee is traumatised or anything, but she craves affection from others and doesn't like revealing her true feelings. This is why Charee keeps up a cute persona: it gets her adoring fans and is a shield behind which she can hide her anxieties.

Charee applied to the Elite Magical Girl Academy herself, wanting to avoid the same fate as her predecessor's. Whether or not the school is aware of who Charee's mother is and whether or not they still have a connection is unknown to Charee, but even if they do know they have obviously accepted Charee. For the last two years Charee has been working incredibly hard to ensure she has a promising (and legal) future, hoping to join one of the three big magical girl organisations. Most people wouldn't be aware of this though, most of her year knowing Charee only as the sweet lolita girl.

Sample Post:

Skipping into the Bishoujo Bistro Charee innocently hummed a little tune to herself, scouting out today's victim. Besides the window she spotted a boy who seemed to be around her age, staring vacantly with his warm amber eyes. Perfect! He was completely unaware as the frilly predator approached him."U-um excuse me..." Charee stuttered, looking hesitantly up at the boy as he turned to face her, "Is it okay if I sit with you? I-I'm kinda scared to sit by myself seeing some of the older men here..." Of course he agreed, what sort of boy rejected a cutie like herself? Pink frills fluttered about as Charee settled into the seat across from him."Thank-you! My name's Charee, how about you?"

Half an hour of sweet treats and coffee later Charee was taking the last bite of her cheesecake, beaming at the boy as she did so. "Wow, you know so much about magical girls!" Charee praised the boy, who had just finished explaining how heart-stones worked. Oh how this fanboy would freak out if he knew Charee was actually a magical girl- that wasn't necessary to get his adoration though. When the bill came he offered to pay the rather large bill Charee had racked up, enamoured by her enchanting tricks. "You really are too kind!" Charee thanked, "M-maybe you'd like to do this again sometime? I-if you want to, that is..." Thus Charee had earned herself another 'servant' ready to dote on Charee at her beck and call.
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L A D Y ❄ W I N T E R

Ava-Rose Giselle Lefevre



It's A Secret ;)


Rude... 125 lbs.

Light Pink

Crystal Blue

Flirty // Girly // Short Skirts // Glam Rock // Bright Colors // Trendy // Showing Skin // Pinks, Light Blues, Blacks, Whites // Glamorous // Scandalous

Ava-Rose is usually a warm and friendly girl who loves meeting new people and talking about anything that comes to mind. She might seem snobby to some, just because both of her mothers are very important people in the Magical Girl World, but she doesn't mean to come off like a conceited brat; sometimes she doesn't. Ava-Rose loves attention, good or bad. She shines in the spotlight and whenever given the chance, she'll take center stage to show off her talents and prove that she's better than everyone else in the room. When she is angry with someone, she becomes a cold frigid young woman; her bite is as bad as her bark when it comes to teaching someone a lesson if they ever dare to disrespect The Ice Princess.

It's hard for most to stay upset with her, since she just has a natural gift for making people laugh and want to be friends with her. She's very charismatic; even when she's cutting another girl down because of their horrible choice in clothing, she'll still have a bright smile on her face that will confuse her newest victim. She likes playing mind games and isn't a newbie when it comes to manipulating others to do her dirty work. Ava-Rose always needs an entourage around her when she enters a room, she wants all eyes on her and her girls.

When she isn't trying to be The Queen Bee, Ava-Rose can be a fun girl to have around. She loves telling jokes and doing fun things; she's not afraid to try something new at least once before giving it the Lefevre Approval or Disapproval. She's not the typical mean girl, even though she has the looks and attitude of a mean girl. She constantly confuses people when in one instance she's all laughs and friendship and the next she'll be yelling some poor girl's head off for the most superficial of reasons.

No one can top Ava-Rose when it comes to flirting with boys and girls. She doesn't define her sexually as of now. She just likes what she likes. She will flirt with anyone that catches her eye, not caring if they're in a relationship or not. She's a Maneater and a Womaneater; seeing flirting as a game, a game she plans to win everytime. It's also the best way for her to get others out of their shells and live a little. She might act like a Princess most of the time, but she's a Wild Princess.

Ava-Rose has a lot of insecurities that most people close to her don't know about; not even her parents. She pushes her insecurities on her peers when one of them irks her nerves. Instead of confronting her own issues, she would rather create new ones on an innocent person. Every year, Ava-Rose finds at least one girl her age to be her victim for the year; let's all hope whomever she picks this time around won't just rollover when The Ice Princess comes their way.

Bright Colors. Animals. Movies. Ice Skating. Singing. Traveling. France. Pop Music. Bubblegum. Attention. Swimming. Winter. Snowflakes. Alice In Wonderland Movie & Book. Magic. Planes. Cooking. Dancing. Parties. Flirting. Tight Outfits. Rain. Cold Weather. Christmas. Birthdays. Presents. Reality TV. Makeup. Freedom. Roaming Around. Discovering New Things. Cookies. PINK! WHITE! Flashy Clothing. Butterflies. Butterflies. BUTTERFLIES!

Idiots. Losers. Nerds. Girls who think they're better than her. Losing a fight or argument. Her hair being touched by anyone or anything. Hard Labor. Mud. Dirt. Not being the center of attention. Being misjudged. Lots and lots of carbs. Feeling fat. Germs.

Butterfly Watching. Gossiping. Creating Rumors. Getting into trouble. Flirting. Skipping Classes. Singing. Dancing. Ice Skating. Gardening. Creating Drama. Traveling.

Ice Skating (Amazing... of course)
Being Mean
Collecting Butterflies
Making Beautiful Outfits
Acting Conceited & Bitchy


Her entire appearance changes. Including Height (5'6" in transformation form)

Lady Winter


A Gemstone of Pure Ice. Ava-Rose placed it in a antique necklace and the stone always emits a coldness around it. Never getting warm or hot, no matter where Ava-Rose is when she's wearing it. The special stone grants Ava-Rose a slight extra bite to her attacks; giving her spells and masteries a slight boost at random times.


Wall of Ice

Ava-Rose can create a wall of ice as a shield that blocks attackers and also can block others from one another. The wall isn't as strong as it might look; a few minor attacks can shatter it.

Ice Protection

Ava-Rose can create armor made of ice that she can maneuver around her body; she can only create the armor around her own body and no one else's. It gives her a better chance of surviving attacks against very strong attackers. Though the armor is strong, it can still be chipped away with a few minor and medium attacks.

Ice Surfing

Ava-Rose can surf on ice and use it for transportation purposes or have somewhat of the same effect as her Wall of Ice Spell; being able to encircle another inside of the ice that she surfs on. Her Ice Surfing can only go soo far before the ice starts to shatter on it's own, not being a true structure built to last for longer than three minutes at a time.

Children of Winter

Ava-Rose's most difficult and impressive utility spell is her ability to create semi-living snow minions. They aren't the most intelligent of creatures, but they do and seem to only understand everything coming from Ava-Rose's mouth. They also sacrifice themselves by jumping in front of attacks aimed at Ava-Rose when she creates them in battle. She can only create two at a time and both have to be destroyed before she can make more of them. They only are able to take two minor hits or one medium hit before they explode. She doesn't only use them as living shields, she also has them do choirs and errands for her as well.

Snowflakes of Control

Ava-Rose can conjure up magical snowflakes that when they hit something, they will turn into magical snow cuffs that keep the target unable to move or attack. The cuffs can be broken very easy, just by smashing them on the ground or using fire on them. They make for a great way for her to regain some energy or escape a bad situation, while her opponent takes care of the cuffs.

Spiraling Icy Surprise

Ava-Rose's first discovered minor offensive attack starts off as a seemingly pretty display of her mastery, until the ball of snow and ice becomes solid and she shoots at her foe and it chills them for six seconds. It takes a few seconds for her to create the ball of ice and snow, but it's worth the wait since it gives her a chance to save up energy and use her bigger and more powerful spells sooner.

Ice Breath

Ava-Rose breathes a stream of ice that when it hits it's target, it will freeze them or it in a clear coat of ice for 12 seconds. It has a big change of missing it's target, if the target moves out of the way since the stream of ice does take a few seconds to reach said target. She can also use Ice Breath to chill things or other people who might be too hot for comfort... if only she was THAT nice.

Frigid Spikes

Small spikes of ice will shoot out from the ground when she uses this spell. Ava-Rose usually uses this spell when an opponent is charging towards her, since the spikes will cause severe pain when stepped on and they will sometimes break off and stick into the feet of her opponent or whichever part of their body touched the spikes. If they aren't taken out in a short time, the spikes will start freezing the area they're stuck in. It's a surprise attack, but most can see the spikes shooting from the ground, if they're smart enough to look down as they run wildly.

Ice Fury

A combination of Ice Breath & Frigid Spikes, where Ava-Rose shoots out sharp pieces of ice from her mouth that are as fast as a speeding bullet and can cause some good damage and also can freeze the area where the spikes make contact for ten seconds.

Cold To The TOUCH

Ava-Rose can shoot out a gust of ice and snow that will freeze anything in it's direction for 15 seconds. It's a hard move to not get hit by if the target is right in front of it. It's her strongest and the one out of all her minor spells that uses the most energy.

Exploding Snowfall

The spell that conjures a circle of misshapen snowflakes that once they hit someone or something, they explode and coat whatever they hit with a layer of ice; making movement difficult for 15 seconds. Once she lets them fly free, she has no control of where they will hit. She can only try to shoot them in the right direction and hope no one on her side gets in the way of the exploding snowflakes.

Icy Surface

A hybrid form of Ice Surfing and CTTT. Using this spell, Ava-Rose can surf on a wave of ice and also freeze anything in the vicinity of the ice wave for 25 seconds. A strong aoe and a favorite of hers.

Swirling Avalanche

The spell that takes soo much energy that Ava-Rose only uses it in desperate times. Conjuring huge boulders of ice and snow that fall around her in a medium sized area. The ice boulders crush/severely hurt anything around her. The falling boulders of ice can also make a great shield at times, if she's lucky enough. This spell has no trajectory, they just fall around Ava-Rose. Anyone that's not her, they usually get some kind of damage from the spell.

Land of Ice & Destruction

A rare spell to be used by Ava-Rose. This spell uses nearly all of her energy, once causing her to turn back to her normal self and pass out. This is her strongest spell as of now. Ava-Rose can conjure up a sea of snow and ice that shoots up from the ground and erupts in shards that cause major damage and also freezes a large part of the area around her for 60 seconds.
Ava-Rose never knew or met her father, only knowing her two loving mothers who spoiled her rotten from birth. Her birth mother, Pamela, is a Royal Knight for The Queen and her adoptive mother, Lisa, is part of The Elite; Lisa's ancestor is one of the Founder's of Elite as well.. She grew up knowing that her parents would want her to pick their profession; she never got how the two of them could be together when Royal Knights and The Elite seemed to dislike one another with a passion, love is weird is how she would always rationalized it. Ava-Rose grew up gaining the Mastery over Ice, after a tragic event in her young life. She knew that she would grow up to be a special Magical Girl and one day everyone would know her name.

Her parents were hard on her; they wanted her to be the best she could be and they accepted nothing less from their Ice Princess. She would usually escape the madness at home by going to the Local Ice Rink and Skating her annoyance away. The Ice was her true home, she felt safe and protected there. She would soon become an amazing Ice Skater at a young age, wanting to pursue that as a Profession and not follow in either of her parent's footsteps.

The few times her parents talked to her about some Elite School for Magical Girls she ignored them. Until they eventually forced her to go look around the school with them and see if she liked it. By see, they meant she was going to the school, no buts about it.

When the Admissions people saw who Ava-Rose's parents were, the young girl was practically led into the building on a red carpet. She started to feel a little better about being forced to go to the school, also getting special treatment for having two very important parents helped her overcome the annoyance. She would rule the school one day and everyone would know who The Ice Princess was soon...

Ava-Rose was in her favorite place of all time; North Lake's Ice Rink, enjoying some alone time. She had just gotten to the place a few minutes ago, after arguing with her mothers about some stupid school rule she had broken previously. Ava-Rose wasn't the ideal student; she did things her way or no way and she knew it wouldn't end well if she played pranks on the other girls in the school. "I though it was funny when I shot ice into Maria's bra. She needs SOMETHING in there... not like she has boobs anyway." She giggled evilly to herself, as she spun into the air and landed perfectly.

Her breath caused small snowflakes to form as she swirled around the entire rink. She loved skating in her Magical Girl form; the two things just felt right. Her magical form and the ice rink were one and she couldn't be bothered by anyone; even if they were to come and yell her name or tackle her to get her attention, which has happen more than once. "Yes!" She twirled and snowflakes followed behind her.

Ava-Rose was as graceful as she was deadly. She was the type of girl that could slap you and not a hair would be out of place on her head. Shooting her hands into the sky as she did three perfect Figure Eights and turned the shaped ice into 3D forms. "Perfect." She grinned, as she jumped up and skated on the three eights, feeling more alive than ever before.

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Name: Mina Strand
Age: 15
Nationality: German
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Brown​

Fashion Style:
Mina’s style favors practical outfits, often leaning toward the more austere side of German fashion. She tends to dress in suits, and whether wearing pants or a skirt and stockings, she is often not without carefully pressed blouse, waistcoat, tie and jacket. Although not actively a tomboy, she owns very few dresses. While one might expect an affinity for the color red, she tends to limit it to only an accent color when coordinating her outfits.

From afar, Mina appears to be reserved, cultured, formal, and aloof. When one actually spends time with her, such an illusion of charisma usually shatters within the first five minutes. Mina is an over the top, energetic young woman who is shamelessly perverted and open about her designs on just about anyone she meets. She’s all too happy to cop a feel or otherwise engage in casual skinship, and anyone who’s known her long enough has probably grown quite accustomed to her antics, which tends to make her back off a bit, because it’s not as fun when they expect it. She does her best to keep her friends healthy and in high spirits, and has something of an older sister demeanor towards, well, pretty much everyone.

Mina strives to improve herself at every opportunity, and pushes to be stronger than her peers. Sometimes, she can become so wrapped up in her work that she can come off as a bit stoic. She enjoys fighting for its own sake, reveling in the competition between equals, and eagerly awaits the opportunity to face down Youma.

When speaking Japanese, she tends to refer to herself with masculine pronouns.

Likes: Tea of all sorts, the season of fall, long walks in the woods, good chocolate
Dislikes: Being compared to a vampire, coffee, extreme heat or cold,
Hobbies: Chess, classical music, fencing, molesting her classmates
Talents: Plays the violin reasonably well. Can cook good German food, particularly desserts. Extremely good at removing bloodstains from all manner of fabric.

Magical Girl Appearance:

Please disregard the gigantic sword, she could make such a thing but favors other weapons.

Magical Girl Alias: Crimson Moon

A blood red ruby, shaped like a droplet of blood and polished to a mirror sheen. Mina usually wears it on a simple ring on one index finger. As Crimson Moon, her heartstone is larger and set in a brooch worn on her collar.

Mastery: Blood

Utility Spells:
Minor regeneration: If not for this ability, she probably couldn’t even keep up with using her own powers. Mina heals quickly from minor injury, and can lose quite a bit of blood before she truly suffers ill effects.

Blood reading: Mina can gather information by analyzing a subject’s blood or other bodily fluids. She can figure out things such as the person’s gender, age, whether or not they’re a magical girl (or Youma), and possibly other things at the GM’s discretion.

Red Sacrament: Mina can heal others using her blood. Preferably, the blood must be ingested, and she has a few creative methods for delivering it.

Blood barrier: Mina creates a spherical shield of swirling blood, around either herself or an ally. It can withstand a few minor attacks, or blunt the harm from one major or stronger one before breaking.

Bloodletting: Mina can purge her body of toxins and disease by concentrating and expelling the affected blood and other fluids.

Minor Masteries:
Crimson Blade: Mina creates a sword from her own blood, usually an elegant rapier. It is then usable like any other weapon, although it can also act as a conduit for any of her powers which require contact with her blood.

Scarlet Shards: Mina launches a number of small blades formed of blood at a target.

Vermillion Chains: A clinging web of blood that can ensnare a target, entangling them and binding them to the ground or other nearby objects.

Thirsting Lord: Mina reaches out to attack with her bare hands, draining blood from her victim to heal herself.

Medium Masteries:
Burning Blood: Mina tends to bleed everywhere during a fight, between being cut by enemies and her own abilities spraying or firing blood all over the place. This ability is why. She causes all of her spilled blood to rapidly combust, exploding and burning anything on or near it. Obviously, such a trick is much more useful late in a battle.

Corrosive Red: A stream of blood which bounces between nearby enemies, as long as they’re within a few meters of each other. The attack deals a small amount of damage to each target, and also plants Mina’s blood inside them, where it begins to destroy them from the inside, causing more damage over time.

Blood Servant - [High Familiar]: Mina creates four small, hawk-like creatures from her blood, and sends them out to attack an enemy. They will relentlessly seek out their designated target unless destroyed by direct attacks, as they try to slam into the target and explode.

Major Masteries:
Blood Magic - [Crimson Mirage Symphony]: Mina deliberately cuts into the palm of her off hand with her sword, and begins a blistering set of attacks on her opponent, moving so quickly as to almost appear to be multiple places at once. At the end of her attack, her target is surrounded in a magic circle formed of her blood, suspended in midair. The circle begins to glow, and the unfortunate target is consumed in a pillar of vermillion light.

Character Bio:
Mina doesn’t hail from a long lineage of magical girls of any sort, to the point that she didn’t know she was related to anyone magical at all. It came as a complete surprise when she awoke as a magical girl, although also at a terrible cost, as her awakening was brought about by the tragic and violent death of her own younger sister. She doesn’t like to discuss the specific events or her involvement.

She spent a brief period of time as a free agent magical girl, getting used to her powers and working to help and protect people in her hometown. She applied for formal education, of course, and was quite surprised to hear of her acceptance into a place like the Elite Academy. She would have expected a need to pursue a different route, but wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth, so it was with head held high that she left her home and country to train.

Her early days involved trying to put on airs, claiming to be nobility or otherwise from an actually important family to better fit in with many of the other girls, who were from prestigious magical families or otherwise had much stronger connections to the magical world. She eventually outgrew such need for posturing and blossomed into the young lady she is today, although she clearly still feels a strong need to prove herself when compared to her peers.

Sample Post:
“So, we get to actually go Youma hunting this year,” Mina asked her homeroom teacher, her surprised tone suggesting she didn’t want to believe it was true. “All right!” She slammed a fist into the open palm of her other hand, a large grin splitting her face ear to ear. This wasn’t the typical reaction. Youma were dangerous. Girls died every year fighting them. Even accompanied by teachers, it was impossible to guarantee their safety.

To Mina, it all sounded incredibly fun. She could hardly contain her excitement, so she didn’t bother trying. “All those practice battles were getting stale,” she gushed to her classmates around her. “Sure, it’s fun to go beat on each other and see how we’ve all grown, but I’d started feeling like there wasn’t enough risk. We need a real challenge to keep improving, you know?” Eventually, she settled down just in time for class to actually start, eagerly paying attention to see if they’d be assigned teams or anything else related to the whole fighting Youma thing.


Physical Appearance:

Alecia Silverman



Sexual Orientation:



Hair Color:
Honey brown

Eye Color:
Rose red

Fashion Style:
Smart casual attire mostly, the kind of clothing your mom wants you to wear to school to make you look presentable / some kind of suit/suit jacket usually, sometimes with a skirt to make the outfit just a tad less formal

Alecia usually acts apathetic towards people, even her friends – if she ever makes any. The impression she gives off is a very cold one at first, though there are a few who have seen a slightly different, warmer side to her. Though of course, it takes a lot of work for her to show that side to others, and it's much easier to remain distant around people she either doesn't know very well, or just doesn't like. Some may even call her broody and pessimistic, but Alecia sees herself as more realistic in her views most of the time. Quiet, apathetic and broody, Alecia is someone who takes a lot of work to understand, though once you do get to know her much more, she can become a warmer and perhaps more caring person.

Classical music / Theatre shows / Organisation / Quiet / Formal attire / Reading

Over-emotional people / Untidiness / Loud and crowded places / Dark colours / Modern music

Playing violin and piano / Reading / Learning new instruments / Going to the theatre

Apathy / Organising / Violin / Piano / Staying eerily quiet

Magical Girl Appearance:

Magical Girl Alias:

A wind-up music box with a small rotating ballerina in it. It is identical to the one that was gifted to her by her mother, and has been through several generations of the family. Amazingly, it's still in very good condition, with only the faintest of signs of wear and age on it. Her heartstone is not the same music box, but almost a replica in terms of appearance.


Utility Spells:
Sound Mastery – The ability to manipulate sound and soundwaves, altering them to be used either defensively or offensively. Uses include turning soundwaves into projectiles, creating barriers and forcefields, and 'riding the soundwaves' in order to increase her speed or dodge more effectively.

Sound Barrier – The ability to create a semi-transparent barrier by disrupting nearby soundwaves. Can withstand three minor attacks or one medium attack.

Bow Baton – A baton with the appearance of a violin bow, which can be used to deflect minor projectile attacks, though is limited to Alecia's own speed and movements. The Bow Baton is also used for some of her attacks.

Sound Speed – The ability to move at the speed of sound, which is often used to dodge oncoming attacks. Can only transport Alecia a small distance of a few feet, meaning she is still susceptible to bigger AoE attacks, and it can only be used two/three times in an instant depending on the distance that is travelled using it.

Echolocation – Alecia's hearing is fine-tuned, and she is able to detect hidden or quiet enemies through her hyper-enhanced hearing ability. This lasts for a brief period of time, but it is good for scouting out camouflaged enemies.

Minor Masteries:
Vibration Projectile – A projectile formed of dense and fast-moving vibrations that have been created by sound and upped in power. The small, almost invisible projectile can pack a punch, but can only be used once at a time. However, they don't take up much energy to do, and so can be done quickly in succession.

Bow Arc – By swinging her Bow Baton in a wide arc, Alecia create a long arced projectile composed of sound vibrations which can strike multiple enemies at once if they are close together. Two Bow Arc projectiles can be fired at a time to provide double the damage, though require an additional swing of the baton to do so.

Wall of Sound – After conducting soundwave energy through her baton, Alecia can emit a sudden barrier-like shockwave of sound forward at an opponent. This only travels a small distance and can be used to temporarily stun enemies.

Medium Masteries:
Advanced Wall of Sound – Similar to the Wall of Sound, but has a bigger AoE (still not huge, but bigger than the Minor Wall of Sound) and not only has the capability to stun enemies for a longer time, but can also knock them back a fair distance and can cause temporary damage to their hearing.

Decoy Waves – A human-shaped almost-invisible decoy that is made up of fast-moving, densely-packed soundwaves in the air. It can move within at a very fast pace, and can use Vibration Projectiles. Withstands five minor attacks and two medium attacks (though is significantly weakened after just one medium attack), though only lasts for around 30 seconds.

Disruption – Using soundwaves and strong sound vibrations, Alecia can disrupt any spells or abilities that have or are being used within a small radius. The sound of a dull ringing fills the radius, and the energy used in magical attacks is disrupted, which results in the attack either being severely weakened (if it is a major or medium attack) or stopped entirely (minor attack). If Disruption has enough power behind it, it can even cause some cracks in the ground of the AoE, and induce light ground-shaking and knocking back of enemies due to the power of the soundwaves – though this requires the ability to be 'charged' more in order to increase the power of the soundwaves.

Major Masteries:
Sound Dome
– A barrier created via soundwaves surrounds the designated area, trapping whatever is within that radius inside a large dome. The barrier is then filled with an intense amount of sound, with alternating sound patterns that are designed to confuse, disrupt, and stun enemies. The soundwaves themselves become weapons, hitting the target with force from all directions. These dangerous sound patterns and shockwaves are however contained in the soundproof dome, meaning no harm is done to those outside of it. Once the target has been eliminated, the dome vanishes and the sounds cease.

Character Bio:
Born to a very wealthy family, Alecia has had most of what she owns handed to her. The idea of being a magical girl was one that was never presented to her, and her family did their best to ignore such things, instead pushing Alecia to focus on her private education and musical ability. She was encouraged to learn classical instruments at a young age, being taught how to play piano at the age of four, and later picking up the violin aged eleven. As far as she was aware, there was no history of magical girls in her family – until she awakened her heartstone. Her parents were almost distraught at this revelation, and so was Alecia, deep down. However, after battling against their beliefs and seemingly-better judgements, her parents allowed her to apply to Elite Magical Girl Academy, hoping that there she would be able to learn about herself as a magical girl. Now Alecia and must learn to deal with the implications and duties of being a magical girl.​
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[BCOLOR=transparent]Physical Appearance:[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Xiomara Paz Jimenez[/BCOLOR]


[BCOLOR=transparent]Nationality: Costa Rican[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Sexual Orientation: Pansexual[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Height: 4’10”[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Weight: 110 lbs[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Hair Color: Black[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Eye Color: Dark brown[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Fashion Style: Xiomara goes for warm, vivid colors and practical clothes - often pants and a shapeless but bright sweatshirt. She loves accessorizing with hats and scarves, but has only a few specific pieces of jewelry she will wear.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: From a young age Xiomara was independent, always wanting to learn to do things herself and disliking when others needed to assist her. As a perfectionist she works her hardest in everything she undertakes, relying on her intuition to make decisions and guide her path. Although she can be impatient when dealing with others, Xiomara is a friendly idealist, an eternal optimist. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Likes: Making art, dancing, being outdoors, very sweet or very spicy foods[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Dislikes: The smell of cigarette smoke, being tickled, being alone[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Hobbies: Bird watching, horseback riding, hiking[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Talents: Painting, impressions, braiding hair[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Magical Girl Appearance:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent] caracara.jpg [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Magical Girl Alias:[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Caracara[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent] 4d78981526ed47ebc8009400158dfa40.jpg [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]A red ruby ring with an ebony band she wears on her right hand.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Beast Mastery[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Utility Spells:[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Ghostly Mount - Summons an incorporeal horse, allowing Caracara to travel up to 30mph while riding. The mount can carry other people or objects, but only if Caracara is riding as well.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Eye in the sky - Calls a nearby bird to look for specific items, people, or youma in the surrounding area and report back.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Aspect of the Jaguar - Gives Caracara sharpened sight and hearing, and the ability to jump far distances[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Friend to the animals - Improves the attitude of an any animal around her into, at the very least, indifference rather than hostility. At best she can gain an ally. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Minor Masteries:[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Predator’s claws - Caracara grows claws from her fingers, allowing her to slash when close to foes[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Poison Dart Frog - sends tiny vividly colored frogs to the target, spreading a poison that can cause paralysis[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Medium Masteries:[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Summon Ally - Creates a predator to help with fighting out of thin air. Options include jaguars, crocodiles, wolves, bears, etc.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Swarm - creates a swarm of bats, spiders, or snakes to attack[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Major Masteries:[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Wild Shape - Turns Caracara herself into a magical animal capable of combating a strong force (perhaps a griffin or a dragon)[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Character Bio:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]Xiomara grew up on a wildlife sanctuary in the southern rainforests of Costa Rica. Her grandmother serves a branch of the military police, protecting endangered species from poachers. Xi’s parents were always more focused on their respective work in the sanctuary than on their small and independent daughter. And though Xiomara enjoyed being capable, because of this she was often very lonely growing up. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Xiomara’s escape was always taking long walks through the forest. She loves observing animals from hiding places, witnessing them in their undisturbed natural habitat. While she is impatient with humans, her ability to wait for animals is unparalleled. She often got close enough to almost touch, and the animals became familiar with her presence. Though she loves her family, she relishes the chance to meet new people and relate to other Magical Girls.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Sample Post:[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=transparent]As the dawn breaks over the horizon, Xiomara stays still as a statue, ignoring the dew forming on the top of her head. She keeps her eyes steadily focused on a vine covered tree, knowing that dawn is when they are most active. Finally, her patience is rewarded - a sloth, clutching her baby to herself, slowly and delicately makes her way across a branch, looking sleepily across at Xi as if saying “Good morning”. [/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]A grin breaks out across the girl’s face, and she whips out her journal, noting the time and the healthy appearance of the baby. “Congratulations, Mama.” She whispers to the sloth, standing and stretching until her joints pop and resettle. Sighing with satisfaction Xiomara practically skips away, no longer bothering to be still and silent. She hadn’t seen the baby in three days, and had been nearly sleepless during that time. She felt better knowing that the two of them were healthy and happy.[/BCOLOR]


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Rigel Mae Vendetti



.::Sexual Orientation::.


130 lbs

.::Hair Color::.

.::Eye Color::.
Light Seafoam Green

.::Fashion Style::.
Cute and Casual

Rigel is an intelligent and calm girl, known to be quite articulate and dignified. One never sees her being loud and wild, as she finds such behavior to be rather... unnecessary. Despite this, she has high tolerance and patience which allows her to handle others with such traits. Rigel is the type to think before she acts, always well aware of her surroundings and herself. She doesn't jump into battle without a plan first, however, if her plan fails, she immediately jumps back and wings it using her resources. In times when she finds a teammate to be in trouble, Rigel will stop what she's doing and go to protect them. Not out of worry or care mind you, but because she refuses to watch someone die when she could have saved them. Rigel is a quick-minded and quick-footed girl which has proved to be quite useful to her, especially in times when she has to think or move quickly or else. Of course with her better traits, there follows her darker ones. Rigel is the deceiving type, getting her way using the acting skills she was born with. She's known to be unpredictable, always mixing things up so her opponent can never figure out where she'll be next or what she'll do next. She never has a certain way of doing things, merely loose plans that fit with how she works. Never having been told sweet lies, Rigel has been taught to be blunt and never beat around the bush. She doesn't care to spare them the truth, as she believes it will only hurt them more if she were to lie or sugar coat things. Rigel is known to be incredibly obedient to who she serves under, never disobeying or complaining. If told too, she would die to save her master. While to others the thought of death may seem scary or uncomfortable, Rigel does not fear death nor pain. Not because it doesn't affect her but she has grown used to it.

Nighttime || Space || Wild Animals || Winter || Various Music Styles || Stars || Paranormal Happenings || Horror || Sweets || Working || Numerous Dances || Gymnastics || Martial Arts || Swordplay || Horse Back Riding || Zoos || Mysteries || Magic || Orders To Follow || Cleaning || Coffee with Milk || Tea

Those Who Disobey || Lazies || Summer || Large Crowds || Parties || Bitter Coffee || Having No Work || Those Who Think They're The Best || Complete Silence || Indecisiveness || Today's Music || Humidity || Mornings || Bright Colors || Messes || Children 8 and Younger || Family || People Without Manners || Plans Backfiring/Failing || Unnecessary Fights || Bullies

Star-Gazing || Dancing || Gymnastics || Listening to Music || Horse Back Riding || Playing Guitar & Piano || Swordplay || Reading

Dancing || Gymnastics || Horse Back Riding || Fist Fighting || Guitar || Piano || Cleaning || Decieving Others || Martial Arts || Swordplay

.::Magical Girl Appearance::.

.::Magical Girl Alias::.
Lady Prosperine, the Princess of Hell

Rigel's heartstone was found as a crystal pendulum which her mother had worn around her wrist like a bracelet. When she transforms the crystal transforms into a gothic hand chain, which she wears on her right hand.

Cosmic Manipulation

.::Utility Spells::.
Cosmic Awareness - User is aware of anything that could physically harm them within a range of 100 meters. She'll feel a tingle in her hands and feet, which will grow when the harm grows nearer, yet disappear when the harm is out of range or gone entirely. Rigel doesn't know when she'll be attacked, what she'll be attacked by, or how she'll be harmed. Only that it's there and whether it's near or far.

Cosmic Energy Absorption - Rigel can absorb cosmic energy, while removing it from it's source, into her own body. With this she can enhance her durability, strength, and heal herself or others. While it does enhance her, it only does so by 15% of her normal durability and strength levels.

Cosmic Aura - Using cosmic energy, Rigel is able to surround herself and others, if they are making physical contact, in cosmic energy which acts as a shield against attacks.

Cosmic Teleportation - The user is able to teleport themselves and others, if making physical contact, to anywhere in the world the user has been before. For example, if Rigel had once been to the great wall of China, she could teleport from school to the great wall. This ability is limited to the users memory of where's she's been and has a ten minute cool down.

Cosmic Healing - Using absorbed cosmic energy, Rigel is able to heal herself and others. Depending on how serious the wound is the time of healing could take from 15 seconds to 20 minutes.

.::Minor Masteries::.
Cosmic Ball Projection -
Rigel can create balls of cosmic energy the size of golf balls which cause as much damage as getting hit really hard with a bat. With this attack she creates multiple balls and shoots them at her target.

Cutting Wave - The ability to project the matter/energy in a way that allows them to cut through matter from a distance. Causes slashing damage, however will not cut right through the body. Does the same damage as a sharp swords blade cutting the skin. Creates numerous cuts on the body.

Cosmic Bullets - The user can fire bullets of energy/matter from her own body as opposed to a firearm. They do as much damage as a normal bullet however she is limited to ten. She shoots from her fingers, five per hand, reload takes ten seconds.

Spike Projection - Allows Rigel to create spikes from the ground or walls around her and attack/impale her target.

Energy Burst - Rigel is able to create and project bolts of energy, controlling the power/intensity of the bolt. The bolts are used to stun, burn, or cause small amounts of damage.

.::Medium Masteries::.
Cosmic Fused - The ability to fuse physical combat and cosmic energy together, increasing the users physical abilities by 25%. Meaning Rigels punches can cause damage equal to that of getting hit with a metal bat.

Cosmic Infusion - Empower and energizes Rigels weapon with cosmic energy, allowing her weapon to absorb energy to deal more damage and amplify it's strength, durability, sharpness, and efficiency. It amplifies it by 15% and only works on one weapon at a time.

.::Major Mastery::.
Cosmic Blast -
Rigel releases matter/energy over a specific target area causing immense damage and great shock waves of pure force to her main target being her opponent. Anyone else within the area is left unaffected

.::Character Bio::.
The Vendetti family, known for serving under her majesty, the Queen, as Royal Knights for generations. Rigel was born into a wealthy family, as her father was a very successful man, and her mother was the president of a well-running business. The family served the Queen in different ways as the magic was known to skip a generation, so instead the skipped generation became more like the Queens dogs, whom she commanded to take care of non-magic problems. Because of this, the magic born generation does both magic related and non-magic related problems.

Rigel lived a normal, wealthy life. She was adored; loved greatly by her parents, cared for by the servants, and incredibly happy. That all changed however when she was eleven. Rigel was kidnapped from town when she was out shopping with her mother. She was gagged, tied up, and blindfolded in a matter of minutes then tossed into a car and taken away. When she was finally untied, gag and blindfold removed, Rigel found herself in a large cage meant for a bear. Standing in front of her were three grown men, all with evil intentions. Rigel trembled, terrified.

Over the course of six months she was subjected to many things in forms of abuse. It was like a never-ending nightmare. They treated her either like a dog or a prize to be won, neither good. Rigel was taught disciple the hard way and how to properly obey orders. She eventually grew used to the pain, embarrassment, fear, and overall humiliating acts. Rigel changed from a bright and happy girl to a cold and dark lady. One day however, everything changed.

Rigel was branded by her new owner, an excruciating pain that caused her to scream like she'd never screamed before. It hurt so badly she felt it days after it had been done. After being branded, she was thrown outside on the ground. The man, her owner, shut her out and a few minutes later came back with a group of vicious looking dogs, held back by their leashes. She stared at them, the man who smirked with evil ablaze in his eyes. "Let's see how well your siblings like you, pet. I'll give you ten seconds to start running before I let them loose." He said, and Rigel immediately rose to her feet and took off under the starry night sky. Within seconds she heard crazed snarls coming from behind her, catching up quick. Fear exploded in her and her heart raced. The fear of death enveloped her and she pushed hard, trying to escape it. It didn't work. Soon enough she was pounced on and started being attacked. Rigel, refusing to die and incredibly afraid, let out a blood-piercing scream.

As soon as she did, Rigel felt the pain go away, the weight of the dogs vanish, and a strange calm wash over her. When she opened her eyes, Rigel sat outside her home, at least what should have been her home. What she saw now was a large pile of ashes under an endless starry sky. Normally, she'd cry. Scream. Flip out completely. But she didn't. Standing up, Rigel looked at her body and saw she was dressed in something completely different than what she'd been wearing seconds ago. She didn't understand it at first, not until her outfit suddenly disappeared and in her hand she now held a gem which matched she sky. She had transformed. She understood she had just released her magic and felt powerful. Like she could do anything. However that feeling was soon replaced with the need for revenge. She vowed she would find whoever did this to her and her family, and take revenge. It was her wish. Her sole reason for living.

Rigel took over the company her father left behind, becoming much more than she, and everyone else, thought she could become at twelve. Rigel focused on work and quickly became an adult at heart and mind, yet still entered the Academy in order to know and understand what type of magic she possessed and what she could do with it. Unlike many, she transmutes to school from home so that she can still run the company while being a magical girl. While away her trusted butler, a man by the name of Benjamin, takes over things as he's well educated in the business and what demands Rigel has.

.::Sample Post::.
Too bright. Was the first thing Rigel thought when her dark room was suddenly flooded with light. She rolled onto her stomach, shoving her face into one of her many pillows, trying to flee from the light. Alas, it wasn't meant to happen. She felt the cold seep into her body as the covers were removed from her body, urging her to rise. With a slight groan, Rigel slowly sat up, slumping forward and placing a hand over her face. "You would deny your mistresses need for sleep?" She spoke, raising her head from her hand and looking at the man who stood beside her bed with clothes in his arms. His name was Benjamin, her loyal and trustworthy butler. She watched him smile slightly, laying down her outfit. "Only for a good reason. You have school today my lady. We can't have you be late. It would look bad on the Vendetti name, would it not?" He replied, staring at her with a slight look of amusement. Narrowing her eyes slightly, she stared at him for a few seconds before getting out of bed. "Leave me." Rigel ordered as she started unbuttoning her night shirt. Benjamin bowed to her, then left the room without a second glance back. When he had left Rigel freely removed her pajamas and got herself dressed in the school uniform. She didn't necessarily like the uniform she had to wear, but wasn't one to complain. When she had dressed, Rigel reached over to her nightstand where the pendulum with her heartstone was laid that night. She grasped the pendulum and tied the chain around her right wrist, leaving a slight room for the small gem to dangle.

Exiting her room, Rigel made her way down the hall to her office. Upon entering the room she was greeted by Benjamin who was setting her breakfast on the large wooden table she worked at. "Ah, my lady. This morning we are having Kedgeree, a dish made with rice, egg, and fish accompanied by coffee with a third cup of milk, as you like." Benjamin announced upon her entrance. Rigel sat down in her large cushioned chair, picking up her knife and fork, before eating her breakfast. After a few bites, she dabbed her lips with her napkin and set everything down, looking up at Benjamin. "Has there been any news from her majesty?" Rigel asked, picking up her cup of coffee and taking a long sip. "Not as of late." He replied and Rigel set her cup down, leaning back in her chair. "What a bother. I hope something interesting happens soon. I quite dislike having no work. Other than filling out some papers for the company and attending the academy, I have no work to do. It's unsettling." Rigel sighed, rising from her chair. "Come Benjamin. We must be leaving if I am to arrive to the academy on time." With that she made her way out of the room, followed by Benjamin. They made their way down the stairs that led to the large entrance hall, Benjamin stopping to give orders to the few servants who took care of the house when they were away. Rigel awaited him by the door and when he was done, they exited the mansion.
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Horror, Yaoi/Yuri(for reasons), Sci-Fi, Modern, Magical, Fighting,

Physical Appearance:

Mercurio de Santiago



Sexual Orientation:


112 lbs.

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Merucio is one to treasure things, no matter how small and 'insignificant' they may have been to others. Being that living in Havana under the foothold of communism didn't exactly do her family any wonders, one can't blame Merucio for having this opinion. As her family wasn't privvy to the benefits associated to the families that were socially/economically better off than hers, Merucio often helped around the house as best as she could.

Sewing tears in her own clothes rather than wasting what little money she got as an allowance to have it done by a professional, helping her father and older brother around the house due to her mother's passing. Although she was often put down upon due to her brother's friends seeing her as just a nosy perra who needed to mind her own damn business, Merucio didn't let it get to her. But despite the otherwise laidback and seemingly relaxed personality that Merucio puts on, as a way of dealing with the stress of life, she's developed what one might call an oral fixation.

Being too young to smoke and not caring to damage her lungs anyway, Merucio took to safer means instead. Getting her hands on suckers when she could, Merucio would pop them into her mouth and roll them around. The action was enough to calm her nerves in times of peril. One would know when Merucio is truly scared when she bites down hard enough to shatter the stick holding the sucker.

Baseball, Spanish music, lolipops/suckers(getting her some is a easy way to get on her good side), dancing

People who look down on her, losing her lolipop/sucker, arrogance.

Working on perfecting her dancing(mainly when she's alone), trying out new flavors of candy, playing catch with friends.

Flexible-mainly due to her years of practicing her dancing
More toned/muscular than her lean frame would suggest as a side-result of helping her father/brother around the house back in Havana. She's also taken after her mother in the regard that she likes to sew and is rather efficient at it.


Magical Girl Appearance:

Magical Girl Alias:
Mercury Maiden

Typically a sapphire colored gem which Merucio often carried around in her pocket/tucked it into her sleeve. When she transforms it turns into a shining belt.


Utility Spells:
Mercury Immunity- Similar to a poison immunity, Merucio is immune to being poisoned by Mercury whether it's in it's liquid state or in a gaseous one.

Helping Hand- Merucio is able to extend a hand made of mercury from her person. The hand can be as precise as Merucio needs it to be: i.e she can use it with the precision of a scalpel or when something needs to be removed from a comrade/they need someone to help them up and Merucio's own hands are tied, Helping Hand can extend and touch them only with a thin layer of magic preventing them from actually coming in contact with the mercury

Move Along- A wave of mercury can emerge from the ground and can be used by Merucio as an alternative to flying. Instead, the mercury acts much like water in that Merucio can 'surf' on it as it moves along the ground.

Minor Masteries:
Put 'em up!-Putting her index finger in the way that one would a 'finger gun', Merucio can focus a ball of mercury at the end of her fingertip and fire it with the force of a bullet. This can be extended to all of her fingers to get a wide volley effect if the situation calls for it.

Mercury Mutilation- Coating her hands in mercury and giving them the appearance of claws as she lashes out at the opponent! The fun thing about this technique is that due to the nature of mercury as a liquid metal if an opponent were to try and sidestep-the tips of the claws can curve and shoot after them.

I kissed a girl and I liked it-Breathing out a cloud of mercury vapor which she can direct away from her allies and towards her enemies, the vapor can lead to a multitude of effects. Such as trouble with memory, numbness in hands, poor coordination and even death if one doesn't disperse the vapor fast enough. Which given it's colourless and odorless would be quite the task.

Medium Masteries:
Get the Point?-Raising her hand, Merucio can create a series of drills made out of mercury which she can launch at the opponent.

Mimicry- Merucio can create a perfect duplicate of herself or others with her mercury. Once they are discovered then they will lash out and seek to attach to the opponent and explode. Thus getting mercury all over the opponent and letting it seep in through their skin. A way around this would be to freeze the clone but be wary of attempting to shatter it afterwards. For you may let Mercury vapor seep out...

Bubble Layer-Similar to 'Put 'em up!' in that Merucio can create projectiles made of mercury only in this case they're meant to shield Merucio from danger. Encasing her in an 'armor' of bubbles, popping them from close quarters is not advised as if one is pop, the mercury can land upon you and once it gets into your skin...

Major Masteries:
The Golem- When she's pushed to her breaking point, Merucio can focus her energy into summoning a golem made entirely out of mercury with her at the center. The Golem in question ranges around the size of an apartment building and whatever actions Merucio takes such as raising/swinging an arm, the Golem will imitate it.

Character Bio:
The Cuban Revolution was supposed to have freed the island and it's people from one dictator. Instead, they only seemed to have swapped out one monster for another. As Castro and his cronies took power, those who had the money and influence to avoid being pegged as 'enemies' of the government were allowed to go on with their lives. But life was still hard around the island with young men being sent to fight in remote wars, the economy in shambles due to the economic blockade imposed by America.

Merucio de Santiago was named as such after the metal mercury. Much like how mercury flowed wherever it pleased, dictators in Cuba seemed to come and go and do as they pleased as well with the people suffering as a result. But Merucio's family held a secret that was especially not well liked among the Cuban people, that being of course the fact that her mother had been an Elite. Having left the family and assumed to be dead sometime after Merucio's birth, Merucio took on a pro-active role in her family's life.

Playing catch and otherwise helping her older brother with his baseball training and sewing her father's workclothes, Merucio often worked herself to the bone. If the government that proclaimed to be for the people would not bring her family aid when they needed it? Then she would do so herself! But as she grew older, Merucio's father knew it was wrong to keep his wife's history a secret from her own daughter. Revealing to Merucio the true nature of her mother, Merucio was conflicted. With the money she had helped her family raise, there was no doubt in the world that she could head out to this academy!

But in doing so, she'd be leaving her brother and father behind. To come back and forth would simply have been too dangerous for her family when the perception of magical girls didn't exactly seem too high. Assuring her that she could always write them when she got time, Merucio made up her mind. She would do her mother proud and bring honor to the Santiago family!

Sample Post:

"Tch, you're the opponent I was waiting for huh..?"

Rolling the stick of her strawberry flavored sucker around with her tongue, Merucio eyed her opponent. She wasn't one to look down upon anybody and was willing to give most people a fair shake of the stick. But these guys had made it clear that they weren't going to be backing down until things got ugly. Well, Merucio could definitely do ugly. Holding her finger out like a gun, she smirked.

"Put 'em up!"

While this might have seemed like a simple mocking gesture, to Merucio it was much more. At the tip of her fingertip magic was hard at work as it condensed the mercury into a ball. Closing her left eye and squinting with the right, Merucio took aim and spread her feet apart.


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Fantasy, Scifi, Modern, Magical, Medieval, "Gifted," Egg Adoption / Mythical Creature bonding, sci-fi fantasy crosses, Harry Potter

Name: Cecelia "Ce" Hartell

Age: 15

Nationality: American (a mix of South American, European, and Native American. Ce can't be bothered to remember exactly what. There was definitely some Peruvian at some point, though, and she's visited family in Italy, so there's probably some of that, too.)

Sexual Orientation: Ah, if only she knew, she'd tell you. Questioning.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120lb

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Grey

Fashion Style: Normally, you'll find her in a tank top, cargo pants, and a zip up hoodie or vest. But that's only half the days. The other half, well, it's hard to say. She might be a bit more punk, pulling out her ripped hoodie and black jeans. She might pull out a sweet summer dress or opt for a striped T and shorts.

Personality: You might expect that someone with plant mastery was more rooted, but that would not accurately describe Ce at all. She is all heart and instinct and insatiably curious. Her personal philosophy is that life's too short to remain stagnant. She is inquisitive and always wants to know why, and hates to be told what to do. People like her parents seem to see this as rebelliousness and wish that she would grow out of it already. She hopes it doesn't. What's the point of living if you don't think for yourself? Ce is quick to judge, but is equally quick to give people a second chance. After all, she believes in change. What she does dedicate herself to, she does wholeheartedly, but she can be a bit flighty and fickle in her desires. As such, she can come off kind of contradictory, but it isn't so much that as inconsistency.

Likes: experimenting, new experiences, random thought experiments, stories, being barefoot, hiking, swimming, diving, rock climbing, generally being active physically or mentally, talking

Dislikes: meditation, boredom, rules, organization, rituals, tradition, getting boxed in, eating plants, memorization, reading, being called Cecelia

Hobbies: anything outdoor related, photography, currently very fond of computers, but really, she'll try anything at least once

Talents: Questioning absolutely everything or just talking in general. Hypothesizing and experimenting, and just in general, coming up with crazy ideas that don't always work. Forgiving others and seeing the silver lining in everything. Being endlessly optimistic.

Magical Girl Appearance: Her dress is light and wispy, made of giant white petals with veins of various colors to detail it. Circling her shoulders are branches that follow the seasons -- blossoming in spring, leafy in summer, orange and red and yellow in autumn, and bare in winter -- forming off the shoulder sleeves that move fluidly when she does. Her favorite day is by far the first of spring, when she gets to find out just what color the blossoms will be this year. Somehow, her shoes disappear.

Magical Girl Alias: Sequoia

Heartstone: An amber piece in the shape of an acorn, capped with bronze. Turns into a necklace when she transforms.

Mastery: Plants

Utility Spells:
Growth: She can produce new plants, speed the growth of existing plants or cause them to become healthy again. Her favorite means of using this spell is to run around and have grass and flowers sprout where she steps. The other way she'll use this spell is in her own hair, so that it's laced with leaves and flowers.

Photosynthesis: She can absorb energy from the sun rather than eating. Don't mind her if she turns a little green while doing this. You'll probably never see her do this, though, because it requires her to sit in the sun for a while.

Plant Speech: She can listen to what the plants say. It's usually about how they want more water or sun, but it's often useful when trying to track down someone rude enough to step on them or pluck their neighbor.

Parachute Seed: Calls into existence a giant parachute seed, which allows her to fly through the air (or more technically glide at the whim of the wind).

Entangling Vines: Vines grow and can grab and bind. Can also be used to latch onto structures to swing across empty space and travel faster. Tends to be a little more reliable than Parachute Seed for traveling purposes (but Ce prefers the feeling of flying).

Minor Masteries:
Shoot: Summons a pistol-shaped branch which shoots out plant projectiles -- seeds (blunt), leaves (slashing), or cactus spines (piercing). Only one type of projectile is used at a time.

Petrified Wood: She can turn parts or all of herself into petrified wood. This protects herself and she can use it to strike harder and stronger, but she cannot move those body parts until she transforms them back. If she turns herself entirely into petrified wood, she does not need to breathe.

Heartwood: Her heartstone grows into a tree and then is rapidly carved down into whatever she desires. Most often used to create a staff or spear, though sometimes a bow or slingshot, and occasionally a flute or pipes. Can only have one at a time.

Medium Masteries:
Briar and Bramble: Creates a thicket of thorny plants. Can center this on a person (and will affect others around them) or target an area.

Snap Trap: Produces a human-sized carnivorous plant which attacks within an area.

Waltz of the Flowers: Summons a giant flower, whose petals peel away and attack a target.

Major Masteries:
Fatal Forest: Instantly grows a forest that either targets a person or an area. Trees in their sudden growth can pierce. Vines can entangle and trap. Leaves and flowers can obscure vision.

Character Bio:
Ce practically grew up in the wilderness. Her family owned a farm at the end of the road, bordered by ocean, a river, mountains woods, and the neighboring farm. Perhaps it wasn't terribly surprising, then, that she had always had an intuition for plants, what would be good to grow, where to grow certain crops, or if any plots weren't getting enough water. Her family called it her gift. But despite this, Ce was inclined to spend the day at the ocean or river or exploring the woods over tending the fields. That her parents kept forbidding her to go very likely contributed to her desire to do so.

Their farm also served as a bed and breakfast as well, appealing to those who were interested in getting away from the bustle of civilizations or had other reasons for being out there. And for Ce, this was a great source of entertainment. She'd offer to take them and skirt through the woods or paddle up the river or, and while not all of them accepted the offer, plenty of them did so. Then there were the guests who would go out on their own, and these were generally the ones who also had the best stories. Ce would pester them for their experiences (despite her mother telling her repeatedly not to nag the guests).

And after one visitor had imparted a story of a Youma battle to her very impressionable six-year-old mind, it became a particular favorite of hers to ask for such tales. They were so full of glory and adventure and not full of the life of boredom that her parents seemed to want to press upon her. So it perhaps shouldn't have been too surprising that she was one day bound to follow one of those who ventured out on their own without her as a local guide into the old oak grove at what she thought was a discrete distance. The girl Ce followed was perhaps no more than five years older than herself but had been one of those who told fantastic stories.

That day had darkened rather quicker than Ce had expected. Beyond that, she only remembered snippets -- deep purple eyes staring at her that spoke of nothing but feasting, picking up an acorn off the ground and sling-shotting it, the sensation only describable as the sky's stars rushing toward them -- tidbits that suggested she ought to have been frightened away from ever venturing into the forest again or at least of ever following another visitor, but in the way that she was, it only served to make her more curious. She had definitely passed out at some point, because the next thing she remembered, she was opening her eyes to her own ceiling with an amber acorn clutched in her hand.

The other girl offered to bring her back to the city, and of course Ce wanted to. It wasn't quite meant to be, then. Her parents opposed, and she was a bit weak for travel. But before the visitor left, she brought Ce to a nearby island, one pretty much uninhabited by people. That was where Ce underwent her first transformation and received a blank application to Elite Magical Girl Academy. She, of course, applied (and tried her best to return to the island a couple times though couldn't quite navigate there like the other girl had). The way Ce saw it, the academy was the door to a whole world she knew nothing about. How could she not apply?
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Renata Kim 15 years old Mexican-Korean Lesbian

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 133 lbs

Hair Color: Reddish Brown

Eye Color: Light Brown

Fashion Style: In warm temperatures, she prefers to wear over sized t-shirts or tank tops, frayed short shorts and flip flops (She has an obscene amount of flip flops). In cold temperatures she wears many layers, of t-shirts, over sized hoodies, baggy pants over fleece leggings and UGG boots. Unless her sisters are around, you will never catch her in a dress or heels.

Personality: Like water, Renata is flexible and every reaching. As in nosy. Yeah, she's a curious soul and she doesn't really know when to hold back. She's a quiet girl but when she gets interested in something, she won't stop digging until she's found gold. She's very affectionate and revealing to those she's close to and TMI doesn't mean too much to her. She's an open book, which often proves to be a problem when things need to be kept under wraps. She should never be trusted with secrets because she has a tendency to blabber and ramble when she's put on the spot and even if no one has asked her if her best friend got liposuction, she will tell them.

Likes: Swimming Smoothies Sea Life Cucumber Facials Sandwiches Chickens Skittles Silk Kids Shows Surfing Video Games Dancing Fishing

Dislikes: Spiders Too Salty Foods Aquariums Oversleeping Mean People Being Told Secrets Seltzer

Hobbies: Surfing Gaming Swimming Making Sandwiches

Talents: Surfing Water Ballet Swimming Researching Investigating Diversion

Magical Girl Appearance:
Visual Reference
Not a fan of dresses, but a lover of frills and the like, Renata wears a frilly blue and white tunic, with glittery blue leggings that look like they're made from fish scales. Her footwear consist of shin high steel toed dark blue boots. She wears long dark blue gloves that reach her elbows, and a medium length white cape.

Magical Girl Alias: Aqua Knight

Each sphere contains either water from the Han river in Korean or Lake Chapala in Mexico. After transformation, the bracelet becomes the blue jewel in Renata's trident.


Utility Spells:

Mainly used to travel quickly. Renata uses a spout of water to traverse the area at a high speed.

Parted Waters
Used to travel across large bodies of water. Renata commands the water to allow her non-swimming or water-phobic friends to cross.

Sometimes there's too much water to part, or the water is too deep, so Renata creates a mobile dome to travel in with her friends.

Aqua Buddy
Renata uses this to fetch her things for her. She also uses it to wash her hair on occasion or other domestic activities like mopping or laundry.

Water Shield
A shield made of water.
Minor Masteries:

Trident Blasts
Water gathers at the tip of Renata's trident and is shot at her opponent.

Water Projectiles
A large amount of water is manipulated and divided into smaller amounts of water that are then thrown at enemies like knives.

Aqua Swirl
When in use, these two rotating loops of water will protect Renata and if someone attempts to touch her, they will find themselves violently 'washed' away.

Hydro Whips
Water envelops her arms and she uses them as whips.

Medium Masteries:

Mini Wave
A small wave is used to separate/clear/stun enemies.

A tornado of water is produced and dispersed like a whip.

Major Masteries:

A spout of water transported from the Han River, strikes an enemy with supreme force.​

Character Bio:
Renata comes from a military family whose female members have only ever been apart of the Military Police. It was an iron tradition that no one had ever thought to rebel against before Renata. When she was younger, she had no problem with that being her destiny because that was all she'd ever known. But then when she got a little older she befriended the daughter of one of the Royal Knights and so she spent a lot of time around the parent of her friend. Somewhere along the line, Renata realized that she wanted to be a Royal Knight, not a soldier and that didn't sit very well with her mother and sisters. They didn't go as far as give her an ultimatum or disown her but they did force her to relearn the history of the military police and read all of the books, but even that didn't change her mind. Renata was dead set on becoming a Royal Knight and nothing was going to stop her.

Knowing that just having military training wasn't going to help her achieve her dreams, Renata implored her mother to let her attend the Elite School for Magical Girls and her mother agreed only because she hoped Renata would hate her experience and become a Military policewoman.

Sample Post:
It had taken her ages. Okay--Maybe that was an exaggeration, but it had taken her a long time. At least thirty five minutes and that was way too long for shopping. If Renata had her way, all shopping trips would take fifteen minutes at the least. When she got home, she all but dumped the contents of her shopping bags on the bed and then hastily pulled on the clothes before bursting into her older sister, Esperanza's room.

The woman in question stared at her in disbelief. "That's a tuxedo." She pointed out, and Teresa, Renata's other sister who was braiding Esperanza's hair, sighed deeply. Pinching the bridge of her nose she wagged her finger in Renata's direction. "Try again, sweetie. Maybe visit a boutique this time?" She said dismissively and Renata stomped her foot in annoyance.

"What's wrong with this outfit? You guys told me to get something that wasn't a hoodie and I did that. Why can't I wear this one?" She whined, her face contorting into an ugly scowl.

"Because it's a tuxedo and you can't wear a tuxedo at my wedding!" Esperanza barked. "When I told you to get an outfit I was thinking of something more along the lines of a dress!"

"Why do I have to wear a dress? I hate dresses! They're impractical, and hard to move in!" Renata argued and Teresa sneered at her.

"Says the 'magical girl'."

Suddenly the room filled with angry incoherent arguing and they were almost at blows, when their mother burst in and fixed the three of them with a glare that would frighten an Elite. "Why are you yelling? Is there a fire? Some kind of emergency? I don't think so! Your father and I are downstairs painstakingly designing wedding invitations and you three are acting like youma!" She hissed. "Esperanza, save the bridezilla for the wedding rehearsal. Teresa stop instigating! And Renata go buy a dress! You don't come home until you send me a picture of a dress you like, and a video of the ensuing transaction. Are we clear?"

"Yes, ma'am!" The girls replied, saluting. (They weren't being sarcastic, that's what they've been taught to do.)

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Name: Natalya Sorrea

Age: 16

Nationality: Canadian

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian!~

Height: 5'6

Weight: 130 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel Brown

Fashion Style: Natalya tries to be fairly girly, usually wearing flirtacious dresses or skirts. She can always be seen with headphones, though. Aside from that, most of her wardrobe consists of her academy uniform and other sport uniforms.

Personality: Perhaps one of the more extroverted Magic girls, Natalya is definitely known around campus as the class flirt. She's flamboyant, open, and above all, charming. Despite her cheery behavior, she bolsters a quick temper, and is irritable when she doesn't get what she most wants. What's more, she's rather impatient, and can be a bit moody sometimes.

  • Music: Given her mastery, it's only fitting!~
  • Sketching: She's not the best artist, but she occasionally tries her hand at a sketch or two. It's a great way to kill time.
  • Asian food: SUSHI.
  • Volleyball: By far her favorite sport and hobby!

  • Lettuce: Water has four stages of matter. Liquid, Solid, Gas, and Lettuce.
  • Heavy metal music: Too many sounds!
  • Butch girls: Just something men or manly attitudes as a whole.
  • Slimy things: Nauseating!

  • Volleyball: Been playing since she was a sperm cell.
  • Dancing: Okay. She's not the BEST dancer.
  • Socializing: A friend a day keeps the doctor away!

  • Cooking: Lasagna, chicken wings, you name it.~
  • Flirting: Just a natural thing.~
  • Extra: She can balance a volleyball on her nose.

Magical Girl Appearance:

Magical Girl Alias:

A somewhat large, circular stone made of obsidian glass. Its inside bears the pattern of what seems to be a vague, colored soundwave. Sometimes, the pattern bounces up and down, as if the sound wave was active. Upon transformation, the heartstone becomes a small, very thin black flute, which resembles more of a whistle than anything.


Utility Spells:
  • Resonate: Natalya amplifies all incoming soundwaves, allowing her and her team to listen in on even the most distant sounds and noises.
  • Serenade: Natalya's heartstone emits a short, uplifting melody, soothing any minor wounds. Can also heal allies.
  • Soundproof: Natalya cancels out all incoming soundwaves, making her and any allies around virtually deaf.
Minor Masteries:​
  • Minor Bass: Natalya projects a fast, booming orb, creating a tiny shockwave upon impact which emits sudden pop of bass.
  • Screech: Natalya plays a horrific melody, screeching at enemies' ears.
Medium Masteries:
  • Major Bass: Natalya projects a much faster and much larger orb, creating a mild shockwave upon impact which emits a loud bass pop.
  • Song of Blades: Natalya plays a mystic tune, its sound waves resonating in a large area, slicing and dicing at enemies and the environment
  • Subdue: Natalya plays an enthralling melody, its harmony coercing enemies into yielding and surrendering in battle.

Major Masteries:
  • Spear of Melodies: A distinct and ominous bass noise radiates from Natalya as she plays the song of spears, conjuring a massive, purple spear into the air. Its massive size can inflict damage on multiple enemies at once as it's launched at her selected target. Upon impact, the spear will resonate a popping bass noise.

Character Bio:
The family of Natalya is unfortunately not known for their bloodline's relation to Magic girls. The most recent magic girl in the family is her aunt, which distanced herself from the family after enlisting with the Elite!. None of her family came to be aware that Natalya's aunt ended up becoming a Youma after being defeated against one.

That being said, nobody ever expected a re-appearance of Magic Girls in the family. As a subconscious thought, everyone had eliminated the posibility-- Until one day, when Natalya was crying her eyes out over a school assignment she failed in, her inner Magic Girl was awoken and her heartstone developed. After this encounter, it was time for Natalya to fill in her aunt's footsteps and become another Elite!. Her family, with much hesitation, enrolled her at the Magic Girl academy where she belonged.

Sample Post:

Eyes wrinkled, the young girl shrugged off the morning light as she tossed and turned in her bed, greedily yanking her blanket all the way up to her neck. She gritted her teeth maliciously, awaiting the dreadful curse that was her alarm clock.

Silence ensued, save for the gentle snoring of her roommates.. That was until her alarm clock blew up into maniacal ringing, strategically placed on top of a tall shelf so that she'd have to actually get up and stand to turn it off.

Natalya audibly grunted, tossing her blanket aside with the strenght of a bear as she rose to her feet. As her roommates clambered and rose in confusion, she growled and scaled the bookshelf, her eyes wide and white with anger as she took the alarm clock upon her hand, instantly crushing it with her grip and throwing its contents across the room. As she did so, she lost her grip and balance over the bookshelf, falling backwards like a helpless sack of flour, the bookshelf falling on top of her with a thud. Her arm stuck out from the crash site, twitching slightly. "Can someone help me please..." Came from the rubble in muffled pauses, her roommates giggling soundly.

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