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  1. IC


    In a world where half of the female population has magical girl abilities
    You'll need to hone your skills to stand out from the rest and become the best magical girl the world has ever seen, but you discover there is more to life than being a 'magical girl'. Along the way you meet new friends, make enemies, and if you're lucky you may just find love.

    Elite! Magical Girl Academy
    Congratulations! The staff would formerly like to invite you to the Academy of Elite Magical Girls. We offer the very best in Magical Girl training and have the highest acceptance rate to any Magical Girl Agency from our graduates. No matter your element, we accept those who have shown prowess and talent with their special abilities. You'll find that our curriculum matches that of the best Academies around. However, we have the added bonus of extensive training in all aspects of being a Magical Girl.

    Here at Elite, we abide by a set of rules and examples. Rules that have kept us at the top for over fifty years. We enforce a strict curfew for our girls, so parents need not worry. On the weekends, the students are allowed to enjoy all the Campus has to offer, and may opt to wear their own clothes after school hours. We enforce a strict attendance policy, and take being tardy very seriously. Everything else you need to be an Elite Magical Girl is in the introductory package. We hope to see you soon.

    Mizuno Sachiko

    Character Sheet (open)

    (Anime Pictures)


    Age: (14-18)

    Year: (First-Third)




    Element: (It can be anything)



    Extracurricular Activities: (1-sport, 2 clubs)

    Magical Girl Abilities:

    Minor: (2-4)

    Medium: (2-4)

    Major: (2)

    (Picture or Description)

    Club Roster (open)

    Sport or Club:Student: Student: Student: Student:
    VolleyballMihara Ririka3
    SoftballRakashi Totsuno2
    TrackShirakawa Airi1Hayashi Fuji3
    CheerleadingTakanaka Natsuki2
    BasketballSaito Midori2Kuroki Kaori Kuruseidā Semine3
    OrchestraAino Momoko3
    DanceStein Hayley2Arissa Astraeha3
    SwimmingTsubasa Emiko1Wakamura Umiko1Akemi Nagi3Yukigami Tomoko 1
    KyudoYamato Nadeshiko2
    Martial Arts ClubSaito Midori2Hayashi Fuji3Kuroki Kaori3Kuruseidā Semine3
    Music ClubTsubasa Emiko1Moriyama Kureha2Stein Hayley2Kuruseidā Semine3
    Literature ClubMuto Asami2Takanaka Natsuki2
    Anime ClubMihara Ririka3
    Dojinshi ClubTakanaka Natsuki2Mihara Ririka3
    Computer Club
    Theater ClubWakamura Umiko1Muto Asami2
    Etiquette ClubArissa Astraeha3Aino Momoko3
    Ikebana ClubArissa Astraeha3Aino Momoko3Kuroki Kaori3
    Tea Ceremony ClubMoriyama Kureha2Yamato Nadeshiko2
    Art ClubShirakawa Airi1Muto Asami2Yamato Nadeshiko2Akemi Nagi3

    Four per club.


    Extracurricular Activities (open)


    Martial Arts Club
    Music Club
    Literature Club
    Anime Club
    Dojinshi Club
    Theater Club
    Etiquette Club
    Ikebana Club
    Tea Ceremony Club
    Art Club

    Elements (open)

    The five basic:

    Earth - A powerful element connected directly to the ground we walk on. It is strong against electricity, but weak against Wind.

    Water - Using the element of water. Strong against fire, but weak against Electricity.

    Fire - The flame element, able to cause harm to most living things, but protects the user. Weak against water, and strong against the air element.

    Air - Able to conjure up powerful blades of wind, and create powerful cyclones. Weak against Fire, and strong against Earth.

    Lightning - Able to conjure up lightning and use it in a variety of ways. Weak against earth, and strong against water.


    Nature - Connected to the plant life, and the animals.

    Light - When you think of light, think of the sun that shines down. It is strong against Dark, but just as weak against it.

    Dark - The darkness casts a shadow on everything it touches. It is weak against light, but just as strong.

    Sound - Use sound waves to your advantage.

    Ice - A deadly element that is weak against fire.

    Metal - Metal is weak against electricity, but strong against the other elements.

    Magic - Is anything that doesn't fall under an element. It is equal to all, and is in every one Magical Girl. As an element, it gives the user witch like powers and sorcery.

    Death/Fear - Terrifying hallucinations and grim-reaper like powers.

    Emotions - Uses the power of emotion.

    Love - Uses love to get her way.

    Time - Control over time.

    Beast - Animal like gifts.


    Enemies (open)


    The Roleplay (open)

    First things first, this is an All Girl's character roleplay. It is set in Japan, therefore most of the characters will be Japanese. The school is a boarding school and our characters will be staying at the Academy the whole year, except for on holidays. I'm looking for Intermediate and above roleplayers for this, who have a love for magical girl and lesbian roleplays.

    You can select any element(s) and base your character's abilities around this. Being a magical girl is a big part of the roleplay, but so is the social aspect of this roleplay. I won't just have our character's going to school day in and day out, there will be magical girl competitions, extracurricular activities, basically anything you would find at a real school, but cooler. You're also welcome to create your own scenarios with other players.

    Abide by the rules of Iwaku, and fade to black if things get a little too hot and heavy between two characters. Respect your fellow roleplayers and your GMS. Everyone is allowed a maximum of three characters, but you are not allowed to romance your own character. Second and third characters must be in a different grade than your first - an exception to this rule is twins, or triplets.

    GM: SailorMoon and Olissa
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  2. Magical Girl Abilities (open)

    Each magical girl is allowed up to 6-10 abilities. These will be a mix of minor, medium, and major power levels. You can have two major abilities at the start of the roleplay. The older your character, the more powerful your abilities can be. As your magical girl grows, she will earn the chance to gain more attacks and special abilities.

    Minor would be small, single target attacks or stuns. For instance, Sailor Moon's moon tiara prism. Also can include special abilities that have nothing to do with fighting if that's your thing.


    Small to Medium scale aoe attacks.

    Highly exhausting, yet powerful attacks that may or may not one shot someone who isn't as skilled. Your trump card.

    While out of Magical Girl Form, your character is just a normal human. While transformed, you gain the ability to jump at unprecedented heights, have heightened reflexes, and are a lot more durable.

    School Uniforms (open)


    Dorms (open)

    Room 234B
    Iguchi Matsuri
    Arissa Astraeha

    Room 300C
    Muto Asami
    Takanaki Natsuki

    Room 205B
    Aino Momoko
    Moriyama Kureha

    Room 101A
    Midori Saito
    Shirakawa Airi

    Room 140A
    Tsubasa Emiko
    Kuruseida Semine

    Room 303C
    Hayashi Fuji
    Stein Hayley

    Room 030S
    Mihara Ririka
    Akemi Nagi

    Room 032S
    Wakamura Umiko
    Kuroki Kaori

    Room 404
    Yamato Nadeshiko
    Hanamori Yukiko

    Room 410
    Kurusu Isako
    Yukigami Tomoko

    First Year Schedule (open)


    Second Year Schedule (open)


    Third Year Schedule (open)

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  3. Will get to a character as soon as I can :) a void/death like power is definitely one I'm planning on making. Possible an ice as second, but that could still become a very different element.
  4. No worries! I'll have mine up sometime as well.
  5. For now, time for some sleep ;) good night!
  6. Could I ask for some examples of Minor, Medium, and Major abilities? It think it'd help everyone when it comes time to come up with them.
  7. Yeah. Good idea, since you can't reference my CS yet.

    Minor would be small, single target attacks or stuns. For instance, Sailor Moon's moon tiara prism. Also can include special abilities that have nothing to do with fighting if that's your thing.


    Small to Medium scale aoe attacks.

    Highly exhausting, yet powerful attacks that may or may not one shot someone who isn't as skilled. Your trump card - Moon Healing Escalation. Stuff like that.
  8. My first character. :)

    Saito Midori



    Jade Fire



    Green Fire

    To put it bluntly, Midori isn't an easy person to get along with. She's a hot head, and never cared for making friends that weren't on the basketball team. Her goal in life is to be the best 'fighter' magical girl the world has seen, so she's naturally competitive when it comes to those types. She won't hesitate to challenge someone to a duel, even if it's a girl she likes. One of her weaknesses is cute girls with a goofy sense of humor. No matter how angry she is, laughing always calms her down. She enjoys playing sports, martial arts, and video games.

    Midori grew up in a two parent household with four other siblings, all of whom are boys. She's the youngest of all her siblings, and is considered something of a runt by her brothers. Her mother is a sweet stay at home wife, and her father is a hard working police officer. He inspired her to take her magical girl abilities seriously when she was a preteen, noting that magical girls were the closest things to cops in the world. Since that day, Midori has concentrated her time on being a magical girl, and applied to the Elite Magical Academy when she was fourteen. She takes her studies seriously, and takes her career as a Magical Girl even more serious.

    Extracurricular Activities:
    Martial Arts Club

    Magical Girl Abilities:

    Jade Fireball - A generic projectile attack where Midori shoots a fireball at her opponent, singeing whatever it comes into contact with.

    Flaming Fists - Fire engulfs Midori's fists and boosts her attack speed and power significantly.
    Jade Shield - A shield of flames, able to eat most minor attacks.

    Jade Whip - A whip of green fire. A tool used for mobility, and restraining. However, Midori has been known to use it in battle for various reasons.

    Jade Prison - A ring of fire forms around her opponents, trapping and burning anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it.

    Jade Flame Thrower - A cone shaped wave of green fire sprays from her mouth, burning everything in it's path.

    Jade Hailstorm - Flaming Fireballs conjured up from the sky fall towards their target, effectively burning and blasting everything in it's radius. A channeled ability.

    After Midori's transformation sequence she will be wearing an emerald green, metallic, deep v-plunging bodysuit with a sheer, open front mini skirt attached. A precious green stone is embedded in her forehead, either for decoration or for some other purpose. She hasn't figured out, yet, but it flickers when she uses her powers. On her feet are matching emerald green over the knee boots, and elbow length gloves. Two barrettes form on each side of her hair, seemingly engulfed by green fire, as well as a matching choker and earrings. Her costume certainly leaves little to the imagination, but somehow offers just the right amount of protection from oncoming attacks. Her whip is almost always equipped.
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  9. Appearance (open)

    Name: Takanaka Natsuki [Last - First]

    Age: 16

    Year: Second

    Alias: Nightingale

    Height: 5'5

    Weight: 110lbs

    Element: Air

    Personality: Natsuki is a friendly girl who enjoys having people by her side. She may be quiet, but she is definitely not shy. She has a free spirit, one that is carefree, laid-back, and generally happy. She likes to just fall back, and watch the clouds, and dream of a world that could never be. It's the one thing that she treasures most - the freedom of thought and imagination. More often than not, she will zone out, she might get stuck in a trance, but she will rarely ever regret slipping into one of those. Natsuki will remain loyal to those who prove that they can stay beside her, and believe in her even when the winds of change sway the girl into other interests or when she chooses to maintain a distance.

    Bio: Growing up, Natsuki was raised by parents who were average citizens. However, that didn't stop them from giving her the love and attention she wanted as a child. They were good parents, and they tried to raise her up to be someone who would excel in business or law. Unfortunately, as a child, Natsuki outright refused to fall into such a boring life. The young girl would hole herself up at home, reading, drawing, singing, and dancing around, never taking her studies seriously. This caused a rift between Natsuki and her parents, but even to this day, Natsuki isn't exactly regretting any of it.

    Before she would discover her magical abilities, Natsuki had joined a cheerleading club - against her parent's specific instructions - and also continued to ignore her studies. Away from her parents' disapproval, negativity and overall moody behavior, Natsuki was quick to absorb all the positive energy, and delight as she flipped and slided through routines of the cheers. It was then that her free spirit was born and then carefully crafted into the air magic that would cut but give her the wings she yearned for.

    Extracurricular Activities: Cheerleading, Dojinshi Club and Literature Club

    Magical Girl Abilities:


    + Tornado: Nothing devastating, just a sharp whirl-wind looking attack that runs in a direct line
    + Discord: a strong wind blows away minor attacks
    + Release: Just a speed up. [Passive Ability]


    + Claw: Gathers wind at ones feet, weighing it down as much as possible. Can damage legs
    + Rising Wave: Uses sword, makes slashes sharp and can penetrate metal/armor
    + Ascension: Gains a pair of wings that drastically improve flexibility, speed, and some reflexes


    + Tempesta: Uses feathers of wings, makes them sharp as hell, then the feather-blades follows Natsuki's directions to stab whatever target there is. [Lasts for limited time, at higher levels can stab faster and move as separate units]

    Costume (open)
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  10. Which one? Or did I fix it after the edit?
  11. I see it now. Accepted!
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  12. Appearance:

    Name: Moriyama Kureha
    Age: 16
    Year: Second
    Alias: Stone Valkyrie
    Height: 1.65 m
    Weight: 63 kg
    Element: Earth

    Normally friendly and enjoys having fun, but when either fighting or arguing with someone she puts on a haughty/arrogant attitude out of habit. She attends the school to gain perfect control over her abilities but is aiming for a job as a manager rather than a magic girl. She likes karaoke, tea, bunnies and roses, takes her normal studies more seriously than her training (if the choice is between an optional class and an optional training session the she will choose the class). If fighting she can turn slightly vicious but not to the point of lethal harm.

    She grew up fairly normally with to parents and an older brother, except for one single thing: Her older brother is a total fan of magical girls, almost to the point of creepy. Because of that she got teased a lot by other kids and learned to defend herself by being haughty and arrogant, traits normally not seen in the popular magical girls. She ignores her brother mercilessly, doesn't speak of him at school or anywhere at all and prefers being a normal girl. Though before she started to think of her older brother as a creep she often played Magical Girl with him, nicknamed (by him) as Bunny Honey. No one currently knows about this and the fact that she even has a brother.

    Extracurricular Activities:
    Music club
    Tea ceremony club

    Magical Girl Abilities:

    Spike - creates an eathern spike to attack from the ground.
    Mud bullet - shoots basic mud projectiles at the target she aims at.
    Diamond blade - her weapon of choice, a singlehanded sword made out of a single diamond, has the expected strength and weaknesses of diamonds and no other special features, cannot be resummoned if broken but will be whole again next time she transforms. The sword is milky white.

    Stone rain - a rain of pebbles shot at the targeted area with a diameter of 100m max.
    Rock wall - can freely make walls of rocks to trap her opponent, spams it more often than her other abilities because she uses it also to vault herself into the air and as a shield.

    Earthquake - with a range of 250m with her as the center this is not an attack she will use unless it's absolutely necessary as she calls forth an actual earthquake in a centered area.
    Sandstorm - creates a sandstorm, is exhausting to maintain longer than 30 seconds and a range larger than 200m

    A dark-brown, sleeveless, mid-thigh tunic with a silvery-grey belt holding her sword, kneelength laced boots in the same grey color. Fingerless gauntlets in the same color of her tunic that reaches her elbows. A simple cuirass covers her chest in the grey of the rest of her equipment. Also wears a circlet of the same milky white color of her sword and her hair gets tied in a braid.
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  13. Nice! Accepted, @dragonesper :) I'm trying to think of an alias for you.

    Would Stone Princess be good for her, or maybe... Earth Honey. Oh god I'm terrible at this, but Earth Honey is kind of cute. :3
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  14. Stone Princess would fit that valkyrie-image her costume gives me but damn, Earth Honey is so, so cute! She will grimace every time she would be called that.
    So perhaps something inbetween? Both cool and cute...
  15. Try this site, it's got plenty of suggestions, and with the large amount of bad suggestions it gives, you'll soon enough figure out what you actually want instead. (kinda like flipping a coin, only this is with a whole bunch of pennies)

    Working on my char as we speak
  16. Hmm... I wanna have Terra at the start... Terra Usagi? Terramagi? *pondering*
  17. Terraror XD

    Yeah no I'm terrible at aliases. Best I got for my char is Reaper... Try making something involving death, that isn't too girly, there isn't a 'team name' that can be incorporated (like sailor, or ranger, or whatever) and her main color is white.

    Anyway, do you mind it if I spruce up the character sheet a little? Nothing too extremely extravagant, just a little more fancy and the like :)
  18. I don't mind. :)
  19. Terracotta Honey! Or not. >_>
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