Elite Magical Girl Academy: Reboot + Massive Overhaul

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    Welcome to my Interest Check for Elite Magical Girl Academy. It is an original roleplay idea I've had for awhile centering around the lives of young magical girls attending a school that trains them to be the very best...that no one ever was. If you were apart of the previous Elite Academy roleplay, then you'd know the focus was heavily on the girls' interactions with one another and being a magical girl came second, but I've changed that, meaning your Magical Girls will get to use their powers against foes and there will be a balance between action and interactions between the characters. I'm looking for people that enjoy magical girl action, but know how to unwind once they are off the battlefield with interesting character interaction. Preferably someone that considers themselves at least intermediate writers, and can comfortably write a well thought out paragraph, or more.

    In this RP, your custom made Magical Girl will be attending a prestigious academy for Magical Girls, though it is more like a training school that specializes in Youma hunting and honing your skills out on the battlefield. Everyone's character will be about fifteen, and just beginning their third year at that Academy, which means they will be taken out onto the field to hunt Youma with their class to prepare them with hands on training. The first two years at the Academy are focused on studying Magical Girl History and test courses to prepare for encounters with Youma out in the real world, as well as becoming acquainted with their powers and combat. It is possible your character may know another character from the previous year, but it is not guaranteed they will be in the same class when they are promoted to Rookie status.

    My Magical Girl Lore

    Magical Girls inherited their power from someone in the family, It is highly unlikely a girl with no Magical Girl lineage will ever become one. The transformation is triggered by a magical girl who is on the extreme spectrum of any emotion, which creates a heart stone, a magical gem born from the magical girl's heart. No one heart stone looks alike. The heart stone will grant the girls their transformation, their Mastery, and may also present itself as a weapon, gem, or any other item that is representative of the magical girl. When a Magical Girl undergoes her transformation, she is unrecognizable, unless you have personally seen her transform.

    In this roleplay, Magical Girls and Youma are known in human society. Unfortunately, there is somewhat of a stigma against them because of where the Youma come from. The public has an odd fascination with them, but reactions to the girls can range from disgust to adoration.


    When a magical girl transforms they gain a mastery from their heartstone, which is control over an element or sub-element. The possibilities for which mastery a magical girl will gain from their heartstone are endless, anything from the stars in the skies, to the water in the ocean. Their attacks and utilities will be themed around their mastery.

    Youma and Heartstones

    A Youma is a magical girl whose heartstone has become tainted by extreme hate or evil, and their sole purpose is to feed on the souls of humans. They are a much larger, much more powerful version of the magical girl they once were, and bear very little resemblance to who they used to be. They are vicious and ruthless, and are usually very difficult to defeat. Only magical girls and their various abilities have proven effective against them. When a Youma is defeated, it will drop a calcified heartstone fragment, and it can be purified later and used for a chance for a reward. e.g. more power, energy, a new ability, armor.

    Elite Magical Girl Academy

    Elite Magical Girl only opens every four years when the graduating classes are preparing to leave the next year, so that by the time the old class graduates the new girls can start Patrols and Hunts. There is a wait list, however, and usually the parents of the Magical Girls will apply to have their daughters wait listed for the school, hoping to get in on good name alone. A magical girl CAN apply for herself, though. Since the school specializes in Youma hunting and is the only school of it's kind, it is considered the highest honor for a girl to graduate from here. Most magical girls that graduate from Elite go on to lead very successful lives in whatever field they choose.

    Magical Girls can go on to to do a number of things, such as joining the special police force made up of magical girls that protect civilians from petty crime, the royal knights that protect the queen and the royal family from Youma, the military, or private bodyguards. Lastly, they can go on to join The Elite, a guild made up of Magical Girls that have sworn their lives to hunting Youma. Elite Magical Girls are considered to be the highest ranking Magical Girls, but due to the nature of the work, it is not for everyone. Magical girls will be accompanied by a teacher during hunts. Hunting and Patrols without supervision are discouraged, but disciplinary action is usually not taken against the girls unless someone is seriously injured.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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  2. Interested >_>
  3. Sailor it's me Shattered, one of the only guys ever that does fxf magic girl rps... remember me and Pandora xD
  4. Lol. Yes :) how could I forget?
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  5. Ok good xD but so in for this xD. Already got a char idea lol.
  6. I'll be keeping an eye on this.
  7. Hm, this seems interesting! :)
  8. Yippee for interest :D
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  9. I would also like to express some keen interest, though I also have a small question.

    When you say
    Does that mean there is a degree of secrecy to this whole operation? As in it seems society as a whole knows about the existence of Magical Girls due to the numerous jobs they can find in it, but are the girls encouraged to maintain a certain level of under-cover-ness? Or is it more just a facet of transformation, and doesn't have a big impact on how the girls operate?
  10. It's just a facet of being a Magical Girl. A magical girl may not want strangers to know her secret though, since humans have mixed reactions to them. It could also get in the way of day to day life, but keeping their identity secret is not a must.
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  11. I could go for some of this..
  12. I should get working on the OOC soon, then. :)
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  13. I'd be super interested in this ahh ; w ;
  14. The OOC is up, but still a WIP. The CS is up as well, but I'm asking everyone not to post there's in the OOC. I'll be posting the link to the sign-ups thread.
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  15. Thanks a lot! I'll make sure not to post my CS yet, but I'm glad I can get started on it. :)
  16. There is now a place to dump your CS for review. Going to bed now! :D
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  17. Ah, can you quickly answer a q on Masteries?
  18. Would gravity, blood, poison, or charm be allowed as Masteries?
  19. I'm heading to bed but all of those might be viable if you can find a way to fit it into a character that is beneficial to the role play. It's likely someone that is based around charm would be more utility and defensive and may get killed on the battlefield asap. Elaborate on those and I can give you a clear answer. How would you want to play them?
  20. Thank-you for what you've said so far! I hadn't thought too greatly about each yet, I wanted to know if it was even possible for such things to be allowed before developing them further. Here's the basic ideas I had for each though.
    I wasn't sure about gravity, I just saw it was a popular magic power when looking into magical powers, and was more wondering if someone else might want to use it and if that type of power was allowed.
    I suppose poison is the most straight forward for offence, its attacks would mostly revolve around inducing status effects or corrosion. Utility would be harder to do, but a couple could be the ability to alleviate the effects of poisons
    For blood one could primarily use their own blood as a weapon, and for one or two of the most powerful attacks do something with the opponent's blood (eg. Cause it to burst out of their vessels). Utilities could include some healing capabilities, such as stopping bleeding from a wound.
    Charm may involve causing status effects such as confusion. It could also have physical embodiments of being charmed- such as a wave attack of 'badump' pulses. I'm not such a fan of it though, like with gravity I was more interested in if this style of power was allowed.
    I'm probably going to try a poison power, you can tell me if it's viable when I've filled out all of the info for it in my CS. :)
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