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  1. Elite! Magical Girl Academy

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    • Welcome to Elite Magical Girl Academy!

      In this RP, your Magical Girl will be attending a prestigious academy for magical girl trainees, though it is more like a training school that specializes in Youma hunting. Everyone's character will be either fourteen or fifteen, and just beginning their third year at the Academy, which means they will be taken out onto the field to hunt Youma with their new class to prepare them for the real world of being a Magical Girl.

      The first two years at the Academy are focused on studying Magical Girl History and test courses to prepare for encounters with Youma out in the real world, as well as becoming acquainted with their powers and combat. It is possible your character may know another character from the previous year, but it is not guaranteed they will be in the same class when they are promoted to Rookie status.

      Elite Magical Girls are considered to be the highest ranking magical Girls, but due to the nature of the work, it is not a lot of girls' first choice. It is not uncommon for a magical girl to be aspiring to join the military police, which protects civilians from petty crimes, or joining the ranks of the royal knights - a faction of magical girls that are sworn to protect the Queen and her family. A magical girl can also go on to become personal bodyguard, or join The Elite, a guild of magical girls sworn to protect humans from Youma - even if it costs them their life.

      Magical Girl teams will receive a mission from their supervisor and be sent off into any part of Getsu to investigate any Youma attacks or sightings. Missions are obligatory. After a Youma is defeated the team will report back to the supervisor with the calcified heartstone as evidence of their victory. During their mission there is no way to report back to their supervisor, though after a reasonable amount of time the school will investigate. Since the Youma that girls are sent after are perceived as weak, Elite! believes the Youma pose very little risk up against a full team, but that it is just enough of a challenge for the Rookie girls. Seeking out Youma without the supervisors permission is generally frowned upon, but they rarely punish those who successfully slay Youma.

      The girls are expected to live on campus in single dorm rooms while they complete their stay at the academy, and are allowed to visit their families during the weekend. It is optional, but not necessary. Rooms are fully customizable, but any luxuries and extra furnishings will not be provided by the school. There will be no more than a hundred students on campus at any given time, which means it's student body is pretty small. Bathrooms are shared, but there are more than enough to go around in the estate, as well as plenty of places to socialize and meet.

      While romance and lesbian themes will be present between characters, it is not mandatory for your character to start dating another. But interactions off of the battle field are encouraged, as there will be equal amount of socializing and battling.

      Uniform (open)

      Pants and a longer skirt are available.

    • Magical Girl Lore


      Magical Girls

      All Magical Girls inherited their power from someone in the family. It is highly unlikely a girl with no Magical Girl lineage will ever become one. The transformation is triggered by a magical girl when they are on the extreme spectrum of any emotion, which creates a heart stone, a magical gem born from the magical girl's heart. No one heart stone looks alike. The heart stone will grant the girls their transformation, their Mastery, and may also present itself as a weapon, gem, or any other item that is representative of the magical girl. When a Magical Girl undergoes her transformation, she is unrecognizable, unless you have personally seen her transform. Elite Magical Girl Academy does prefer the girls keep their identity secret, at least while they are enrolled at the academy.

      In this roleplay, Magical Girls and Youma are known in human society. Unfortunately, there is somewhat of a stigma against them because of where the Youma come from. The public has an odd fascination with them, but reactions to the girls can range from disgust to adoration.

      Magical Girl's magic can only be used when they are transformed, but they all have the ability to sense other Magical Girl and Youma even in their normal state.


      When a magical girl transforms they gain a mastery from their heartstone, which is control over an element or sub-element. The possibilities for which mastery a magical girl will gain from their heartstone are endless, anything from the stars in the skies, to the water in the ocean. Their attacks and utilities will be themed around their mastery.

      List of Masteries (open)



      Beast Mastery

      Utilities/Minor Mastery

      The bread and butter of every magical girl. Rookies will most often use minor masteries due to their low energy cost. These are a great way to slowly chip away at the Youma's health, in preparation for a much stronger attack.

      Medium Mastery

      Medium masteries have the potential to be deadly at whoever their aimed at, but most Youma will not be one shotted by these attacks. It could deal as much as third of their health, but usually takes more than one of these attacks to defeat them. Unfortunately, the energy cost of these is somewhat high, and after using more than two of these a Rookie will be exhausted, with not much energy left but to continue using her lowest tier attacks to recharge, or fleeing.

      Major Mastery

      Most Magical Girls will have at least one Major Mastery in their arsenal, but due to their high energy cost and it's potentially harmful side effects it should be saved only for life and death situations; when nothing you've done during battle has worked. Generally after using one top tier attack, a rookie magical girl will be locked into only using her minor abilities, and some utilities, but that is for the most resilient magical girl with a strong will to survive. A lot of magical girls' transformations reverse after using such an attack, or can not even stand after it. Sadly, for such a high energy cost it isn't guaranteed to finish off a Youma or to have much of an effect, and so should only be used against those that have already been weakened.

      Youma and Heartstones

      A Youma is a semi-sentient magical girl whose heartstone has become tainted by extreme hate or evil, and their sole purpose is to feed on the souls of humans. They are a much larger, much more powerful version of the magical girl they once were, and bear very little resemblance to who they used to be. They are vicious and ruthless, and are usually very difficult to defeat. Some Youma have the ability to shape-shift and blend in with their environment, but it doesn't take long before they are drawn out by human souls. When a Youma doesn't devour enough human souls she'll be sent on a random path of destruction and finds it more difficult to retain her somewhat 'normal' appearance when she is starving. Underneath that beautiful appearance, however, is a monstrous being.

      Only magical girls and their various abilities have proven effective against them. When a Youma is defeated, it will drop a calcified heartstone fragment, and it can be purified later and used for a chance for a reward. e.g. more power, energy, a new ability, armor. When a Magical Girl is killed by a Youma, her heartstone will also transform into a Youma, but there are 12 hours to purify it before this happens.

      Youma retain their magical girl masteries when they die, which means their attacks are likely to be variations of their previous abilities.

      Military Police
      The military police were one of the first ever factions created by Magical Girls. They started off as a group of police women who happened to be magical girls, but realizing they would be more effective against criminals as magical girls, they created their own group catered specifically to fighting crime. Of course, in comparison to fighting Youma and protecting Royalty, their jobs are a piece of cake. But they still serve a very important purpose in keeping the city safe.

      Royal Knights
      In the eyes of society, The Royal Knights have the most important job of all three factions. They were established shortly after the Military Police when the reining Queen at the time nearly lost her life to a servant who had turned into a Youma over night. The first soul she had sought to devour was the Queen's, but thanks to a few rogue magical girl, and the military police, the Youma was quickly defeated. This event shook the palace, however, and the Queen formed the Royal Knight's herself with hopes that it would never happen again. She hand picks the magical girls she trusts with her life, and in return, they are taken care of themselves. Some people even see the Royal Knights as royalty themselves.

      The Elite
      The Elite are perhaps the newest magical girl faction of all three. Their beginnings are with a group of rogue magical girls that neither wanted to protect the Queen, or waste away their powerful abilities fighting humans when there were a number of Youma to be slain. The rogue magical girls banded together and dedicated their time to fighting Youma, not necessarily with the goal in mind of protecting humans. It was just an added benefit.

      One day an ancient Youma attacked the city, and the Royal Knights nor the Military Police were equipped to deal with such a force. The rogue magical girls were the only ones with enough skill and experience to take down the Youma, though they sustained some causalities during the attack. Somehow, they came to be known as the Elite Magical Girls. Some of the founding members grew to be called The Elite Circle, with their children and their children's children inheriting that responsibility and pressure.

      Years and years later, one of the founding members started a school on her estate for hopeful magical girls with hopes of refining their abilities and getting them out into the world of fighting Youma. As it stands, the ones who join the Elite are far and few between.

    • [​IMG]
      Getsu City/Bishoujo City, Getsu

      Getsu City, also known as Bishoujo city, is a large city on Getsu Island. It is one of the largest islands in the world. Being that it is in the North Pacific Ocean, the dominant culture on this island is Japanese, with a slight American influence in the fashion sense and food culture, and a higher population of foreigners than Japan. On first glance it looks like a calmer version of Tokyo and New York City, but it's much more spacious. It is also the home of the Elite Magical Girl Academy, which is hidden away on the outskirts of Getsu City.

      The farther you go out from Getsu City, the more green you'll begin to see. There are plenty of farms, villages, and beautiful beaches once you leave Getsu City. Unfortunately, the countryside can be even more dangerous than the city, with Youma hiding in the surrounding forests and often attacking small villages freely. It is where ancient, rare Youma are said to hide.

      On Campus Locations
      Note: Try not to have too many character's congregrating in the same area! :) These spots are mostly for character socialization, but may become key points in the rp at some point.

      House A - Living quarters for some of the students.
      House B - Also a living quarters for some of the students.
      Main Building - Where the classrooms and faculty dorms are located.
      Library - A large library where girls can find books on just about anything magical girl related or not.
      Gym - The school gym for indoor sports and such.
      Rooftop - The rooftop of the main building.
      Stables and barn - Place where horses and other animals are kept.
      Dining Hall - Place to eat.
      Banquet Room - Where celebrations and events are held.
      In door swimming pool - A small swimming pool located near the dorm buildings.
      Courtyard - For outside celebrations, eating, lollygagging. Has a large fountain.
      Orchards - Apple orchards not too far from the main buildings, with a scenic trail.
      Studio - Equipped with a ballet barre, a piano, and a sound proof room in the back for practicing musicians.
      Volleyball net - A volleyball net off to the side of the pool with sand.
      Tennis Court - Near the courtyard, behind a gate with bleachers for onlookers.
      Greenhouse - A decent sized greenhouse for those with a green thumb.
      Bath House - For baths. Also has showers.

      Training Room - Magical Girl Simulation room. ( Max: 2-4 Players at one time.)

      Off Campus
      Wacdonalds - American fast food.
      Bishoujo Bistro - Cute cafe place themed around magical girls.
      Getsu's Comic Store - Three tier store that sells Video Games, Comics and Manga, Board games, and also card games. Plus other niche stuff that would fall in the geeky category.
      Magical Girl Museum - A small museum full of magical girl and Youma artifacts. Mainly calcified heartstones and magical girl weapons.

      Getsu Lake - Getsu's largest lake. Out in the country.
      Getsu Temple - A large temple nestled in the city. Open for blessings and prayers. Also home to a lot of festivals.
      Spiral Heart - A giant ferris wheel in the heart of the city. Arguable the largest ferris wheel in the world.

      Royal Palace - A tourist destination. Very rarely will you see the Queen and the family as their living area is off limits.
      North Lake - Not a lake, but a mall. Has an indoor ice skating rink.
      Getsu Planetarium - Has a large telescope open to the public for stargazing, and massive replica of the solar system.
      Minika High - Another High School near the Academy.
      Pizza Shed - Pizza delivery place. Accepts order from Elite Magical Girl Academy.

    • Cast List

      Group 1 = Purple Group 2 = Pink Group 3 = Green Grey = Past Players

      House B(3D) - Hirose Jun - Damascus

      House B(2C) - Aozora Miyuki - Papyra

      House A(1D) - Momoji Rose Crimson - Shockwave

      House A(3B) - (Samantha Edinburgh - Princess of The People's Heart, Cordiculya

      House B(2E) - Kokuyo Kano - Nightingale

      House A(2C) - Charee Moreau - La Voisin

      House B(3H) - Ava Rose Leferve - Lady Winter

      House A(2B) - Mina Strand - Crimson Moon

    • Updates
      Update: IC thread is projected to go up October 5th - October 7th.
      Update: Started Mission One
      Update: Added Combat Rules
      Mission One: Complete

      Ice Queen

      Plain Joe
      Bratty Commisar

    • Post your CS in the OOC and then the Sign-Ups thread after being accepted! Thank you!

      Character Sheet


      [BCOLOR=transparent]Physical Appearance: [In-depth character description, or an anime style picture.][/BCOLOR]




      [BCOLOR=transparent]Sexual Orientation:[/BCOLOR]



      [BCOLOR=transparent]Hair Color:[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Eye Color:[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Fashion Style:[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: [/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][At least three sentences.][/BCOLOR]





      [BCOLOR=transparent]Magical Girl Appearance:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][In-depth description of outfit, and/or anime picture.][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Magical Girl Alias:[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent](Brief description of what it is and what it looks like.)[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent][Any element from my list, or your own custom mastery with GM approval].][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Utility Spells:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][Five max. Purely Utility that have no offensive use. ][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Minor Masteries:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][At least 2, and no more than 5. Small projectiles, beams, darts. Basic attacks with low energy cost][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Medium Masteries:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][Max 3. Small aoes, hard hitters.][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Major Masteries:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][Max 1. Large scale AoEs. the potential to one shot weakened Youma.][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Character Bio:[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][At least Five Sentences. A brief description of what they were doing before joining the academy.][/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Sample Post: [/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent][As your character. Can be anything.][/BCOLOR]

    • General Rules


      1. Understand that my word is law, though I will always try to be accommodating of each and every character.
      2. If you have an issue with a player or anything in the roleplay, come to me first via PM.
      3. Keep the drama between your characters, any Player drama should be taken to PM and left out of my roleplay.
      4. If you're going to be away for an extended period of time, or have plans to drop please say something! Don't leave me in the dark.
      5. Post at least twice a week. If there have been no new posts from you in over a week and a half, unless otherwise stated, your character will be removed from the roleplay.
      6. All Iwaku Rules apply here. While romance is accepted and possibly encouraged by your lesbian loving GM, any sex scenes must fade to black.
      7.Post your character sheet in the Sign-Ups!
      8. You must post at least a paragraph(5-7 sentences) on average, but if things are particularly slow three sentences is acceptable. Intermediate writing standards or better are expected.
      10. No godmodding, metagaming, etc.
      11. If you drop from my roleplay or become inactive for over a week and a half, and we haven't seen you on at all, I will personally move the scene along and decide the fate of your character. Basically, I'll take control of your character and keep things going, until I can find a suitable way to write them out.
      12. Have fun, please. :D

      Combat Rules
      1. No Auto-hitting or taking control of a Youma. This is mainly for plot purposes. If you were to take control of one of the enemies this may be interrupt plots or ideas we have in mind. Also to keep the fights balanced and to make sure everyone gets their fair share of butt-kicking from the Youma. You are welcome to direct a hit at a Youma, but do not say the attack has landed, until the person controlling the Youma acknowledges it as fact. Youma Players reserve the right to say a Youma's attack has landed on a character, to kidnap players, or anything else that enemy characters may do. This is, again, for plot purposes. Rest assured we won't ever inflict fatal wounds on your character without your consent, and if we plan to
      kidnap or do anything similar to your character we may inform you first depending.

      2. Be reasonable. If your character has already used a couple of attacks that require a decent amount of power or more advanced utility skills it will show. Their energy is not infinite. I'm going to give people freedom to pick their skills and attempt to dodge/evade/attack, but ultimately whether something affects the Youma is up to the Youma player to keep things fun, fresh, and fair.

      3. The first time you use one of your character's spells, please provide a description of what it does in your post, or include it in a spoiler tag. This will make things easier on everyone, especially the Youma players.

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  2. You know, when I saw your gif of choice for "Rules", I half expected one of them to be "Don't talk with your mouth full."

    EDIT: The character I wanted to use can't be used due to her abilities being dual-element and thus unadaptable to the RP. Also she's Light and Dark and dark is already taken so
    I'll try and come up with something when I get out of bed.
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  3. Lol. I that's funny.

    And that's unfortunate. :< Why not just go with Light? I don't really like dual elements that much tbh. Unless the two elements come together and create something unique, but aren't being wielded individually.
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  4. My girl will have Thermokinesis like powers, temperature based powers... My favorite power xD. Going to be fun. She will be up by the weekend.
  5. For things not on the list I'd need you to elaborate a little more on how it's going to be used. What sort of attacks would she have?
  6. I will do that tonight after work since on phone and getting ready to leave^^
  7. No problem. :) Have a good day.
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  8. I have no intention of joining at this moment, but I just wanted to show off Kira to the newest generation of Elite players.

    A Character From The Previous Iteration of Elite (open)

    Name: Kira Kira
    Age: 17 Year: First
    Alias: The Golden Gambler
    Height:5’5 Weight:120 Element: Luck
    Kira is as socially active and witty as she is completely irresponsible. She is considered by most to be a deviant figure, as she constantly truant and ignores uniform. In addition, she is constantly bored in class since she can simply memorize all the material (though she might not really understand it so much as she is parroting information). However she does turn a new leaf when it comes to activities. Kira doesn’t like to lose, especially when challenged, and will completely change her behavior to meet short-term goals. Kira’s most defining personality feature is her love of adventure.
    Kira Kira is the daughter of the Crime Boss Fumio Kira and a victim Kimiko Amaratsu. Kira doesn’t know much of anything about either of her parents, as Kimiko committed suicide before her first birthday and Fimio was reported dead from a police raid a year later. Due to a bit of legal maneuvering, Kira went back into the custody of the Kira family, raised by her grandparents on her father’s side. She was raised to understand that the world wasn’t an orderly place, and that those who are smart enough or powerful enough can bend the rules. As such, she never had grew to respect the laws of the land, or even those of the people around her.

    In the middle of elementary school, she grew tired of attending, and dropped out for five years to become a professional criminal and gambler. She is fortunate that through family connections her grandparents managed to find her. When confronted with the question of why she dropped out of school, she replied that she could probably learn everything they were teaching her without help, and that it was a waste of time. However, her grandparents introduced her to tests that would allow her to skip grades, and taught her that she didn’t want to live a life of crime.

    Since the incident, Kira has gained more empathy for others, skipped grades twice, and although behind in school has decided she wants to see a new dream through to the end. She wants to become an elite magic girl.
    Skill List (open)

    Minor Skills​
    Miracle Dice!: When taking a hit from a minor attack or less, Kira can stop time to roll a D6 Miracle Dice. 1: Kira takes double damage and knockback, 2-3: Nothing happens, 4-5: Kira miraculously dodges the attack, 6: An opponent takes the attack in Kira’s place.

    Bulls eye: Kira can summons 3 magical darts that do extra damage when they hit the area Kira intends for them to hit (indicated by a target that appears on activation)

    Roulette Healer: Kira can heal any physical injuries but only if she can correctly guess if the ball lands on red(24/50), black(25/50), or gold(1/50). If she correctly guesses gold, she can completely restore a downed ally(even if they are lethally wounded). Kira cannot use other skills while using Roulette Healer, and each spin takes about a minute to complete. Being interrupted cancels the move.

    Card Guard: Kira can summon cards with the properties of an elemental sword, with attributes varying on the trump(Diamond=Ice, Spade=Earth, Club= Air, Heart= Light), and power on the value of the card(2 is weakest, ace is strongest)

    Medium Skills​
    Jan-Ken-Po!: Kira can challenge a group of any size within her sight to rock, paper, scissors. Anyone who loses is struck by the symbol Kira chose, but the move has a cooldown of 1 minute for each time Kira loses. An opponent who does not pick a symbol in time automatically loses.

    Gambling Addiction: Passive. People are more willing to listen to and accept bets that Kira proposes, and the bets that she makes are enforced by the combined magic of all parties involved.

    Skill Roulette: Kira places all non-major abilities possessed by all combatants on a roulette, and uses whichever it lands on as soon as the ball lands. If the skill is a minor skill, the roulette will automatically spin again without consuming magical power.

    Major Skills​
    Coin of Destiny: Can only be used against major skills. Kira flips a coin. If heads, the targeted skill is canceled and the caster loses transformation. If tails, Kira loses transformation.

    Costume (open)
    Like this, but with a golden coin hair clip, a golden D6 at the end of the staff, and her hair doesn't change from her standard form.

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  9. Thank you, Luna. :D
  10. Buuut, could you post that in Sign-Ups or the interest check instead lol? I don't want Character Sheets in the OOC. Or spoiler tag it.
  11. Using the two separately for lower level stuff then in tandem for higher level abilities is a central part of her character.
  12. I'd be willing to work with you on that if Darkness wasn't already taken. Sorry, Wolf.
  13. Which is why I said I'd be using a different character. Still haven't decided who, though. Might create a new girl just for this RP.
  14. Interesting. I usually encourage posting characters in the OOC as a way to build hype. I don't think this belongs in the sign up since people will be looking for actual characters there, but I'll spoiler tag this.
  15. Thank you. :)
  16. I guess I wouldn't care if people posted their CS here as long as they get it into the Sign-Ups thread lol.
  17. W.I.P. - Just bio and Sample Post left

    Physical Appearance:


    Charee Moreau.



    Sexual Orientation:


    112 lbs.

    Hair Color:
    Platinum blonde.

    Eye Color:

    Fashion Style:
    Sweet lolita.

    On the surface Charee is an innocent little girl who is curious about the world. She acts naively and carelessly, which makes many people protective of the cute looking girl. However Charee is far more aware than she lets on. She knowingly uses her sweet child-like persona to manipulate people, mainly for the purpose of having people look after her rather than causing harm. Despite her devious ways Charee doesn't wish ill upon others, and will protect others with her powers when necessary.

    Normally Charee is calm and confident, at ease in social situations. However if you manage to push the right buttons Charee will become completely enraged, dropping her sweet persona entirely. She will become recklessly violent, uncharacteristically vulgar, and someone to avoid at all costs. While dangerous in this state it is one of the few times she takes things seriously, usual preferring to play around.

    Plushies, cutsie styles, fruit, social media, and chemistry.

    Bridges, geography, dirt, surprises, and winter.

    Gymnastics, shopping (especially for clothes), making youtube videos (has a fashion blog channel), doing chemistry experiments.

    Charm- Charee is good at persuading others to do her bidding, or at least getting them on her side
    Flexibility- Practising gymnastics has led to Charee being both flexible and having good balance.
    Chemistry- Charee is knowledgable on chemistry, aprticularly the chemistry of poisons.


    Magical Girl Appearance:

    Magical Girl Alias:
    La Voisin.

    A cherry blossom themed orb. Upon transformation it elongates into a staff.



    Utility Spells:
    Toxic Immunity- Is immune to many poisons, although some stronger poisons may still affect her. She is immune to all of her own poisons/attacks.
    Spirit Fountain- Can create various types of alcohol, including that which may be used for sanitation.
    Antidote- Cures target of the effects of poison.

    Minor Masteries:
    Dousing- Shoots a small amount of flammable liquid at the opponent, which can be set alight when it receives enough friction (much like a match stick).
    Snake Fangs- Shoots 2 to 4 darts of poison at the enemy. Upon contact they will cause a moderate stinging sensation and slightly slow muscle movement.
    Lilac Slice- A slashing attack imbued with poison, which will mildly corrode biological substances.

    Medium Masteries:
    Laced Mist- A lilac mist forms, which will cause great disorientation and nausea to anyone who inhales it.
    Showers of Hell- Acidic rain will fall upon a target area of about 15 metres² for 20 seconds, moderately corroding biological substance it comes in contact with.

    Major Masteries:
    Black Mass- An indigo fog forms around the opponent, which will paralyse muscles it engulfs for 60 seconds. After the fog has formed Charee can send 5 bolts at a target, which will cause great corrosion to biological substances it comes in contact with.

    Character Bio:
    [At least Five Sentences. A brief description of what they were doing before joining the academy.]

    Sample Post:
    [As your character. Can be anything.]
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  18. Np. :) And hair and eye color can be anything.
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  19. So, I've got a question about Heartstone's. Are they like the soul gems from Madoka?

    Also, the skill setup reminds me of a MOBA. The Utility Spells are passives, the Minor Masteries are basic attacks, the Medium Masteries are Abilities, and the Major Mastery is the Ult.
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  20. Yeah, sort of. It's like a mix between Madoka Magicka being that it comes out of them, and any otherMagical Girl universe since it's their item to transform as well.
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