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    • Arrival Day
      Girls arrive at school and get settled in on campus.

      Misson One - 10/17 - ???
      The three groups are sent out on their first mission.

      Yume Youma Dance
      A banquet and dance held in the dining hall for all the Rookie Girls shortly after their first Youma hunt is complete. Semi-Formal Attire.


      Sisters - Mission Two

      Magical Girl Project!
      Details coming soon.

    • Cast List

      Group 1 = Purple Group 2 = Pink Group 3 = Mint

      House B(3D) - Hirose Jun - Damascus

      House B(2C) - Aozora Miyuki - Papyra

      House A(1D) - Momoji Rose Crimson - Shockwave

      House A(3B) - (Samantha Edinburgh - Princess of The People's Heart, Cordiculya

      House B(2E) - Kokuyo Kano - Nightingale

      House A(2C) - Charee Moreau - La Voisin

      House B(3H) - Ava Rose Leferve - Lady Winter

      House A(2B) - Mina Strand - Crimson Moon

    • [​IMG]
      Getsu City/Bishoujo City, Getsu

      Getsu City, also known as Bishoujo city, is a large city on Getsu Island. It is one of the largest islands in the world. Being that it is in the North Pacific Ocean, the dominant culture on this island is Japanese, with a slight American influence in the fashion sense and food culture, and a higher population of foreigners than Japan. On first glance it looks like a calmer version of Tokyo and New York City, but it's much more spacious. It is also the home of the Elite Magical Girl Academy, which is hidden away on the outskirts of Getsu City.

      The farther you go out from Getsu City, the more green you'll begin to see. There are plenty of farms, villages, and beautiful beaches once you leave Getsu City. Unfortunately, the countryside can be even more dangerous than the city, with Youma hiding in the surrounding forests and often attacking small villages freely. It is where ancient, rare Youma are said to hide.

      On Campus Locations
      Note: Try not to have too many character's congregrating in the same area! :) These spots are mostly for character socialization, but may become key points in the rp at some point.

      House A - Living quarters for some of the students.
      House B - Also a living quarters for some of the students.
      Main Building - Where the classrooms and faculty dorms are located.
      Library - A large library where girls can find books on just about anything magical girl related or not.
      Gym - The school gym for indoor sports and such.
      Rooftop - The rooftop of the main building.
      Stables and barn - Place where horses and other animals are kept.
      Dining Hall - Place to eat.
      Banquet Room - Where celebrations and events are held.
      In door swimming pool - A small swimming pool located near the dorm buildings.
      Courtyard - For outside celebrations, eating, lollygagging. Has a large fountain.
      Orchards - Apple orchards not too far from the main buildings, with a scenic trail.
      Studio - Equipped with a ballet barre, a piano, and a sound proof room in the back for practicing musicians.
      Volleyball net - A volleyball net off to the side of the pool with sand.
      Tennis Court - Near the courtyard, behind a gate with bleachers for onlookers.
      Greenhouse - A decent sized greenhouse for those with a green thumb.
      Bath House - For baths. Also has showers.

      Training Room - Magical Girl Simulation room.( Max: 2-4 Players at a time.)

      Off Campus
      Note: These places only become available after classes.

      Wacdonalds - American fast food.
      Bishoujo Bistro - Cute cafe place themed around magical girls.
      Getsu's Comic Store - Three tier store that sells Video Games, Comics and Manga, Board games, and also card games. Plus other niche stuff that would fall in the geeky category.
      Magical Girl Museum - A small museum full of magical girl and Youma artifacts. Mainly calcified heartstones and magical girl weapons.

      Getsu Lake - Getsu's largest lake. Out in the country.
      Getsu Temple - A large temple nestled in the city. Open for blessings and prayers. Also home to a lot of festivals.
      Spiral Heart - A giant ferris wheel in the heart of the city. Arguable the largest ferris wheel in the world.

      Royal Palace - A tourist destination. Very rarely will you see the Queen and the family as their living area is off limits.
      North Lake - Not a lake, but a mall. Has an indoor ice skating rink.
      Getsu Planetarium - Has a large telescope open to the public for stargazing, and massive replica of the solar system.
      Minika High - Another High School near the Academy.
      Pizza Shed - Pizza delivery place. Accepts order from Elite Magical Girl Academy.

      Misc. Locations
      Note: Not social spots, but locations that serve as important plot points.

    • Posting Rules
      1. When posting, use your character's name as a header and their location.
      2. During battles, do not autohit NPCs. This includes Youma and Magical Girl.
      3. No metagaming or Godmodding, at all. If you have permission to do so from the Player, then this is fine.
      4. No collaborative posts, unless two characters are on a date , or something similar and there is no risk of another being around.
      5. If you are inactive without word for two weeks, then you will be dropped and your character will be taken control of by me. Posting IC means you agree to this rule.
      6. No sex scenes within the IC thread. And definitely no sex scenes with people not in your age range.
      7. Intermediate writing standards are expected in this rp, and I will accept no less than a paragraph(5-7 sentences) for IC posts.

      Combat Rules
      1. No Auto-hitting or taking control of a Youma. This is mainly for plot purposes. If you were to take control of one of the enemies this may be interrupt plots or ideas we have in mind. Also to keep the fights balanced and to make sure everyone gets their fair share of butt-kicking from the Youma. You are welcome to direct a hit at a Youma, but do not say the attack has landed, until the person controlling the Youma acknowledges it as fact. Youma Players reserve the right to say a Youma's attack has landed on a character, to kidnap players, or anything else that enemy characters may do. This is, again, for plot purposes. Rest assured we won't ever inflict fatal wounds on your character without your consent, and if we plan to
      kidnap or do anything similar to your character we may inform you first depending.

      2. Be reasonable. If your character has already used a couple of attacks that require a decent amount of power or more advanced utility skills it will show. Their energy is not infinite. I'm going to give people freedom to pick their skills and attempt to dodge/evade/attack, but ultimately whether something affects the Youma is up to
      the Youma player to keep things fun, fresh, and fair.

      3. The first time you use one of your character's spells, please provide a description of what it does in your post, or include it in a spoiler tag. This will make things easier on everyone, especially the Youma players.

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  2. [​IMG]

    Aozora Miyuki | 2C

    2:00 p.m. ~ Move in day
    The air was chilled and the trees were decorated with vibrantly colored leaves as the year began it's transition into fall. Girls poured in and out of buildings, their suitcases trailing behind them as they made their way across the campus grounds. Miyuki was one of the girls walking alone, her pink and gold suitcase the only thing at her side as she headed for House B. There was a discreet smile on her face, the sight of everyone on campus and the beautiful colors reminiscent of one of those seasonal postcards.

    Miyuki always enjoyed the first day of being back at Elite, but this year felt different. Now that the silver haired girl was on her third year at the academy she would be promoted to Rookie status and paired with a group of random girls to hunt down Youma in Getsu. The possibility of this year being her last loomed over Miyuki's head, as there was no guarantee that any of them would survive their rookie year.

    Death on the field wasn't common, but it wasn't exactly unheard of either. Miyuki knew of the stories from some of the older students of magical girl rookies being killed by Youma, mainly due to their own mistakes when on hunts. Miyuki wouldn't find out who her team mates were for a couple of days, but she had made a promise to herself over the summer to watch her own back before anyone else's. It just seemed simpler that way.

    Miyuki lightly jogged up the stairs leading into House B, her nearly floor length ponytail swishing from side to side as she bounced. She passed through the doors and walked up to the front desk, which was currently empty except for the lady that worked there. It was customary for everyone to sign in and get their keys and ID. Miyuki did just that, and then headed up to the second floor where her room was located. She slowly walked down the hall, stopping in front of room 2C and using her keys to get into her dorm.

    Miyuki stepped into her room, not at all surprised to see that it was in the same condition as when she had left. All of her origami sculptures were still standing tall, and the intricate orgami chandelier she had finished during her second year hung beautifully over her room. On the walls were elegant photos of her favorite dancers, christmas lights, and various paper crafts. The rooms weren't very big, but Miyuki's room reflected her perfectly with the little space she was provided. She parked her suitcase up against her bed and walked over to the window, unlocking and lifting it to let some fresh air in while she unpacked.
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  3. Carmen- 1D

    Another year. Ho-hum. At least this time, I get to go out and smack some youma around.

    Carmen arrived at Elite, ready and raring to go. Unfortunately, it would be a couple of days before she got to go out on patrol. Best to get her stuff in quick, and see who her dormmates were. She signed in and trudged upstairs, lugging her bags behind her. It was so tempting to transform and break out the super strength, but the teachers frowned on such mundane uses of powers.

    Finally, she made her way to room 1D. Carmen unlocked her door and dropped her stuff right at the door. She could unpack later. Right now, all she wanted to do was flop down on the bed and take a load off. So, that's exactly what she did.
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  4. Kireina 1E

    "Hahh... I've arrived... That journey was more difficulties than usual...".
    Kireina sighed internally as she wheeled herself into her dorm house.
    She seemed to be the first to arrive and quickly entered her room, glad to see that all her possessions were still there, including the ones she had sent ahead due to not having the capacity to carry them.

    Digging through one of the bags she began pulling out ingredients and her miniature portable oven and decided to cook a welcome back gift for the other students.
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  5. Kokuyo Kano -2E

    Noon- Kokuyo Manor

    Kano spent every morning since she was eleven training. Physically, mentally, at this point, they were both the same, but today she was on the verge of destruction. It had been four years since her Heart Stone had emerged, and she had yet to experience her transformation. It was maddening, especially coming from a prestigious, highly observed family such as hers. At least that was what her parents told her. They weren't ashamed of her in the least, but it was disappointing for the only daughter of Isao Kokuyo to have not transformed after receiving her stone so young.

    Because of that fact, Kano had distanced herself from her family as well as anyone else who tried to get to know her. She trained in martial arts, fencing, everything her parents could think of to bring about her power. This morning, it was hand-to-hand combat, and her mother was her opponent. Isao Kokyuo was part of the Elite Circle and her mastery was enchanted gems. And she always insisted she be transformed when they spar.

    "Come now, Kano." Isao egged as four small rubies hovered over her palm. "Push yourself, sometimes your transformation will take place when your body is under a lot of stress." The green eyed girl frowned as she readied herself and charged at her mother. Isao extended her hand and the gems shot out towards Kano as small projectiles. The girl brought her hands up to protect her face, though one still made it past and grazed her cheek.

    Kano struck out at her mother, who blocked and knocked the girl away easily. Fighting a Magical Girl without any power of your own was unfair, but Kano was determined to prove she was still powerful. So as she was knocked away, she bent backwards, letting her hands support her weight and kicked out forcefully. Her kick landed, connecting solidly with Isao's arms that had been prepared to block. As Kano flipped over back onto her feet, she rushed forward again, thinking she'd caught her mother off guard, but that wasn't the case.

    At the last minute, Isao brought up a shimmering diamond shield that stunned Kano as she collided with it. The force sent her flying back against a marble pillar. Kano ground her teeth as she looked up at her mother, who was shaking her head slowly. "You should've been prepared for that, daughter." Isao sighed before offering her daughter her hand to help her up. Kano ignored it. The brunette rose to her feet smoothly, regardless of the stinging she felt in all her limbs from the shock. She wasn't one to show weakness.

    "It's past noon." Kano mentioned as she walked over to her towel and wiped her face. It stung slightly and she noticed small spots of blood on the white cloth when she pulled it away. Again, she ignored it. "I'm going to go get ready to head back to school."
    Without another word, from her or her mother, Kano exited the training room and headed up to her bedroom. She showered quickly and dressed in her casual clothes, there was no need to dress up for the start of her third year at Elite. Her trunk was already waiting downstairs as she slung her bag over her shoulder and walked to the foyer, her saber holstered to her hip.

    A man dressed in a tuxedo was waiting for her next to the shiny black car what was sitting in the drive way. "Are you ready, Miss Kokuyo?" He asked with a bow of his head and she nodded. As he held the door open for her, Isao and Kano's father, Kaon, emerged from the den.

    "You're leaving already?" Kaon frowned as he walked up to his daughter. "It's barely noon. Surely you could stay home a bit longer. I feel like I've barely seen you at all this summer, darling."

    "You know I despise tardiness, father." This is something Kaon knew very well, ever since Kano had been a child she never liked being late to anything. None of her lessons, not meals, or even to bed. He didn't know exactly where his daughter got her punctuality.

    "Well, at least come say good bye to your old man?" Kaon opened his arms and a small smile rested on his lips. Another thing Kano despised was any invasion of her personal space. But she did love her father, though he often turned a blind eye to the intense training she was put through with her mother. Regardless, Kano didn't want to hurt his feelings, so she moved forward into his embrace and partially returned it. "Please try not to stress too much, won't you, dear?"

    "I'll put all of my effort into it." With that said, Kano glanced at her mother who was wearing an indifferent expression on her face. Kano knew her mother loved her, but she also knew Isao would love her more if she had transformed as soon as her Heart Stone had emerged. Still, even when you're loved you can be a disappointment to someone who valued status above all. "Good bye, mother. I will write to you and visit if time allows."

    As Kano turned and walked back towards the door. She heard the clacking of her mother's heels following and before she knew it, arms were wrapped around her shoulders. "Don't go hunt, Kano." Her mother whispered fervently as the embrace tightened. "I don't want to lose any more of you."

    Kano frowned deeply as she gently patted her mother's hand, but didn't say a word. When she was released, she continued forward, not looking back as the man opened the door to the car and she entered. Kano wasn't an emotional girl, and looking back at her worried parents wouldn't have made her sentimental or nostalgic. If anything, it would've angered her. Regardless of her lack of magical power, Kano still had the skill to defend herself. Even against a Youma.

    The ride to Elite wasn't very long, twenty-five minutes or a hair more, maybe. But it seemed to take longer than normal as the brunette stared out the window at the passing landscape. Her mother's words wouldn't leave her mind and it caused her a bit of agitation. So much so that she vowed to prove to her mother that she was capable of killing a Youma, by hunting as many as she could. Transformation be damned. When the car finally came to a stop, the brunette sighed and the door opened, revealing House B.

    "I'll take your trunk in, Miss." The man said as he moved to the back of the car to retrieve her luggage. "2E, correct."

    "Correct." Kano answered as the man hoisted the trunk up and walked towards the house, ignoring the woman at the front desk. It was a little after two in the afternoon and the presence of another person in the house was evident as she made her way to the second floor. The door to room 2C was slightly ajar and green eyes glanced sideways, sensing movement before walking on to her own room. Being a Kokuyo, she had kept the key to her room since she didn't like having others have any sort of access to her things. Even the school staff.

    Kano unlocked her door and walked into her room. The sun was shining warmly in through the large window and the brunette sighed before sitting down on her bed that was unmade. She had clean sheets to dress it with in her trunk, but it wasn't anything she needed to rush. The driver appeared shortly after with her things and he set them down near her closet. "There you are, Miss Kokuyo. Do you need anything else?"

    "No, thank you." The man nodded and with a tip of his hat, he left, leaving her door half open. Not that she cared much. Kano exhaled softly as she set her shoulder bag, along with her saber down on the bed next to her. She leaned back onto the mattress and folded her hands behind her head, letting her eyes shut for a moment. Maybe the only moment of peace she would get for the rest of the year.
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  6. Angela Christie
    Room A-3A

    Two flights. Angela had successfully dragged her things up two flights of stairs. Her Cygnar army, her decks, her maps, her dice, had she forgotten anything? Nope. She'd almost forgotten her suitcase of clothes, but a quick body check had prompted her to turn back to her door to retrieve it. That all paled in comparison to one thing: Angela was a third year at long last! She crashed down onto her bed with a resounding, satisfied sigh and pulled out her phone to start playing a game. Nothing too demanding of her time, just a quick puzzle game to get her mind working and her thoughts going. Like, for example, a thought about how Elite only ever assigned one girl per dorm room. Was that something to do with construction? Elite was a prestigious school exclusively for magical girls, so maybe whoever drafted the plans for the school overestimated how many girls would be attending? An interesting theory, but was there anything to support it? She'd check the library later. For now, back to her puzzles~.
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  7. Charee Moreau - House A

    Charee skipped up the stairs to her room carrying only a small handbag, a boy trailing behind Charee with the rest of her stuff. Arriving outside room 2C the boy carefully placed Charee's bags down by the door. "Thanks again for helping me Kaoru~. I wouldn't have managed such heavy bags by myself, I don't know what I'd have done without you..." Charee trailed off, before beaming up at the boy again, "You should probably go now, but I can't wait to see you again!" Reaching up on her tippy toes Charee kissed the boy's cheek, before waving him off. Befriending Kaoru had been an excellent decision, he was one of the most helpful boys Charee had wrapped around her finger. He wasn't the best-looking boy Charee knew, but she could always rely on him for a favour. Seeing Kaoru was out of sight, Charee carried the bags into her room without any difficulty.

    This was the year Charee became a rookie Magical Girl. Finally she would have a chance to truly prove herself, to show she wasn't like the rest of her family. Charee was determined to be a useful asset to whoever her group was... all while looking adorable, she hoped. Speaking of which, she hadn't gotten all dressed up for nobody to see her outfit. Deciding she needed someone to compliment her on how cute she was Charee left her room, prancing along the corridors in search of another girl.

    Charee's Outfit:
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  8. Cynthia Einfeld - House B - 1O

    Heaving a short and quiet sigh, Cynthia wore a polite and pleased smile as the last of the girl’s bags were moved into the room.

    She, herself, had moved her belongings into her own space quite some time ago, having arrived early, as was a bit of a habit of hers. That left her with quite the ample time to wander off in search of her own means to entertain herself, though the notion of exploring or wandering amidst the crowd of arrivals held very little appeal. Instead, she had settled with staying within her own quarters, reading a few pages into the novel she brought with her, until the sun just hit the right angle and she was lulled into a very light rest. Emphasis on the light, given that the sudden racket beyond the, somewhat thin - she assumed, walls had her roused and more alert than one ought to be.

    Upon investigating, Cynthia had found a rather flustered and overwhelmed first year who seemed to be losing a very one-sided battle against the rather impressive numbers of luggage cases and crates she had propped outside her door. With little to do, and energy to spare, she offered her assistance. She was no stranger to labor, and kindness was something that came easy to her; there was no need to weigh the advantages or wonder about the cost of her decision. Not now anyhow.

    In a short matter of time, Alandra - she had learned shortly after the two began - had all her bags in the room, each bag placed accordingly in a position where Alandra would have an easier time organizing her belongings when she began to unpack and furnish her quarters. Now that all was done, the two gave a short nod of the head, sign of gratitude, acknowledgment and dismissal.Only when the door closed behind her did Cynthia begin to pat herself down, just a smidgen conscious about her presentation.She dusted off specks of … whatever it was off her black pants, and was quietly thankful that the shirt she wore today had no sleeves.

    Now that she was up and about however, returning to her room seemed like a chore. It would be nice though, she thought herself with a sudden hum, if she might run into a familiar face or two - or if there were any other new faces to remember along the way. It was unlikely that she’d run into a friendly face, she cautioned herself, recalling several occasions yearmates seemed to run her over with a rather blank gaze. She was no coward though, it’d be better to make such a mistake now than to worry about it out in the field.

    Coming up the stairs, Cynthia barely had the time to press herself flat against the wall - and whoever installed the railing there, was obviously a man - as several people carrying rather tall boxes seemingly hurled themselves down the stairs, easily taking five steps at a time in their haste. In her own haste to avoid them, Cynthia’s phone dropped all the way down to the bottom of the steps - not that she’d realized until a very obnoxious squeak echoed in the staircase. She only hoped that it wasn’t the same people running down moments ago who, would have likely, trampled over her phone - and the plushie phone strap toy.
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    #FF57BD BMWHouse BHouse B: Room 3H Lady Winter Ice Ava-Rose's Outfit Cynthia
    Ava-Rose. Elite's very own Ice Princess, was sitting in the back of her mother's, Lisa's BMW as the trio headed towards her school. Her birth mother, Pamela was talking to her about how excited the both of them were for Ava-Rose's final year at Elite; the year that was suppose to be the biggest and best of any Magical Girl's school year. She didn't see what the big fuss was about. Being picked to be in a group with annoying girls and having the possibly of being killed... that sounded like SOO much fun; yeah right. She was only doing this entire thing to please her parents; who promised her a Mercedes if she took her Rookie Status serious and hunted down Youma with the other girls in her group. The car was her only motivation for the entire crazy deal.

    She pulled out her phone and went through pictures from the previous few weeks with her friends. She missed her Squad; none of them were Magical Girls and her parents made her keep it a secret from her friends/followers, she wouldn't see any of them for the entire year. Her friends thought she went to some very exclusive Boarding School, which would explain why they never saw her during the school year; the story was true for the most part. She would be going back to a school filled with girls who THOUGHT they were special, when the only special girl in the Elite was sitting in the back of her mother's BMW. Sighing, she rolled her eyes at her mother's words. "I know; a lot of girls would kill to get into Elite. I should feel soo special because I was accepted. Blah... blah... BLAH." She laughed at both of her mothers' annoyed sighs. "That wasn't funny?" Shrugging her shoulders, as she turned around in her seat to see her Uncle and her two cousins in the bright red truck that held all of her luggage.

    Ava-Rose knew by now that she would have to wear a Uniform in Elite, but that didn't mean she couldn't spice it up and change it around to have her own style show through the ugly style. She got in trouble in the past for cutting the skirt to a shorter and more scandalous length. Her parents had to come to the school and she was suspended for three weeks because of her actions. The faces the school faculty made when she walked the halls is still in her mind and she still laughs at the memories.

    "Ava, will you PLEASE act at least like you want to be here? It's been two years and you still haven't tried to become friends with the other girls. These girls are going through the same exact thing your are. I think you need to be a little friendlier to them and you might actually make a new friend, or two. Just try... for me?"

    Ava-Rose nodded her head at her mother's, Pamela's words; she loved both of her mothers, even if she was a brat towards them all the time. "Ok. I'll try to be more... friendly." She nearly spat the last word. Both Pamela and Lisa smiled as they made it to the entrance of the school. "Yay... I'm back." She twirled her fingers in the air, mocking the excitement that showed on her parents' faces.

    Not waisting anytime, she hopped out the BMW and looked at her Uncle's truck, as the man and his two brutes for sons hopped out said truck and went to grab all six of her pink and white butterfly designed luggage bags. "Hey idiots! Be careful with my things, or I'll freeze both of your brains together. AND you still wouldn't even have half of one." Her cousins ignored her and roughly threw the bags over their caveman-like shoulders and headed into the building. "My room is 3H. That's the Third Floor, if you can count that high."

    She could feel the disapproving stares from both her parents and her uncle on the back of her neck. "What?" She turned around, pulling her sunglasses down to the bridge of her petite button nose. "I guess I'll see you both later?" She closed her eyes, knowing what was coming next. Feeling her parents arms wrap around her waist and nearly cutting off her air supply, she waited five minutes before squirming out of their embrace. "Ok... ok! Gosh, the both of you are acting like I'm leaving the country or something." She waved towards her uncle and spun on her heel. "Bye now. Your sons better have not broken or went through any of my things either."

    Her heels clacked against the pavement as she headed into the school, not looking back at her family members; knowing that her mothers would just be staring at her like she was leaving them for the rest of her life. Her cousins had already received the key to her room and everything. They were known around the school a little since it wasn't very often that two 6'7" Neanderthal twins carried multiple bags towards a certain Ice Princess' room.

    Before heading towards the stairs, Ava-Rose rested against the counter where the girls were suppose to sign in when they got their keys to their room. "Hello old lady. Are you not happy to see me, again?" She winked at the woman, who ignored her. "Well someone woke up on the wrong side of the coffin this morning." She grinned devilishly. Her hair spun behind her and nearly smacked the signup book off the counter as she headed for the stairs. "Oops."

    She was in her own world and didn't notice a phone on the stairs until her right heel planted firmly into the side of said phone and it made a loud and obnoxious squeaking sound. "What..." Pulling her shades off her face, holding them in her hand with her own phone; Ava-Rose bent down to pick up the phone that had an ugly plushie toy attached to it. She giggled at the sight of the thing, her super long hair bouncing up and down. "Wow, who would EVER have something like this?"

    As if someone was giving her the answer, she spotted a girl not to far up the stairs from her. The girl seemed to be looking down towards her and that's when it clicked. The phone with the ugly toy thing attached was the girl's phone. A slight mischievous smile played on the tips of her lips.

    Ava-Rose headed up the stairs and plastered on the fakest smile of concern known to man. "Is this your phone?" She held it in her hand, dangling it in the air in front of the other girl. "I'm glad I didn't break it or the toy... here you go." She deliberately let the phone drop from her hand. "Oops." Watching it tumble back down the stairs gave her pure joy. "Butterfingers, I guess." She shrugged and twirled away to the second flight of stairs.

    She made it to the third floor and down the hall to her room, which the door was wide open to. She spotted her cousins sitting down on her bed; nearly sending it crashing to the floor.

    "What ARE you two doing? Get out!" She smacked their arms, and both boys laughed, but obeyed. They knew how she got when she didn't get her way. "Go now!" She stomped her heel and pointed to the door. "Thank you!" She yelled down the hall as the two headed down the stairs and out to the truck.

    She slammed her door shut and rested against it. "I'm back here." She whined to herself, flopping face first into the pillows on her neatly made bed. She started screaming into them, having a mini tantrum; which she had every year she came back to Elite. "I need to listen to some music. Get my mind and body prepared for this bull." She plugged her headphones into her phone and blasted some pop music, trying to relax her nerves and emotions.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Muted green eyes slowly come awake as the bus rolls to a stop. Around her, other students rushed to get off and get their unpacking underway. Already Irie could feel pangs of homesickness, which she shoved aside with a well-practiced movement. Once she was the last person inside the bus, she gathered her things and alighted, breathing in the crisp autumn air. Girls of all ethnicities and languages surrounded her, many in pairs or groups, giggling as they went, and others alone like her. Regardless of their differences, everyone was headed in the same direction: towards the housing dormitories.

    She pauses and adjusts the ribbon on her chest, then continues along the path, knowing the way without needing the map her mother tucked into the front pocket of her luggage. She again stops just before entering House B, searching for any sort of emotion that might come as she gazes at it. The answer was none, and she continued in, simply falling in line as a rather obnoxious white-haired girl almost slammed the notebook off in a whiplash. A small frown formed on her face as Irie adjusted the little log book to write on. When she met the woman's gaze, it didn't even look irritated. More bored, as if she'd seen this type of attitude before, and in a much worse degree.

    The elderly woman hands her keys and ID, a smile in her eyes now though her tone remains neutral. "I brought in a few new titles on the shelf; you ought to check them out." This brought a soft curve to Irie's lips and she thanks her, gathering her things and letting the next person announce their presence.

    Just as she turned to the stairwell, a phone came skidding down, and looked up soon enough to see the white-haired girl's ponytail disappear behind a corner. Irina picked up the small device, fighting the urge to open it and explore. She'd never owned a phone, mostly due to the fact she didn't understand the point in having one herself. It's not as if she had many people to call and text. She brought it up along with her on the first flight of stairs, strap and all, onto the floor where the owner was. The brunette failed to recognize Cynthia, despite having been classmates before. To her brain, she was a new student.

    Her voice was very matter-of-fact and polite as she addressed the black-haired girl. "I apologize on her behalf for that. It's most unfortunate you were recipient of such actions on your first day." She hands her the small device, mentally sighing in disappointment at the missed chance of fiddling with the phone. This time she made sure it was firmly in Cynthia's grip before letting go. "Please don't hesitate to approach me if you require assistance. Good day." She bows and then takes her leave, dragging her things up the second flight of stairs to the third floor. Her language remained very polite, despite the two years she'd spent in Getsu already. It was unsurprising that many felt uncomfortable in her presence.

    When her door opened, books tumbled out and she didn't even flinch at the mess. To her mind, everything was where it should be. She simply took the time to pick up the fallen tomes and then brought her stuff inside, already knowing she'd be spending the next few minutes exploring the new selections the lady had mentioned rather than unpacking. Stowing her luggage in the closet, she tucked her keys and ID into her pocket and locked the door behind her, making her way downstairs. Irina craved a good mystery; hopefully the shelf in the commons would provide her with the perfect supplement.
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  11. Samantha Garland - First floor of house A


    “Gah, come on…”


    “Hnnggg! A-almost there…!”


    The sound of a heavy object being pulled over stone has an oddly similar effect to nails being dragged down a chalkboard, at least to some people. While less offensive on the ears, it does cause an innate shudder to flash through the back of a person’s skull, often travelling through to the person’s back. Being extendedly exposed to this sound was a good way to make anyone regret having ears.

    Samantha was definitely feeling that regret. Well, that, and the regret of packing so much into travelling cases with faulty wheels.

    Why, why, WHY did those damn wheels have to give out?! Samantha lamented to herself as strained, dragging her two huge travelling cases behind her. The stupid things had just… popped off from the cases mere metres from the academy’s entrance. Any effort to reattach them had been in vain, thus Samantha had found herself dragging the cases behind her as she attempted (and failed) to get to her dorm room without being see.

    She tried to not picture how she must look: expression set into a horrible grimace from exhaustion, thin arms and legs shaking from exertion, and face quickly going red from exasperation. She was almost glad she had been a little late arriving, since at least the likely hood of being spotted in such a state was at least reduced.

    Stopping to catch her breath, the girl let the cases fall to the ground with surprisingly impactful ‘thuds.’ With a rough intake of breath, Samantha considered her options. She was still a good twenty meters from her dorm, and her cases were only getting heavier as she went. It was getting really tempting to just transform and having her knights carry the cases for the rest of the way. Samantha’s hand was already reaching for her hairpin when her mother’s stern face flashed to the forefront of her mind, accompanied by the echoing reverb of the memory of her words.

    “Now Samantha, I just want you to know, I’m not angry. Just disappointed.”

    The young magical girl’s entire body cringed with shame, and Samantha found a sudden burst of strength and energy as she powered her way to the dorm’s front door, cases practically skipping behind her.

    The golden haired girl was mere feet from the dorm’s front door when she came to a screeching stop. If she used the front door, she was going to have to drag her cases right past the front desk: even if the member of staff on duty was the only one to see her, Samantha was fairly certain she would never be able to live down the shame of it all. Her head snapped to look to the corner of the building, an idea already forming in her head. She knew from her previous time at the academy that each of the dorms had a fire exit, and the things were seldom used even in an emergency, considering every single person in the building controlled amazing cosmic powers. Usually the fire doors could only be opened from inside the building, but the staff sometimes propped it open on the student’s arrival day because they were still cleaning up. She would simply go up through the fire escape, drop her cases off outside her room, and then go back down stairs to sign in.

    “Ha ha, Samantha you’re a tactical genius.” Samantha grinned through the ache in her arms as she dragged her luggage around to the other side of the building. Exactly as predicated, the door was propped open, and the magical girl in training quickly slipped into the dorm.

    Now came the hard part…

    Three flights of stairs. Samantha could feel a bead of sweat role down her forehead at she gazed up at the dusty, wooden steps. Under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t even blip in her mind. But with the foreboding weight of her luggage in each hand, it felt like she was staring up at an unassailable mountain.

    “So, my first enemy of the new year. Stairs.” The girl chuckled to herself, though it came out like little hollow gasps of air.

    Samantha squared her shoulders. Breathing deeply, she lifted her luggage up to her sides, bit down on her lip in preparation, and slammed her foot onto the first step. Despite nearly falling backwards on the second step, Samantha felt pretty good about herself as she quickly stormed up the stairs. True, she was sweating more than a lady of her stature should ever sweat by the time she passed the first floor, and by the time she passed the second her knees felt like jelly, but the end was in sight. It was with a triumphant (and undignified) cheer that Samantha stepped onto the third floor with a footfall that felt like it shook the earth itself. Of course that was just her perception, but as she let out a celebratory ‘OHohoho!~’ she didn’t really care. After all, she had done it! She had conquered the stairs and climbed her way to floor 3…3…


    Samantha’s laugh was abruptly cut short. The smile froze on her face, the light joy extinguishing in her eyes.

    …That…that sign on the door had to be wrong, surely? After all, wasn’t she in…

    With the jaws of dread slowly closing around her, Samantha slooowly turned to look out of a nearby window.

    Just within sight, tauntingly framed in the window’s panelling was…house A.

    “…This is how I die…”

    She didn’t have the energy to even spare her dignity. She had dragged her luggage, the scraps of her pride and herself right through those front doors of house A, and had quietly signed in. With slow, struggling steps, Samantha managed to ascend to the first floor’s landing. Stopping for a moment, the girl let her gaze wander up the remaining steps, heaving a sigh that felt like it had taken a part of her soul with it. Right now, climbing to even the second floor felt impossible.

    Carefully setting her cases down in one corner of the landing, Samantha ‘oof’d as she sat down heavily next to her luggage. Letting her head flop against the wall behind her, Samantha let out a groan.

    “Where’s a charming knight when you need one?”
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  12. The smell of chocolate chip cookies filled Kireina's room and poured out into the hall as she baked the sweet treats, she took pride in her cooking and soon had quite a pile prepared.
    "Now for the hard part... Distributing them...".
    It was likely that she would need help to give out all the cookies since she was limited to one floor, but to start with she rolled out of her room and began leaving bags of cookies outside the doors of all the girls on the first floor.
    Despite being wheelchair bound she was still able to move at a decent speed and it only took about five minutes to drop a bag in front of every door, the rest she kept in her room on a tray until she could find someone to give out the rest.

    With her mission complete for now Kireina left the building, the library her intended destination since she couldn't exactly take part in any sports activities.
    In fact, she only ever visited the gym and pool to watch, though her excuse was that she was cheering on her unfortunately nonexistent friends.
    Once in the library Kireina rolled herself over to a shelf filled with recipe books she hadn't read, only to discover that they were too high.
    Looking around with a pout she tried to lift herself with one hand and failed, falling back into her chair with an audible thud.
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  13. Charee Moreau - House A, Floor One.

    “Where’s a charming knight when you need one?” Charee heard someone complain from a floor down. Sounded like someone Charee could try to garner attention from. Curious as to who it might be Charee gleefully hopped down the stairs. Upon reaching the bottom she found Samantha sitting in the corner of the landing, looking rather exasperated. If Charee remembered correctly Samantha was one of the girls who acted like a princess- maybe not the best person to try and get attention from then, but it was worth a shot.

    Charee sidled up to Samantha, then crouched to Samantha's sitting height, careful not to crinkle her dress. "Um.... I'm certainly no knight, but I could try to help you?" Charee offered, feigning nervousness, "I-I don't want to be useless... so what is it that's bothering you?" Making her eyes wide like a doe's, Charee looked up into Samantha's eyes. From somewhere down the corridor Charee could smell cookies, however she chose to ignore them for now. Charee's current mission was winning over Samantha, not eating sweet treats... she did make a mental note to do that later, though.
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  14. Miyuki Aozora - 2C ---> Hallway

    Miyuki unpacked a couple of outfits and got her bed set up with new sheets, but she soon grew bored of hanging around in her bedroom. It was far too nice outside to stay inside the dorms, and watching from the windows wasn't exactly cutting it anymore. She turned away swiftly from the open window and dropped down in front of her suitcase, rummaging through it in search of her pastel pink and green jogging suit. It had little watermelons printed on it, and Miyuki thought she looked adorable in it. She threw on a pair of white sneakers and walked over to her garbage can, where her volleyball was oddly resting on top of the opening. She briefly wondered how it had gotten there, before heading out into the hallway with her keys clipped onto a belt loop.

    The hallways were a little more packed than when Miyuki had first arrived, but that was only natural as more girls were checking in. The volleyball in her hands seemed to draw some girls' attention, though, and hopefully they would want to join her for a little game out in the pool area. She tossed the ball up into the air, then brought her hands together to gently bump it. The ball bounced up, but before Miyuki could hit it again, a girl shoved into her from behind. Miyuki stumbled forward slightly, and her volleyball hit the floor and rolled down the hallway. Miyuki heard the girl behind her start to apologize, and she raised her hand up in a cool wave to ease the girl's worries.

    Miyuki started down the hallway again, ruby red eyes scanning the ground for her volleyball. She mostly saw the various styles of shoes as she hunted, but the ball couldn't have gone too far.
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  15. Kokuyo Kano - 2E: Hallway

    Kano had just finished putting her new set of silvery sheets on her bed when she started to hear the commotion outside of her door. More of the students were arriving, that much was obvious, but Kano paid no mind. Most people did their best to stay away from her, so she made no attempt to acknowledge anyone else's presence other than teachers. After her bed was made, she sighed softly, taking a step back to look at her work. Once satisfied that the bed was perfectly made, no creases or untucked corners, the brunette decided that a walk would be beneficial.

    She grabbed her saber (she never went anywhere without it) and slung it over her shoulder instead of holstering it around her waist, before shoving the key to her room in her pocket. When she opened the door, she wasn't ready for the amount of noise, or the number of people that were wandering the halls. She frowned slightly. Kano did a good job at avoiding other people, but now there was no place to hide. To get out of the house she had to maneuver through the more crowded halls and not talk to anyone. So she did just that. Kano kept her eyes forward towards the stairs as she made her way down the hall. She'd thought she was almost home free until something bumped her feet.

    Green eyes looked down to see a white ball resting by her toes. She raised an eyebrow, tilting her head in confusion before scanning the hallway. A girl, wearing a wildly obnoxious outfit was looking down at the ground, searching for the ball, Kano assumed. So against her better nature (and resisting the urge to kick the ball away), the brunette picked the ball up and walked towards the white haired girl.

    "Is this what you're searching for?" Kano asked evenly, extending her arm out towards the girl with the ball resting lightly in her hand.

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  16. Samantha Garland - First floor of house A

    Samantha had just let her eyes drift shut – more for the hope that this was some kind of elaborate nightmare than from tiredness- when she heard it.

    "Um.... I'm certainly no knight, but I could try to help you?"

    It was a voice as soft as falling snow, and as sweet as caramel. The tones of the voice were one and the same as a chorus from the heavens. Every chord of it drifted over Samantha like a silk sheet.

    Curious, Samantha pried open her eyes, and…

    "I-I don't want to be useless... so what is it that's bothering you?"

    …Had her original assertion about her demise been correct? Had she passed away from this cruel moral coil? She must have done, because how else could one justify this angel crouched before her? With hair weaved from silken golden and eyes that felt like looking into infinity, this adorable creature had Samantha frozen on the spot.

    ---Was what Samantha thought, before shaking her head and commanding herself to get a grip.

    Anything sufficiently cute enough had always been her weakness: as a child, one of her brothers had swindled her entire room and everything in it in exchange for a puppy. She had done her best to grow out of it, but right now, looking into those innocent pink depths, Samantha was fairly certain she was experiencing some kind of explosive relapse.

    Forcing a calming breath through her mouth, Samantha tried to collect herself. She was clam. She was rational. Heck, she was nearly a full blown adult. She could go five minutes without acting like a completely ditzy child, even if the girl before her was wearing the most precious dress in the world, oh my gosh how can one person look that cuddly-!

    Samantha suddenly became uncomfortably aware of the fact she was just staring at this girl in open-mouthed silence.

    Coughing, Samantha prayed that her face wasn’t nearly as red as it felt.

    “A-ah, nothing is bothering me, dear.” Samantha forced out a fake laugh, though it probably wasn’t enough to cover her embarrassment. For love of everything good, she felt like an idiot. “I was just collecting myself…err, emotionally. It’s quite a shock to the system, being back here again, h-haha.”

    Well, it wasn’t a total lie. It had been pretty emotional, standing before those grand gates, the cool wind in her hair, her mother’s car slowly fading into the distance. Although she had never had many close friends in the school before, the place held a lot of important memories for Samantha. The first time she had truly been apart from her family, the first time she had truly felt in control of her powers, her first crush…

    Of course, all of that had been swept under the rug of broken-wheels induced rage.

    Deciding she should at least try and leave a more positive impression, Samantha pulled herself to her feet, dusting off her long sleeved dress as she did so. Turning to the girl before her (who was just a few inches shorter than herself, she noted with a barely contained so cute~~~), Samantha offered what she hoped was a friendly smile.

    “It was very kind of you to ask though.” Extending a white gloved hand, Samantha added, “My name is Samantha, may I ask for the name of such a polite young lady?”
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  17. AVA-ROSE

    #FF57BD House B(Room 3H)3rd Floor Hallway2nd Floor Hallway Lady Winter Ice Ava-Rose's Outfit Volleyball Attire Miyuki || Kokuyo
    Listening to Britney Spears and Beyonce always made her feel better; even in a horrible situation like this, their music could brighten her day without fail. "I feel better, still wish I wasn't here though." She huffed out a slow breath of air. She looked around her room; the walls were repainted pink and white with butterfly motifs all over and with glitter on the wings of each butterfly. Her room was the only thing about Elite that gave her some kind of joy, that and the wide courtyard that was perfect for running and exercising. At least she wouldn't get fat living in this place. "I'm going to go for a jog, maybe play some Volleyball if there's some girls there." Standing up, she went into her bag to get her athletic wear.

    A few minutes later, she was dolled up in what could only be nicknamed "Volleyball Barbie". Ava-Rose is probably one of the only girls that looked like she was wearing makeup when she wasn't. She always had to be pretty and flawless, even when on the volleyball court or getting sweaty from running and exercising. Looking in her phone's reflection, she fixed her hair into a loose ponytail. "Pretty." She hopped off the bed and opened her bedroom door. "I'll keep my mother's words in mind. Be nice, be friendly, make friends..." Rolling her eyes, she closed and locked her door behind her, and headed down the 3rd floor hallway.

    For such an advanced school, Ava-Rose wondered why they didn't have an elevator in the entire damn place. "All this walking is not part of my exercising routine." She needed a strong girl to carry her around and treat her like the Princess she was. Walking was for peasants, and that is not her.

    While walking down the hall, Ava-Rose nearly got knocked over by some idiotic first year running off to their room. "Watch where you're going... brat!" She yelled at the poor girl, as she glided down the stairs to the second floor of House B; the best house to be. Horrible play on words, but who cared?

    While walking down the hall, she spotted two girls standing near one another. A brunette and a white haired girl. The white haired one was pretty; she looked like one of Ava-Rose's friends back home. The brunette, she was a different kind of cute. The kind of cute that could get a girl like Ava-Rose in trouble. Both girls looked like the types she would hang around with; unless they were the total opposite and their looks were just that. She would love to have both girls as her entourage, if they played their cards right.

    Ava-Rose sashayed down the hall towards the two girls. She saw that the brunette was holding a volleyball. One point in their favor. "Hi!" She moved some imaginary strand of hair out of her face as she looked at both girls. The way she made friends was the same way she showed interest in someone, flirting. "Are you two about play volleyball? One more girl and we could have a 2 on 2." She winked at the brunette and then looked at the white haired girl.

    "I'm Ava-Rose, nice to meet you..." She waited for the girl to say her name. Either she had just found two new friends, or two new victims. Though with Ava-Rose, a person could be both at the same time.
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  18. Miyuki Aozora - Hallway ----> Volleyball Net

    Miyuki's hunt soon came to an end as a girl with a stoic expression approached her with her missing volleyball in hand. Her face lit up at the sight, and with a small smile and nod, she accepted the ball into her hands. "It is, actually. Thank you." Miyuki replied, voice soft, but not too sweet. She contemplated walking away and leaving the girl to her business, but she decided there was no harm in asking her to play. Of course, before the words could leave her mouth another girl came into the picture, seemingly bright and friendly. More friendly than the brunette, at least.

    "Well, I don't know about her. But I was planning on going to the pool for a game," Miyuki replied, tossing the ball up and catching it effortlessly. As the pink haired girl came to introduce herself as Ava Rose, Miyuki had a moment where she connected the name to a not-so shining reputation. There was talk during her first year about a princessy-brat who went by that name, but Ava didn't seem that bad from where Miyuki was standing. Ruby red eyes sparkled, and with the volleyball tucked underneath her arm, Miyuki extends her hand to Ava and the darker haired girl. "Azora Miyuki, pleased to meet you."

    "I'd like to get in a game or two before dinner, so I'm going to head that way," Miyuki stated, her long ponytail swishing as she headed down the hallway. Whether the girl's followed her or not was up to them, but Miyuki planned to play regardless of who joined her. She threw the ball up into the air repeatedly as she made her way down the last flight of steps, out into the cool Autumn air.

    The pool was located conveniently between the two dorm houses, so it took no time at all for Miyuki to get there. Not to her surprise, there were girls swimming in the pool, but not a single soul at the volleyball net. She set herself up on the right side of the net, and waited patiently for whoever was on the other side to get ready.

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  19. Kokuyo Kano-House B -> Library
    Kano watched as the white haired girl took the ball with a bright smile on her face. She was about to be on her way when a girl with pink hair came prancing towards them. Green eyes analyzed the girl carefully, who seemed a bit boisterous and forward as she offered the brunette a flirtatious wink. Either way, it didn't effect Kano's decision to ignore the hands that had been extended to her, but was polite enough to introduce herself. In all honesty she had heard the other girls' names around campus, but never cared much to find out more about them, or their reputations.

    "Kokuyo Kano," She replied softly with a bow of her head. Kano wasn't much for any invasion of her personal space. Shaking hands fell under that category. "If you'll ladies excuse me. I was just on my way out."

    Kano always kept the tone of her voice even. She hated to show emotion and most of the time her conversations didn't merit any regardless. That meant most of the time she came off as cold, which she didn't care and actually liked it better this way. So after her introduction, she walked away from the two girls and down the stairs towards the door. It was nice to be outside in the fresh air. Kano (never admitting) loved the smell of fall. The cooler temperatures and earthy scents calmed her. So the walk to the library wasn't as horrid as it would've been in spring with the over powering scent of flowers and grass.

    It didn't take long to get to the library, six minutes, max. And luckily it was fairly empty since school hadn't officially started yet. The librarian nodded with a small smile as Kano entered, and the brunette returned the gesture as she walked past. She wasn't exactly sure what she wanted to read, but that didn't cause a problem. Kano enjoyed browsing books and it didn't hurt that the people in the library were scarce even during the academic year.

    As she walked past the cooking section, she happened to look over to see a dark haired girl in a wheel chair reaching towards the book shelf. She failed, and fell back into her hair with a soft thud and a very defeated expression. Kano sighed, again, her better judgment failing her as she grasped the strap to her saber and walked towards the girl.

    "Do you need any help?" It was clear the girl did in fact need help, but she wasn't going to impose if she was trying to make a personal gain. Still, better to ask and be done with it.

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  20. Kireina Aki-House B. Library.
    Kireina was just starting to consider giving up and just finding an eBook online, though she so hated the fiddly apps and much preferred the feel and smell of a good book over the plastic case on her ereader. Not to mention the rather risque nature of the romance novel would be stuck in her search history.
    It came as a surprise when a young woman approached and offered to help, Kireina found herself staring for a moment before answering with a quick nod, and the elaborating slightly.
    "Ahh... Yes, thank you, I was just trying to reach that one".
    She pointed towards one of the books, which was bound in red leather as opposed to the paperbacks around it.
    "I've been trying to find it everywhere so I was happy the library got a copy... But well...".
    She gestured to her wheelchair with a slightly embarrassed look on her face.
    More embarrassed than usual about her weaknesses now that a pretty girl had cone along to help her.
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