ElfQuest: New Beginnings

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  1. Humans; the cause of so much bloodshed and violence. They robbed their own people of the homelands, slaughtering their people, and killing the wildlife. They cut down trees, and build their cottages there. They take without asking, and kill without reason. It was for the reason of their greed that Cutter, Blood of Ten Chiefs, led his Holt of WolfRiders into one last stand against the new coming humans. The battle lasted for two weeks before the last of the wolfriders, out matched by the humans who had developed what is known as ‘the gun’, only a few escaped from the blood spill. Yet again, forced from their homes, the surviving members fled for their lives, to new lands, and a whole new world. It is not known how they managed to cross the great water, but the ancestors of those wolfriders live deep, deep within the forests in which that small Holt discovered. The only round ears that they had stumbled across were peaceful. Like the elves, they gave respect to the land, and never spilt blood of the kill for needless reasons.

    Both man and elf lived side by side peacefully for many, many years. Ever still, however, had their old Holts demise be remembered, and how the great chief Cutter fell in battle. They mourned for the Gliders, who were the first to be attacked by those cruel round eared men. Their home in the Blue Mountain ablaze, the Gliders were forced out. But upon their escape of the mountain, one by one, they were shot down. Some stayed within the burning mountain, choosing a fate of fire and smoke instead of facing the firing squad of round ears that waited their arrival into the light.

    Thus, the holocaust of the Gliders descended on the mountains, to creep to the wolfriders.

    The wolfriders had heard of the slaughter of the Gliders, and prepared for battle. A strong hardy people, they refused to be chased out of their homes by round ears again. But this was a fight that no elven warrior could ever win; even with magic. The humans were too strong.

    But here, within the Northern forest of this nameless world, they lived once more in relative peace. For those who were there on the Great Battle, peace of mind was improbable. Many of them never smiled, nor knew happiness again. Even their sending faded in time, and those joyous merry making dances held grew to be stories told to their children. Life was a constant challenge, and the winters bore hardship. Soon, they realized that they could be the last wolfriders in existence; their offspring would be their last hopes of evading complete extinction.

    With that heavy on his mind, an older elf, astride a black and silver wolf, rode through the thick fog. The morning’s hunt had come up with only a couple of small deer; not enough to feed an entire Holt. Would they have to bargain with the native round ears again? It was humiliating. A chief should always do better for his tribe than have to trade all the time! But winter was raging, and so little prey was out in the night. ‘To think that we are supposed to be nocturnal,’ the old chief grunted to himself. Growling a bit, Star Swirl stopped and gazed up at her elf-friend, grinning. Looking down, Tree Pine understood what she was saying, but as a chief, he couldn’t help disagreeing. “(We shouldn’t have to live a life off of rocks! We used to be a proud, strong Holt of wolfriders! Humans feared us; under those stars we were safe. You wouldn’t even recognize us now!)” Tree Pine sent to Star Swirl. Grunting Star Swirl shook her head and carried on, refusing to argue with her friend. Sparrow would be waiting for Tree Pine’s return any moment. Many had argued with Tree Pine about venturing off alone to hunt, but the chief needed some time alone. Prints in the snow of wolves and elves alike lead in a narrow path, leading to the location of the Holt. A cold breeze made Tree Pine shiver; he was freezing. Even with that Buffalope (a creature found up in the north that had the body and build of a buffalo and the head and brains deer) skin wrapped around him, he was still cold. ‘Puckernuts to it all!’

    A howl broke the song of the wind. Star Swirl stopped and propped her ears forward. “(Who is it?!)” Tree Pine demanded, glaring. “(Just me my chief)” a feminine voice sent. Out from behind a rock rode a beautiful silver haired elf, wearing a green coat and dark blue pants, with large fluffy brown kleskin (elk like creature with long ears like a rabbit) boots. Below was a large white wolf by the name of SnowDrop. “DoeSpring, it is just you,” Tree Pine sighed. The she-elf nodded in respect. “No sight of any round ears; though Sparrow is dying to get out of camp. He said he heard a herd of bufflopes while he was on his last outing with Jay Storm and Flint,” she replied rather stoically. Nodding, his young son really was starting to improve. With nothing more to say, Star Swirl trotted on.

    Frozen dead ferns in the entrance hid the small Holt from sight. Pushing through them, hollows of trees had been made by an elf who had been one of the first, Redlance, to make this small place home for some twenty fleeing elves and their wolves. Redlance had died last spring; some say of heartbreak over losing Nightfall. The clearing was empty; most were out scouting, while some huddled inside their hollows. They were spread out, but high up in the trees. It was some climb inside of the trees to get to the sleeping areas however. A few large rocks were circled in the clearing, for a gathering or a feast. There would be no great feast tonight if Sparrow’s hunt went unsuccessful. The young elven warrior was trudging through the deep snow now towards Tree Pine.

    “My chief; welcome back.”

    Sparrow; his young son, who had disappointed him greatly in his youth, was now a strong young wolfrider with heavy responsibilities. Once a careless prankster, Sparrow hadn't shown much promise as a leader. But the past couple years, Sparrow had really stepped up to the plate, leading hunts and patrols, giving great instruction to the other wolfriders. He sat there and admired him for a moment, but hoisted himself off. "Not much out there this time, huh?"Sparrow spotted the two deer slung across Star Swirl. They were tiny; would barely feed four elves tops. Tree Pine grumbled and pulled the carcasses off. Realizing his father's irritation, Sparrow cleared his throat. "My last patrol we came upon some bufflopes. Why not hold a big hunt, like the old Way? It might bring moral back to the Holt," Sparrow suggested. Tree Pine gazed at Sparrow, eyeing the man up and down. He was wearing a desert brown thick, leather coat and pants to match it, with strings of it hanging off the sides. Thick gloves kept the cold out. Since when did Sparrow get so wise? "Very well. I will stay behind and watch the Holt; take some of the senior wolfriders and all of the youth," he ordered. Sparrow stared at his father. He had intended for Tree Pine to go. "Chief, I don't understand. why aren't you coming? And don't you think that the older wolfriders might benefit from the hunt too?" Sparrow questioned. Tree Pine glared. "I don't want my decisions questioned at every turn! The older riders won't enjoy it as much as you young ones," he snarled as he started off. Sparrow didn't understand, standing there quite confused. What had made his chief so angry?
  2. Bird Song stayed behind as Sparrow greeted his father. The news of the bufflopes were great indeed, and she smiled gleefully at Doe Spring walking back with their chief. She nodded in response and the girl Bird Song had been looking after decided that she wanted to grab onto Doe Springs leg to catch a free ride. Her wolf-friend Night Watcher patiently grabbed her from the hem of her shirt, toppling the child over before Bird Song has time to stop her. The child laughed happily at bumping into snow. Bird Song couldn't help but smile herself, as she missed the warmer days of summer. She had never really liked it here, especially during the winter. She picked child up, and Doe Spring agreed to take her to her parent's on the way. The child giggled and tangled her hand hand in her silvery hair. Doe Spring rolled her eyes and walked off.

    "I don't want my decisions questioned at every turn! The older riders won't enjoy it as much as you young ones,"

    Bird Song was startled out of her thoughts as her lovemate snarled at his son. She followed him and stopped him with a gentle touch to the shoulder. "Welcome back. It's nice to you're back,. What were you and Sparrow discussing about?"

    Before she could hear the answer though, Flare Leaf jumped at her. "We're going on a hunt. Finally!" she exclaimed cheerfully ignoring the presence of her chief, or perhaps not even noticing him in her joy. "Yes I heard. Now calm down." Bird Song appeased her a bit. Flare Leaf finally recognized Tree Pine and quickly withdrew her hands from around Bird Song. "Oh.. Hi, um.. didn't see you there." she stammered and blushed a bit.
  3. Looking at his lovemate, TreePine didn't even smile. He was sick of living in places like this; what was he going to do with so many mouths to feed? The round ears had cut down many trees, killed half the herds of bufflopes, and now he'd have to worry about Cougar Creek, a young wolf rider that went missing a couple moons ago. Sparrow wasn't making his life easier by telling him how to run the Holt; he wondered if there would be a challenge soon. Of course he was being silly; Sparrow would never challenge his father's leadership.

    Annoyed, Sparrow asked Cloud Dancer, his grey white and black wolf friend to turn to the clearing. ("Well if he doesn't want to go,I won't stop him. But I won't let him stop the other riders from going when we could use them,") he sent to Cloud Dancer. "Wurf!" Cloud Dancer replied, agreeing. Riding right up to The Meeting Stump (what used to be a Great Red Oak, cut down by humans ages ago) and having his wolf friend stand in the middle, he called the tribe. "AYOOHAH!"

    The tribe began to gather around the stump, all looking up at Sparrow expectantly. Once he knew everyone was here, Sparrow cleared his throat. "Today's patrol was fruitful; we found the first bufflope herd untouched by round ears in months! I need my fastest riders on this," Sparrow announced. Many pleased howls erupted from the tribe. "I need Reedweather, Gale, Doe Spring, Fallen Oak,"he started. There were a couple senior members of the Holt in that group like Fallen Oak, who was the great grandson of the old archer Strongbow, and Doe Spring. But Sparrow needed their experience. "And I need Flare Leaf and Star Trotter."

    That left a fair amount of wolf riders behind to guard the camp but enough for a pack hunt. Cloud Dancer jumped off of the stump and ran to the clearing, skidding to a halt at the edge. "Hunters, may you bring back a feast," Tree Pine said, but there was a hint of annoyance in his voice. He was tied of Sparrow going over his head, but he knew the young wolf rider was right; he needed some of the older members on this hunt. Turning to Bird Song, he smiled. "I'm going to go to the den and sleep a little."

    In the clearing as Tree Pine rode off, the hunters lifted their voices in a howl before the great hunt, just like in the old Way.
  4. Flare Leaf quickly dismissed herself at the meeting call. She was literally beaming as she heard her name being said as one of the ones leaving for the hunt. She raised bow in the air howled from the bottom of her heart with the rest. ("Come on ,we're going on a hunt.") she sent to her wolf-friend. Flame Runner wasn't really fond of other people, even other wolf riders, but now even he appeared at the edge of the clearing and howled with the rest of them. Flare Leaf laughed aloud, at the fact that if she hadn't been practicing only a minute ago, the hunt wouldn't had been able to start before she'd found her bow. Only imagining the faces of the older ones was making her giggle.

    Bird Song was worried about Tree Pine. She knew he was worried for the sake of the Holt, but she wished he wouldn't burden himself too much. She decided against going after him, and chose to let him rest peacefully without interruptions. She sat near the clearing and called for Night Watcher. She sat patiently as her companion buried her fingers into her fur and scratched her behind the ears. She even leaned into to touch contently as she found an especially itchy spot. "What could I do lessen his burden, even for a bit." Bird Song whispered to her fur. Night Watcher wasn't sure what her companion had said, but tried to comfort her anyway by licking her nose. This caused bird Song to laugh a bit. After a while she decided to give in to her urge to make sure Tree Pine was alright, and made her way to the den.
  5. Looking back sadly at his father, Sparrow couldn't feel anything but a little bit hurt that his father downright refused to go. He used to promise to go hunting with him as a boy, to lead a hunt with him. Now it seemed that all Tree Pine did was mope around. Fury burned in Sparrow's mind; where was their confident leader? Where was the man that refused to give up? 'Dead. His soul was taken from him along with his old wolf friends...Tree Pine, the Holt needs you, pull your head out of the ground already and move on,' Sparrow thought before giving the gather howl and leading the charge. His wolf friend, Cloud Dancer, wouldn't let any other wolf run with him and Sparrow; Cloud Dancer was one of the alpha wolves.

    It felt good; riding Cloud Dancer and feeling the breeze hit his face. His heart raced with the hunt, not missing a beat. This forest may be a bit barren, but it wasn't the prey that made this forest alone, it wasn't the wolves; it was a mixture of them and the spirits of the riders of the wolves that made this Holt so important. But if they starved for another moon, the entire Holt would have to move; including Hare Runner who'd just had baby Yale.

    Suddenly, Cloud Dancer stopped, sniffing. Looking down, Sparrow followed Cloud Dancer's gaze, and tested the air. Bufflopes. He waved the older hunters left (Fallen Oak, Doespring and Gale), and the younger ones right (Reedweather, Flare Leaf and Star Trotter). He and Cloud Dancer would start the chase right in the middle. Once in place, sending to make sure everyone held their places firmly, he lifted his voice in a howl. The bufflopes shot their heads and whipped around, and began to run.

    Cloud Dancer tore after them, glee in his eyes. The older hunters rounded off and cut them off at the pass, Sparrow could only hope that Flare Leaf would lead the younger ones to their positions.

    Back at the camp, Tree Pine had lit some sage and was thinking about how the hunt was going. ("Thinking about how you should have gone after all?") a tender voice asked calmly. Looking over, Tree Pine looked into the beautiful brown eyes of Star Swirl. Star Swirl was a wise older wolf. Tree Pine looked back at the sage burning. ("I should have been with him. He's led plenty, but this one is different. It's been so long Star, since we've had full stomachs.") Tree Pine knew that his leadership was faltering; he knew it was time. ("I am giving command to Sparrow.") "Wurf?" Star Swirl knew it was time for the elder's leadership to end at this point. ("When will you tell him?") ("When he comes back. We'll have the ceremony when the moon is highest in the sky.") Tree Pine wondered how Bird song would take the news.

    ("Riuk, I need to talk to you in my den.")
  6. Flare Leaf had to seriously try and keep Flame Runner in check. He would had wanted to ride close to Cloud Dancer, even tough he was no where near that high in the hierarchy of the pack, and Flare Leaf didn't want any unnecessary disputes during the long awaited hunt. It felt like ages since she had last ridden in the woods, just riding, not being constantly on the lookout for an occasional rabbit or squirrel. She loved the breeze in her hair, and let herself relax for a bit after making sure Flame Runner would behave himself.

    Flare Leaf tensed as Cloud Dancer found the trail of the bufflopes. She felt herself grin as she led the younger ones to the right side of the herd. She felt Flame Runners urge to go and jump at the bufflopes, but despite being a bit of a lonely wolf he knew how to hunt in pack and didn't rush himself. Flare Leaf sent him wordless praise and and he growled in annoyance, but didn't move. Reedweather did give them a dirty look, and warned them about chasing the bufflopes away before everyone was ready. Flare leaf shot him an apologizing glance and they moved to their positions.

    As they heard the howl they immediately started towards the herd. Their escape route blocked by the other hunter the bufflopes started steering right, towards them. Flare Leaf raised her voice in a howl with Reedweather and Star Trotter, and the bufflopes started bumping into each other in panic. Most of them turning towards the way they came from, towards Sparrow.

    Bird Song was absentmindedly wandering towards Tree Pines den, not really sure if she should go after all, as he called for her. ("I'll be right there, Tylk.") She sent a worried glance at her wolf-friend. ("I hope it's nothing serious") she sent to her after telling her what he sent her as they walked with more determined steps. ("You'll know once you talk to him") was her simple answer. Bird Song was comforted by Watchers words, but she still quickened her step and arrived only a couple moments later.
  7. Sparrow hadn't intended for them to turn back to him, but he was a very quick thinker. ("Cloud Dancer, rush them!") he sent to his wolf friend, who upon command, acted. Running forward and baring his teeth, the bufflopes debated whether or not to keep going, or to keep running. Their speed was decreasing, but not fully stopped. From one of the sides, a bunch of wolf riders began to attack. striking one down, Gale turned to another. He was one of the best hunters of the tribe, and his father's best friend.

    But not even Gale could guess what would happen next. One of the bufflopes, scared and angry, rushed at sparrow. And before he and Cloud Dancer could move, the bufflope rammed into the grey wolf's side. Yelping, Cloud Dancer fell to the ground hard and knocked Sparrow off of him, sending him sailing across the clearing. Laying there, Sparrow didn't move. Cloud Dancer however was in deep trouble. The bufflope was backing up, but preparing for another charge, and Cloud Dancer was desperately injured. This had never happened before; bufflopes were stupid. They'd stand there in place in a prairie fire; this was very unusual.

    Sparrow came to his senses just in time to see Cloud Dancer get charged a second time. ("Cloud Dancer, roll!") he sent furiously to his friend, fearing if he stayed laying there, that Cloud Runner would die. The wolf rolled to the side just as the bufflope charged, and promptly missed the terrified wolf. Getting to his feet, Sparrow pulled out his dagger and gave no chance to the bufflope for a second charge. Slamming the blade down onto the bufflope's head, he fell with it. Slumping to the ground, the bufflope lay bleeding, wide eyed. Pulling himself up and wiping his forehead, Sparrow knew that was close. Looking over, he could hear Cloud Dancer whining. Running over and kneeling, he could tell that his friend's right front leg was broke. ("I need to get him to the healer!") he sent to the hunters. Gale turned from where he'd stood, and urged Bracken Jaw, his brown wolf friend, forward. "Hand him to me, Bracken Jaw can carry many loads," Gale said. Bracken Jaw was the biggest wolf in the pack. ("This might hurt a little Cloud Dancer") Sparrow sent to his injured friend. Whining as Sparrow picked him up and heaved him onto Bracken Jaw, he watched the three of them dash off towards the holt. Shaking his head, he knew that he had to stay focused for the hunt.

    Turning, he faced the bufflopes (many escaped during the crisis, but some were still huddled up. Stupid creatures. ("Kill three more".) The hunters began killing off some of the bufflopes, and Reedweather and Fallen oak worked on the ones that fell. Sparrow couldn't help but wonder what was to become of his wolf friend. he had the healing gift, but it was new to him. He didn't dare risk it.

    Tree Pine gazed up at her, looking away as soon as he did though. ("I am giving up my command to Sparrow.") Before she could answer, a howl came from the clearing. It sounded troubled; Tree Pine shot up. Star Swirl ran out, and gazed at the figure laying on Bracken Jaw. Her son was slumped between Gale and Bracken Jaw's head, right on his shoulders. whining, she ran up and licked Cloud Dancer's face. Opening his eyes, Cloud Dancer returned his mother's affections but his head slumped again. ("Bird Song, we need a healer's touch!") Pulling the injured wolf from Bracken Jaw, he laid him down gently. ("Cloud Dancer, what happened?") ("Bufflope, attack.") Tree Pine's face froze; Sparrow. His son, what had become of his son?
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  8. Flare Leaf was riding after the bufflopes, and didn't notice the trouble Sparrow and his wolf-friend were in until it was too late. Cloud Dancer looked terrible, but knowing there was nothing she could do she stayed behind with Reedweather and Star Trotter and let the elder ones with more experience handle it. Star Trotter had paled and would had continued staring even as the order to kill more bufflopes was sent, if Flare Leaf hadn't nudged her awake. She shook her head and helped Flare Leaf chase and kill one of the bufflopes.

    Flare Leaf was distracted by the incident as well, but she managed to shoot it's other eye. As it tripped Star Trotter was quick to cut it's throat. They proceeded to hunt for another one. This one was older, and it's meat wouldn't be as good, but the others had already ran so far it would had been foolish to chase after them. It was an easy kill, Flare Leaf shot an arrow at it's side and Flame Runner finished it. Reedweather helped them load everything they might need to the wolves back to be carried back to the Holt. Doespring and Fallen Oak took what their wolves could carry in addition to the one Doespring had killed.

    Flame Runner sent complains as they loaded the meat and the fur coats to it's back. Usually everyone would had been happily chattering but now everyone was too worried of Cloud Dancers fate. Flare Leaf found herself sending worried glances towards Sparrow also. Trying her best to focus at the task at hand she wondered how they were going to get everything back to the Holt with out Bracken Jaw. "You should go. We'll be fine from here on." she finally gave over to her worry about Sparrow. "His your wolf-friend. You should stay with him." In all honesty she wasn't sure was she more worried about Cloud Dancer or for the possibility it could had been Flame Runner who got hurt. And she knew that if her wolf-friend ever got hurt, she wouldn't be able to think about anything else for a while.

    Bird Song was dumbfounded with what Tree Pine was telling her. It took a moment for her brain to register what he was actually saying, and before she could answer there was a ruckus outside. Her eyes widened at the sight of Cloud Dancer in such a sorry state. She quickly moved to his side and started healing the poor wolf. Starting the healing she noticed that besides the front paw one of his ribs was broken also.In the midst of her healing she made a mental note to teach Sparrow to use his healing as well. A couple of broken bones were easily fixed. And she sighed in relief as Cloud Dancer seemed to be feeling better. "What about Sparrow? How is he?" she anxiously asked the question she knew Tree Pine was thinking but was too afraid of the answer to ask.
  9. Looking at her, he nodded. ("Doespring, you are in charge of this while I am gone. Cloud Runner was greatly injured, I can't keep my head straight.") he sent, turning his back. ("Take Fern Herder with you, I can hitch a ride with Reedweather's wolf friend and him.") the beautiful grey hair elf slid off her white wolf's back. The two looked at one another for a moment before Fern Herder trotted up to Sparrow, whining happily. Hopping on her back, Sparrow smiled gratefully back at Doespring and the two charged into the trees, disappearing from sight. The hunting party would be left to get as much as they could get onto their wolf friends back without putting too much strain on themselves. Sparrow just hoped that Cloud Dancer's injuries could be healed so he could go back and help; he couldn't leave him like that and carry on as if nothing happened.

    Tree Pine kept his eyes on the clearing as Bird Song tried to heal the poor wolf. ("Tree Pine, Sparrow was alright. Cloud Dancer took the hit, I didn't notice any injury on your son.") Gale was Tree Pine's brother, and it sure showed. The two looked almost identical besides the different colours of their face fur. Tree Pine looked down, still worried. Sparrow was the kind of man to hide any injury he had. Suddenly, their ears caught onto the sound of paws beating against the ground.

    Tree Pine got to his feet and looked towards the clearing. Within a couple minutes, Sparrow came riding in on Fern Herder, Doespring's mount. "How is he?" he asked as he quickly slid off of the white she~wolf. Running up to Cloud Dancer's side, he watched as Bird Song desperately. Looking back, he gazed up at Gale. "Gale, they'll need your help to bring some of the kill back. Maybe take a sled?" he suggested. Gale dipped his head and hopped onto Bracken Jaw, heading for the side of the Great Red Oak's side where they kept supplies.

    ("Your going to be alright Cloud Dancer...what were you thinking?") He put a hand on his friend's head, right by his ears and began to rub his fur. Cloud Dancer looked up and licked Sparrow's arm, whining. He was happy to see Sparrow unhurt, but he was hurting bad. He would be alright, thanks to the healer Bird Song. But he couldn't be ridden for a while. While the wound would be healed, he would have a possibility of re-breaking whatever was broken if he over did it.
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  10. Flare Leaf flicked Flame Runners nose as he wouldn't stop complaining, and received a glare in response. Rolling her eyes she gave up and lifted some of the meat of his back. "We might have to make another trip." Doespring glanced around and was about to agree, when Gale trotted to the scene with a sled. Sighing in relief everyone dumped their loads to the sled. Reedweather grinning ear to ear and perhaps leaving a bit too little for his wolf-friend to carry, but as he was supposed to give Doespring a lift, no-one noted him. ("Do you want help pulling the sledge?") Flare Leaf asked from Gale. Bracken Jaw was the the strongest wolf around, but she wanted to make sure carrying Cloud Dancer and returning hadn't tired him up too much. Flame Runner glowered at her, at the idea, but she paid him no thought, as she knew he would do what was asked even if he didn't like it for a piece of bofflope meat.

    Bird Song released a breath she hadn't noticed she was holding as Sparrow arrived to the clearing. Despite Gale's reassuring she needed to see him to believe he was safe. She moved to bit to allow him near his wolf-friend. Making sure she relieved his pain the best she could she glanced at Sparrow. Not stopping the healing she questioned Sparrow. ("Would you like to help?") The chances to practice healing were luckily few, if a few minor cuts wren't counted, and the tribe needed a healer even if Bird Song was to pass away. And in her opinion it was more reassuring to now that when leaving on a hunt there was someone to give even some relief to the pain.
  11. He looked at her carefully. "My skills aren't nearly as good as yours Bird Song, new healers have been known to hurt their patients instead of healing them. I don't want to take the chance of hurting Cloud dancer," he replied, his eyes thick with worry. The wounds had been worse than he'd first thought they'd be, and he wasn't sure whether or not his wolf friend could be healed from this. Cloud Dancer put his head back down and laid still, unable to move again. "It could be possible that one of his lungs have collapsed after a rib punctured it," he mumbled, but Sparrow knew what that meant; it wasn't healable. Shaking that thought away, he refused to let that claim his friend's life. Placing a hand on his side, he could feel the broken rib. "Bird Song, he's got a punctured lung. Do you have any kind of medicine in your hollow that will put him out for a while?" his voice sounded urgent. He'd gotten an idea; it was going to sound and look barbaric but he knew that this might be Cloud Dancer's only chance.

    ("Thanks.") Bracken Jaw didn't seem to mind the help. It wasn't long until they came back into camp. Cloud Runner lay in the clearing with Bird Song and Sparrow gathered around him. Tree Pine stood watching from a distance, as if he were too afraid to go near them. The situation looked grim; whether Cloud Dancer would live or not, he was unsure. But one thing he was sure of was that Sparrow was quite sure about this idea of his. Tree Pine watched, his heart racing. The last thing this tribe needed was another death.
  12. Bird Song merely gazed at Sparrow sadly. She knew that he was just worried about his wolf friend, but she also knew there was little to be done. She had thought it unlikely for Sparrow to hurt someone he loved, but he understood his hesitation of taking the risk. Her healing power had told her something was wrong, but she wasn't sure what until Sparrow noticed the punctured lung. Ashamed of herself for not noticing it earlier she hang her head down trying to think of a potion while doing her best to at least ease Cloud Dancers pain.

    Flare Leaf was happy to see their destination ahead, glad to get rid of Flame Runners grumbling. As she noticed the stirring around Cloud Dancer. Gingerly approaching she was shocked as Bird Songs head suddenly snapped up and she seemed to notice the people returned from the hunt for the first time. "Go fetch something for me. It's in my den, a bluish green small bottle, somewhere. Please hurry." Quickly making sure Gale and the others didn't need her help she trotted to Bird Songs den and rummaged for the potion, scared by Bird Song's and Sparrow's serious expressions. She found something alike to the description and ran back to the clearing. She tried to hand it to Bird Song, but she merely waved her to give it to Sparrow. "Make him drink it, he trusts you the most." she told him, not once stopping to try to ease the poor wolf's pain.
  13. Taking the medicine really quickly, Sparrow held up Cloud Dancer's head. ("Drink this my friend, please.") Cloud Dancer was notorious for refusing to take medicine. But this time, Cloud Dancer just drank as Sparrow poured the liquid into his mouth. He set his head down gently, and sat back until he was sure that Cloud Dancer was out. He even pricked one of his paws hard; no jerk. Cloud Dancer was unconscious; he wouldn't feel a thing. Pulling out a knife, he looked up at Bird song. "When I do this, I need you to heal him immediately after I tell you; if you don't he can bleed to death," Sparrow's voice was very serious. He was looking at Bird Song, but soon his gaze turned to Cloud Dancer's side.

    Sighing, he grasped the wolf's pelt and sank his blade into his side, splitting open his pelt. Cutting through muscle, he reached the rib-cage and saw one of the lungs being punctured by a broken rib. Gently, he pulled the lung off of the rib and looked at Bird Song. "I need you to heal him now!" Sparrow shouted, looking at Bird Song desperately. This was Cloud Dancer's only chance of survival. It had never been done before, and the sight would have been gruesome to witness. Gale even had to turn away; unable to stomach the length that Sparrow had gone just to save his friend. Tree Pine could do nothing but watch in pure shock of what was happening in front of him; what was Sparrow thinking? What would happen if Cloud Dancer suddenly woke up?! But if Sparrow didn't do this, Cloud Dancer would have to be put down. Tree Pine was unsure if he'd have taken the risk.
  14. Bird Song sent curious glances towards Sparrow as he waited for the medicine to work. Her emotions soon turned into horror as Sparrow as he cut Cloud Dancers pelt.. She forced herself to look away and close her eyes to keep herself from throwing up. The dreadful scent of blood still made it's way to her nostrils, bringing memories of lives lost. She heard Sparrow telling her to close the wound as if from far away and pushed her thoughts somewhere deeper into her mind , closing the wound the best she could. Finishing the healing Bird Song knew this was the only chance they'd had of saving Cloud Dancer, but she could only admire Sparrow for being able to do something of that caliber, she was sure would had thrown up. She removed her hands from Cloud Dancers fur, but stayed sitting next next to him, she was too exhausted to move for a while.

    Deciding she wasn't needed anymore Flare Leaf went back to to unloading the sled with Doespring and Reedweather. They chattered as cheerfully as they could, all of them sending worried glances at the Sparrow and Bird Song, when they thought the others wouldn't notice. Sending another glance Flare Leaf stopped dead on her tracks as she noticed what Sparrow was doing. She couldn't move and noticed she couldn't look away fro he small dots of blood that appeared in Cloud Dancers pelt. It suddenly felt like she was standing right next to them, when in reality she was on the other side of the clearing. She was jolted awake as Doespring nudged her arm. ("We have to unload the sled, come on.") she reminded her, though a bit pale and unsteady herself, not trusting her voice enough to speak aloud. Reedweather gathered himself as well, and tried to pretend he wasn't shocked at all, failing. Flare Leaf swallowed a lump she hadn't noticed before, and reluctantly moved away with them. None of them even bothered trying to conceal their worry of what was happening at the other end of the clearing, only glancing forward to make sure they were going in the right direction.
  15. The wound had been healed in a quick manner; Sparrow knew that he had just horrified half of the tribe if not all. His hands were covered in Cloud Dancer's blood, all the way up to half his forearm. Looking down at the grey and white wolf, he looked carefully at his chest. It rose and fell...a bit easier than before. "He's alive! And he looks to be breathing pretty evenly," he looked up at Bird Song. "You...you've got some wonderful healing skills. I think of all the healers our Holt, our tribe, even passed Cutter's time, you are one of the more powerful ones. Magic like that requires quite a bit of skills. It doesn't take skills to cut something open like that, but healing such a wound...now that is something to be made proud of." He got up and turned to the crowd that had gathered. A few tribe members scowled at him. Jumping Rock, one of Strongbow's descendants, looked at him with such disgust that Sparrow swore he'd have a hole through his head. He scowled right back at him, and at the tribe. ("I did what I had to to save Cloud Dancer. All those who may disapprove of the measure I took to try to help him, speak now.") He openly challenged the entire tribe.

    Nobody spoke up, just for a brief moment. Tree Pine walked up beside his son and put a hand on his shoulder. "His methods were shocking, but he did it to save Cloud Dancer. He has taken a rather large risk, but Sparrow knew what he was doing. So, I have to side with him," he announced. Jumping Rock was the first to step out of the crowd. ("How do we know that his measures didn't just kill his wolf-friend?") he eyed Sparrow up and down. This was it; the tribe finally snapped. The pressure of starvation, of humans, was overpowering. But Sparrow held a steady gaze with him. "How do you know what I did didn't just save him?" he replied calmly. His eyes searched around for Flare Leaf; she would be able to tell them what happened on the hunt. But most of all, he wanted to know if she too disagreed with what he'd done. Blood was on his hands, and if Cloud Dancer died because of his actions, he'd be the first to tell everyone.
  16. Bird Song felt a slight blush creeping over her face at Sparrows praise, and leaned backwards. She was already being lulled into a comforting half-dreaming state, when Jumping Rock's statement caused her to straighten herself. Had she not been so concentrated in healing she would had been in shock too, but she knew there had been no other way. Feeling disgruntled she would had opened her mouth despite her tiredness, but as Tree Pine stepped in, she settled to nodding in agreement, glad she didn't have to try and stand yet.

    Flare Leaf couldn't help but feel indignation. Jumping Rock's behavior was understandable, but that didn't mean she had to approve. Doespring had also stopped to watch the exchange of words with a worried expression on her face. Flare Leaf ditched the meat she was carrying on top of her file, and ignoring her astonished face started raging at Jumping Rock. "Just because you would had been too afraid to do something like doesn't give you the right to criticize Sparrow! He saved Cloud Dancer from the bufflope that attacked them before, when Cloud Dancer couldn't move. If you have a better idea on how to fix a broken rib puncturing the lung, you could had shared it with the rest of us also, before Sparrow had cut open his wolf-friends chest to allow Bird Song to heal him!" She shouted, her hands animating her ranting.

    Jumping Rock stared at her like she was a bug he had stepped on. If looks could kill Flare Leaf would had been dead the moment she opened her mouth. ("Of course you're defending him. Doing something so dire is more your style anyway") he replied not bothering to to conceal his disdain at her interference. Flame Runner appeared out of nowhere behind Flare Leafs back, growling at Jumping Rock, defending his rider. "I would rather cut open Flame Runners chest than watch him die slowly because I'm too cowardly to help." Flare Leaf snarled at Jumping Rock, preparing to attack any second.
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