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    Humans; the cause of so much bloodshed and violence. They robbed their own people of the homelands, slaughtering their people, and killing the wildlife. They cut down trees, and build their cottages there. They take without asking, and kill without reason. It was for the reason of their greed that Cutter, Blood of Ten Chiefs, led his Holt of WolfRiders into one last stand against the new coming humans. The battle lasted for two weeks before the last of the wolfriders, out matched by the humans who had developed what is known as ‘the gun’, only a few escaped from the blood spill. Yet again, forced from their homes, the surviving members fled for their lives, to new lands, and a whole new world. It is not known how they managed to cross the great water, but the ancestors of those wolfriders live deep, deep within the forests in which that small Holt discovered. The only round ears that they had stumbled across were peaceful. Like the elves, they gave respect to the land, and never spilt blood of the kill for needless reasons.

    Both man and elf lived side by side peacefully for many, many years. Ever still, however, had their old Holts demise be remembered, and how the great chief Cutter fell in battle. They mourned for the Gliders, who were the first to be attacked by those cruel round eared men. Their home in the Blue Mountain ablaze, the Gliders were forced out. But upon their escape of the mountain, one by one, they were shot down. Some stayed within the burning mountain, choosing a fate of fire and smoke instead of facing the firing squad of round ears that waited their arrival into the light.

    Thus, the holocaust of the Gliders descended on the mountains, to creep to the wolfriders.

    The wolfriders had heard of the slaughter of the Gliders, and prepared for battle. A strong hardy people, they refused to be chased out of their homes by round ears again. But this was a fight that no elven warrior could ever win; even with magic. The humans were too strong.

    But here, within the Northern forest of this nameless world, they lived once more in relative peace. For those who were there on the Great Battle, peace of mind was improbable. Many of them never smiled, nor knew happiness again. Even their sending faded in time, and those joyous merry making dances held grew to be stories told to their children. Life was a constant challenge, and the winters bore hardship. Soon, they realized that they could be the last wolfriders in existence; their offspring would be their last hopes of evading complete extinction.

    With that heavy on his mind, an older elf, astride a black and silver wolf, rode through the thick fog. The morning’s hunt had come up with only a couple of small deer; not enough to feed an entire Holt. Would they have to bargain with the native round ears again? It was humiliating. A chief should always do better for his tribe than have to trade all the time! But winter was raging, and so little prey was out in the night. ‘To think that we are supposed to be nocturnal,’ the old chief grunted to himself. Growling a bit, Star Swirl stopped and gazed up at her elf-friend, grinning. Looking down, Tree Pine understood what she was saying, but as a chief, he couldn’t help disagreeing. “(We shouldn’t have to live a life off of rocks! We used to be a proud, strong Holt of wolfriders! Humans feared us; under those stars we were safe. You wouldn’t even recognize us now!)” Tree Pine sent to Star Swirl. Grunting Star Swirl shook her head and carried on, refusing to argue with her friend. Sparrow would be waiting for Tree Pine’s return any moment. Many had argued with Tree Pine about venturing off alone to hunt, but the chief needed some time alone. Prints in the snow of wolves and elves alike lead in a narrow path, leading to the location of the Holt. A cold breeze made Tree Pine shiver; he was freezing. Even with that Buffalope (a creature found up in the north that had the body and build of a buffalo and the head and brains deer) skin wrapped around him, he was still cold. ‘Puckernuts to it all!’

    A howl broke the song of the wind. Star Swirl stopped and propped her ears forward. “(Who is it?!)” Tree Pine demanded, glaring. “(Just me my chief)” a feminine voice sent. Out from behind a rock rode a beautiful silver haired elf, wearing a green coat and dark blue pants, with large fluffy brown kleskin (elk like creature with long ears like a rabbit) boots. Below was a large white wolf by the name of SnowDrop. “DoeSpring, it is just you,” Tree Pine sighed. The she-elf nodded in respect. “No sight of any round ears; though Sparrow is dying to get out of camp. He said he heard a herd of bufflopes while he was on his last outing with Jay Storm and Flint,” she replied rather stoically. Nodding, his young son really was starting to improve. With nothing more to say, Star Swirl trotted on.

    Frozen dead ferns in the entrance hid the small Holt from sight. Pushing through them, hollows of trees had been made by an elf who had been one of the first, Redlance, to make this small place home for some twenty fleeing elves and their wolves. Redlance had died last spring; some say of heartbreak over losing Nightfall. The clearing was empty; most were out scouting, while some huddled inside their hollows. They were spread out, but high up in the trees. It was some climb inside of the trees to get to the sleeping areas however. A few large rocks were circled in the clearing, for a gathering or a feast. There would be no great feast tonight if Sparrow’s hunt went unsuccessful. The young elven warrior was trudging through the deep snow now towards Tree Pine.

    “My chief; welcome back.”

    Sparrow; his young son, who had disappointed him greatly in his youth, was now a strong young wolfrider with heavy responsibilities. Once a careless prankster, Sparrow hadn't shown much promise as a leader. But the past couple years, Sparrow had really stepped up to the plate, leading hunts and patrols, giving great instruction to the other wolfriders. He sat there and admired him for a moment, but hoisted himself off. "Not much out there this time, huh?" Sparrow spotted the two deer slung across Star Swirl. They were tiny; would barely feed four elves tops. Tree Pine grumbled and pulled the carcasses off. Realizing his father's irritation, Sparrow cleared his throat. "My last patrol we came upon some bufflopes. Why not hold a big hunt, like the old Way? It might bring moral back to the Holt," Sparrow suggested. Tree Pine gazed at Sparrow, eyeing the man up and down. He was wearing a desert brown thick, leather coat and pants to match it, with strings of it hanging off the sides. Thick gloves kept the cold out. Since when did Sparrow get so wise? "Very well. I will stay behind and watch the Holt; take some of the senior wolfriders and all of the youth," he ordered. Sparrow stared at his father. He had intended for Tree Pine to go. "Chief, I don't understand. why aren't you coming? And don't you think that the older wolfriders might benefit from the hunt too?" Sparrow questioned. Tree Pine glared. "I don't want my decisions questioned at every turn! The older riders won't enjoy it as much as you young ones," he snarled as he started off. Sparrow didn't understand, standing there quite confused. What had made his chief so angry?
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  2. ((KABOOM!!!)) *cough cough wheeze* "Oh noo! oh dear..." The young female elf waved her arms to fend off the dust and smoke so as to better see her latest katastrophe. Shards of glass and ceramics were everywhere and some were even embedded in the near by wall boards.

    "I'm never going to get this mix right am I?! GRR!" And with that she kicked the work bench that held what must have been the remains of the project she had been working on. It wobbled a moment then fell over while she hopped around a bit holding her toes. "Ouch!"

    "Is it safe yet?" was a call from beyond the doorway to the next chamber. "If so please open the window so it airs out in here,
    nothing worse than dust in the stew."

    "I heard that!" Moon Blossom opened the window as asked and waves some of the dusty smoke out of it while waving off the few curious stares from passer-buys, "It's ok, it's alright, I'm good, just a set back *cough* that's all," She reached for her cup and swore, it had been her favorite. Note to self: do not leave anything of value on the work bench or anywhere in this room when working!
  3. The sounds of the wind howling outside did not make Firedust appreciate the comfort of the walls around her any more than she did at any other time, which was to say not much. Her eyes roamed the room looking for some reason to escape the tedium, a reason to dart into the snow outside and run alongside Rainfall.

    A loud 'crack' brought Firedust back to attention, her chin jerking to look over at the woman standing not a foot in front of her. "By the stone, do you ever pay attention?" This was one of the eldest members of their Holt, a tiny woman with silvery hair and a perpetually frowning mouth, tasked with trying to instruct Firedust in history and the lore of magic in the Wolfriders. Part of Firedust felt bad for the woman - Firedust made no pretenses that she was a malleable or eager student - but such were the learnings of a healer.

    Sighing, Firedust took to her feet. "I am sorry, Riverstone. My mind cannot stay while my heart is racing through the snow. I can't be inside today." She was polite, apologetic, this woman was always exasperated with her. A puckered expression and a wave of her hand gave Firedust all the leave that she needed and Firedust smiled in response to her, escaping quickly before her mind could be changed.

    Standing against the icy wind outside the walls of the little hut, Firedust at last felt whole. She shook the strands of hair from her face and reveled in the crush of snow beneath her boots, the scent of smoke on the breeze. Without so much as having to send, Rainfall was there at her side, expectant, the daring gleam in her eye that asked without words 'Can we go now?' Firedust ran a hand through Rainfall's fur.

    Let us go find Sparrow and see if he wants to compete in who can find something to hunt first.)

    In unison, Firedust and Rainfall began a sprint over the crust of snow that had fallen and frozen.
  4. Sunshine loved it. Every sound of nature; the crunching of snow under her white boot, the howling of the wind, and the rustling of the bushes and trees. It was a peaceful kind of sound. One that doesn't last forever.

    At the moment, she was babysitting the village children while the both elders and youth left for a large hunt. She cradled the babe in her arms rocking ever so gently as the other children played together.

    "Hush now young ones. The little one is still resting. Lower your voice please"

    It was then when a large explosion occurred from a nearby housing which poured thick masses of smoke and dust. She hoped that none was hurt. The explosion had caused quite a commotion within the nursery backyard where they were. The children came running towards her huddling around and behind her while the baby in her arms burst into tears disturbed from its slumber.

    "What in heavens was that? I hope it's nothing too serious."
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  5. "Moon! You're bleeding, come here, you can clean up this mess later!" Shining lights waved at the young girl to come away and out of the mess. "Didn't you wear the mask that Gray wolf made for you?"

    "I'm what?" Moon Blossom blinked in disbelief, "Yes but it flew off in the blast..." She looked down at her arms in amazement at the multitude of tiny cuts and scrapes. "Wow! I think the new mix is working, some what. For it to make such sharp shards to do this." She lifts her arms for Shining to see, a grin on her face, "I know I am on the right track!"

    The older elf shakes her head in distaste and waves even harder. "Get over here now! You must be tended to before you bleed to death!"

    "All right all right, I'm coming." Blossom steps gingerly through the mess so as not to cut herself further. Even though she was wearing the protective gear and mask that her care giver had made for her she was aware of larger shards on the floor that could easily slice through the special heavy leather shoes.

    Once she reached the farthest edge of the mess Shining Lights grabbed her sleeve carefully but firmly and began to drag her through the hall then outside into the light. With a firm shove she then emplanted Moon on a stool that they kept outside for just this purpose. Then The older elf began ringing the bell they had by the stool.
    "Oh Lights! you don't have to! It's not that bad this time, really..."

    "Hush you! My own council will I keep on when it is or isn't needed to have a healer come look at you! Oh lord look at that new smock I just made for you! It's torn to ribbons!*tsk tsk tsk* I don't know how I will ever keep you..." Her voice trailed as she walks off to finish her chores inside the house leaving Moon Blossom sitting compliant on the bench waiting for the nearest healer to come tend her wounds.
  6. Sparrow watched as his father stormed off, muttering to himself. Tree Pine wasn't himself; when Sparrow had been just a young cub, his father would do his best to teach him the way, and he was excited to go on every hunt. Sparrow didn't understand what had changed; perhaps when his little sister was born, and his mother died, did he decide to change. But that didn't make any sense; his parents hated each other. They had recognized yes, but recognition didn't promise love. Maybe his hatred of humans and Star Dew had tainted his soul. But one thing was for certain; if he didn't go back to being the chief that he once was...the chief this tribe needed, Sparrow would have to fight him for the role. Things were not like times of old where you could just move to another place, no this place might very well be the last tribe of the wolfriders, and their last chance to evade extinction. A leader should always be strong, even under pressure. They did not belong in a role where others could falter because they did.

    That thought in mind, an angry snarl developed upon Sparrow's face. Whipping around, he began to think of members to aide him on the hunt. The tribe needed to be fed; they had already gone a week without food. They lived on scraps; something had to be done. "Ayoooooo!" he howled, and the tribe awoke and climbed out of their tree holds. Kestrel and Eagle~Eye were one of the first ones at Sparrow's side. Many others began to gather, surrounding the young chief to be. "My tribe! Tonight, we hunt! But be weary, there has been rumour that round ears have been spotted in the far east of our wood. No unnecessary risks; everyone got that?" he announced, raising his dagger in the air. Cloud Dancer yipped as she knew that they would be out on their first hunt in a while. The hunters cheered and howled.

    He watched as the tribe lit up once again in hope, hope that their hunger pains might be driven off with thoughts of bufflopes and relks. It was a nice change from seeing their faces from being mournful and agonized. They would lead a two day hunt; hopefully the cubs would still be there when they'd gotten back. The bufflope herd had returned to the valley, and the relks had come out of hiding. Long has it been since a great feast was held.
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  7. The hairs at the back of Firedust's neck stood up - she was close enough to hear the howl from Sparrow and it was a mournful sound indeed. He seemed tense and under pressure. Perhaps now was not the time to try to lure him into childish games. Such a thought was disheartening for Firedust, that Sparrow had grown so old lately. You could see it in his expression when he thought that no one was looking: his mind was a troubled one right now.

    The howl had caused Firedust and Rainfall to halt in their tracks to listen for just the barest second but they came to and continued their sprint, the dark shock of hair that belonged to Sparrow coming into sight rapidly. Rainfall outpaced Firedust, who began to slow as she approached the other hunters. She had not expected a company just now, had thought that the chief would have brought the others hunting with him already. Her posture stiffened a little, her broad smile dampening just a little.

    Inside of her thoughts, she was suddenly alight with questions that had yet to be asked. Was she still a hunter? Could she still race alongside the wolves and her tribe with her head held high? And even if her dignity was still in tact, would it harm them for her to catch something? What if she did by chance and they did not, would they resent a healer taking their duty?

    She slowed to a loping stride just a little in front of the hunters gathered, her eyes flicking to each one of their faces in turn, searching for the answers to inquiries she had yet to make. She was in front of them now and they could see her plainly, their eyes offering no easy assurance. Nervously, she opened her mouth and blurted out whatever came first.

    "I can still go with you."

    She said it almost as a challenge, though she tilted her head to one side and spoke in the direction of Sparrow. If anyone had the right to deny her here, it would be him, though she had no doubt that he would not see her quandary at all. She eased her fierce expression and grinned at him instead, hand on her hip, trying to change the tone of her statement to an offer. That was the intention from the start, wasn't it?
  8. She heard the howling of Sparrow, the village chief's son. When younger, she thought of him as a playful and mischievous prankster who'd most of the time, if not always, got caught. And now, she admired him to an extent. He was still quite young but more mature and reliable. He too was a man whom her father had thought of as an eligible bachelor suggesting that she should try to get to know him.

    No doubt he was one of the most eligible man within the tribe but she felt no recognition and she wanted that. She knew it wouldn't promise her love but she could hope, could she not.

    She cradled and rocked the babe in her arms lulling him back to slumber.
    "Return to your peaceful slumber. You're beloved parents will take you back once they have completed their jobs."

    Passing by was her father, flashing a smile and stopping by as the children flocked around him cheering "Snowstorm! Snowstorm! Where you going? Come back safe" He was loved by the children. Despite being a member of the Go-back tribe, he would help out the Wolfrider tribe when necessary or whenever he drops by the village to visit her.

    "Be careful and return in one piece. I love you" she said as he pecked the top of her head and patting the tops of the children's' head and left.

    Upon leaving, he asked teasing her
    "I'm off to find you a husband. Do wait for me" it was difficult to tell whether he was serious or just teasing her but it seemed safe to assume he was just teasing her.

    Whether he was going to where Sparrow was or he was leaving to return to his village, she wasn't sure since they were in the same direction. But knowing him, she could take a sure guess that he'd be on his way back home and will only join the Wolfriders when asked.
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  9. "Why send the firestarter into a tree infested... well... forest?" Her words flowed over deaf ears, as she was the only one walking. Her tribe had sent her ahead to scout and see if there was any nearby hold which would accept them.

    Well, what was left of her tribe would be a better word for it. The round ears had managed to almost completely destroy her fellow Sun Folk. Firebrand learned only one thing from that whole experience; never trust anything without pointed ears. The woman adjusted her tunic, hoping the jeweled blue wouldn't make her stick out too much in the forest. However, as she cast her tunic matching eyes around to make sure nothing snuck up on her. With hands firmly gripping the daggers strapped to her hips, Firebrand would take absolutely no chance. She was at risk everywhere; humans were the worst sort of foe imaginable; especially with their new-fangled weapons.

    Now it was only a small handful of families, with most if not all of the hunters dead for trying to defend the others. Firebrand could count on one hand how many were left, including herself. Sure, she didn't hunt very much anymore due to her skills with fire and metal, but that didn't mean she'd forgotten how to track, kill, and gut a beast. She'd been walking for almost an hour now; the temptation to return to her group and inform Sunspot what she'd heard from her now-dead best friend was a total lie. There was no holt in the middle of the-

    Then she heard it. The cry of a wolfrider, and not very far away. Her eyes widened and her feet reacted on their own. She sped through the rocky uneven forestry, trying to make her way toward the sound heard far off in the dense tree space.

    "Hello?" She called out, hoping to find one of her own kind hiding away in one of those massively tall trees. "Anyone?"

    She almost forgot to care that even the forest could be dangerous for an elf alone.
  10. Looking down at Firedust, Sparrow nodded. "Of course healer; we can use everyone," he sent a stare down to her that gave her both welcome, but a warning. A warning that he was dominate here; like an alpha wolf challenging a beta silently, he challenged her. A red haired elf, similar in figure to Sparrow himself, pushed his way through the crowd astride a brown wolf with unusual silver fur around his eyes. Dipping his head, Sparrow greeted his half-brother. “Fernfall.” The young elf placed himself beside Sparrow. “Brother, she meant no challenge. Your hackles should not be-,” he was cut off when their keen wolf ears picked up on a sound coming from the forest. A voice; it didn’t sound like a round ear voice, but of one of their kind. But even still, they were disrupting a hunt. A snarl built up in Cloud Dancer, Sparrow’s silver pelted wolf with darker grey stockings. He was one of the younger wolves, but had made alpha when his wolf bested Tree Pine’s alpha in a fight, casting him as the omega.

    Urging Cloud Dancer forward, Sparrow was a force to reckon with. Other wolfriders joined in line behind him as they prepared to face this foe. Whoever this was didn’t know the wrath of wolfriders, or have the sense to know that you should never approach a wolfrider’s den place. They valued their cubs too much, and they would die for them. And leading the angry group of wolfriders was Sparrow, one of the strongest advocates for cub safety. Cloud Dancer’s paws quietly ran Sparrow around, Sparrow advising others to circle their prey. Whoever this stranger was, he or she had little chance of escape.
  11. It was time. Time for the children to return to their homes and their loved ones. One by one, the children left hand in hand with their parents. Some with both, some with only their mothers, some with their fathers, others with their elder sibling.

    "Bye bye, nee-chan! See you tomorrow, sis Sunshine" they each left with their goodbyes and waves. Leaving only herself and just as she waved the last child away, she bent on her knees and sprinted as fast as she could. She wanted to join the hunt. It had been awhile since there was a big hunt. It should be fine to leave for a few days for the hunt. There were other babysitters after all.

    At the edge of the village, near the exit to the forest, she saw the group. Her father had long left, and she had hoped to be able to hunt with him again. She had thought the group had also left earlier but it seemed that they were still there. No matter, she was still going to hunt with the rest of the group. She was a hunter, no?

    "Good. I made it!" She smiled to one of the other hunters. A friend of hers. And just as she arrived, she heard an unfamiliar voice, but one that meant no harm, rather, it was seeking help. She held a stance of one who was ready to attack. Waiting, she silently waited patiently.
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  12. Firebrand froze when she saw the group of riders before her. Unlike many of her brethren whom had dealings with the Wolfriders before, the metalsmith knew nothing of how to interact with them. Sure, they were elves just as she, but different regions called for different customs, and she had never the patience to sit and learn like the other good children of her village.

    "Forgive my interruption," She bowed slightly, hoping her voice didn't betray her nerves. "But... I am one of only a handful of survivors; the brethren I have left are only less than a mile from here; would you be able to offer us sanctuary after the decimation of our tribe's land?"

    Her sky eyes quickly ran over all the elves she could see, hoping to be able to spot the leader of the hunting party.
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