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Elfen Lied

"The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom
And his language shall be spoken in judgment
Blessed is he who suffers temptation
Since he, with approval, shall receive the crown of life
Lord, fire divine, have mercy
Oh how holy
How serene
How kind
How pleasant
Oh, lily of chastity!"-Lilium, translated from Latin.

30 years after the incident with Lucy....
Modern Day Japan-Another calm, bleak day for the citizens of Japan, almost no crime in the cities, an ideal place to live. Nothing much goes on around here, just a bunch of scientists and their experiments to help society. Behind the scenes, however, sinister experiments are happening. Diclonius, mutated humans, have existed since feudal Japan. In that time, they were thought to be demons, and were all but slayed. Roughly 30 years ago, an infant was born with pink hair and tiny horns protruding from her skull. Fast forward about 6 years, and that child slaughtered hundreds of innocents and military personnel, "infecting" several in the process. The infected individuals spread the virus through mating, and thousands of these Diclonius babies were born, all with pink hair, tiny horns, and pink or red eyes. The original spreader was killed on sight, and all the infected individuals were murdered as well. As many infants as possible were relocated to various top-secret bases across Japan to be contained and experimented on, out of the public eye. With time, humanity forgot about the gruesome murders from before, and went about their daily lives as usual, blissfully ignorant of the inhuman atrocities happening underneath their very noses. As time goes on, governments become corrupt, security becomes lazy, all sorts of things. And so it would happen that certain Diclonius children were sold off to wealthy individuals, while the security in the strongholds gradually got lax, though it was still nothing to scoff at.


Okay, I'm sure a few people who are perusing this particular OOc are wondering what the heck Diclonius are. For the people who've never seen the anime, allow me to explain it.

The Diclonius are mutated humans, all of whom have sprouted horns (Which look similiar to cat ears, oddly enough) Most Diclonius are female, though a male is born once in a blue moon. The main difference between Diclonius and humans are vectors, something that only Diclonius possess. Vectors are how Diclonius breed and defend themselves.

They're pretty much invisible arms of varying length and quantity that can "phase" through objects and bodies, but can also grip, tear, and rip through the same things. Diclonius have a queen, who is the ONLY Diclonius female able to bear children. All the others are able to spread the "Vector Virus" by phasing their vectors into humans. If the human survives, they become carriers of the virus, and if they have a child, it will inevitably be a Diclonius. All female Diclonius have pinkish hair, as well as pink or red eyes. Two white horns protrude from their head. The number of vectors, and their distance, varies dramatically.

On Vectors: Vectors are able to block a vast majority of objects and bullets, much like a bulletproof vest. On one occasion, a Diclonius was able to block a missile, though she had 26 vectors, 12 meters each. However, that does not they are impenetrable. Several weapons have been able to pierce through vectors, or at least force the vectors to redirect the bullet elsewhere. Some examples are:
Various types of ammo
It truly depends on the individual Diclonius, the quantity and length of the vectors, and the gun.
For a visual approach...These are vectors.



Also, let it be noted that if a Diclonius is in enough pain, they will be unable to use their vectors, which is a very useful tactic, provided you can hurt her.

It is hinted at that Diclonius have a natural instinct to spread the Vector Virus and destroy humans, but this is only an instinct, not an absolute truth. Again, individual personality will affect this. You may find a Diclonius helping the military, you just don't know. =P

Diclonius are supposedly able to sense other Diclonius, by the way.

So, pretty much, the basis of this RP is:
Diclonius are beginning to spread throughout the world, and the military is obviously gonna go retrieve them, as they are believed to be dangerous to humanity itself. Perhaps certain Diclonius will ally themselves with the military in exchange for freedom? Will a Diclonius bond to a human family?

This RP will build its story based on relationships that may build, for the better or for the worse. I want to see character growth, got it? CHARACTER INTERACTION.

Okay, on to the character sheets.


Age:(The youngest age allowed is 9, and obviously that's for civilians and Diclonius. >_>)
Race: (Diclonius or Human-)
Nickname: (If applicable)
Appearance: (I'll accept pictures or a detailed description.)
Vectors: (How many vectors do you have and how long do they reach? Diclonis only)
Personality: (How does your character act?)
Number: (Diclonius only: The number you were given in the facilities.)
Background: (Your past. Give me some good old history. =P)

Regarding VECTORS: Don't make your character have a gazillion vectors reaching an insane distance! >:0
If you want more vectors or a slightly more powerful Diclonius, send me a message and we'll discuss it.)
Keep it balanced, okay?

I'll be the first to post my character sheet in the next post.
I'd like to have at least 4 people to start this RP.
Also, in the facilities, you may use NPCs, okay?
Character Name: Chi Sayozaki
Gender: Female
Race: Diclonius
Job/Role: None/ Exotic Pet?
Age: 10
Vectors: She has 6 vectors, each with a current range of approximately 3.5 meters.
Number: 39
Residence: A large mansion in a rural area of Japan
General Appearance: Chi is a very slim girl, a result of being underfed by her "Mother" and "Father". She owns no clothes, and is completely nude all day, every day. Her hair is a bright pink. She is partially blind, so one of her eyes has lost its color, while the other is pink. Her breast size is normal for her age.
Personality: Chi has spent almost her entire life in a cage, and yet she makes no objections. She always looks forward to her "parents" arriving home, though they are abusive at best. She doesn't say much, but has never used her vectors in any way, and dislikes violence.
History: Chi was taken into captivity from the moment she was born, being kept in the research facility until the age of four. One of the male agents paid off the corrupt director, and took her home. From that point forward, Chi was kept in a large golden bird cage. She was barely fed, and was severely under-bathed. Her new "father" showed her off as some kind of exotic animal to his friends. Soon, he married a scientist at the facility, who proved to be even more abusive than her "father", slapping Chi around, often drunken. She was a trophy wife, nothing more. And even under these circumstances, she just recovered and smiled, the bruises and cuts, growing more and more, eventually losing the sight in her left eye.. She was okay- She was with her mother and father... Everything was okay... Until one day, the Diclonius were hunted down.
Working on a character.

I may also go back and watch Elfen Lied again.
Are you going the anime route or the manga route? Because according to the manga, the male Diclonius do have vectors, just that the CEO dude and his son were just random genetic freaks. No, males don't really show up much in the manga, but just throwing the idea out there for you.

Name: Lilith (Hitomi Otsuka)

Age: 24.

Sex: Female

Race: Diclonius

Job/Role: Lilith is a drifter, pitch pocket, thief, a person living life on the lamb.

Nickname: She only refers to herself as Lilith.

Appearance: Besides for the obvious pink hair, she wears bike goggles off of a soldier that tried killing her. Her scarf was once a window curtain from a house she broke into to find some food. The rest of her clothing comes from charity drop off centers that she raids frequently to change her looks when need be. She always wears a hat or bandanna, even though that’s not a social norm, to cover up her horns.

Vectors: 17 at a range of around 4.0 meters.

Personality: Lilith is wily, likes to consider herself a master trickster. She relishes the disruption of the status quo, turning the routine of the modern world into chaos with her quick turns of phrase and physical antics. She occasionally stutters when overly gleeful. She also often “talks” with her hands.

Residence: Lilith lives in a 1960s Volkswagen Van that she stole from a family a few years back. She figures since she’ll be hunted by the military anyways, she might as well have a place that allows for movement.

Number: 24.

Background: Lilith’s past could be seen as eccentric as she, herself is. Instead of turning her over to the authorities her parents kept her under the watchful eye of a corrupt director that sought to use her for a military asset. Entirely home schooled, she had not been exposed much to the outside world due to the fear of her parents. She gained a great deal of knowledge at home but at the age of 17 grew bored and waited one day until her parents were out of town to escape. Ever since then she’s been more appt to use her powers than she was before. This caused a great deal of misfortune for her, seeing as it attracted the attention of local authorities. In defense, she has killed several soldiers. She now toys with the government with a constant game of cat and mouse. There are a few weeks where she isn’t seen at all by the authorities and then others were she is a nuisance, nearly everyday..
can i be a badguy that comes in in a b25 gunship and leaves or is killed at some point?
._.' That was...rather...specific. XD
So, you mean someone who's after them for his own needs?
Rory:Oh...Huh...The manga was better....So I might...It'd make Piro happy as a lark....Thanks! ^_^
Also, your character's appproved, although if it's not too much trouble, could you have like, 3 less vectors?
pretty much. his entering attack'd be from a b-25 gunship.

shit'll be cash and due to vectors no one will die in the most likely scenario

Name: Baltsaros "Tycho" Tychos
Race: human
Job/Role: military surplus dealer
Nickname: Tycho

Vectors: N/A
Personality: driven, passionate and bearing a firey temper, Baltsaros is known to many in the reenacting and military restoration world, he owns a multinational company that takes military surplus and sells it. he also runs some arms dealing on the side
Residence: numerous, although he tends to favor hes homes in greece

attempting to access.....
access restricted, information unavailable.
Name: Captain Gregori Vasilev
Age: 42
Sex: M
Race: Human
Job/Role: Mercenary for Black Adder Industries
Nickname: 'Stalker Captain,' 'Soviet Pirate,' 'That-big-scary-looking-Slav-with-the-AK,' 'Hey you!'

Vectors: N/A
Personality: Fatherly off the clock, Vasilev the man you go to when you have a problem or just want to talk. He will listen. On the clock he is a mean mother fucker. The kind of person you don't want to piss off.
Residence: Mynock, North Carolina. On ops he lives wherever the company sends him.
Number: N/A
Background: A former Ukrainian Spetsnaz commando, Vasilev deserted after a fourth tour in the Zone which saw his talents as Special Forces wasted. He put himself on the market as a 'Professional Soldier' and saw action in Serbia, Sierra Leone, Serbia again, Columbia, Serbia, for the last time, and finally in Burma, where he caved a man's skull in with a PASGT helmet. His team was contracted by Japan's National Police Agency to monitor Diclonius in the country. His team is under NPA guidelines however they have been given authorization to use deadly force in order to maintain Inherent Right of Self Defense.
Well here you go. Let me know if anything needs to be changed.

Name: Thomas M. Richard

Age: 29

Sex: Male

Race: Diclonious

Job/Role: Head of the American Interest Corporation AIC

Nickname: The God of Death (Shinigami)

Appearance: Picture, he bleaches his hair and fluffs it up so his horns are disguised as well. Wears the shades to hide his beaming red eyes.

Vectors: 13 at approximately 6.66 meters

Personality: He’s a pompous asshole who enjoys his position and the benefits that come with it. His only care for human life is the ability to strengthen their potential for war and other violent acts.

Residence: Top Floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel so long as he is in Tokyo.

Number: 13

Background: Thomas used to be an innocent boy, or as his maids would of said back in the states. His attitude toward life was always an optimistic one until he was betrayed by his father. The old badger decided to let the facilities in Japan experiment with his own son as it was the only way to tie relations between the AIC and Japan.

In a matter of days Thomas discarded his former life and was stuck in a lab for god knows how long. It was actually a year three months and two days but to him it was an eternity. That is when his father had visited again checking on the progress of his son. The experiments were, for the most part, a success. The last mistake his father made was coming in to speak with him.

“Son, I hope you understand what I did was for you. Your future is now secure and all the enemies of AIC tremble in fear of the successor.” That was the last sentence his father ever spoke and to this day he holds true to it. People do tremble in fear of this Shinigami and listen to what he has to say.

Brief review of his business past:

-Became leader of the AIC
-Extended friendship to Japan’s research facilities
-Prosecuted for insider trading making Thomas the wealthiest man in America.
-Case dismissed due to lack of evidence.
-Suspect in several murder cases in the span of a few weeks.
-Found not guilty in front of Judge and Jury
-Bought 37% of Microsoft
-Relations with the CIA and Interpol improve with his donation to law enforcement of 25 million US dollars.
-Suspect in the largest bribery conspiracy to hit the news.
-Found not guilty in front of Judge and Jury.
-Funding for a Japanese Project known as Hunting Grounds is disclosed to the public.
Okay, just need more of a concept for the setting. Does this plot take place during the time of Lucy or are you suggesting it takes place 30 years after the anime/manga?
Character sheet coming up
Ack, never really thought about the year. It would be ideal for it to take place after Lucy's story, so yes, we'll set the time about 30 years later. Also, I would like to add one thing about my character. Her vectors are quite limited in her range, but also keep in mind she's never used her vectors once. In other words, there's room for improvement.
Thanks for changing the vectors, Rory. Piro and Ryker, accepted.
WMD, you're accepted, though I must ask, your background- Is it left empty on purpose?
I'm assuming yes, so kindly put "Classified" or something similiar so people knows it's intentional.
I appreciate it.
So, we've got ourselves all set up for this, then! ^_^
The all-star cast, and TK's joining th eparty, too! More all-stars!
Now, I just need to run the RP the right way, oh boy... ^_^;
The IC is now up- I didn't have enough time to post my character's intro, but you all feel free to post, please. ^_^ I hope it's enough fun. ^^;
Name: Ami Rose
Age: 18
Sex: female
Race: Diclonius
Job/Role: Believes she is a normal human daughter of a man who owns a large medical corporation.
Nickname: Ami

Vectors: 9 that reach 4.5 meters
Personality: Ami is a calm and subservient daughter.
Residence: With her wealthy "father"
Number: 39
Background: Ami is the daughter of an infected human, one of the men of the military had a risk encounter with a diclonius but thought he was ok, in denial until his wife gave birth to a baby with a crown of pink hair and small tiny horns. That man wound up castrating himself in a fit of anguish and sodomizing his wife with the same knife, in his own view, he was trying to protect them both. In the end, the baby was seized up and bought by a rich corporation owner who wanted a daughter, but without the hassle of a wife. He wanted a servant and a cook, without extra hands. So in the end, the child learned how to cook, clean, and please her "father" in every way. She only recently learned the truth of her creation and refused to work anymore or talk to the man who had called himself her father.
Ok, a post will be up later today probably