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    Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra is currently being worked on. There is so much information I'd like you guys to know about that I am pruning the Character Sign-Ups to perfection for you! This thread is for those interested in Elemi Chronicles, to discuss about scheduling for events and just to chat about anything that you like.

    For this CHARP, there will be a character sign up thread for players to fill out and post their characters. Anyone who wants to participate in the Events must sign up a character in the thread in order to attend the chat-room! I prefer this method because I also want to make character profiles for your characters in order to keep track of their information and Elemi's they have caught.

    I have decided my previous method for getting Elemi pictures was no good. So I will now be drawing and coloring each Elemi that is found in NovumTerra! I am currently working on a brief synopsis of the CHARP to include here for those who are new to the concept as well. If you have any questions, let me know!

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  2. Here is the OOC Talk & Event Scheduling Thread for Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra for those of you that expressed interest in the previous thread;
  3. You're so welcome!
    What element will you make your character align with? Remember, that they have to have certain personality traits depicted in this advertisement to align with an element. :)
  4. Ah, is this still open?
    If yes, I would like to take Water element, if it's possible.
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  5. Dang, I don't think I'm gonna be here for the second event and I'm not sure about the third either orz Also, will there be character sheets? If so, where?
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  6. Yes, this is always open for characters. The OOC thread will have the character sheet that you guys need to fill out to enter a character for the events. If you want to be aligned with the Water Element your character has to have two of the three personality traits; Calm, Abrasive, and Generous. I'm currently filling out the information for the OOC thread right now, so just sit tight.

    Chaos, I can't move the first event time, but I can change around the other ones for august so you can attend. :)
  7. @WhisperingWillows

    Nah, it's fine, you don't have to change the schedule just for me. The first event I should be able to attend, same with the last.
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  8. I would want in. Maybe Darkness or Poison
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  9. @Lithël Aelfwine

    Funny, I was planning on making a character with either one of those elements as well. XD
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  10. Want to make partners/brothers/son&parent/couple/friends/enemies?
  11. @Lithël Aelfwine

    I don't mind, just keep in mind that I plan on making him a huge bastard. What kind of relationship would you prefer?
  12. It could be love/hate, maybe they love each other but being fuckers it's just their nature, so maybe they are ok always and then, PUM! one betrays the other out of the blue.... and after some time, they come back together because, fuck, they like each other.
  13. @Lithël Aelfwine

    Hm, I imagine my character to be asexual though. XD I guess it could be one sided love/hate? Not too sure, tbh.
  14. doesn't need to be love like sexua, i mean love like friends or brothers or whatever.
  15. @Lithël Aelfwine

    The character I have in mind has no love for anybody, be it family or relationship wise. He'll just use them to his advantage whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think a love hate relationship would work, just an all hate one ^^;
  16. let it go, then, i don't belive i'd like to be close to that XD
  17. When I have the OOC Sign Up Thread created by this weekend you guys can sign up your characters for Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra Events!
    The first event will mainly be about the characters getting their assigned Elemi from Noirysibeth.
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  18. Ok, waiting up then