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Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra - Scheduling & OOC Ta

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Absyinthe, Jul 28, 2016.

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    Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra is currently being worked on. There is so much information I'd like you guys to know about that I am pruning the Character Sign-Ups to perfection for you! This thread is for those interested in Elemi Chronicles, to discuss about scheduling for events and just to chat about anything that you like.

    For this CHARP, there will be a character sign up thread for players to fill out and post their characters. Anyone who wants to participate in the Events must sign up a character in the thread in order to attend the chat-room! I prefer this method because I also want to make character profiles for your characters in order to keep track of their information and Elemi's they have caught.

    I have decided my previous method for getting Elemi pictures was no good. So I will now be drawing and coloring each Elemi that is found in NovumTerra! I am currently working on a brief synopsis of the CHARP to include here for those who are new to the concept as well. If you have any questions, let me know!

    Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra, is a long term chat roleplay that is centered on your characters expanding the planet, that the Elemental Deity Noirysibeth created; named 'NovumTerra'. Before your characters were ever conceived upon this world, Noirysibeth created beast-like embodiments of the thirteen elements she governs; called Elemi. Many different types of Elemi roam the barren and empty land. A detailed description of each known Elemi is being worked on. Updates on Elemi art will be made in this thread. Noirysibeth created each of your characters with alignments to one of the thirteen elements. You can usually tell what element your character is aligned with by their personality. If they have at least two of the three personality traits that correspond with that element, they are aligned with it. Below is the three personality traits for each of the thirteen elements Noirysibeth controls:

    Fire aligned characters are Adventurous, Volatile, and Flamboyant. Water aligned characters are Calm, Abrasive, and Generous. Earth aligned characters are Hardworking, Whimsical, and Cynical. Air aligned characters are Airy, Charismatic, and Perfectionists. Lightning aligned characters are Friendly, Loquacious, and Enigmatic. Ice aligned characters are Cruel, Vindictive, and Self-Reliant.

    Poison aligned characters are Venomous, Perceptive, and Alert. Energy aligned characters are Energetic, Passionate, and Insecure. Weather aligned characters are Zany, High-spirited, and Venturesome. While Plant aligned characters are Artful, Helpful, and Moody. Light aligned characters are Religious, Peaceful, and Caring. Darkness aligned characters are Pompous, Unlovable, and Monstrous. Finally the last element in the universe is Celestial, these aligned characters are Amusing, Innovative, and Gallant.

    Depending on what element your character is aligned with, determines what starting Elemi your character receives when they first enter the Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra Chatroom. This Elemi is assigned to guide you through your character's eternal life and to help expand the earth that Noirysibeth made for them. To expand upon NovumTerra, Noirysibeth requests you get the help of the many other Elemi that wander the empty plains. With their amazing powers they can create more trees, land, water, buildings and anything else your character can dream up.

    Each Elemi has a set of three moves it knows permanently. These moves or powers can aid your characters in expanding upon the world and in battle against other Elemi's. To persuade a wild Elemi to join your team, you will have to battle it first and prove your character's worth to it. Once you have staggered the Elemi and it can no longer fight, you may approach it and bond with it so it will follow you and help your character's cause. The mechanics of how to battle and tame an Elemi are currently being worked on.

    Noirysibeth granted each Elemi five extra stages of evolution to unlock within themselves besides the one they were first created with. All Elemi can access the first evolutionary stage. However, not all Elemi can gain enough Elemental experience to access the higher stages. It is up to your characters to help the Elemi evolve further by battling them and using their moves to create a world that is fit for immortal elemental beings. You can evolve your Elemi by collecting a certain number of Elementa Orbs of the same element as the Elemi your evolving(this is an orb of pure elemental power that is created when your character utilizes an Elemi's move to further the plot.) and a certain number of Fragments of Elemental Harmony ( these fragments are manifested when your character and their Elemi have either: spent 1 hour 30 minutes in the Event roleplaying, participated in a major build on NovumTerra, or you have won so many battles.) You receive two Fragments of Elemental Harmony when you have successfully won these intervals of battles:
    5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50

    This is how many F.E.H and Elementa Orbs you need for each evolutionary stage:
    Neonate - No orbs every Elemi comes at this stage.
    Stripling - 5 Fragments of Elemental Harmony | 5 Elementa Orbs of the Same Element
    Primal - 10 Fragments of Elemental Harmony | 10 Elementa Orbs
    Relic - 15 Fragments of Elemental Harmony | 15 Elementa Orbs
    Supreme - 20 Fragments of Elemental Harmony | 20 Elementa Orbs
    Prime - 30 Fragments of Elemental Harmony | 30 Elementa Orbs

    Noirysibeth watches the characters expand upon the empty canvas of earth she created for them. When a character makes their Elemi use a move three different times to develop NovumTerra, she grants them one Elementa Orb based on the element of the Elemi that the character used to develop the world three times with. Besides evolving your Elemi's, Elementa orbs can be used by channeling the Element into the Elemi so it can acquire new knowledge and abilities.

    That is the brief synopsis of Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra!

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  2. Here is the OOC Talk & Event Scheduling Thread for Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra for those of you that expressed interest in the previous thread;
  3. You're so welcome!
    What element will you make your character align with? Remember, that they have to have certain personality traits depicted in this advertisement to align with an element. :)
  4. Ah, is this still open?
    If yes, I would like to take Water element, if it's possible.
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  5. Dang, I don't think I'm gonna be here for the second event and I'm not sure about the third either orz Also, will there be character sheets? If so, where?
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  6. Yes, this is always open for characters. The OOC thread will have the character sheet that you guys need to fill out to enter a character for the events. If you want to be aligned with the Water Element your character has to have two of the three personality traits; Calm, Abrasive, and Generous. I'm currently filling out the information for the OOC thread right now, so just sit tight.

    Chaos, I can't move the first event time, but I can change around the other ones for august so you can attend. :)
  7. @WhisperingWillows

    Nah, it's fine, you don't have to change the schedule just for me. The first event I should be able to attend, same with the last.
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  8. I would want in. Maybe Darkness or Poison
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  9. @Lithël Aelfwine

    Funny, I was planning on making a character with either one of those elements as well. XD
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  10. Want to make partners/brothers/son&parent/couple/friends/enemies?
  11. @Lithël Aelfwine

    I don't mind, just keep in mind that I plan on making him a huge bastard. What kind of relationship would you prefer?
  12. It could be love/hate, maybe they love each other but being fuckers it's just their nature, so maybe they are ok always and then, PUM! one betrays the other out of the blue.... and after some time, they come back together because, fuck, they like each other.
  13. @Lithël Aelfwine

    Hm, I imagine my character to be asexual though. XD I guess it could be one sided love/hate? Not too sure, tbh.
  14. doesn't need to be love like sexua, i mean love like friends or brothers or whatever.
  15. @Lithël Aelfwine

    The character I have in mind has no love for anybody, be it family or relationship wise. He'll just use them to his advantage whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think a love hate relationship would work, just an all hate one ^^;
  16. let it go, then, i don't belive i'd like to be close to that XD
  17. When I have the OOC Sign Up Thread created by this weekend you guys can sign up your characters for Elemi Chronicles: NovumTerra Events!
    The first event will mainly be about the characters getting their assigned Elemi from Noirysibeth.
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  18. Ok, waiting up then
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