Elemi Chronicles: An Interactive Chat Roleplay

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  1. Elemi is an elemental guide that you are assigned with since birth. They are there to help you through your eternal life and to help you explore the world around that is known as, "NovumTerra". There are thirteen elements that correspond with Elemi;
    Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Poison, Energy, Weather, Plant, Light, Darkness, and the most powerful, Celestial. Each Elemi has powers and abilities surrounding their core elements. Higher ranked officials are more likely to be seen with a Celestial Elemi, being as those rare creatures are selective at best. It is also common place to battle Elemi's together, settling disputes through their guides instead of harming themselves. What element will guide you as you journey through NovumTerra?

    If you have never played in a chat roleplay before this is a good beginner's guide.

    Tell me if you're interested!
  2. This seems fairly interesting :o
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  3. Still looking for interested players~
  4. I'll join.
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  5. I'm interested in the concept but I don't see much of a plot. :0
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  6. The characters are assigned their first Elemi by the Elemental Goddess, Noirysibeth. This Elemi coincides with one of the thirteen elements; Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning, Ice, Poison, Energy, Weather, Plant, Light, Darkness, and the most powerful, Celestial. The type of Elemi your character receives, is based on their personalities. Noirysibeth requests each character align with a classification to aid the world NovumTerra in growing and becoming a well developed earth. There are many hidden collectibles in the world that Noirysibeth created for the characters. You can roleplay your characters trying to collect them and I will use a random number generator to decide if your character gets it. Even numbers will allow the character to collect it, but odd numbers will cause an occurrence. The world is still a fledgling and there is many things that could be expanded upon. Noirysibeth tasks the characters to build and expand upon the new earth with the help of their Elemi companions.
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  7. So we are essentially building the world with our characters then while collecting these things. Yeah this is interesting. I'll join.
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  8. Thanks! Glad to have you on board. I'm thinking the first Chat Roleplay event will be on the 12th of August. :)
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  9. I am going to have to withdraw my interest. Sorry hun. :(
  10. That's fine. Still open for players! The OOC will be up within the next few days.
  11. So how many other people are on board for this? It does seem interesting.
  12. So far, three other people have expressed interest. If you know of anyone who would want to attend the chat roleplay events for Elemi Chronicles, let me know!!
  13. Soeey I just found out a little while ago about Iwaku. I would like to join though
  14. Dammit there's no period on the last post.
  15. You can edit it :)

    I am working on the OOC now~ Lots of information for the world, plots, and event schedules.
  16. Wait so do we start now or something?
  17. No, not yet. The first event chapter is on August 12th, hon. :) That is when the actual chat roleplaying will be done. :D

    Right now I'm writing up the information for the world surrounding Elemi Chronicles. Would you guys be interested in playing with a knowledge and abilities point system in the roleplay? Your Elemi can gain knowledge points to grasp at the power surrounding the elements. As well as, they can gain ability points to gain new skills in assisting your characters in expanding the fledgling earth. If we had this system in place, your characters could find out IC knowledge about the lore, biology, and elements of NovumTerra. All while making a utopia, with the abilities that you and your Elemi's earn, by doing specific tasks for Noirysibeth; the goddess of elements.

    What do you think?
  18. I would need a better example of it to really see but alright I guess?
  19. Example of what exactly?
  20. Like how the point system applies. Also so what do we do until the 12th?
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