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  1. The Gods and Goddesses of Olympus have watched humans up a above for centuries as if they were their pets. One day while a party between all of them were going on they decided to give four humans elemental powers.

    Water was being able to control water and heal, it represented flexibility and able to adapt to change.

    Fire was the ability to admit flames from your body and control lightning it represented warmth, love and power

    Earth is able to control rocks and feel vibrations in the earth it represents stability

    Air is being able to control wind and jump at incredible heights, if you emit enough air behind yourself, It represented freedom.

    Nobody who had these elements knew about it until their 22nd birthday which was all on the same Month, day and year - December 2nd, 1992.

    1. Everyone (of course has to be 22 years old)

    2. Elemental power is equal, if any elemental fought with their powers than nobody would win.

    3. Romance is allowed

    4. Nobody can be a God or Goddess

    5. Please be as descriptive as possible, it doesn't have to be perfect but no one liners.

    6. You can make more than one character, but if you want to be an elemental character only one of your characters can be only one of them.

    7. There is already a position filled for Water and thats me! So if your gonna be an elemental then dont sign up for water.
    If you want to join this role play then comment the following information below!

    What they look like:
  2. Can I reserve the Airlemental?

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    I honestly thought I could keep a straight face while I was typing that. Nope.

    I don't want to miss out on this, but I don't want to rush the character either...
  3. Name:
    Seven West
    What they look like:
    Seven is often considered to be cold-hearted towards others, but in reality he isn't sure how to handle others and if they want him around. He has a hard time trusting people due to his upbringing and is comfortable pushing people away unconsciously. He loves helping people who need it and loves the company of animals.
    Seven was born on December 22 1992, a day that will change his life forever. As a child Seven was the 13th child in his big family, and as old folk tales go the 13th is usually the bad luck child.

    Seven would always cause trouble, seeing that he was the only boy in the group of children. His little schemes would be painting the walls with nail polish or shaving his dad's head as he slept. While Seven saw this as,fun it infuriated his parents! They would punish him and sit him in the closet under the stairs.

    This went on until the age of ten, at age his mother had passed away and his father had become a drunkard, a violent one. He often would beat his daughters and Seven in his drunken fits. Seven couldn't stand back and, watch he often fought his dad to protect his sister's.

    But as, his dad got worse Seven noticed his sister's leaving him alone with the monster that was his father.

    They told him to be strong and never forget them. Seven was devastated because he loved his sisters so much. When he became fifteen he had his own job since his dad quit working. He had learned to care for himself and in the process shut others out for he didn't want to be hurt again and left alone. Though he often opened himself up to a select few.

    The years leading up to his 22nd birthday were full of tragedy. He had lost six of his sisters to various health issues and one of the six to a drug abuse. His remaining ones blamed him for being a 'curse' on the family. While his dad continued to fight him.

    Seven wished that there was something or some way he could change his life! He hoped for anything even if it was small, on his 22nd birthday his prayers were answered.

    His birthday was like every other day and night, his father came in drunk and violent and he got in a few good hits to Seven when the boy suddenly snapped he wasn't sure what he did or how it happened all he remembers is his dad screaming as he rolls out flames that licked at his skin.

    Once out he looked at Seven and called him the devil before fleeing into the night.

    Since then Seven has been wandering the streets and stays at a hotel downtown where he is still trying to figure out how to master the element of Fire he has been cursed/blessed with it.
  4. Name: Ciel Kenneth

    What they look like: Naturally, since he spent his formative years under divine blessing, Ciel is quite good-looking, with a handsome face and dark hair that seems about the same length all the way around, even with what would be a fringe (although a combination of gel and bedhead keep it out of his face). He is slim and lightweight, but his height implies that he isn't as physically feeble as the rest of his build suggests. It's actually lying.

    Personality: Ciel has outer mannerisms of being very laidback and charming, but seems to be flirting with everyone, from men to women, friends to enemies, and even his own parents, literally whenever he speaks to them. It's up for debate whether or not it's deliberate, but he seems to have a degree of success with it *ahemmoregirlfriendsthanyoucancountontwohandsjustlastyearahem*. He exudes an air of self-confidence with a hint of narcissism, is easy-going, and has honed a quick reaction time from blocking mortified women slapping him across the mouth.
    It's mostly a facade, of course. Ciel is confident because he knows his limits: he's analytical of everything, and that includes himself. His charm comes from his understanding of people and aids his ability to manipulate both others and events to his advantage, but any plans he makes will usually have to be amended halfway through since he isn't very successful with predicting things. His carefree attitude is a mask for constant apprehensiveness: what good is a lie or two if you're just going to get caught?
    In terms of his powers, he's a little at odds with them. He can't rely on instinct or intuition when using them, because his analytical personality contradicts the element of air and what it represents. As such, he has to make up for it with intense practice and study of his ability. As a result, he has a lot of knowledge about his power and its versatility, but most of this knowledge is empirical and as a result, he hasn't yet achieved the full utility of the powers of wind, but this doesn't mean to say that he isn't creative with it.
    Regardless of the statement's accuracy, he is convinced that his element is the strongest, not because it's his, but by the very nature of air.

    Bio: Growing up with both of his parents and his younger sister, Ciel could have been considered a thrill-seeker in the early years of his life. Even since elementary school, he was always trying to milk everything for all the fun it was worth, and continued to do this throughout his entire childhood. He taught himself to manipulate people, and he would stir things up in a group just for the amusement value.
    He did this because he saw life as too easy. His grades were high enough, he was skilled in all the things he cared about. Without his mischief, nobody would have ever had a problem with him, but they also would never have given him a second look. Because of that, he felt empty, and despite being relatively content with his situation, he was going around in circles, searching for a purpose.
    On his 22nd birthday, he found this purpose in the form of the element of Air. Unlike a few of the other elementals *le glare at Seven* his control over the wind allowed him to keep his powers completely under wraps, which he did, along with them being the subject for his intense testing and experimentation so he could better understand their capabilities. He also expended his entire fund that he intended to use for travelling to go early, but it wasn't exactly a vacation: he wanted to get his family out of whatever his new abilities heralded, and keeping them secret to give him the element of not only Air, but also surprise when his purpose with the power of the Air finally surfaced.
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