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  1. Earth....Water....Fire....Air.....

    Long ago, my brother Sokka and I---No, really. Elements! Boy do we love the elements! The Burning Fire! The Soothing Water! Elements are usually the base from some very deep magic one would find in a Fantasy role play. They are usually either conducted by a staff from a mage, or bent with sheer will like an Avatar type of thing. What have you, Elements make for some very useful plots in role playing! Most people think that there are only 4 elements: Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. Wrong! Do not forget sub-elements such as Lightening, Darkness, Ice, and Light!

    Many people believe that they have their own fitting element. This thread shows the ideas and elements of our members! An element, in a sense, makes a person. It successfully describes the way someone acts, how they handle themselves, and how their emotions work! For role play characters, it could be a definite mirror of who they really are! A fast, bubbly person being wind! A cold, mysterious person being darkness, and the such!

    Being an elemental is a great way to base your character's personality!

    Your Job is To: Write a post as an Elemental, making sure that your character's personality is vivid and clear!

    You may pick the scenery, location, and add any other people in it as you wish! And remember: Length does not matter! Detail does! ​

    Lastly, and most importantly, Have fun with this! :D​
  2. Re: Writing Exercise: Elements!

    It was always surprising at first, when the spark of fire danced across his fingertips. His brain was sending messages about pain he should be feeling, trying to get him to douse his hand with water. But there never was any pain. In truth, there wasn't even any heat from the flames. Smiling brightly, the young boy turned to his friend, her eyes wide with wonder. "See Cherise, I told you!" He exclaimed, letting the fire dance up his arm, being careful not to let them touch his clothing. "I can make it disappear too." And on command, the flames were dispersed, leaving no trace of where they had traveled over his body. The girl gingerly reached forward, running her fingers over the boy's skin, before quickly pulling her hand back. "Jason, this isn't good!" Her voice was panicking, taking a step back. "You know what the Capital does with people with Aether Control." The young boy shrugged, giving his friend a bright grin. "Who's going to tell them? Besides you, no one knows." Cherise twiddled her fingers, eyes darting around. "Daddy says that the Capital has eyes everywhere... Aether machines that follow everyone and watch us." A yelp broke from her lips as the boy's hand swatted the top of her head lightly. "You know that's not true. They would have taken your dad by now if they could really do that." Cherise whimpered, but said no more on the subject as she tottered off after Jason as the boy headed down the hill.

    The soft humming of metal and electricity was lost to their laughter, the floating camera lens narrowing in to bring the boy in better focus. "New target acquired. Instructions?" The voice held a strange mechanical tone, obviously not human. There was a brief pause. "...Instructions acquired. Will incapacitate target." The machine's arms extended as it descended from the sky, ready to capture and contain the boy until the proper authorities arrived. As it grew closer, the children began to become aware of the noise it was making, turning to stare with wide eyes at the mechanical creation, not realizing the danger until the arms had reached out and grabbed the boy's arm. There was screaming as Jason tried to pry his arm free of the iron grip, and Cherise stumbled back in fright, unable to do anything as the machines body opened to reveal a hollow chamber, pulling the boy closer inside.

    All at once, the machine seemed to lose interest in the boy, turning its camera to face east just as a wave of rock and dirt smashed through the arm that held fast to the boy, severing it in two. Cherise whipped her head round, her face lighting up at the sight of her father, face set in a firm frown of concentration and determination. "Children, run. Run home." There was no reason or want to argue, the two youngsters taking off as quick as they could for home, while the father stood his ground against the machine that had picked itself up off the ground. "New target acquired." The mechanical voice held some static, the voice recorder obviously damaged by the impact. The man took up his stance, ready to move for when the machine began its assault, flying towards him with every intention of capturing him. The first few rocks thrown its way were evaded, ducking to the left to avoid a direct hit. It did not, however, have time to avoid the large spike of rock that rose up out of the ground, piercing through it's centre. "In-Instructions... I-I-I-I"

    Collecting a shield of rock around his fist, Cherise's father ended the machine's broken rambling with a crushing blow to the head, black oil spilling out on to the grass. "Well, that takes care of that..." He mumbled, letting the rocks fall back to the earth. The man did not smile over his victory. The capital knew of him now. Knew of Jason. They wouldn't be able to stay in the village any longer. "And Cherise was just starting to settle down too..." With a soft sigh, he turned, heading back to meet with the children, his mind a tumble of thoughts on how to break the news to Cherise.

    Miles away, in the Capital's centre, violet eyes watched as the screen went dark on camera A-125. The young man smirked, fingers turning a delicate piece of white hair. "It seems we've found the disgraced captain. At last." The video feed was rewound, paused on a shot of the man who had so rudely destroyed one of his beloved creations. "Fly away while you can, little bird. For freedom is as sweet for you as it is fleeting."