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Fantasy, Slice Of Life, Paranormal
Season: Spring
Weather: Sunny & Chilly
Time: Early Morning

Ark - 25 - Lead Shadow & Water Elemental - Previous Pack: SilverLeaf - Open
Ark was still sleeping even as the rays of sun hit his fur and the sound of the early birds filled his ears. He was simply tired. It had taken a lot out of all of the Elementals to get the others of their packs to understand and join into one group! They had only been gathered as one group now for a couple of days and it certainly wasn't easy. He'd never had to stay on his toes so much before and there was one certain wolf he really had to stay out of the way of... Even if he was larger than the other dude he didn't want to strike up conflict with him...what was his name again... He groaned in his sleep, before remembering the guy's name, it was Zen. However, he really had no idea why the Zen hated those from his pack because he refused to talk about it. His mind was awake now though, and he opened his brilliant purple eyes with a sigh. He had decided to sleep outside in his wolf form.

Yuki - 24 - Hunter - Previous Pack: FrostDrop - Open
Yuki had been up for a while now, she had the same nightmare about her brother vanishing. She sighed as she stared up at the morning sky, the sun rising without care while she was stuck here....wondering why they were going through such hard times. She'd only been in a pack for two years now and she was still not sure if she liked being around so many werewolves. When it had been just her and her brother she had, had more freedom. But the first time she had run off on her own and then returned one of the wolves had gotten onto her. Plus, she wasn't the greatest at remembering others' names and now she had a whole bunch of new people to know.

Bray - 25 - Fighter - Previous Pack: AmberMoon - Open
Bray had been wide awake for hours now, unable to sleep comfortably. Honestly, she hadn't been sleeping well since they merged together as one pack. Only four days had gone by since they merged! FOUR DAYS!!! And yet a lot of them seemed to be just perfectly fine with them living as one now. She on the other hand felt on edge and she was pretty sure she wasn't the only fighter that felt that way. After all the fighters had been the ones at the forefront of the wars. She sat on the porch of one house staring at one of their new 'Alphas' that for some reason had decided to sleep outside in his wolf form.

Calfix - 24 - Hunter - Previous Pack: RavenRose - Suri
Calfix rested next to Suri, enjoying the feel of her warmth. He had started doing this shortly after he'd gotten through to her that everything that had happened wasn't her fault. He'd also started this because he was afraid he'd wake up one day and she would have run off again. The thought of her vanishing like the others left his mind when he found out there were others with power. His yellow eyes opened as he watched her sleep, he truly hoped that their merging was going to stop wolves from vanishing. But he feared if they couldn't work together then it would be for nothing.

Silver - 25 - Healer - Previous Pack: RavenRose - Open
Silver was still sleeping, he'd been gathering a lot of herbs yesterday and felt rather tired from it. His head resting on his desk, he hadn't even made it to bed. Not to mention they were in a whole new area and he was trying to find the possible starting of herbs in this area since Spring had just arrived. There was still a bit of chill in the air and he shivered in his sleep.

Moon - 24 - Healer - Previous Pack: AmberMoon - Open
Moon's yellow eyes opened as she yawned, when had she fallen asleep? She noticed Silver had fallen asleep at his desk and she got a blanket for him. Moving to cover him up and moving some of the herbs away from him so he didn't knock them over.

Zen - 24 - Fighter - Previous Pack: GrimShade - Open
Zen noticed another wolf was wide awake, the female was still on edge, the same as him. He tried to remember what her name was, but he at least knew she wasn't from SilverLeaf. He growled slightly, the fact they had to live together with SilverLeaf wolves just pissed him off. What made it even worse was the Elemental from SilverLeaf was bigger than him...even if the wolf seemed weird and way too carefree. Zen knew better than to piss off a wolf bigger than him, but to add on some strange power, no thank you. He'd just glare from the sidelines and hope for a chance to possibly strike down the wolf if it arrived.

Jule - 25 - Watcher - Previous Pack: DawnStone - Arrow, Terri
Even though it was the start of spring it was still chilly and she shivered wrapping a blanket around Arrow, Terri and her. She watched them as they rested with a small smile, hoping one day she would actually have her own litter of pups. If she ever found a mate....but for now she would simply take care of the kids and pray they didn't vanish on her. If she lost them she wasn't sure what she would do.

Arrow - 7 - Pup - Previous Pack: N/A - Jule, Terri
Arrow groaned in his sleep, as the memory of his mother vanishing played in his mind. He whined softly but settled down as he felt a warm hand rest on his head, Jule's scent and warmth. His body relaxed and he sighed, before falling into a more restful slumber once again.

Raven - 35yrs - Fighter - Previous Pack: GrimShade - Thunder, Zoe, Fin
Raven's brown eyes opened as she felt Thunder nuzzle her, she smiled, "Good morning, love." He chuckled as he watched her in their own personal room. "Morning...." Raven glanced down at her pups, they still preferred resting in their wolf forms. "I'm glad we can finally be a family." Thunder nodded as he stared at their pups fondly.

Thunder - 35yrs - Hunter - Previous Pack: SilverLeaf - Raven, Zoe, Fin
"I'm happy we can finally be a family...though that one guy from your pack doesn't seem too happy about us..."
Raven sighed softly, "I'm sorry he tried attacking you..." Thunder shook his head, "Nothing you need to be sorry about Raven, he seems like an ass." She laughed slightly, "He hates all of those in SilverLeaf because he lost his family to your pack. Not to mention...he...well he had a crush on me and I wanted no part of it. I fell in love with you and you are my one and only mate." Thunder grinned, "I feel the same about you." He said kissing her, "But if he causes problems I will put him in his place!" "That's fine."

Zoe - 6 - Pup - Previous Pack: GrimShade - Raven, Thunder, Fin
Zoe yawned, blinking as she heard her mother and father talking, "Mom...dad..." Raven smiled at her, "Good morning sweetheart..." "M-morning..." She said softly with another yawn. "Get some more sleep if you're still tired." Zoe shook her head, "I'm awake...I want to play..."

Fin - 6 - Pup - Previous Pack: GrimShade - Raven, Thunder, Zoe
Fin woke up next blinking for a few moments before nuzzling his face back into his mother's side, "I don't wanna..." He whined not ready to leave the warmth or even move at the moment. "You are so lazy, brother!" Zoe said pawing at him.

Nuri - 23yrs - Loner - Previous Pack: N/A - Open
Nuri was up and hunting, well more like she was fishing. She dove into the cool waters after a fish and snatched it up in her jaws before swimming back to the banks of the lake. She knew she was in RavenRose territory, but the odd thing was...she hadn't run into any wolves. Usually, by now a wolf of the pack would have caught her scent and tracked her down. But that wasn't the case, in fact, she hadn't smelled any fresh scents from those of RavenRose. They were all older scents and to be honest it scared her to think that an entire pack up and vanished.

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Terri Pup Previous Pack n/a Arrow Jule

Terri was yawning as she opened her eyes" Mama" she mumbled she was tired she was looking around as she tried to stand up but she yelped it had hurt her foot really bad she just started to cry as her foot hurt" Mama where are you" she say she wanted to find her mother she didn't even know where she was she wanted her mother to find her she saw a woman there she didn't know who she was or the boy there" who are you where am i why does my foot hurt" she asked the questions as she was confused not sure what was happening

Suri Lead Wind & Fire Previous pack RavenRose Califix

Suri had woken up as she saw Calfix was sleeping on her bed she just smiled a little at the thought she had a crush on him but ever since she had accedinatly killed her only family she had she didn't know how to move on she just walked over to the window as she sat down as she picked up a book looking out of the window she hoped she could figure out how to control her powers at the moment she didn't even know how to control her powers she didn't want to hurt anybody not even Calfix sometimes she had wanted to run away again @DarkMoon
Ark - 25 - Lead Shadow & Water Elemental - Previous Pack: SilverLeaf - Bray, Yuki
Ark stood shaking the light frost from his fur before stretching and turning around to see Bray staring at him. "Good morning." He said before shifting to his human form and giving her a grin and he shook the cold from his skin once more.

Bray - 25 - Fighter - Previous Pack: AmberMoon - Ark->Open
Bray blushed slightly from having been caught watching him, "I-if you stay so unguarded someone might attack you!" To muttered before standing up. "Really? Well, then I'm happy to have someone watching my back." She blushed even more, "That's not what..." "So you just enjoy watching others sleep?" "NO!!!" She turned storming back into the house her face burning, leaving Ark chuckling outside one of the houses.

Yuki - 24 - Hunter - Previous Pack: FrostDrop - Ark
Yuki sat in the kitchen, drinking some coke when Bray burst through the door to the house they were staying in her face blazing with color, but she didn't bother asking the female what was going on. She sighed looking out the window when Ark walked through the door shortly after Bray. "Good morning Ark..." Ark was chuckling about something, to which she could only assume was related to Bray. "Morning Yuki. Did you sleep okay?" She shook her head, "Not really." He frowned slightly, "It'll get better." She nodded, taking another sip of coke.

Calfix - 24 - Hunter - Previous Pack: RavenRose - Suri
Calfix opened his eyes once more with a smile, "Good morning Suri." He said looking into her beautiful red and silver eyes. It was a change for sure, but it in his mind had just made her even more gorgeous... "Did you sleep okay? I hope you don't mind me joining you. I just sort of was worried...about you." He said with a soft blush. He knew it was a rather forward move on his part, but he really did worry she'd run away, especially now that they were surrounded by a bunch of people she didn't even know.

Jule - 25 - Watcher - Previous Pack: DawnStone - Arrow, Terri
Jule smiled softly as Terri woke up confused and scared, "You are safe young one. You are also injured and it's be handled by one of the healers. But it will still take time to heal."

Arrow - 7 - Pup - Previous Pack: N/A - Jule, Terri
Arrow woke up as Terri began to panic slightly, "Mom... what's going on...I mean....Jule....s-sorry..." Arrow was still half asleep as he caught a glimpse of Jule's face. It really was like his mother's. So it was only natural that he'd mistake her for his mom. "It's fine Arrow...sweetie calm down, we found you and took you in. I...might have stepped in a bit more than I should have but all the packs merged and I told them the other you were my daughter. Just so no one would try to question why you had no parents. For now, just relax..."
Terri 6 Pup Previous Pack n/a Arrow Jule​

Terrri just sat up as her foot was hurting she looked at the lady than at the boy" i'm safe" she say as she got sad she had no parents her family had left her she just felt tears coming down her face" she left me to die i was so alone" she say as she cried she wiped her tears on her dirty shirt she had on" you gonna be my new mom" she asked as she sniffed she winced at the sharp pain in her foot " how long do you think my foot would be hurt" she say as she looked at her than to the boy" i'm Terri" she say shyly

Suri Lead Wind & Fire Previous pack RavenRose Califix

Suri just looked up from her book and she saw Calfix as she smiled" no it's fine I like it when you're here i sleep better" she said as she blushed slightly" oh you don't have to be worried about me I'm okay you don't have to worry" she say as she smiled she loved being around Calfix" do you want to get some food" she say" I'm kinda hungry" she say blushing she really liked him but she was scared to tell him that she liked him she felt better when she was around him

Shana Lead Light & Nature Elemental Previous Pack: AmberMoon

Shana had just gotten back from going from a walk every morning she chose to go for a walk she opened the door she just turned 21 today she walked into the Kitchen" Hey everyone" she said cheaper as she grabbed some coffee she didn't really eat breakfast she choose to skips she hadn't been sleeping well she didn't even know how to be a leader she just sighed drinking her coffee as she was watching everyone in the room she felt her stomach growling but she didn't even wanted to eat ever since she became a leader she haven't ate any food just drinking coffee @DarkMoon
Calfix - 24 - Hunter - Previous Pack: RavenRose - Suri
Calfix's blush deepened, but he smiled, "Food sounds amazing, I was thinking eggs and bacon. Simple, but filling. Oh and maybe some toast." He watched her for a moment longer before getting up from the bed. When they were in their wolf form there really wasn't anything that made him feel embarrassed. Laying next to her felt natural. But there was something about being in bed with her in their human forms that made his mind trail off to things he shouldn't think about. Either way he still wanted to make her his and he was pretty sure everyone around them knew that. Perhaps it was time he told her... "After we eat do you want to go for a run?"

Ark - 25 - Lead Shadow & Water Elemental - Previous Pack: SilverLeaf - Bray, Yuki, Shana
Ark smiled as Shana came into the kitchen, "Morning! Did you sleep okay?" He asked the smile never leaving his chipper face. Yuki rolled her eyes slightly, out of everyone in their now merged pack, she was pretty sure Ark was the only one getting restful sleep.

Yuki - 24 - Hunter - Previous Pack: FrostDrop - Ark, Bray, Shana
Yuki glanced over when Bray plopped down in a chair next to Shana. Yuki frowned slightly as Shana drank coffee even though her stomach growled, she didn't move to eat anything. "Hello Shana" Yuki at least knew the names of those she was rooming with. "How about eating a couple of pieces of bacon?"

Bray - 25 - Fighter - Previous Pack: AmberMoon - Ark->Open
Bray nodded in agreement, "I haven't seen you eat much of anything for a while Shana. I'm getting a bit worried. What's today's date anyway..." She asked glancing down at her phone, before gasping, "CRAP!!!" "What?" Ark asked a bit worried by Bray's sudden outburst, "Shana!!! Why didn't you remind me...I feel like a horrible friend!!!" "What?" "Today is your birthday and you are turning 21! That's a big deal you should have reminded me...I'm sorry...It's just with the merge and stuff I...I need to make you a cake!!!!" Ark and Yuki both were rather surprised at Bray, it seemed she wasn't cold or shy around Shana at all, but then again they were from the same pack.

Jule - 25 - Watcher - Previous Pack: DawnStone - Arrow, Terri
Jule frowned, "She abandoned you?!?!" Jule growled, mad at Terri's parents. "How could she do such a thing, especially in such hard times!!!" She stopped her growl though, for fear she'd scare Terri, "My name is Jule, I was originally a watcher for Dawnstone Pack but now all the packs have merged. Also, I will only be your mom if you want. As you can tell Arrow here already calls me mom by mistake. Unfortunately, his mother was one of the wolves that randomly vanished and I happen to look like his mom." Arrow nodded, "It makes it not hurt so much... I just hope she comes back or we can find her...or that..." Jule pulled Arrow into a gentle hug, "I'm sure she is still alive...somewhere..."
Suri 23 Lead Wind & Fire Previous pack RavenRose Califix

Suri just yawned as she looked at him getting out of bed she just smiled as she put down her book" Yeah Cal that sounds good" she said as she looked at him" Yeah a run sounds fun I wanted to go for a walk or run it seems like a nice day to do it" she said as she looked at him as she saw his face was a bit red she just blushed she couldn't help it she really did like him she still didn't quite understand her powers how to use them but she had Cal to help her to go through her feelings she just smiled as she got up from her bench as she took his hand " okay let's go eat" she told him happily

Shana 21 Lead Light & Nature Elemental Previous Pack: AmberMoon

Sheana just looked at her friend as she bit her lip she didn't really want to eat but she was hungry" I just haven't had the appetite to eat" she said as she looked at her coffee she sighed" I guess I can try and eat" she says biting her lip" it's okay if your forgot my birthday it's fine honestly it just a day" she say she perked up when she said cake she loved cake and sweets" really you'll make me some cake" she say as she bite on a piece of bacon to make them happy that she had atten something

Terri 6 Pup Previous Pack n/a Arrow Jule[

Terri just looked at the woman who got mad at her parents for abandoning her" I was so alone but now I'm here" she said as she looked between her and Arrow" I can call you mom" she said as she just looked up at her she seemed nice" what if my mom comes back for me would you protect me from her" she says a bit afraid but she knew she was safe she looked at arrow" your mom would come back" she says as she had smiled hoping to make a friend out of arrow" so we safe here" she asked looking around the room @DarkMoon