Elements Collided: Massive crossover/Apocalypse/Dystopia

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  1. This RP has worked before on other sites and I want it to work on this one too. You can have characters from any story, though any planet busting characters have to be decently nerfed- they cannot be capable of battling a kaiju and winning is basically their power cieling. (characters like captain America, Spider-Man, deadpool and so on (street sweepers) are safe, but characters like wonder woman or superman or hulk are dubious (planet busters) at best)

    Plot: An immature kaiju known as Ronin is about to die in battle. As he begins to panic, he rips open a hole in the fabric of time and space. The black hole absorbs people and characters from multiple universes from different times and places in space. The celestial entities in the universe get involved at this point- and start to do things to fix the laws of space time. The result, is that everything eaten by the black hole is deposited on a world that's in its historical infancy. With wanning resources, the groups of people must pool their power together in order to survive and kill Ronin before he grows and can master his powers.

    Major side plot: when the celestials fix the holes in time and space, they bond the souls of the player characters to the kaiju's in the story. The result is in "avatars" of the kaiju, and they retain up to three of the host-kaiju's powers. This means later in the Rp your characters can become super heroes, though the stronger your base character the less power your character gains.

    Major rules/standards:
    • Just about any character is acceptable as long as they are incapable of harming a kaiju (though if you have a kaiju character that's fine)

    • Kaiju characters can be extremely powerful and durable as long as they aren't invincible or all powerful

    • If you want to introduce a character from a universe and no one else has, it can be quite fun and beneficial to the storyline if you introduce multiple NPCs. For instance, in the beginning, the AMF army is present. Think Mass Effect 3, where you pool multiple armies together to destroy a common enemy.

    • this is a crossover-fandom RP, however if you want to create a rip-off character that's just a name change apart, then that's fine too :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.