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  1. Okay so here I am ONCE more ready to blow everyone's mind who clicks on.Oh yeah and here's a cookie {hands cookie} that's a thanks for everyone who at least felt awesome enough to look at the topic. You Rock!
    Okay now on to the good stuff....I am here today because I have been interested in the fandom of my OC|Sherlock Holmes from the TV show Sherlock. And that's exactly who I'm looking for...someone to be the Sherlock Holmes to my OC.
    Now on to my rules..
    1.No One Liners!! I cannot stress how irritated that makes me, I know its tough to write a paragraph but at least give me a few sentences.
    2. Don't tell me your interested and then keep me waiting for a million days.if you aren't interested in the topic DONT TELL ME YOU ARE...
    3.I would love to have at least one post from you each day, and I'm perfectly fine with quick responses. So don't hesitate! ^-^
    4. I don't bite so have fun!!! I'm not a grammer Nazi (but please proper grammar) and I don't spank you when you don't have enough words in your sentance. (But please give me more than one)
    If you are interested in the topic please pm me...and them put I'm Batman in your post|title so I know you read my rules.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.