Elementally Speaking

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  1. Welcome to the world in which humans and elementals combine.

    Elementals look like ordinary people. They have legs, they have eyes. They have flesh and bones, a sense of humor and feelings. Elementals, different from humans, have a mark on their neck from birth. It indicates what element you are, and if you are an elemental at all.

    Elementals and humans have lived in peace over the centuries, but a new era has been born. People grew up to envy Elementals. Their beauty, their talent of handling elements was amazing, and humans just .. weren't so amazing.
    Now Elementals are despised. Hated. Spat at. Beaten up by kids. Thrown out. Banned from various buildings. Bullied at school. Elementals soon became weaker, and only a few thousand of them are left living in this world.
    Are you an Elemental?

    Elementally speaking ..

    There are four types of elements - Fire, Water, Air and Earth. All of these elements have leaders, and are all in truce. You can be human or an elemental. The choice is yours.
    Please copy-paste this small section below before starting to write! Thank you.
    Have fun.
  2. (( I'll start >w< ))

    Name: Feather Vi Fran
    Age: 14
    Element: Human

    Feather sniggered at an elemental. "You're filthy. Wow, is that all you can do? Lift up dirt without using your hands?" she spat at June, the new elemental in class. The people behind Feather laughed in a mean tone at June. Feather only got encouraged by this. She kicked the young elemental in the stomach. June said nothing, just looked at Feather, a tear rolling down her cheek.

    Name: June Searn
    Age: 14
    Element: Earth

    June looked up at Feather with her emerald green eyes. "You're filthy. Wow, is that all you can do? Lift up dirt without using your hands?" Feather spat at her. The laughter of Feather's little gang rang in June's ears. Just because you're jealous, doesn't mean you have to bully me, thought June. If she had the courage she would say it out loud. Suddenly, a race of pain rushed through June's body. Feather kicked her in the stomach, and it didn't feel pleasant. June looked up at feather, her eyes watering. A tear ran down her cheek.
  3. Name: Kate
    Age: 16
    Element: Water ((FIY: She's blind))
    Kate had just rounded the corner when she heard a girl kick someone for apparently no reason. Immediately she went over. "Hey, what are you doing?" She kept an ear on the kicker, but extended a hand to help the girl on the floor. "Why'd you kick her?" Her jet black hair hid the water mark on the back of her neck and her pale, icy blue eyes stared straight into the kicker, through the black sunglasses Kate was wearing.
  4. Feather glared at Kate, furiously. "Have you got a problem? Go mind your own business!" said Feather, as everyone in her gang started muttering and staring at Kate with wide, daring eyes. Nobody messes with Feather. Or at least nobody has up until now.

    June looked at Kate for a minute, then held her hand and got up. "Thank you," she whispered, and looked at her. This girl has some guts.
  5. "Why should I? You kicked her for no reason. That's not right, and you're just being a bully." She paused before continuing. "Stop it."
  6. Feather stood there, looking at the girl for a little bit, not knowing what to do. "What's under those glasses, brave girl?" she sniggered after takng a long look at her.
  7. Kate took of her glasses revealing the pale icy blue irises, still staring straight at the girl. "My eyes, obviously." Her eyes scanned the crowd without seeing anything. "What, like looking someone straight in the eyes when you talk?" Her gaze returned itself to the girl. "At least you have some manners."
  8. Feather and the crowd gazed at Kate's eyes. Everybody was amazed. Nobody had ever seen eyes like this before. Feather snapped out of it. The bell rang for everybody to return to their classes. "We'll continue this later." she said and left with the gang behind her.

    June looked at Kate. "Thank you so much.. may I ask who you are? I haven't seen you around." June asked with a smile on her face.
  9. Kate nodded. "I'm Kate. I don't really come here often, so that's probably why you haven't. Does she usually bother you?" Kate asked, no looking at the wall behind the girl.
  10. "Actually, that's the second time I've seen that girl. She seems to be popular, judging by the people who follow her around .. oh, sorry. My name is June, and I'm an earth elemental. You're a really nice person, Kate. The first person I've ever seen to help an elemental out." said June thoughtfully, touching her brown mark on her neck.
  11. Name: jake "shade" freeman
    Age: 14


    Jake laughed as he was on curb by himself listining to Hollywood undead-Christmas is Hollywood "its Christmas is Hollywood Santa is back up in the hood so meet me under the misltoe and lets fu**"
  12. Name: Jack
    Age: 16
    Element: Human

    Jack...said to be the most attractive guy in class...said to be the nicest guy in class...said to be the most popular guy in class...said to be the only guy who was still friends with the elements...you'd think they'd all hate him for that last statement, but they say "He's just too damn perfect," eh. Jack was probably one of the only humans left who actually still liked the elements...for one elemental, maybe even more than just "like."

    Jake ran outside towards where Feather had kicked June. "June! June, are you okay?" he asked slightly slowing down as he got closer to the two. He turned his head to the new girl then back to June. "And who's the new girl. Another elemental?"
  13. "Nice to meet you June. Umm..thanks." Hearing a new voice, Kate looked in the direction of the newcomer. "Yes, I'm an elemental. Water." She moved her hair to show the mark on the back of her neck. "Who are you?"
  14. jake saw a group of people and walks over to them humming "hi im jake..."
  15. Kate turned to face Jake. "Hi Jake, I'm Kate."
  16. jake he reached in his backpack and took out a j3t mask and put it on and hid his face "im a fire....elemental "
  17. "I'm a water elemental. Nice to meet you." Kate moved her blank stare to the ground. None of these people seemed threatening, so there was no use in making them uncomfortable. She placed her sunglasses back on the bridge of her nose. She kept her face blank as usual, she wasn't one to show much emotion to people she just met.
  18. Name: Quincent "Quincy" Wingarde
    Age: 15
    Element: Air

    Quincy noticed a group of other kids talking. He could only see one of their marks, and absolutely hated bullying. Thinking the other two were human, he walked up to confront them. "What's going on here, then? Couple of humans picking on an elemental, now? Maybe you'll be a little less eager to be arsefaces when the odds are evened out." he said, taking a defensive stance. He had no idea how to fight, and often only ended up embarrassing himself, but he still tried to be intimidating.
  19. Kate shook her head. "There's no bullying here, and I'm pretty sure we're all elementals here." She tilted her head, listening for a moment. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure."
  20. Quincy relaxed at the news that they were all elementals. "Oh, good. Apologies, I didn't see your marks. Only his." he said pointing at Jake. "Allow me to introduce my self. I am Quincent Wingarde. You can call me Quincy." He did a little bow, and looked at everyone else. "I'm an Air elemental."