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    It is midnight the night before the blue moon, the alphas and betas have finished their training and are finally ready to complete their final test. They must enter the human village unseen and pick their mate out of the whole village. If they are seen they will be killed by the villagers, even though they don't know about the pack they will if they see the alphas or betas which will put the entire pack in jeopardy. They will kidnap their chosen mate tonight they only have one chance so the must do this right or they can not lead the pack. It is currently the sending off gathering, the wolves are sending off their future alphas and betas and wishing them luck on the test.

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    I lay in my bed my head resting against my pillow. My hair fans out around my head and my chest rises and falls with every slow sleep filled breath. One hand hangs limp just off the bed. I lay silently good dreams filled my mind unaware of the danger not far off in the woods. My parents were down stairs fallen asleep on the couch by the fire place. My little brother lay curled up in his small bed his blanket curled comfortingly around him. I had just turned 18 and was going to move out soon, maybe my boyfriend Josh would let me move in with him. He was 19 and we had been dating for about a year now. But we had been growing distant lately, maybe commitment wasn't his thing... Though I had had my mind on other things lately, finding a job. My eyes flutter open as a cool night breeze blows my bedroom window open. I stand my thin shirt and shorts left me feeling bear and cold. I walk to the window and look out over the small village all was dark except for the moon.

    I look out from the Rocky out crop of my packs home over the human village a few lights waver in the darkness. The pack stands around me and the others congratulating us and wishing us luck. We had to go to the village and find our mate out of so many how we were suppose to know I had no clue. The Great healer said we were suppose to be drawn to them by the power of the moon. I was in human form currently the wind ruffles my black hair and my blue eye and red eye scan the crowd. I nod to the well intentioned pack glade they're good luck would be with me. I must have my mate by morning or i would not be aloud to be beta. It was the same for the others and i intened not to fail. I had trained my entire life for this and I would not lose it because I couldn't kidnap a human! Though I was not sure how I would ever learn to like much less love a girl I had never met until tonight.

    I stare silently at the alphas and betas. They had been trained since birth and they were all related if not siblings than cousins. I was not envious of them I was scared for them. Though they had been trained and the moon was at their side everything could go wrong. I force a smile my grey white hair flows down my shoulders and a strand falls before my pale face. My light blue dress clings to my frame and the white cape lays limp behind me aside from the cool breeze the moves it. I wait and nod kindly to the alphas and betas I knew most of them almost everyone knew each other. My blue eyes scan the forest that lay before our cave surrounding the human village. I wait silently for the alphas and betas to make their first move.​
  3. "Brooke! Time for bed!" Mother calls.
    "Please mom one more chapter!" Brooke calls her golden blonde hair falling into her face as she looks up at the sound of her mothers voice.
    "Well alright, but this studying can't be good for you!"
    "Studying is fun!" Brooke laughs
    "You are so strange!" Her other laughs back at her. Brooke finished her chapter and gets about half way through the next chapter when her eyes start to droop. Brooke fights her own sleepiness to stay awake and read but slowly her head falls back onto the pillow her gold hair spilling back and pillows in a pretty wild sort of way under her head her hands clasped ontop of the text book that was open on her stomach.
  4. Lightning Fang, aqua
    Grey watched the alphas and betas getting ready to go into the village in search of their mate. Currently in wolf form he slides his way through the pack to the front, he was sneaky that way. Seeing Rowan, Kip lets out an encouraging and energetic howl with a grin. 'I cant wait till its my turn...'

    Inferno, red
    Cres stoked the fire making sure it stayed hot, watching the flames dance around in his hearth. He sits back in the chair 'What a cold night....I wonder if a storms coming...' Shrugging he picks up the disfigured piece of wood he was currently working on. Taking his carving knife he starts whittling the piece of oak once more. For some reason hes had an image of a wolf in his mind for days now. So Cres decided to try and use his whittling skills to make the image into a wood carving
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    As the moon moves slowly across the sky. And finally comes to the highest point in the sky "Midnight" I whisper. As I look over my pack once more before leaping out of the cave. My body shifts as I change to my wolf form. The heavy chain lies lose around my neck as I disappear into the shadows. My body tenses as I bound through the dark forest. I was barley visible in the darkness, all you could see was my blue eye and red eye. I turn back to human form as I near the village was quite oppose to the acational person. I exit the shadows and into the dim moon light. I swollow as i look over the the houses. I didn't know what to expect we were forbidden to go anywhere close to the village for our own protection. If the humans found out about us who knows what they would do. They could accept us or kill us and that was a risk we were not willing to take. I began my search feeling a strange pull I start to walk slowly in an unknown direction.​
  6. Brooke thought she heard the faint sound of a wolf howling but it must've been her dreams. She breathed silently and somewhere in her sleep one of her hands fell from her stomach and dangled off the bed. She almost looked peaceful if not for her heart fluttering in her chest from a nightmare playing in her head. Brooke was being chased by wolves and no matter how fast she ran, she simply couldn't get away.
  7. Akumu had stayed in the darkness of her cave while she waited. She sat in wolf form. She was nervous. Of course she was, why wouldn't she? She was awkward around her own pack, how was she expected to find a mate? But, she had to push the thoughts aside. If she wanted to be beta, which she did, she would have to accomplish this task. Then she could protect her pack from everyone, including herself. She saw a flicker of movement, spoting Rowan leave his cave. She darted out soon after him. She didnt follow his direction though, she veered to the right slightly. Nervousness and full moons were bad combinations for her. Her powers could act up. Her dark form weaved through the trees as she neared the village. Skidding to a halt, Akumu stood atop a hill hidden in the trees. She shifted, standing on two slender legs in her human form. Running her hand, she pushed back her raven black hair to reveal the ivy green eye she kept hidden behind a curtain of hair. 'Okay Akumu. Keep calm, you will find your mate. But who are they..? How will I know..? What if--' Akumu shook her head before she could let doubt overcome her. Slowly, she made her way down the hill and towards the village.
  8. Kiora stared out at the pack from her cave, her light hair shifting in the wind. She stood tall and proud like a human, walking out into the light. She could tell just by looking up that the moon that she was not alone. Today she would find what she thought to be impossible, a mate. Not a soul in the pack had stood out to her, let alone would they want to deal with her ways of being. She was quite an strong female character, which lead to lots of males thinking she was over powering them. But tonight she would prove that she could find a man that would love her for her.
    Kyle sighed, leaning against his windowsill. He closed his eyes, letting the light breeze float though his window as he looked out onto the city from his house. He smiled gently, a soft little jingle of a bell meeting his ears. He smiled and looked down, seeing his loving cat sitting before him. He smiled and patted her head as she rubbed his leg affectionately. "Hey girl." He said, letting his fingers run all the way down her back before repeating the process, staring at the window. This week had been pretty crummy for him in all. Him and his girlfriend had broken up, then she had showed up on his front door step cry to take her back. By then he had gotten over it, but hearing her sobs had broken his heart. He wished that she could have waited a bit, or at the least until he had moved or something. He sighed and stared back at the moon, the breeze lifting as if to comfort.
  9. [​IMG]
    A cold breeze whips past me pushing my hair back behind me. It stings my face like needles, I climb back into bed. Sleep did not come every time I closed my eyes I saw....wolves but they weren't normal wolves. I try my hardest to relax, like always it didn't work. I had been stressed out lately because of getting a job and living on my own. I was sure I was ready to be on my own without my parents hovering over me. I loved them but they could be a little over protective. I try closing my eyes again and sleep suddently finds me. My hair lays sparld around my head, one hand on my stomach and the other a little ways off beside me. My blanket is pulled up to my waist and I'm finally peaceful. I smile but it's quick replaced with a frown as my good dreams are replaced by ones of wolves.

    I walk steadily I could feel the presents of the other alphas and betas nearing the town. I was the first one here. A small smile spreads across my face. The human village was peaceful looking. It was nice as towns go, few lights were on. It would be good cover for me of course. I look up at the moon its bright light burns into my blue eye and red eye. "Show me where I need to go" I say softly. I needed the help of the moon we all did but especially in a place such as this. I had never been here before and this was going to be the first and last time. This place was dangerous for us wolves, if the humans found out about us who knows what they would do. We didn't like taking that chance, but it was a risk we were willing to take for this time and this time alone. I feel myself walking not knowing where I was or where I was going I follow. The moon would keep me safe it would show me where to go and it just had.​
  10. Kyle sighed and leaned away from the window. He looked over towards his king size bed, where his large German Shepard was sleeping peacefully. It was almost as if something was calling him towards it, but he turned back to the window, staring at the moon. He heaved a heavy sigh and stared for a long time. "Help me find peace." He whispered to the moon, as the breeze lifted his hair off his shoulders and drove the cat of the small bench. He smiled and decided to leave the window open, liking the nice night. He walked over to his bed and put on his pajama's, which consisted of a shirt and pants. But suddenly he was to hot, so he took off the shirt and left it on the bed, tucking himself under the sheets and falling into a deep sleep, dreaming about wolves.
    Kiora was the second to reach the city, staring at the perfect stillness with excitement. Sure it was dangerous, but was life without danger? Everything had a risk, this one was just bigger than others. She could be discovered, or even worse killed, but with the stillness of the night, she was sure she would end up fine. She could hear multiple people sleeping, and no other movement within a hundred feet. She smiled, looking over at Rowan. As soon as she was sure, she crossed the border into town, hearing her heart hammer in her chest as she moved silently throughout the streets.
  11. Akumu was hesitant. Closing her eyes for a moment, she took a deep breath in and entered the town. She could sense two others from her pack in town, but she kept her distance. She usually did, it wasn't because she didn't like them. It was simply because everyone knew each other since birth and she had been isolated. Akumu wandered the streets quietly, the wind rustled her dark hair, causing it to fly into her face and momentarily blind her vision until she neatly tucked the hair behind her ear. She wasn't sure where to go, but her feet seemed to be moving for her. It was as if her brain hadn't caught up yet. She looked around as her feet continued to turn and weave around the streets. She has seen images of this town from dreams. She use to occasionally visit the dreams of the towns residents during full moons, but they had always been slightly changed. Dreams are never like the real thing. She looked in awe at the tall buildings, small shops and bakeries that still had the scent of what they held inside lingering in the wind. She could get use to this town, to the wonderful things the people in it had. But she couldn't. She had to stay away.
  12. Alice was sitting a her window, looking at the stars, thinking of her mother. her moonlight silver hair let down onto her back. Her bed sheets a crumpled mess as she hugged her pillow.
    Her mother had been gruesomely killed by one of the big cats that stalked the village every few moons. Finally tearing her gaze away from the stars, she lay down and pulled the sheets over herself.
    " maybe she is better up there with the stars..."
    and with that, Alice fell into a blissful sleep, empty of dreams for once.
  13. Brooke's heart was fluttering in her chest, her breathing fast. In her dreams she was running the wolves were tearing at her clothing. Brooke cried out and tried to pull away without any success. She tried to run. But she wasn't fast enough. She dreamed and cried out but she knew no one heard her. Wolves. Wolves. Wolves everywhere. Tearing at her. Chasing her. Nipping at her heels. Brooke's heart raced. She tossed and turned in her sleep and finally she gave way. She woke with a startled gasp. Her text book slid down onto her thighs. And Brooke clutched a hand to her head. She threw back the bed sheets and set the text book aside. Brooke went down stairs and got a glass of water. Brooke sipped at it timidly her hair hung around her face. When she was done she climbed back into bed and read more of her text book before falling back asleep with her one hand folded over the text book on her stomach and the other dangling off the bed.
  14. [​IMG]
    I take carful steps I was in human form and able to blend in but I was unaccustomed to this place. I breeze ruffles my black hair and I look around seeing no one was around I pick up the pace. I began to feel warmer, what were we doing playing a game? No I could feel the cold subsiding as I neared a line of houses. They were all dark all the people must be asleep. Good, it would make this much easier for me and the others. I start to walk once again and feel myself getting pulled to one specific house.​
  15. It was one of those nights. One of those nights where no matter what you did no matter how many times you fell asleep, you never stayed that way. Brooke was shaken awake. For no particular reason. She mumbled into her pillow, groaned, then yawned.
    Dammmmmmmmn she though. All I want to do is sleep and it just isn't fucking happening. She let out a breath into her pillow and closed her eyes. She closed her eyes and willed herself to fall asleep. After a solid 5 minutes she slams her hand down onto the bed. She turns on a flashlight and reads her textbook again. For the third time she manages to drift back to sleep.
  16. @Soñar Gardián
    Kyle sighed, his eyes shooting open. For some reason, his brain had woken him up from his glorious dream of flying though the sky and soaring with the birds. He sighed and walked towards his window, still bare chested. He could see everything from here. He could have sworn he saw something move, but as soon as he looked at it again, it was gone.
    Kiora could smell fire, and wood. She smiled, thinking of the heat it could bring her, but then she thought about how it could potentially harm her and hurt all her family. She stopped dead in her tracks, now afraid and worried for her family. She sighed as her feet moving without her c+oncent, walking towards the house that smelled of smoke.
  17. Akumu began gripping and twisting the bottom of her shirt nervously. She was getting closer to houses now, and she wasn't use to it. She didn't like being so close to the people, especially in her human form. It made her feel exposed and defenseless. Her gaze moved around as she stayed observent and aware of her surroundings. She came to a neighborhood. Why ccouldn't she control her own legs? She kept walking, though she had a large urge to run and go back to her den in the forest. The comfort of her den and pack.. she stopped at a street corner, just hardly in the light of a street lamp. Her eyes worsened and looked down at her feet. Testing her mobility, she lifted her leg and wiggled her foot. Sure enough, she had cobtrol of her legs again. But... Why did she stop? Where was she? Which house was it? She looked up at the houses, confused. They all looked the same to her.
  18. Kyle looked out his window, the air ruffling though his hair and over his chest. He looked down, seeing something in the street, only this time, it stopped. He took a long look, seeing that the it, was actually a she. A beautiful girl who was just standing in the street light. She seemed wild, courageous, and amazingly beautiful.
  19. She looked around at the houses, studying each one but just ending up confused. They look the same! I mean, sure they are different but they still look the same. She soon looked at a house diagonal from her. The house had an open window and she squinted at it, spotting a person. Something inside her jolted, her legs forceivly taking a step towards the house. Then another. She frowned at the sudden movement, but then her gaze locked onto a figure in the window. It was a man, she could tell that much from the shape but she couldnt make out any real details. She kept walking till she stood directly I front of the house, but she had no idea what to do from there. The longer she looked at the person, the more her chest felt... Funny. Like something inside was screaming at her to be near that person. Akumu felt awkward standing infront of the house though, and she was sure this was where she was meant to go. Her eyes gave a slight glow as she stood so close to the man, then waves at him, walking to his door and hesitantly knocks on the door.
  20. Kyle stared at the woman, who seemed to be jerking towards his house. For a second he though that she was drunk or something, because she waved at him, even though he had no idea who he was. He pressed a hand to his eye, rubbing it and blinking to make sure it was real. And he was very assured due to the knock on his door as he quickly rushed past his pets, almost stepping on his cat as he raced downstairs and opened the door, staring at the woman. "Hi." He said uneasily.
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