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  1. Tried this once before. Didn't last beacuse of a lot of different reasons. Would like to remake this tho and give it another go. I had a few asking if I'd remake it.

    Fire, Air, Earth and Water the main elements everywhere. How much fun could you have if you could control one of these?

    Fire springing from your hand to keep you warm or even to protect you from the evil that walks the earth. A dangerous and unpredictable element. But with that it can also heal, heat being a soothing. Etc...
    Air, the air around you doing your bidding weather it be so you can move things in the air or to take the air from someones lungs to stop them from causing harm to you and others or take the air away from your enemy, causing them to suffocate. Make a breeze or float an object. Etc...
    Earth the feeling of making the flowers grow and the grass greener or even to quake under the enemy's feet or to barricade yourself away from harm. Etc...
    Water being able to summon water from anywhere, weather it be from a tap or even a natural source deep down in the earth weather you summon it for drinking or for drowning. Or summon water from the air, Or a person's body. Etc...

    The ability on how you can manipulate your element is endless, depending how strong your ability is to you. It varies. Some are weaker than others, making some more powerful than others.
    For example- Both parents have the water element therefore their baby's element, water, will most likely be powerful. But that doesn't mean you have to have parents of the same element for your element to be powerful. There could be another reason. (If that's not confusing)

    The only rule is you will harm ye none. No innocent shall be hurt by you or your power.

    The Coven is strict on their laws but as a governing body for all witches they have to be sure to keep themselves as well as the protected safe. (The coven is wealthy and can pay witches who work for the coven a good amount. There is a guy who is Head of the coven and such. Some witches, not all, choose to live at the huge Mansion. Picture the mansion huge with training rooms for each element. Inside garden that is huge and the ceiling is windows. Forest surrounding the home with a gate to enter the property. Each room for witches who live there is like a small apartment. Etc..)

    Witches are both male and female.

    Many Witches whom work within the Coven have jobs weather it is to track down Warlocks, finding others who know not of the power within them or are part of the protection team who help to keep every Witch safe no matter if they are in the coven or trying to lead a normal life.

    But as always things are never quite what they seem. Within the Coven there is a prison where any Warlock whom has been captured will be taken to. The prison is protected by all the elements at the same time, No Warlock has ever escaped as no magic can be used inside the protective walls. Be you witch or warlock.

    Witches from the new to the more experienced do not need to use potions or gimmicks. Their power comes from with in. So no matter where they are the power of their element is always with them, all they need to do is summon their element, which sets in their chest. All they need to do is pull some free to use. Depening on how much you need will be how much you should pull. It needs to be gently pulled from you. Pulling to much of your magic at once and ripping it from you, can harm you, depening on how much you pull And how rough you pull it will determine how much you are harmed from doing so. So you need to know how much to use and such. That being said, A water user in the desert or in the middle of an ocean can always call forth their element (and so on for the other elements)

    Warlock, the bane in any witches life weather they are trying to manipulate you into their ways or just trying to drain your power as well as your soul to serve up to a demon they can use for their own benefits. They are powerful in human society and own a Huge company, making them wealthy and everything. (also has a head guy over the company And warlocks. The warlocks is referred to being call the warlock ,company name, cabel)
    The Warlocks are witches whom have chosen a life of doing what ever they wish weather they kill an innocent or not. They only care for themselves. No one is to sure of their reasoning behind becoming a warlock.Is it a greater evil behind them or if they were just to greedy and power hungry. Warlocks are both Male and female.

    As with most evil vs good the Warlocks and Witches never agree and never have agreed on anything. But the warlocks know how dangerous it would be if the whole of the human world found out about magic. So they do clean up after them self's when magic has been used. The Witches can work out what the Warlocks were up to from the residue from their spells.

    The war on good vs evil has been going on since the world began but many humans have no idea of what and when these battles happen. They walk around with blinkers on, not seeing the true magic of the world around them but what if some out there are capable of using the magics that do not know of their heritage, their element, or about the magical world for some reason. And they have no idea of their own potential...... until they meet a witch from their opposite element.

    Fire x Air
    Water x Earth
    Fire and Air have always been attracted to each other as well as Water and Earth.
    That doesn't mean all witches and warlocks are in relationships with their opposite element.

    But with evil getting a more tight grip on the other humans of the world, will Evil finally win the battle or will Good over come them when the new witches join there brothers and sisters.Only you can decide????_______________________________

    RULES: The general rules of iwaku apply.

    *Any Age can join. Therefore sex scenes should fade to black. So keep in mind there may be youngsters on here. If you feel like your character and the character you're getting romantic with needs to go a bit more into detail you can always use pms to do so, just don't forget the rp ;)

    *No over power character. No character without weakness. No god like characters Etc..

    *No killing off another person's character unless you have permission to do so.

    *No bulling others

    *If someone say's something your not to sure about please feel free to pm me

    *Make as many characters you want as long as you can keep up with them.

    *Enjoy and have fun. _______________________________________________

    Character sheet.

    Name: first and last.

    Age: must be 20+


    Element: only one

    How powerful is your element: weak, can only do little. So-so can do ... Strong can do almost anything.(Keep in mind that doesn't mean you are unable to be hurt by another element or something). Also the strength of your element Can Not grow nor decrease.



    Are you witch or warlock?

    Work for either coven or company?

    Anything else: (optional)

    Also will need someone to be the Head of the Coven and someone to be the Head of the warlocks. Character Must be atleast in your 30s or older for both. If you pick to be the head of warlocks then you can name the company whatever you like. Both should be male but not a must.

    Aslo, please do help with the plotting of this. It needs a little more work. Plus, I'd like to have a Co GM on this Rp. So, if you're good at plotting Rps and would be up for the job just ask.

    Thanks :)
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    I'm interested. May I use the character I was playing before?
  5. Why of course you may :)
  6. Im a little late but I totally like the idea! If I get the time I will fill out the sheet!
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    I'm leaving love here!
    Great idea i'm definitely in!
  8. Ahh now we have intrest XD. Kay well then anyone have any input on what's stated above?
  9. Yes i have a question. Can your witch/warlock be combined with a demon? Or can you be a demon? (Demons are my thing)
  10. Well, the story behind how the witches and warlocks is long ago when demons used to inhabit earth they mated with humans. The result was witches/warlocks halfbreeds. But demons don't roam the earth liked they once did. Humans don't know about them or magic anymore. And there's few demons on the earth, which they're only there from warlocks who had summon a demon to to their bidding. The thing slid witches and warlocks don't know how they have come about it. There's four different types of demons. Which would explain why warlocks are well warlocks. I didn't go into detail on the demons and the history behind them and everything because I figure it could be discovered in the Rp.
  11. Name: Rabi Sillista

    Age: 21

    Appearance: (picture)

    Element: Air

    Power of the element: rather weak can only do weak gusts of wind.

    Personality: shy, fast, kind and easily attached

    Backstory: He was a child abandoned by his parents but never asked why he was alone or how his parents dissapeared in the first place. Rabi was always the person that never spoke to anyone at all. This was up until someone came to talk to him he didn't know before. The person was kind very kind and always there for him and he was there for the person that came for him.

    After a few years of following that person around he learned about his powers as the person he met was a witch with the fire element, he realized fast his powers weren't on a high level and that he won't ever be one of the mightiest witches out there, but he tried to help as much as he could and the person taught him as much as she knew and tried to make him interested in his powers.

    After a few years of helping the person he was explained the story about the witches, the warlocks they fought and the coven he was supposed to join. As they were on the way to the coven his friend and guardian dissapeared and it took him many years to find out why the person left him, the day he finaly found out the person died he was shocked and ran off far away from any place he knew and as the years passed he learned but a bit more about his powers but he was still weak.

    After finaly getting over the death of his friend he decided to fulfill her wish and go to the coven and hoping to be able to accomplish anything there he was heading there not knowing what would come from it or what exactly he could to there.



    Anything else: I really love the idea of this RP and I hope my character is alright and I am looking forward to it! :)

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  12. Accepted. XD

    But I'll have to put this in the sign up section. Then you can post your character sheet in that thread. Since this is just a intrest check thing. Maybe I can have an admin. person move this thread to the sign up secrion.
  13. i'd be interested in joining. Let me know where the sign-up sheet is.

    I'll check back once my college classes are done for the day. :)
  14. Okay now it's moved to the right section. And character sheets can be posted here. :)
  15. Got a little too excited about it I guess, im sorry still not quite used to this.
  16. I'd like to know if this is still going? If so i'll post my CS.
  17. @Kaldoro Haha it's fine. XD
    @Khaleesi Yeah. Just as long as we get enough people to join
  18. Still accepting?

    I might join if you are.
  19. Warlock Not by choice
    Name: Uchi Akuma
    Age: 21
    Show Spoiler

    She has pale skin which accentuates her turquoise eyes which and red hair. She is quite small standing at 5"1' which she'll use to her full advantage, usually to play hide-and-seek. On occasions her eyes can turn a blood red, usually when she is angry or using immense power, which is rare.
    Element: Fire
    How powerful is your element: She is very skilled with simple spells and those of a more advanced nature although she only uses them if she feels her, or someone she cares for life is in danger, as it causes her to collapse.
    Personality: Regardless of her age she can act quite childish after never having being taught a proper way to act when she was growing up. She is very caring and protecting for those she deems worthy and will, without hesitation, put herself in danger to protect them. She has a tendency to talk to herself and click her fingers, making sparks.
    Biography: She had a strong affinity with fire from birth, causing her to be 'adopted' by a coven of powerful Warlocks who were trying to summon a demon into the mortal world. They trained her to hate mortals and witches, readying her for her destiny. The ritual was a failure as the demon was not able to completely consume her soul. He began feeding on her hatred, causing him to become more powerful though still unable to take complete control. She was cast out of the coven and hunted down by Witches. Unable to harm them in fear of her hatred for then would return thus strengthening her inner demon, she had not choice but to play hide-and-seek with the Witches. She is still undefeated.
    (Let me know if this is acceptable)
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