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  1. There was once a universe filled with peace, magic, and perfection.
    Every-one with in it had magic of some sort, and used it for fun in their easy lives.
    But a group of these beings were bored with their way of life.
    They wanted to create something, actually working for once.
    They decided to form a group called Genesis.Original.Deitys.
    There were sixteen of them in total, each with a different power.
    Together they spent a week creating a planet named Thera in another universe.
    It was full of opportunities, life, and chance- something the group knew little of.
    While they enjoyed looking after this planet for a while, they soon wanted to return to their home universe.
    But they knew the planet needed looking after.
    So each member of the group bestowed part of their powers upon a being on Thera.
    They gave their magic in the form of small jewels.
    Now Thera had its own sixteen magical beings, so G.O.D. could leave.
    Sixteen beings each with their own unique, magic jewel, only they could use.
    This new group of sixteen became known as the blessed ones.
    They ruled peacefully for many years, all meeting up once a month to discuss important matters.
    Yet the peace did not last.
    It never would have, when sixteen imperfect beings are given godly powers.
    Wars spread across the lands, and Thera was slowly being destroyed.
    G.O.D. came to check on Thera when they were bored once again.
    Seeing the corruption they hid the jewels away and left once more, never returning.
    The jewels hidden away on Thera were supposed to never emerge again.
    These jewel were attracted to strong auras though.
    They flew across the world to corresponding auras of new born children.
    The jewel stayed embedded in the children skin, only to come out when they were 16.
    The jewels left a wing like mark on each of the children when they emerged.
    The marks made the new generation of blessed ones easily recognizable.
    So now it's your turn to take on the role of a blessed one.
    Will your stone corrupt you, like the first generation?
    Will you be killed by those after your jewels immense power?
    Will you manage to bring a new era of peace once more?
    Find out by becoming of the elementally winged.

    Sign ups here: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=16213
    I may or may not have mentioned this, but usage of magic is not limited to your spells! They are your main spells, not only!
    I will have to lead the plot, as there are lots of secrets to be discovered! Have fun!

    You guys can post first! ^^
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  3. *pounces from the bushes, drags the roleplay down by its haunches, sinks his teeth into its quivering flesh, picks it up in his jaws, mauls it, tosses it to his children to devour*
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