Elemental War

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  1. I am looking to start a group roleplay, but I want to have some volunteers who may be interested in joining or even Co-Owning the roleplay.

    ~Modern Fantasy
    ~Government Experiment
    Will add a bit more to the genre as I think if it.

    What I want from you.
    ~ I want to be able to plan out rules with you.
    ~ Is active.
    ~ Give suggestions and ask questions.

    If you want to know the idea of the roleplay look under the spoiler.

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    Silence, that was all that could be heard as every scientist and Bio-engineer held their breathe. They were waiting for the first results of their experiments. Six years they had been working and for six years they experienced nothing but failure after failure. No one thought that this would be any different. No one was getting their hopes up, all the rats they had had died. They couldn't figure out the reason why all of them had failed. This one though, this one lone rat had survived the tests and showed signs of higher intelligence than the rest of them. Yet it still showed no signs of what they initially wanted. Sure the higher intellect and higher strength and vitality was a plus and was definitely a more favorable outcome than the rest, but they needed it to produce an element. The first element they began experimenting with, Lightning.

    Several days had passed and the rat, which they all began to call, L. still showed no signs of producing energy as they were hoping. Then it came to the moment, when they were all holding their breath, L's body was crawling with sparks of electricity. They had done it. They had been able to bio-engineer the Rat's DNA so that it could produce electricity itself.

    When the General came on his monthly check in, Vergil the lead Bio-engineer, greeted the General. "General Heinrich, sir, it is good to see you. " Vergil held out his hand and the General shook it.
    "Well, Vergil, tell me there is good news this time. I would like to tell the others something good." The General did not waste any time, he eyed the rat that was running on it's wheel.
    "Oh, Yes, This here is L. He has survived for fifteen days now and only this morning did he start showing signs that he has power over the element." Vergil said, he could barely contain his excitement as he picked the rat up carefully. The gloves he wore prevented any electrical shock that the rat might produce.
    General Heinrich stared at the rat for a moment, no emotion crossed his face as he reached into his coat to pull out a folded piece of paper. "This is good, Vergil. Allow me to use your phone."
    Vergil waved towards the phone on the desk. The General walked over and dialed the number that was on the small folded piece of paper. "This is General Heinrich," He paused. "Yes, It has been successful. " He paused again and shook his head. "Nein, on a rat. Yes, I will let them know. Yes, Goodbye." Heinrich hung up the phone.

    He turned to Vergil with a grin. "They are very pleased, but they said they want you to start human testing." He said seriously.
    Vergil panicked for a moment. "But, General, that is..."
    "Before you protest, Vergil, I do not care what you have to do to get it done. This is what we initially funded this program for remember? We want super soldiers, yes?" Heinrich spoke with authority. "Get it done, Vergil. I look forward to my next visit." With those words lingering he turned and left before Vergil could say anything else.

    This is when Vergil began to question this whole project. How were they suppose to create super humans that had control of Lightning much less produce nine humans with nine different elements. Lightning was the easiest since all living things produce electrical charges in its body, they just need to make those charges stronger. The other elements though were almost a completely different story, sure they could apply the same basics, but they would still need to explore every possible outcome with them.

    Several months passed and they still had yet to come up with a solution. They began their testing by taking an egg from a woman's uterus that had already been fertilized, they tried rewriting the DNA structure, but each time they got close to finishing the egg would die. They tried with an unfertilized egg, rewriting it's DNA structure and fertilizing it afterward, it survived long enough to start the incubation phase in a test tube. They thought it might work, but after a few months of waiting they noticed that the fetus would be missing a lung, or missing it's brain, or missing some other part of the body. They were always deformed and died after a few months.

    They were all exhausted and tired and fed up with all the failed experiments. It wasn't until Amilia spoke up, that they considered what she was suggesting...
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  2. Character Sheet

    Show Spoiler
    Position: (Government, Military, Experiment, Scientist.)
    Power: (Only applies to experiment.)
    Strengths: (At least 5)
    Weaknesses: (At least 5)
    Appearance: (You may include a real or anime picture, but you must describe your appearance in at least 1 paragraph, 5-7 sentences)
    History: (Must be at least a paragraph long. (5-7 sentences)
    Music that best describes you: (you can add a youtube link. I like doing this because I love visualizing the characters with some sort of theme.)
    Other info: (You can put anything here, i.e. What kind of weapon you carry if you are a part of the military.
    If you are a scientist, what field do you specialize in?)

    There are 9 main elements who were the first of the experiments. (All must be at least 20 years of age.)

    Fire: (HopeRazgriz) Deane
    Lightning: (OogeyBoogey) Thor
    Earth: (mirai) Ever
    Dark/Shadow: (Cry) Raven
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  3. I like the idea. Do we play both scientists and the experiments? Or only the scientists?
  4. Awesome. I would love to join in this Role play!
  5. I think it would be well worth it to extend it to the government as well rather than just be the scientists and experiments.
  6. They could be making them to become and ultimate weapon?
  7. Awesome they can have combat and weapons training. Btw, is there a CS we need I fill out?
  8. I am making that now.
  9. This sounds Fun...
  10. Well, the government would still have to be able to keep them or rogue ones under control one way or another through a combination of failsafes, orders, and the real capability to do so. Otherwise they wouldn't really be in charge. The awareness of the inner workings of each soldier as well as the skill and equpment to fight them effectively when supplimented by the other factors helps prevent revolt.
  11. I would love to be apart of this rp. Though I'd very much like to be an experiment, fully developed to at least a teenager. Also, where would this rp lead? As in, is it mainly focused on the organization just experimenting, or could there be an coupe de tat? And the experiments flee and the government must get them back before information leaks out? If it is the latter, I'd love to participate. The former doesn't seem too fun.
  12. The term "war" should ease your worries.
  13. Oh my. It seems I overlooked a major detail. My interest is beyond piqued.
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  14. That would be lovely.
  15. OMG Going back in time

  16. And now it is up. :3
  17. Also there are 9 main elements who are the first.
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