Elemental War

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  1. Plot:
    The elements have been rallied together to fight off the darkness that intends to swallow their plane of existence.

    Characters required:

    Lightning & Thunder- Brother gods.


    &Moon- Sister Gods:


    Please fill out this form to join:

    Additional information: (please don't stray too far from the original concept)
  2. I see you have two signup threads for this roleplay.

    Do you want this one deleted?
  3. I'm wondering before I start writing. Am I allowed to bring in some elemental stuff a la Avatar series? Their Airbending is pretty cool. I'm not considering this as a particularly Avatar-esque RP or anything before you go OH GOD IS SHE AVATARING OUT, it's just that's the best source I have for figuring out Air elemental stuff, so I wanna know if it's considered okay to nick/adapt their material.
  4. that is perfectly fine. I'm assuming you mean like.. the way that they use air to their advantage and stuff, so yeah. Tera, the ground girl, is going to be alot like the earth bending anyway-so it's fine :
  5. It's actually the other one that needs to be deleted. I realized late that i made it in Jump in and it should have been in fantasy.:D Thank you!
  6. is anyone still interested in this thread?