Elemental War

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  1. Plot:
    The elements have been rallied together to fight off the darkness that intends to swallow their plane of existence.

    Characters required:

    Lightning & Thunder- Brother gods.


    &Moon- Sister Gods:


    Please fill out this form to join:

    Additional information: (please don't stray too far from the original concept)
  2. Can i be fire?
  3. This sounds interesting but where is the Air element? I'd like to be Air if I could.
  4. yes. I added you to the list :D can you fill out the character sheet so i can add that to the top too?
  5. Vampires- i don't want to be mean, but you dropped out of the last RP i made because you were overwhelmed with too many. Your status says you aren't taking any more rp's into consideration, and i would like to offer the part to someone less likely to drop out.

    Please don't take offense to it >.< I'm sorry.
  6. Element: Fire

    Name: Eliot Cooper


    Additional Information: He's stubborn and has a short temper mostly let his rage get the best of him, deep down he's a nice guy and is a bit quiet sometimes they call him "hot head" it suits him and can be cocky at times.
  7. Element: Sun
    Name: Kalinda
    Pic/description: skirt-1.jpg
    Additional information: Happy-go-lucky, has a smile on her face at all times, always finds the good in things, never complaining or saying anything bad about anyone. It gets on everyone's nerves how happy she is all the time.
  8. cool, so all we need is water, earth, air and the brothers.
  9. awh vampire not joining :(
  10. I don't mean it to be rude, but she said herself she isn't accepting new Rps. I just want to give people the chance to play if they they are looking for something to do. I don't want her to get overwhelmed again, you know?
  11. yea i understand
  12. Can i has both lightning and thunder??

    i have like two charries who fit the profiles like...perfectly T^T
  13. sure, just please make sure they are still brothers and fill out a character sheet. :) Thanks
  14. Element: Lightning [BLINK]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BLINK]Element: Thunder
    Name: Axel[BLINK]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[/BLINK]Name: Jace​

    Axel is crass, brash and always looking for a good time and a joke. [BLINK] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [/BLINK] Jace is reserved and contemplative; he's Axel's cooler. Only he can control the
    He can get away with a lot of crap that Jace wouldn't tolerate from [BLINK] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [/BLINK] firecracker that is Axel.

    They have a mental bond, common among twins, that allow them to work in tandem seamlessly.
  15. I'm fine with that change, as long as we had those personalities, it was either or. :)
  16. The personalities stay the same ^^
    thanks :D
  17. Now all we need is Air, Water and Earth :)
  18. If Air's still open then give me a little while and I'll find a character to fit. Pretty sure I have someone appropriate kicking around.


    Element: Air
    Name: Aria
    Show Spoiler

    Additional information: Aria is a playful and relatively bouncy girl until she begins daydreaming, at which point she becomes very distant and operates a great deal more like a robot than a human. In this state she follows orders without a second thought and gives off a generally submissive air. A bit gullible, she benefits from having other people around her to keep her set straight.
  19. sounds great!! thank you for joining!
  20. we need water and earth
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