INTEREST CHECK Elemental role play?

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  1. Alright, so I would like to start a group elemental role play. In this world, there is one elemental being for each element. The elementals are feared in society for their power and considered undesirable company. There is a kingpin archetype who rules the underbelly of this world who hunts the elementals in order to enslave them as tools to enforce his will. Role play characters are limited to elementals, trackers, and the kingpin. Names are at the discretion of the role players. Anybody think they would be interested in such a thing? Questions, comments, suggestions? I'm all ears.
  2. This site is fairly active right?
  3. It is quite active, though it may take a day or so to gain some serious activity for a specific topic. All depends on who's online and what they're interested in at that moment.

    I'm interested in learning more about your rp. What do you consider elements? Just the four main, or do light, metal, dark (ect) count as well? ( if dark counts, may I dibs it? ouo ) How expansive is this world going to be? Will it be more focused on one city, or will it span a country? What era is this rp set in? Are we in modern times or medieval? Is there a certain plot direction you want to steer towards that potential players should know about?
  4. I am thinking modern age, although medieval is not out of the question. Elements are elements to me, if a role player wishes to join they may pick their own element and submit their character skelly to be approved. I already have a lightning elemental character developed for this role play. Lightning, water, wind, earth, fire, metal, light, dark, and whichever other element within reason the role player may choose. Yes, you may have dibs on dark. Elements are first come first serve since there can only be one of each at any given time. The world is expansive, the kingpin archetype would rule the grit of society world wide, so should we decide to leave the country it is not an issue. I would like to be as realistic in that aspect as possible, although that does not necessitate that level of travel, it is simply leaving the option open. This role play is still in the idea stage. As far as I've thought on it, I would have the Elementals on the run from hunters who are receiving orders from the kingpin character. Perhaps the objective of the kingpin character is to utilize his/her resources to capture and enslave the Elementals, and the objective of the Elementals is to fight for their freedom? My character is beginning the role play as an Elemental who escaped the kingpin archetype and is on the run. He is on a mission to find other Elementals so that they may better fend off the kingpin characters advances and maybe eventually attempt to kill him/her? Any input is welcome at this point, I'm still hashing out details for a story line as you see. I wanted to be sure that there would be role players interested before I spend my time detailing it.
  5. The society fears the Elementals, should the average person realize the character is as such, they would riot. Lynching mob if you will. It's a bad place to be an Elemental. You are being hunted by the kingpin through his trackers, so you must run and fight for your life. Everyone else int he world fears you to the point of shoot first and ask questions later. It's an all out fight for survival I guess you could say, and the odds are stacked against them. If an elemental is captured, they are forced to do the bidding of the kingpin, should they resist they are tortured into compliance. My character's back, arms, and legs are covered in so many scars from refusing orders that you would be hard pressed to differ between the burns, lacerations, punctures, and cut chunks. He's nothing but scar tissue on the back side of him, including his arms and legs. His torso is free of this aside from one long scar that stretches up his chest and across his face. I found an image online that fit the character so I bent his appearance a bit in this respect.