Elemental Knights

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: Andaraste
Nickname: Anadi
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Human
How old does he/she actually appear: 21
Weight: 168lbs
Height: 5'7
Body build: Thin and slightly muscular, but full and developed
Shape of face: Egg shapped
Eye color: A pale blue

Skin tone: A pale peach
Predominant features: None
Hair color: A golden blonde
Usual fashion of dress:

Good personality traits
: She extremely kind and generous. She is also easy to forgiving others.
Bad personality traits: She is usually too kind and is often used because of her amount of kindness
Mood character is most often in: It's usually a mix between calm and happy.
Sense of humor: Yes, she loves a good joke or letting out a heart felt laugh

History: (Minimum of Five sentences please) will post soon.
Drives and motivations: She wants to save the earth and keep her father from dying from the poison he is suffering from, since everyone hates him.

Hometown: She wasn't born, she was created in human form so she could save the Earth and bring love and light back to the world.
Type of childhood: It was spent training her powers to be able to heal the Tree of Life
Most important childhood memory: It was the day she mastered her power and was told that she could finally go to the tree of life.
Education: She learned mostly from the elder dragon, learning how to talk, read, and write from elves and some fighting techniques with the black dragon, who told her he was one of the first dragons.

Mode of transportation: She prefers waalking or riding on her friends back as they fly.

Most prized possession: A blue crystal gem she wears on her head that she was 'born' with.

Hobbies: Practicing her magic or singing hyms and lulabys

Extremely skilled at: She is good at healing and singing

Extremely unskilled at: She is easily decieved and is very gulable.

Abilities: She has the ability to give life back to someone who has died. They have to have died a few hours prior to being brought back. And she can heal other wounds as well. This, of course, takes a toll on her but she is always willing to help.
Name: Aerandir Anwamanë (Old One)
Nickname: Aera
Age: 2000
Gender: Male
Race: Elf
How old does he actually appear: 21
Weight: 186 lbs
Height: 6 feetmale%20elf.jpg
Body build:
Lean and muscular
Shape of face:
Eye color: Green

Skin tone: Slightly tanned
Predominant features: Tattoos cover his body. A sword whip on his right forearm. A broadsword on his back, a bow on his left hand
Hair color: White

Usual fashion of dress: Look to picture. Also wears a dark brown hooded cloak that falls down to his knees. He usually wears the hood no matter what the weather is like.

Good personality traits:
Helping others who are in trouble
Bad personality traits: Not caring about things and people after helping out
Mood character is most often in: Slukly
Sense of humor:
Lost his sense of humor when he disappeared

Aera was the only child of two very magical parents. From an early age he was thaught on how to control the four basic elements that his race believed in; Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Over the next six hundred years, Aera grew up to be one of the best magic users within his race. Shortly after mastering what he could learn from the Elfs, he started to train in the art of combat. By the time Aera was 800 years old he had mastered the bow, all types of swords, weapon summoning and even communication with animals. When he reached 900 years old, Aera took his father's position as leader of his clan, which was right before the Tree of Life started to wither. As a present from his parents he was given the wind bow Fuji and the two wrist guards that can be used as crossbows when some magic is applied. This was also the time when he was tattooed with the weapons he wished to summon when in combat. It would be two hundred years later that the tree would start to wither. The counsolars not knowing what to do, followed suit with the other races and sent people to give their lifes to the tree , hoping to breath life back into the Tree of Life. Sending people for four hundred years, Aera finally ordered them to stop as it was having almost no effect. Counteracting this, the counsle argued that they were not sending people who had a high compataplity with magic, and eventually decided that Aera should be the next to go. Refusing, Aera aruged with the counsle for many days until he disappeared.

Wandering the world for five hundred years, Aera helped people who were lost, in danger and other odd jobs. Along the way Aera meet dragons in both forms. Talking with them he slowly learned how to speak their language and even gained better control over his magic and even new tricks.
Drives and motivations: Prove to his people that sacrifice is not the only way to keep the world alive
Hometown: Syntheria
Type of childhood:
Most important childhood memory:
Learning how to summon
Education: Not only learned about Earth, Water, Fire and Wind magic, Aera was also taught the language of humans before they went extinct, common tongue and even the language of dragons.

Mode of transportation: Horses. He has two.
Most prized possession: The wrist guards
Hobbies: Carving

Extremely skilled at:
Languages, close combat, magic
Extremely unskilled at: Cooking,

Abilities: Magic in the four basic elements, summoning
Name: Mitne Darastrix
Nickname: Mitne "Light"
Age: 203
Gender: female
Race: Dragon
How old does she actually appear: 24
Weight: 150
Height: 5'9"
Predominant features: Two horn potrude from her head that a faint white light seems to constantly encircle each horn. She carries two long swords that are tied to her waist, usually invisible with all the colorful clothing.

Usual fashion of dress: Fancy and vibrate dresses and colors. Her clothing usually has at least a bit of every color on the rainbow.

Good personality traits: accepts change, determined, flexible, focused
Bad personality traits: Does what is convienent, thoughtless, resentful, lazy, unkind, envious, distant, dishonest, ungrateful....do I need to go on?
Mood character is most often in: Grumpy, mostly snappy
Sense of humor: none, she does not care for jokes.

History: When both dragons remained unhatched, their mother died to the withering ilness. The eggs remained unprotected for several weeks. The cove had been raided for treasure several times. Most of the eggs were trampled, broken or stolen. During one of the raids, two dragons showed up at once, they fought over the last bit of treasure. One of the last unbroken eggs was kicked by the fighting dragons. It rolled away, between some rocks.

There it sat, hidden from view, until the day it hatched. Not one dragon came from this single egg, but two. One was white, the other was black. Imediately they fought eachother like siblings, even if they were not completely out of the egg yet. The dark one squealed loudly as the white bit down one the other's tail.

Both of them froze, for a snort came from very close by. Instantly they stopped squabbling and curiously checked out what made the noise. It was a gigantic red dragon, sleeping on a hoard of treasure. Neighter hatchling looked anything like the red one, though the Dark one squeaked at the red dragon.

"Mommy?" The red dragon opened its eyes, freaked at the little hatchlings, it attacked. The dark one scrambled out of the way. It would have been eaten in one bite if the Light one had not poked its eye with a claw to distract it. Together they wokred to distact the dragon and escape. That is the day they both realized they must stick together in order to survive.

Most of their yeras were spent together, surviving and teaching themselves and eachother how to surive and fight. It was not until they nearly reached adulthood when they finally approached other life forms, including dragons or other creatures.

"The world's made of light and darkness, you can't have one without the other."
"Beautiful light is born from encompassing darkness. As magnificent darkness comes after the searing light."
Only few of the things the twins learned. One cannot exist without the other. They had a great example when one was stolen from the other. Each of their powers were no longer in check, things started going awry. Darkness grew, to encompass more than just the light and far away the light seared away all of the comforting darkness. Together they prevail, alone they fall.

With the aid of a friend the two were reunited before anything too terrible happened. From then on they never left the sight of the other.
Drives and motivations: Get this over with.
Hometown: Born in a cave that had been raided and taken over by another dragon
Type of childhood: Childhood was a struggle, but together they survived.
Most important childhood memory: Being reunited with her sister after the kidnapping.
Education: What they needed to survive, including hunting, reading, writing, combat and other stuff.

Mode of transportation: Flight
Most prized possession: A necklace, a gift from her sister. It is only visible in human form, and even then the gem that hangs from it is hidden between her breasts.
Hobbies: Combat, honing hunting skills

Extremely skilled at: Hunting, physical combat in human and dragon form
Extremely unskilled at: Has a weakness for well sung lulabies. They can make her actually calm and get rid of being alert and grumpy. Also often has a hard time making graceful landings from flight.
Dragon Form:

Abilities: Ability to create, bend, shift and manipulate light. Breath weapon is a shaft of searing light that scorches, and can temporarily bling target/allies

Name: Whedabra Darastrix
Nickname: Wheda "Dark"
Age: 203
Gender: female
Race: Dragon
How old does he/she actually appear: 24
Weight: 145lbs
Height: 5'8"
Predominant features: She carries a bow, arrows and two dagger in her human form.

Good personality traits: determined, kind, calm, devoted, loyal, considerate, focused, friendly, honest,
Bad personality traits: indecisive, hard to gain her trust
Mood character is most often in: Calm and reserved
Sense of humor: yes, she likes jokes, specially pickin on her sister

History: read above history
Drives and motivations: Save the world.
Hometown: Born in a cave that had been raided and taken over by another dragon
Type of childhood: Childhood was a struggle, but together they survived.
Most important childhood memory: Being reunited with her sister after the kidnapping.
Education: What they needed to survive, including hunting, reading, writing, combat and other stuff.

Mode of transportation: Flight
Most prized possession: Exact same necklace as her sister, the the gemstone hidden within clothing.
Hobbies: occasional cooking, acrobatic airial manuvers

Extremely skilled at: acrobatic manuvers within the air, defensive combat, swimming
Extremely unskilled at: not great at offensive combat, sluggish during the day, vunerable to light attacks
Dragon form:

Abilities: Ability to create, bend, shift and manipulate darkness. Breath attack is darkness itself, it disorients, confuses and can possibly knock out targets/allies
Everyone who posted a COMPLETED character sheet are approved.
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Name: Riuuk
Nickname: Riuuk
Age: 145
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon
How old does he actually appear: 32

Weight: 195 lbs
Height: 6'1
Body build: Muscular.
Shape of face: Uh, square-ish jaw? (Strange attribute to see in a profile. o.o)
Eye color: Blue
Skin tone: Tan
Predominant features: Various scars over his body.
Hair color: Dark brown, messy short.
Usual fashion of dress: A dark-coloured tunic, thick boots, bandanna over his hair.

Good personality traits: Leadership, getting things done, calm.
Bad personality traits: Harsh in critique, tries to do things himself.
Mood character is most often in: Calm and serious.
Sense of humor: None, he doesn't believe in jokes. He never laughs.

Riuuk was a warrior. From birth. He was trained since he was an infant, and has retained this ability through adulthood. His life was filled with orders, training and rough handling. Most people would have breaked. But, Riuuk had come from a family of strong warriors, and he had kept up the family name. Although he had a hard life, he had come out on top, and is the better Dragon for it. He does not accept defeat easily, and believes that every person should do their job. This attitude landed him various leadership positions in order, and eventually he became the head of guard. He has sinced trained and lead dozens of recruits in becoming strengthened soldiers.

Drives and motivations: Living up to the Dragon clan's reputation, and upholding the traditions of his family, of defending the weak.
Hometown: Ecrastasia, the Fortress
Type of childhood: Hard
Most important childhood memory: Being taken from his parents to be trained.
Education: Combat strategies, combat in general, diplomacy.

Mode of transportation: Walking, or on a horse.
Most prized possession: His family-crested claymore.
Hobbies: Practicing his combat skills, making wooden statues.

Extremely skilled at: Decision making/strategy
Extremely unskilled at: Swimming.

Dragon Form

- Can move underground
- Can manipulate earth, moving and shaping it
- Can literatly tear earth away and against enemies in his dragon form, and also retains his underground movement ability while in dragon form.
- Cannot fly effectively having never used his wings much, although has the ability to glide. Prefers to move underground.
Name: Cantessa Nox

Nickname: Tessa

Age: 125

Gender: Female

Race: Dragon

How old does he/she actually appear: 23

Weight: 130

Height: 5 " 6"

Body build: Toned, slender frame with proportionate curves

Shape of face: Oval

Eye color: Ruby red

Skin tone: soft tan ( the look of someone who's been out in the sun a bit )

Predominant features: One her back, on both shoulder blades she had tattoes. On the left is the Kanji of Wisdom, and on the right is the Kanji of Love.

Hair color: deep shade of red

Usual fashion of dress:

Good personality traits:She's very Passionate, and loving. Her personality is very warm and inviting towards almost all types of people. She has a very happy, and flirty vibe that echoes of her.

Bad personality traits: When angered ( which has to be fueled for sometime ) once she is enraged, she seeks revenge.

Mood character is most often in: Flirty, joking and happy

Sense of humor: Oh yes! sometimes to much so, to where she can be considered to be a bit of a trickster

History: Tessa grew up in her home village of Lusinea, which was located at the foot hills of an active Volcano. Like most of her kin, being of the blood line of Fire element dragons they spend most of there youth learning to control all aspects of this element. To learn that with in destruction there was creations. Tessa had a nack for this, and soon became a guardian of the Volcano as well. Each time it erupted they control its flow and helped heal and renurish the farm lands of all the surrounding villages. She couldn't have been happier, but like the teachings of her youth, all things end and become destroyed to make way for a new path. The world was in turmoil, and soon it reached her world. War broke out with tribes who were in search of prosperious farm land, and wouldn't settle for the idea of sharing what this clan of Dragons and fellow friends had worked so hard to maintain. Blood was spilled on both sides, and when the next eruption happened, there wasn't enough of them left to control the volcano. Everything was destroyed in a horrible blast, there was very few reimnance left of the town, or other villages, let alone there people. It Made Tessa's blood boil, everything had been maintained in harmony until greed and ill will stuck its horrid nose in. She wanted revenge, she wanted to destroy the world of those who came and took hers. But they no longer existed, and the world as a whole was already falling apart at the seams. There was no way to seek and achieve the sweet release of revenge. And thats when her Grandfather, who had been trying desperately to hang on to his life, spoke words of wisdom to her. It would take many years, and seeing the world before their meaning reached her heart,.. but he told her. She could not hate these men, They fought out of survival, and fear. That the only way to cure this gut renching feeling was to forgive, to love, and to have the wisdom to understand. And after seeing the world, and all its turmoil, she finally understood just what needed to be done.

Drives and motivations: To help replace the worlds fear with Love, She belives its the only way to heal the world.

Hometown: Lusinea

Type of childhood: Good and Normal ( aside from that one life turning event )

Most important childhood memory: The most important one would be when her grandfather gave her those words of wisdom, gave her his doubled bladed sword, and past.

Education: Her spiritual beliefs, and sword skills

Mode of transportation: Horse if in a human form, but she'd choose to fly in her dragon form anyday

Most prized possession: The double edge sword of her grandfathers.

Hobbies: If being social was a hobby it would be hers. Aside from that she loves planets, and cooking

Extremely skilled at: Swordsmen ship. along with understanding a situation and finding a solution

Extremely unskilled at: she's a horrible swimmer, and anything below freezing she can't deal with.

Abilities: She can control and manipulate Fire,.. and even temperature to a point. since she can generate high amounts of heat from her aura. She can with stand very high temperatures as well. And like typically any time you think of a fire dragon, she can breath fire.

Dragon Form:
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Will the dragons have already met in the rp? or will they be reunited on a short notice ?
Like in other words, will none of the dragons know of their fate and tasks from the start ?
Yes, they all know each other, they grew up together in the same village AND trained together to perfect their magic wielding. But they've never met Andaraste, they only know they have to protect her on this journy.

The whole thing will start where she will be introduced to all of you. In each of your posts you can put your back stroy and what not but in the post I'll put, I'm putting what she went through and how the elders of the dragon clan tell her that its time, then everyone is brought in to speak to her and meet her before leaving.