Elemental Knights

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Romance, Yaoi, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Horror; anything really, I'll try my hand at something once.

The world is barren...
The people have all disappeard...
All who are left are creatures of a magical kind...
Dragons, shap-shifters, vampires, demons... all are left... fighting for the right to rule the earth and comand all of its inhabitants. But soon... the earth began to wither... the plants began to become dull and the normal animals becoming sick and dying off slowly. Earth was dying and the stongest worlocks and witchs could not reverse it. Not any of the magic any of the creatures had could save the planet. So in order to keep earth from shattering, they kept the strongest magicians and magic weilders at the Tree of life. A place where, neither darkness nor light, nor death exsisted. Only life and to keep it from withering away, the magic was given back to it to keep it alive, a little longer, as long as they can...

Years passed and the Earth was an empty shell of what it once was. The tree of life had begun wilting no matter how many Magic weilders sacrificed their magic and their lives to save it. The creatures felt that the creator had ignored them once again and wanted to watch them perish as their world fell apart.
Little did they know, that he himself had become ill from the poison and hatred the creatures had towards him and in a last effort to help them, he sent down a drop of his pure power.

The beauity, with which this power had was unimaginable but in order for it to be known as a gift of the creator, he made it into a child. A human child, a little girl that would be the difference between the end of Earth or everlasting life.
He gave the child to the only ones who still believed in him, the dragons. The white dragon took the child and raised her in secret, helping her control her powers. But when the earth was at the point of withering, the dragons made a choice. They would send the girl, Andaraste, with six warriors to the tree of life. She knew what had to be done and knew how to heal anything to perfection, but she knew once she healed the tree she would be just a normal human...


Each warrior represented an element.
Water... Earth... Fire... Air... Light... and Dark

Their job is simple. Protect her from those who would want to steal her power or worse...

Okay so I'll need 6 people to be the warriors. After that you can choose a race as long as it isn't human, since they are extinct and Andaraste is the only one now. Please use the template below for your character sheets. And if ANYTHING can be replaced with a pic, go right a ahead and do so, but please if it is a link, make sure it works, so everyone can see as well. And if you want to add stuff to the template, go ahead, but this is the stuff I want to know about each character. And I will play Andaraste.

How old does he/she actually appear:
Body build: (Lanky? Muscular?)
Shape of face:
Eye color:
Skin tone: (Pink? Peach? Purple?)
Predominant features: (Tattoo's? Scars?)
Hair color:
Usual fashion of dress: (You can put a pic instead of describing)

Good personality traits: (Something they realize they do well. EX. Kind, helpful)
Bad personality traits: (Bitchy, mean, bully)
Mood character is most often in: (Happy go lucky or pissed and cranky? Can be something other than these)
Sense of humor: (Does he like a good joke?)

History: (Minimum of Five sentences please)
Drives and motivations: (Save the world? Get this over with? Revenge?)
Hometown: (Where were they born? No 'Doesn't remember' crap, think of something awesome)
Type of childhood: (Good? Normal? Terrible?)
Most important childhood memory: (A memory they could never forget about, can be good or bad)
Education: (What did they learn about most other than their element?)

Mode of transportation: (No Cars! Can be a horse or something along those lines)
Most prized possession: (They would never part with it)
Hobbies: (What do they enjoying doing the most?)

Extremely skilled at: (What is it that they are the best at? Drawing, singing, etc.)
Extremely unskilled at: (What is his/her weakness/downfall? Cant tie his shoes {idk??})

Abilities: (To be reasonable, if a water warrior no lightning bolts or fire balls)

If you want to add something just send me a message or post it below... :)
Sounds interesting.

Question: Are the characters allowed to know and use other magic besides their element. example: summoning teleport, barrier, stuff along that line?
Yes but they are dragons so they naturally have their own powers.

So they each have a dragon form, they can fly(Unless they choose not to), and they can use their elements. Thats the usual power and or ability, but if someone wanted their character to be able to teleport, they'd have to ask me and after the've posted a sheet already, so I can reveiw him or her and see if they really need to the ability to teleport or anything else along those lines.
This story is amazing i'm in >:)
Just so i don't mess somethhing up our characters are dragons?

Name: Tristin Barrendore
Nickname: Wrath
Age: 197
How old does he/she actually appear: 18
Weight: 212
Height: stands 6 feet 5 inches
Body build: Muscular
Shape of face: Circular yet detailed
Eye color: Sky Blue
Skin tone: peach
Predominant features: Tattoo around his left eye ( http://free-tattoo-designs.biz/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/tribal-dragon-tattoos-tribal.gif)
Hair color: silver

Usual fashion of dress: Usually his elven clothing or armor (armor: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/6/11153676_7c6173c877.jpg ) (clothes: http://media.photobucket.com/image/...ideshow_SuperFan/affiliate album/Legolas6.jpg )

Good personality traits: Supportive, optimistic, wise, and cheerful
Bad personality traits: Easily angered
Mood character is most often in: Tranquil and focussed
Sense of humor: Turning fights into a game and makes dirty jokes
Elf Form:

History: He was hatched like any normal dragon, but was extremely powerful. His birth mother, brought him to the elves cloaked as one of them, so that they would not leave him behind. Not knowing his origin he believed he was an elf and took in their ways. But as he grew so did his powers, leaving the elves with the decision to tell him of how he came to be. At first he resented the information. Days after he was visited by his real mother and she told him the truth herself. Now true to what he is, but still acting as an elf, he wonders the world sure of what he is and what he is destined to do.
Drives and motivations: A strong sense of justice, that brings him to a desire to save the world.
Hometown: The Blessed Forest
Type of childhood: Orphaned dragon
Most important childhood memory: His first crush on an elf girl :3
Education: high standard

Mode of transportation: By flight
Most prized possession: Elven necklace
Hobbies: Hunting and drop flying

Extremely skilled at: Sword fighting and archery
Extremely unskilled at: swimming

Dragon Form:

Abilities: Can create and manipulate wind at will as an endless weapon.

Yup each of the six warriors are dragons that can take human form and control their element. As an example, the fire warrior can control, munipulate and bend fire. His dragon form, he can breath fire. The water warrior the same, only in its dragon form, it breathes icey winds or creates tidal waves.

As a note to your character sheet,
He can stay an elf, and since elves are known to be weilders of magic, he can control wind. But the six warriors were all born(Hatched) dragons. Their all from the dragon clan. Your character is interesting though. I think it'd be cool if he somehow joined up with them as a guide of sorts and then starts protecting Andaraste as well. Thats just my veiw on it :)
Well i'm trying to label him as a warrior, but i think i could use a little help on his origin :)
I'm not sure. It all depends on what part you'd want him to have in the role play.

Water Dragon


Name: Chayanne
Nickname: Chaya
Age: 99 years old.
How old does she actually appear: 24 years old.
Weight: 160 lbs.
Height: 5'7
Body build: Curvaceous, Light Muscles
Shape of face: Diamond Face
Eye color: Aqua Blue

Skin tone: White/ Pinkish
Predominant features:
Hair color:
Golden Yellow
Usual fashion of dress: Traditional Japanese Samurai gear, clothing or Yukatas

Good personality traits: Organized, mostly Calm
Bad personality traits: Narcissism, Vanity
Mood character is most often in: Pensive
Sense of humor: Crude/ Vulgar Humor, laughs at others downfalls & hardships


From a early age everything was predetermined, her speak, her movements and even her birth, it's no wonder since she was the child of two of the most eldest dragons of the temple who hatched such a splendid child. Since birth she had learned the ways of self teaching, if she wanted something she must get it by her own strength and hard work-- something that made her very hateful of her parents-- since both of them were natural genius who expected her to achieve such greatness. But there was a problem, Chayanne was no genius and could only strive for it through hard work and perseverance,this made her very spiteful of others.Chayanne locked herself, day and night, in her sleeping chambers striving to gain knowledge and surpass her parents; each day she would learn the ways of water, bending it at her will and practicing with the dream on one day achieving perfection. Most if not all of her youth and early adulthood was spent gaining knowledge, reading and searching for anything if not everything's meaning. Her attitudes and views made her very unwelcomed and prone to ridicule due to her lack of communication and social skills.

Needless to say, Chayanne perfected and owned her element to the best of her potential, weather good enough to surpass those above her is unknown but she could care less. Her views had changed, real life had changed her. Her kind, no her element was cold, and she needed to overcome that and become more valiant and humble--unlike her people. She longed for life changing values and thus she emerged herself in depths of the ocean in seek of those adventures. Only to come out, when the time called.

Drives and motivations: Self pleasure, having the bragging right of taking part in history, ( Her name being seen in books due to this [ Hence, Vanity]), as well as for own knowledge & curiosity motives.
Hometown: N/A. Monastery Temple.
Type of childhood: Overprotected Childhood. Neutral on most part.
Most important childhood memory: First time she spread her wings and flew ( with her parent's permission of course )
Education: Self taught, overachieved high standard.

Mode of transportation:
Wings or Swimming.
Most prized possession: Her silken hair & water supplied ring ( magic ring that allows her to call forth water even in drouth )
Hobbies: Reading ( the temple called for vast understanding of scripts ) & Swimming ( water is her life source )

Extremely skilled at: Healing [ Brewing up Potions & Elixirs ] & Translating Scripts.
Extremely unskilled at: Social Skills, Dealing with Children or Teens

: Breathing under water & Water manipulation, can also photosynthesis plants
Nightstalker: Warth Warrior?

Red Demon Tenchi-Roku: Okay, whichelement would you like to be?
If I may, and If I'm reading all this right. Could I be the Fire warrior?

and if so,.. Does the Fire warrior have to be a He?
Nightstalker: Okay thats fine

Red Demon Tenchi-Roku: Oki doki :)

Firewolf: Sure you can and they don't have to be male or female, its all up to you

Now all the elements are taken

Red Demon Tenchi-Roku : Air
Nightstalker: Earth?
Bugs Bunny: Water
Unisus: Light and Dark
Firewolf: Fire
Not doing earth, well be a magical race who. What age are you saying that the average Elf dies at?
Thats all up to you, but I'm sure they live well into their hundreds.
I was thinking thousands, if thats okay. Ignore the question I sent in the PM