Elemental Knights

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  1. The tree of life is the life force of the world.

    Every plant has roots, every creature has a heartbeat, and each can be traced back to the tree of life. The humans once believed that beneath the tree, the earth’s core resided and brought warmth and life to the earth. Each root that dug through the earth from the tree, created more and more roots making more trees and animals and soon beings like humans and others. When humans walked the earth, they worshiped the tree, calling it "Mother Nature" or "Elder Mother", considering it the highest power next to the Creator. They believed that the tree of life is the wife of the creator and for the humans, this explained, why it healed them of everything from just sitting next to it. Moreover, the power that comes from the tree is equal to that of the creator. They are connected and one without the other means the end of all that is living. However, in everyone’s mind, that would never happen and the tree would always stand tall and strong... but how much can something that is perfect... take?

    The tree's design was perfect, in every way, it gave life back to those who lost it and healed the sick... but the creatures around it, abused the powers and drained the tree of the force that kept the world alive, that kept everything alive. The impossible began to happen... the tree began dying and so did the rest of the earth.

    The humans, now extinct due to the 'milking' of their blood and consumption of their food, no longer had to worry about the impending doom of the earth. The tree was dying and no one knew what to do. Therefore, the Elder from each race, all gathered around the tree and used it to connect to the creator to ask him, what they should do to save the tree and themselves.

    My essence is in those who wield magic. Their sacrifice will keep the tree from withering away along with the rest of the earth, is what he had said to them. Therefore, they began collecting those who wielded magic and sent them to the tree. Had the strongest feed the tree the essence within them that they were born with.

    This worked for maybe a three more years, but then it seemed to get worse. The tree began to want life itself, sucking it back from the earth to stay alive. They had to start sacrificing the wizards and wiccan just to keep the earth from falling apart.

    The creator knew of it and wanted to stop the tree of life, but he was as weak as she was, the tree and him connected. So he tried to get some of the elders to re-group and speak with him, but they all lost hope in him.

    He then began to speak to the elder dragons of the dragon clan. He told them to go to a certain place in the mountains and wait for a ray of pure light and when it fades there will be a child.

    The child will be a pure part of me and at the right time, she will save us all. Raise her and keep her safe, he had said to them and they had listened. After two days of waiting, the signs appeared and the light from the highest part of heaven fell to the earth. The dragons found a child wrapped in a bundle and gems in her hand.

    The child was named Andaraste, the daughter of the creator and the purest form of life.

    They did as they were told, they sheltered the child and trained her, raised her, loved her like parents would and made sure she knew what would have to happen in a short amount of time.

    In the ten years that passed, six others were born, with in each was the power to control the six elements, water, fire, earth, air, light and dark. Each of these six, would be Andaraste's guardians. They were all taken to the temple deep with in the mountains and trained by each of the elders of their element.

    The flutter of long gold tresses flew behind a young human child as she ran down the corridors of her home. She had been summoned by her dragon mother and she was egar to find out what is it she wanted to tell her.

    She ran down windowless passageways and intricatly designed walls until she reached a large room made of granite and a few other things. This was the worship altar, where she went to speak to her father about her day and what not. "Mama?" she called, smiling when Natia came into veiw. She walked to her dragon mother and hugged her gently. "You wanted to see me?" she asked looking at her dragon mother.

    Natia looked back at Andaraste with sad eyes and a soft gentle smile. "My child..." she began, not able to bring herself to say what she had to say. "Mama? Whats wrong? Why do you look so sad?" she asked softly.

    "Natia, you must tell her," Issac said from the other side of the room. He walked up to the pair and looked at Natia with equally sad eyes. Andaraste was confused and worried. "Anadi... It is time," Natia finally said.

    Andaraste felt her heart sink as she heard those words fall from her Dragon mothers lips. She felt tears well up but she held them in and took a step back. She bowed and nodded her head. "I will go prepare then," she said softly, her eyes looking at the ground as she turned and walked away. She didn't turn back around, but she could feel Natia reach her hand out to her, but Issac stopped her.

    Andaraste knew her destiny, but it did not make it any less painful or less difficult for her to say goodbye to her dragon mother. She entered her bedroom, and as she closed the large oak door she let out a sob and slid to the floor.

    "Must I die father? I do not want to die... But I know I must," she murmered, wiping the tears from her eyes. She felt a weak but warm essence form around her, like a father hugging his daughter. She nodded her head and hugged back, before standing.

    She began packing the things she needed. The gems she was born with, the gown that was made from the blanket that wrapped around her as a baby and a few memories she had of Natia and others she had met. She looked over her room, pulling on a black cloak and wearing a white dress underneath.

    She knew that she was wanted back in the alter room and that where she went. Only Issac wasn't there. Natia pulled Andaraste into a tight hug and told her it would not be the last time they met. She then took Anadi's hand and lead her towards the part of the temple she was never allowed to enter. She saw light and not fire light but sunlight and it hurt her eyes as they got closer to it.

    Issac was speaking and adressing the six dragon warriors choosen at birth to guard Andraste. "The time has come to fufill what you have been taught. You will help keep this world and all who live here from dying, by protecting the daughter of the creator. Now is the time told to us by the creator himself that she must go to the tree of life," Issac finished.

    He held out his hand and had Natia bring Andaraste outside. She squinted, her skin glowing in the sunlight, like she was part out it and her hair shimering slightly like gold. "This is Andaraste, out in your travel's call her Anadi so no one else will know of who she is," he instructed.

    "Hello..." Andaraste asked, her voice pure and sweet sounding, flowing smoothly from her lips into the air.

  2. Ingavar was outside working on his swordsmanship, his body was covered in sweat and his breathing ragged. He'd been practicing for hours now making sure his skills were kept honed, he was actually about to move one to practicing his magic when he noticed Issac heading in his direction. Ingavar quick sheathed his sword and bowed to his elder dragon as a sign of respect, the elder dragon waved aside the formality. Ingavar lifted his head "Good morning Elder Issac" he said humbly, the expression on Issac's face looked some what pained. Ingavar was about to ask him what had happened but the elder dragon the look on his face told him not to, he told Ingavar to follow him and that all would be revieled in due time before leading him back towards the temple. As they approached Ingavar noticed that his fellow guardians were there as well, he looked up to Issac the old dragon said nothing. As they got closer Issac had him join the line up, Ingavar now stood infront of Issac the other guardians on either side of him. Issac seemed to sigh heavly as if what came next would only sadden him further, the old dragon took in a deep breath and began addressing them.

    Their long awaited task was finally at hand, they were to take the creators duaghter to the tree of life to be sacraficed. Before Ingavar could say anything he saw elder Natia walk out of the alter room with a young girl by her side the child's skin was light in color but had an aura of life about it, it was as if her very being was life itself. She greeted them in a kind and soft voice, Ingavar tried to greet her back but his voice was striffled he was taken back by her innocence and beauty.
  3. Thesrian had busied himself in the dark library. Most of his time was spent in this building, searching through the millions of scrolls for anything he could find. He was currently reading a dusty old book about the Tree of Life. The library was nearly pitch black, but it didn't seem to bother him are his white eyes scanned the pages. Finally, a soft flicker of light came up at his right side and he hissed, blocking his eyes.
    "A warning next time, you old ass," he said, turning to find Issac standing beside him, the light now covered. He sighed irritably, closing the book. He quickly grabbed his cloak, putting it on and keeping the hood up to cover his face. It covered his entire body as he walked with ease He stepped over a few stray books, warning Issac of them when he saw them. Finally, they were out into the light of day and Tes pulled the hood down further. Once they arrived at the temple, he waited patiently for Issac to retrieve the rest of the guardians. Most of them had exchanged greetings before, but he didn't really know any personally. He glanced around as the last few joined them. Finally, Issac told them why they were there. The child was going to die soon, and it was their job to take her there. The mood of everyone changed to be serious. Most nodded in understanding. Once the girl came out, Tes could hardly stand to look at her, but he managed a glance. This child was the epitome of everything perfect, and the way she glowed made his eyes burn. He could not look at her. She was too pure for him, but he knew he would need to protect the girl.
  4. Inurian focused on the little rabbit in the distance. It's fur was barely shaken by the strong winds out here. It had been roughly six months since he'd come here, his mentor in turmoil when he'd left, and he still couldn't get it right. Inurian focused, his violet eyes thinning in concentration. He felt the right on his right hand scalding his skin as he poured energy into it.

    The well is within... Focus Inurian!

    His mentor's words echoed in his ears. His head felt like it was about to split with the pressure, reaching all the way to his horns. The air crackled around him as he tried to focus his energy to a tiny point in the heart of the rabbit. He felt it build like a fork of lightning, planning its meeting to the ground.

    Now release it! Let it go!

    He grimaced, releasing the energy with a mental push. The air seemed to bend around his line of sight before opening his mouth. The air separated, like cutting a picture down the middle, and a shot of white flame broke through it faster than lightning. The earth around the rabbit burst into flames, and Inurian cursed.

    "Inurian!" Isaac shouted.

    Inurian didn't speak, simply turned around with a scowl on his face.

    "It's time." Isaac said.

    Inurian sighed and pulled a knife from his belt and a little piece of wood from a hanging pocket on his side. It was half whittled away into the shape of a hatch-ling. He began work again on his little toy as he stood. He lifted his brown hood over his protruding horns, hiding his face from the sun and people alike.

    With solemn steps, he followed Isaac back to the place he had called home. The warriors had already assembled, faces of people he hadn't cared to get close to. He knew the names to the faces, but that was all. With a lazy gaze, he dragged his eyes across the known warriors and to the newest face. Guarded by a dragon of light, a child stood, scared. She seemed to glow with light like the sun, but Inurian knew the stories. He'd heard rumors of their purpose, why they'd been torn from their homes. His brow furrowed, and his whittling stopped, the most change of an expression he'd shown to anyone since he'd gotten here.

    'A child?' he thought to himself, fire rising in his chest, 'She's so young... How dare they...?'

    He blinked twice, waiting for an explanation before he hurt someone, not realizing that he already cut open his hand holding the blade.
  5. The light filling the room shimmered gold, particularly around the young girl who already seemed to glow with an inner light, but when reflected off a serpentine golden dragon's scales, the light made the young human looked almost like the sun. She was divine. Beautiful, perfect.

    Nakuinna was a slim golden coil on the floor with her head tucked under one coil dramatically, one amber eye partially visible. She was at Andaraste's side several feet away, always the watchful protector. It was her own scales that magnified Andaraste's beauty, but that was not why she was angry. She was angry because they all loved the perfect human, the one they had been trained to protect without being given the choice to say no. And in Nakuinna's case, she had been trained not only to protect, but to die. A Light soul was never ending. The power went from dragon to dragon, reincarnated and usually untraceable unless the dragon had chosen to die and give its soul away.

    Or that's what the stories said, anyways. Nakuinna wasn't sure if she believed it or not. All she knew was that she wanted to be anyone else, the more powerless the better. To have power was to be used and sacrificed. In all her years serving as one of Andaraste's personal guards, Nakuinna had never heard her verbally complain about her fate. She knew that the human girl would understand Naku's own fears, but the human would never know those fears in the first place. Not the deepest fear, the one of dying and being forgotten, just a tool to save a more important being's life. She was never to tell a soul about her most precious duty, but she suspected that the tales of Light souls weren't unknown by others, though no one probably believed the tales or gave half a dragon's flaming poo about whether they were true or not.

    Naku sighed heavily, and the golden light shimmered on the walls. It was time to face the facts. Again. Now it was time to be a two-legger. It was so uncomfortable being in her confining little two-legger body that she was almost positive that even Andaraste had never seen her in that form. She wore it during private training and self-practice, but all other times she was the golden dragon.

    The golden light rapidly dimmed until only sunlight and Andaraste's light remained. Naku stood uneasily on her two legs, testing her weight, before turning to glare at the other guardians as if to say "go ahead; I dare you to underestimate this seemingly puny two-legger form". She would never know why this form was little. She wasn't small as a dragon, but in this form even Andaraste seemed tall.

    She knew the other guards by their faces, but their names were forgotten entirely. She rarely saw them. Now her eyes turned back to blank and unreadable as she studied them. One couldn't catch and hold Andaraste's gaze. Another couldn't look away. And another stood there with his hand sliced open, either furious or sick, probably at the thought of Andaraste's life ending as a sacrifice. Naku had to admit that the girl's fate, or what people understood as her fate, was tragic and potentially infuriating, especially due to her purity and beauty.

    "No one was given a choice in who would save us," Nakuinna muttered to the one with the bleeding hand. "We received her, relieved but distraught. It would be easier if it had been a ornery old dragon. But there's nothing for it. Just swallow your questions and do your duty..."

    Naku glanced at old Isaac, who stared at her briefly. It was a quick and silent question, or possibly a quick and quiet demand. It seemed to say "you will fulfill your duty, too, or you will regret not doing so." Nakuinna lifted her chin, nodded once, and shut her thoughts down, replacing them with a silent chant. Do your duty. That is why you live. You live for her and die for her, because she -the purest life- will save us all. Just do your duty.
  6. Inurian quickly turned to the dragon who had addressed him, his eyes mere slits, though he tried to mask his temper. The wind shifted slightly and his crooked horns became apparent underneath his hood. He pointed his bloodied finger at the dragoness, speaking in the common tongue.

    "I did not know that the one we would be protecting would be a child! I had heard stories, rumors, but I had assumed..." he shook his head with his eyes closed, "I did not agree to this. I will not destroy a life like this, no matter the outcome. I'll burn the tree myself if I have to. This isn't right!"

    He turned to walk away from the scene, but found himself face to face with the dragon child. He hated to admit it, but something pulled at his chest, like an unwanted magnetic pull or a current of air on his wings instead of under them. This was supposed to be his purpose, his destiny. Memories flooded to him, his own past becoming an all-too familiar reminder of how short life could really be. He had been lucky, but this child, barely old enough to be called a hatchling, was supposed to die for the filth that still existed here?

    The air reminded him of reality as it irritated his cut. He glared at it and shot a wisp of fire down at it from his nostrils, the skin burning itself shut, but not fixing the problem. His true scales rippled under the surface of his human form, blood-red colors that shifted to black tips. But it was only a moment before he blinked, his nictating eyelids showing for a split second when he did.
  7. Andraste looked at the dragon who voiced his distaste for the journy they must take. She walked down the steps and as she did, her body changed. The light around her dimed and her hair became a dark golden brown. She usually looked like this when she left the temple. She walked to his side nd looked at the hand he had burned shut. She looked at him a gentle smile gracing her lips and she rested her hand on his. Their hands glowed and when her hand moved, his cut was healed. "I know it is hard for you to do this. It was hard for me to understand as well. I am as you said, a child, but I have no purpose other then to save this world and our creator. I am young yes, but I am willing to end my life if it means my father and mother may live. The tree is my mother, your mother, every living things mother and she is sick. I am the balm that will heal her and the earth to what it once was. I can not do this alone and I need all of you to help me. I do not know of this world and I do not wish to know more. I must complete my destiny but I will not force any of you to do this if it is not your wish," she said to him. This close she eminated a healing warmth that made them strong, stronger then usual.

    Natia stepped forward. "Anadi..." she began. Andraste looked at her dragon mother and smiled a sad smile. "Do not mourn for me mother.... I will be with you and everyone in spirit soon," she said hugging Natia. She looked at Naku as she transformed and smiled. "Its nice to finally meet your human form Naku," she said as she went to Naku.

    "I am sorry you feel this way Inurian, but it is what must be done, you know this," Issac said and looked at everyone adressing them.
  8. Ingavar watched as the others debated and voiced their opinions on having to sacrafice the girl, "I'm sure no one here wants to sacrafice anyone Inurian, but we have no choice in the matter we have to do this it's either this or let everyone die, young and old." Inga knew where the others were coming from though he hated the idea of having to take an innocent life. It felt wrong to everyone but it had to be done and whether the others agreed or not he wasn't about to let every soul die in exchange for her, not matter how much he would hate himself afterwards.
  9. Tes hated seeing everyone react in such a way. The only one reacting appropriately (in his mind) was Ingavar. They all knew what was going to happen. He pushed his hood back just enough for them to see his face but his eyes and skin still mostly shaded. He white eyes examined them all and he could look at Anadi now. She wasn't glimmering any more.
    "You really should get over it. We all know what was going to happen. Besides, death is not the final stage, as some of you think. Especially not for... that girl," he said, looking at her for a minute. He refused to say her name, detaching himself completely.
    "It might be a little counter-productive coming from my mouth, seeing as I happen to enjoy chaos, but with her gone the world will be sent into a state of piece and the tree will stop taking the lives of those who actually have lives in this world," he said, pulling the hood back down as the constant light became to much.
    "Tsk. You should stop being so righteous. Now, let's get this over with," he directed his first comment to Inurian, lifting the hood to look him directly in the eyes. The second comment was directed to the group and his hood was back, hiding him from the dangerous light.
  10. He looked at the child, her touch instantly soothing to his internal fires. His brow furrowed in confusion when she placed her perfect fingers on his toughened hide of his hands. He'd been burned before, it no longer bothered him to have physical pain fill the spaces between his flesh and his soul. Scars always made a nice cushion for future blows. But it seemed that this girl, this child, was not accepting to this path of burned-over skin. Her hair turned a prettier brown than the strange white light she first appeared as. In a subtle way, Inurian felt that this was her truer self, closer to the color of tree bark and earth. But it was this open exposure that nearly made him turn away from her soothing touch. It was too comfortable, too quick for someone he'd just met, regardless if he had just defended her life's right. He flinched, half a step back when her hands began to glow. He looked, in masked confusion at her face, delicate as a flower petal from the tree itself. His hood hid his face from the others, horns making a wonderful tent to his face and head. In a moment, her hands were removed, and his wounds were healed, without the pain of fire to scald away the openness of the wound.

    A warm peace flowed over him like the sands of his home, so far away. Suddenly, for a moment, the only thing that mattered was that Andraste go where she wanted to. Inurian felt that hole between flesh and soul falter a moment and his knees weaken, an odd feeling for a fire dragon to have. He fought the urge to kneel before the girl and beg for forgiveness for his existence. Instead, he observed the non-existent cut on his hand in appreciative amazement.

    "You don't know me, child, why would you-?" Inurian asked as his head tipped slightly to one side.

    Then the fools made the mistake of pointing out the darker side of this tale. He felt his flames rise back up, and it came out too quickly, too rushed. His mind filled with the smoke of the fires inside as he snarled at Tes.

    "What kind of mother demands the life of her own child?!" Inurian roared, fire lighting in his hands.

    Smoke billowed from his nose and mouth, from white, to gray, to black. He stormed towards Tes, his blade slipping from his fingers, but ready to light the damned darkness ablaze for his treachery. How could he feel so nonchalant? How could they all feel so? He felt another source of power emanating from the girl, but it may have been only his imagination. It was like pouring gasoline onto an open flame.

    "I will not 'get over it' and I will not accept that this is the only way," his skin rippled in and out, his scales showing again in anger of the quickly lit flame, "This is murder! And I swear on the fire that lights me that I will search for another way until the second I die! I'll burn a thousand trees to make that selfish mother listen! She never demanded this sacrifice before! What makes now any different? Just because someone will be reborn doesn't make taking their life any more right!"
  11. Let them argue a while. Naku stood slightly away from them all, closest to Andaraste, and watched them while they argued out their problems.

    Until the righteous one became violent with his fellow guardians. That simply would not do. If they couldn't at least refrain from unnecessary violence among themselves, how could they ever protect the one they were arguing over? Nakuinna uncrossed her arms and stepped forward and gently nudged Andaraste with her shoulder.

    "Lady. Allow me to speak to them alone?" it was a statement more than a request, leaving scant room to refuse. Naku moved forward, this time stepping closer to her fellow guardians.

    Inuriam's anger and fire didn't seem to make her nervous. In fact she seemed quite relaxed with her eyelids lowered, jaw loose, and miniature soldier posture less rigid than it normally would be. Naku stood in front of Inuriam just before he finished his speech, staring up at him calmly as if she were just watching a butterfly instead of a smoke-billowing dragon on the edge of losing his two-legger form. She was close enough to feel the burn of the flames around his hands, but she didn't seem to mind it.

    The biggest factor of her presence was not her posture or mood, but the single wave of calm that washed away from her and engulfed the area around her. She was trained. This was only one show of that long training. The wave , if it settled correctly into a person, would mute any unbalanced emotion. Not kill the emotion, but soften it until sorrow was mere sadness, rage was only irritation. It was a weak wave, with minimal energy used up to create it.

    Regardless of whether or not her spell was successful on Inuriam, she spoke.

    "Are you the creator? Do you know the suffering of our Tree for yourself? They are not like us. They see everything, but they do not control us. They don't feel things the same way we do," Naku explained, "And no one ever said it was her death that would revitalize the tree, but that is what everyone assumes, since the Tree once had an insatiable and deadly thirst for life. But really we don't know if she has to die or not. I will promise you one thing, so maybe you will stop trying to be an idiot hero that will kill us all in the end, including Andaraste."

    She leaned back and blinked at him before continuing. "Her life will not end until she's lived it out entirely. You are old, but still naive. Don't forget there are ways around every obstacle, every fate, and her fate is no exception to that. This world will be saved, and Andaraste will not die. We don't need an idiot-hero. We need a cooperative comrade."

    And throughout all this, Nakuinna's insides twisted. There were ways around fates all right, but could two fates tied together both be avoided, or could only one be dodged?
  12. As much as he hated to admit it she was right. He sighed a breath of clear air and put out his flames, as his mentor had taught him. He took a step back and picked up his blade. He sheathed it and placed the slightly charred remains of his sculpture back into his pocket. Despite his display, he felt better now. There was less tension within himself now that would have bothered him had he not made his point known.

    Thank you, Nakuinna. Please excuse me for my anger," Inurian said with a slightly bowed stature.

    He addressed Andraste,
    "Please forgive me. I should not have burdened you with more than you already have been given."

    There was that weakening again in his knees as he looked at Andraste, but like before, he fought the urge. He calmly went back to his place near the back and whittled the little sculpture.
  13. Tes had been ready to fight. He stood as if he was going to take the blow, but his eyes had changed to a solid black color, his shadow moving behind him. It seem to come to life, but it would wait until the danger was imminent. However, once Naku intervened, the dark shadow stilled, falling back into place as his eyes went back to white. He listened to the exchange. Naku was a smart one, at least. Despite the fact that her element was despicable, he had a new respect for her, her ability to calm the situation. It was truly admirable. He turned towards Anadi, as they had been instructed to call her. He looked at her for a minute, since she was much more tolerable now. There was something about her that made him feel a little less cold inside. He scoffed, knowing it was just that she was a perfect being.

    He glanced around at the shadows on certain objects and noticed the sun was starting to lower. It was almost dark and he still hadn't slept all day. He sighed a bit, looking at his fellow comrades.
    "Do we leave in the morning, or now? It would be easier for Anadi to move at night without being seen, but during the day we would have longer travel time," he pointed out.
  14. "Moving at night sounds good we could possibly continue till early morning before anyone is awake. Less attention that way and we could use our true forms without being spotted." However traveling by day did provide more travel time for them, the only draw back was they'd be easier to spot in dragon form. Either way there were going to be some draw backs with their travels, "But what about when we need to rest, if we try staying near the paths we run the risk of thieves and rogues finding us and if we try staying in town I'm sure we'd eventually draw attention to ourselves in some way. This is already becoming problematic if you ask me."
  15. Yes looked at Ingavar. He was sensible, at least.
    "I don't sleep, so I'll be able to keep look out. I will have to stick to shady places while I do so, but if anything would arise I would warn all of you. Do we have all the supplies we need?" he asked, looking around to Issac. He seemed to be the most sane out of everyone currently standing there.
    "I do believe we should pack supplies of our own, regardless, seeing as we all have different needs. I'd say half an hour should be sufficient time to do so."
  16. After his outburst, Inurian kept to himself. The others would go their separate ways for supplies and the like, but Inurian did not need the same things the others needed. He always kept what he needed on his person. And until they reached a place where his heat would not help him, he would remain so. Food could be hunted. Water could be spotted. And shade could be made. He could only assume what each of them would need. Nakuinna, he assumed, would need something to keep her pretty hair under control. Ingavar, somewhere between a rock and a hard place. Thesarian, a really big umbrella. He turned his eyes sideways at the dragon for a moment, unappreciative of his earlier comment.

    The after-effects of his earlier actions dawned on him at last, and he felt only a slight pang of regret for his behavior. The other part of him, the larger part, was still fuming silently for the selfishness of the world. Perhaps sacrificing one for the good of many was acceptable to some, but he would have preferred the girl to be older at the very least. Inurian glanced over at the girl, barely old enough, in his eyes, to be called a dragon. She was still under the protective wing of her guardians, whether they be the chosen ones or not.

    He felt that irresistible pull again towards the girl. He could only assume that the tree of life was at fault for that. Before he knew it, he was making a slow approach towards the girl, whittling all the way with his knife.

    "Do you know how to ride?" his tongue seemed to ask itself in an slow monotone.
  17. Andraste began to notice that her body was absorbing their emotions. Natia put a calming hand on her and she calmed down. "Thank you," she said in a whisper to Natia. She had the nasty habot of thakig others emotions and making them her own. She was starting to get a head ache and it was messing with her vision. The calming sensation her dragon mother gave off helped her. Once everyone left her headache faded. "Mother, can you put the spell on me so I may remain focused?" she asked softly. Natia smiled and took out a necklace. She put it around Anadi's neck and fastened it. It morphed, glowing red and seeped into her skin, making her headache disapear all together. She visably relaxed and sighed, hugging Natia.

    She watched as everyone left, including Issac. Natia walked with Anadi down the steps and Anadi looked around, never had she seen nature before, not in person. She looked at Inurian, her innocence clear on her face. He asked her a question and she shook her head. "I've never been outside so I know not how to ride," she said softly. She looked around though a vine like marking on her shoulder. She touched it and winced slightly. It grew more and more everyday and if it turned black she and the world would die. She remembered her father telling her this in one of her dreams. "You are Inurian?" she asked. She hadn't been introduced to everyone.
  18. Ingavar headed back to his chambers to pack his things, he tried coming up with a metal list of what he might need while on their journey. He had decided only to bring the necessities like food and water, if they needed anything else he would buy it along the way. At the last second he decided to bring a thick tarp so that way if they needed to camp out somewhere they could use it to block any unsavery weather. It wasn't really for him though, earth dragons naturally had thick skin which allowed them to survive the harshest of conditions for a good amount of time. He looked around for anything else he might want to bring when his eyes fell on a thick silver necklace, it was the one his parents gave him when he was alittle kid. He clipped it around his neck before tucking it under his shirt, with that he picked up his sack and headed out to regroup with the others.
  19. Inurian cast down his eyes, "Yes, my lady. I am Inurian Cornu. I am the exiled son of the great dragon lord."

    Inurian, from any standpoint, was very formal. His speech was old-fashioned as was his movements. He bowed, the pull strengthening again.

    "I ask if you know how to ride because..." he paused, "We should have you fitted for a saddle. A versatile one would allow each of us to carry you in turns, but if they are too much to ask, I will carry you."

    He felt foolish. And yet, he could think of no better way to put the words. The others had scattered away. He watched her touch a vine, confused by her purpose. She seemed in pain from it. There were so many things that this one did, that they all did, that he did not understand. Why would anyone purposefully put themselves through pain with no obvious gain? He couldn't fathom it. Their pain was so obvious. They did not hide it, did not fight it at all. Why not fight against the current? Burn a new path when there seems to be no other way? But that was the way of things, he supposed.

    "I mean to say that I would be honored to carry you on my back. I fear for your safety, my lady. A saddle would keep you on my back when you cannot see anything to hold on to," he said, bowing lower.
  20. She listened to his words and smiled softly at him. "That would be very kind of you Inurian," she said softly. She didn't understand how anyone could cast off their child but if anything, they had this in common, although his father did not ask him to die. "I would like very much so if you would show me around. I have never been outside of the temple and I would like to spend some time looking at the world I was only allowed to read about," she asked softly. She was very formal and polite. It was soft different then what most were in this time of the world. She looked down at her hands and watched the sun shine off them. "Father says the sun shows my true form.... I prefer this form though...." she said softly. She looked up at him. "May I see?" she asked, holding out her hand. She wanted to see his knife. She'd never seen one and she had always wanted to know how to defend herself, or at least know how to hold a knife.