Elemental Knights

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    The world is barren...
    The people have all disappeard...
    All who are left are creatures of a magical kind...
    Dragons, shap-shifters, vampires, demons... all are left... fighting for the right to rule the earth and comand all of its inhabitants. But soon... the earth began to wither... the plants began to become dull and the normal animals becoming sick and dying off slowly. Earth was dying and the stongest worlocks and witchs could not reverse it. Not any of the magic any of the creatures had could save the planet. So in order to keep earth from shattering, they kept the strongest magicians and magic weilders at the Tree of life. A place where, neither darkness nor light, nor death exsisted. Only life and to keep it from withering away, the magic was given back to it to keep it alive, a little longer, as long as they can...

    Years passed and the Earth was an empty shell of what it once was. The tree of life had begun wilting no matter how many Magic weilders sacrificed their magic and their lives to save it. The creatures felt that the creator had ignored them once again and wanted to watch them perish as their world fell apart.

    Little did they know, that he himself had become ill from the poison and hatred the creatures had towards him and in a last effort to help them, he sent down a drop of his pure power.

    The beauity, with which this power had was unimaginable but in order for it to be known as a gift of the creator, he made it into a child. A human child, a little girl that would be the difference between the end of Earth or everlasting life.
    He gave the child to the only ones who still believed in him, the dragons. The white dragon took the child and raised her in secret, helping her control her powers. But when the earth was at the point of withering, the dragons made a choice. They would send the girl, Andaraste, with six warriors to the tree of life. She knew what had to be done and knew how to heal anything to perfection, but she knew once she healed the tree she would be just a normal human...

    Each warrior represented an element.
    Water... Earth... Fire... Air... Light... and Dark

    Their job is simple. Protect her from those who would want to steal her power or worse...

    Okay so I'll need 6 people to be the warriors. After that you can choose a race as long as it isn't human, since they are extinct and Andaraste is the only one now. Please use the template below for your character sheets. And if ANYTHING can be replaced with a pic, go right a ahead and do so, but please if it is a link, make sure it works, so everyone can see as well. And if you want to add stuff to the template, go ahead, but this is the stuff I want to know about each character. And I will play Andaraste.

    How old does he/she actually appear:
    Body build: (Lanky? Muscular?)
    Shape of face:
    Eye color:
    Skin tone: (Pink? Peach? Purple?)
    Predominant features: (Tattoo’s? Scars?)
    Hair color:
    Usual fashion of dress: (You can put a pic instead of describing)

    Good personality traits: (Something they realize they do well. EX. Kind, helpful)
    Bad personality traits: (Bitchy, mean, bully)
    Mood character is most often in: (Happy go lucky or pissed and cranky? Can be something other than these)
    Sense of humor: (Does he like a good joke?)

    History: (Minimum of Five sentences please)
    Drives and motivations: (Save the world? Get this over with? Revenge?)
    Hometown: (Where were they born? No ‘Doesn’t remember’ crap, think of something awesome)
    Type of childhood: (Good? Normal? Terrible?)
    Most important childhood memory: (A memory they could never forget about, can be good or bad)
    Education: (What did they learn about most other than their element?)

    Mode of transportation: (No Cars! Can be a horse or something along those lines)
    Most prized possession: (They would never part with it)
    Hobbies: (What do they enjoying doing the most?)

    Extremely skilled at: (What is it that they are the best at? Drawing, singing, etc.)
    Extremely unskilled at: (What is his/her weakness/downfall? Cant tie his shoes {idk??})

    Abilities: (To be reasonable, if a water warrior no lightning bolts or fire balls)

    If you want to add something just send me a message or post it below... :)
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    Name: Andaraste
    Nickname: Anadi
    Age: unknown
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    How old does he/she actually appear: 21
    Weight: 128lbs
    Height: 5'7
    Body build: Thin and slightly muscular, but full and developed
    Shape of face: Egg shapped
    Eye color: A pale blue with flecks of gold
    Skin tone: A pale peach with light pink hues
    Predominant features: Her eyes, they are such an odd color that some look for longer then nessecary
    Hair color: A golden blonde
    Usual fashion of dress: She usually wears a simple white dress that she uses to run around and train in. On her travels she will wear a cream and pastel yellow dress and a Black cloak that she will always wear.

    Good personality traits: She extremely kind and generous. She is also easy to forgive others for doing wrong by her.
    Bad personality traits: She is usually too kind and is often used because of her amount of kindness
    Mood character is most often in: It's usually a mix between calm and happy. But when she is angered it is hard for her to calm down.
    Sense of humor: Yes, she loves a good joke or letting out a heart felt laugh

    History: She is a purest form of the Creators life force. She was created to save the earth and her father from the slow death that befalling everyone. She was sent to earth with the last bit of power, the Creator had before he fell into a deep sleep and she was raised with the knowledge, that she would have to die to save her father and her people.
    Drives and motivations: She wants to save the earth and keep her father from dying from the poison he is suffering from, since everyone hates him and no longer believes in him anymore.
    Hometown: She wasn't born, she was created in human form so she could save the Earth and bring love and light back to the world. But she lived in the Mountains, Mt Kileth, where the dragons lived.
    Type of childhood: It was spent training her powers to be able to heal the Tree of Life
    Most important childhood memory: It was the day she mastered her power and was told that she could finally go to the tree of life.
    Education: She learned mostly from the elder dragon, learning how to talk, read, and write from elves and some fighting techniques with the black dragon, who told her he was one of the first dragons.

    Mode of transportation: She prefers walking or riding on her friends back as they fly.
    Most prized possession: A blue crystal gem she wears on her head in a head band that she was 'born' with.
    Hobbies: Practicing her magic or singing hyms and lulabys

    Extremely skilled at: She is good at healing and singing. She was taught basic hand to hand combat and she knows many spells to protect herself.
    Extremely unskilled at: She is easily decieved and is very gulable.

    Abilities: She has the ability to give life back to someone who has died. They have to have died a few hours prior to being brought back. And she can heal other wounds as well. This, of course, takes a toll on her but she is always willing to help. She also knows many spells to protect herself but they are weak in comparison to her healing.
  3. Inurian Cornu

    Name: Inuriam Cornu
    Nickname: Inu
    Age: ?? He doesn't say often, and even when he does, he always answers in another language
    Gender: Male
    Race: dragon
    How old does he/she actually appear: young body, but old eyes
    Weight: 200 lbs
    Height: 6'3"
    Body build: seemingly lanky under his cloak, but sinewy
    Shape of face: angular, but strong features... Squarish jaw from side, but roundish face from the front. Head is squarish
    Eye color: violet eyes

    Skin tone: darker, tanned skin in his pseudo human form, scales that shift from red to gold
    Predominant features: very sharp teeth and nictating eyelids
    Hair color: blackish brown

    Usual fashion of dress: typical brown pants, but covered by a monk's white cloak and hood to block much of the desert sands. Also carries a plethora of traditional weapons held by a leather breastplate

    Good personality traits: very protective, loyal, and kind to his friends (who know how to read him)
    Bad personality traits: antisocial to unknown people, quick-tempered, over-protective, easily hurt by people he cares about
    Mood character is most often in: Seemingly pissed and cranky, but is really in a good mood
    Sense of humor: sick jokes, usually involving gore, but you don't know if he's actually joking or telling the truth

    History: Inuriam is the second son of a great Dragoness and Dragon lord. Not to mention that his birth came to a great surprise to the Dragoness' father when Inurian emerged with deformed horns instead of the beautiful twisted dragon horns. This caused a great scandal in the dragon community, since Inurian was meant to be of a higher class. Inuriam was sent, as a young dragon, to study with the monks in the Atlantic Desert. Inurian became very interested in self-defense and was trained when he asked, since he had excelled in his training of his element. He received some recognition when he was able to defend his temple against a small charging demon horde using his abilities and elemental ability. Despite his successes, Inuriam is still considered an outcast to many dragons because of his deformed horns.

    Drives and motivations: Inuriam's goals are not always clear. He is driven to make the world a better place, where his heritage and deformed horns does not mean as much as it does. He also subconsciously seeks approval from his mother, who abandoned him at a young age.
    Hometown: His mother hatched him in the great dragon city of Incigia, but he was brought up in the Atlantic Desert for his monk training.
    Type of childhood: Terrible. He was often mocked and ridiculed for his bloodline, even in dragon temples.
    Most important childhood memory: Inuriam remembered the day as if it were yesterday, his form still shifting between masked human and dragon hatchling. His mother, Draca of Talon carried him by his tail between her teeth. He was barely twelve, his infant scales finally hardening into childhood as he playfully nipped at his mother's nose each time he swung up towards her face. She dropped him in front of a large, broad-chested dragon and roared, upset and hissing.
    "Take this abomination out of my sight. Keep him, kill him, eat him for all I care." Without a look behind, she whipped around to return to her life of luxury.
    He whelped for his mother, feeling abandoned and alone.
    The Dragon priest, who would someday become Inurian's best friend and mentor, hit him with his tail, "You are a seeker of truth now. The time of looking to your mother's fire for warmth is over! You must use the fire from within you to change the stars. Make them envious of your different horns!"
    From that day forward, he finally earned his name, Inuriam Cornu... 'Wrong horn'

    Education: Elemental mastery, simple survival skills, and dagger/weapons training

    Mode of transportation: Inuriam can fly when shifts into his dragon-like form
    Most prized possession: he possesses a ring, that allows him to better control his element, given to him by his mentor after years of overshooting his targets
    Hobbies: Inurian enjoys collecting bones, opposed to jewels and other rare items. He often will carve into the bones as small sculpture pieces

    Extremely skilled at: Inurian has a very beautiful singing voice, but does not like being noticed for it. He is also a very skilled carver (look above).
    Extremely unskilled at: Inurian is extremely antisocial and makes people very uncomfortable at times with his jokes. He is also clueless when it comes to complex machinery (and sometimes simple machinery). Inurian is a terrible cook and very untidy

    Abilities: Inurian can fly, but he can efficiently manipulate the element of fire, which stems mostly from his chest and mouth, but can use his hands when he needs to. However, if he gets too cold, he cannot use his fire, and he must be able to see his target.

    One of his special abilities allow him to send up a wall of fire for short periods of time. Long exposures to these fire protections eats up the air and causes the people inside to suffocate. He is considered a master of the fire element to other dragons, but his mentor is much more skilled.

    Inurian is constantly practicing new ways to use his fire, such as trying to make small animals explode from the inside. He's not very good at it.

    NOTE: Without his ring, his fire abilities are much wilder, and more difficult to control. It is extremely possible that if he does not have his ring, he could severely hurt a comrade.

  4. OKay I like him, but what kind of dragon do you want him to be since both positions are open.
    One thing though, he can only be a full bred dragon. Demons are a higher Race and Dragons are monk like creatures that only stay within their race.
  5. Save a spot for me? I'm using a phone, which makes bigger task difficult. I will post tomorrow.
  6. Alright your spot will be saved
  7. That's kinda why I wanted him to be a half breed... But as I said... I am up to discussion as to whether he is air or fire. I was thinking that most likely, to not make him too overpowered, that air would make sense. If all that I have to change is the military to monk status, then it's an easy fix, but please let me know what is acceptable.
  8. Reserve demon spot please? Sorry, I didn't specify.
  9. There are few demons. This rp is based around Dragons and a human who has to die to save the earth and the creator.
  10. I hope to be one of those few.
  11. All right, allow me to revise what I have written :)
  12. He just needs to be all dragon, because demons and dragons don't mix. Everything else is fine.
  13. Okay, I fixed it, any other modifications? :)
  14. Okay I love him now. I think I'll have the 'keepers' of Andraste to call on you character to help protect her on the journy.


    Fire is taken
  15. Awesooooome!!!! :) Please let me know when you have the rp started!
  16. A few questions, but RESERVE A SPOT FOR MOI. Dibs on DARKNESS warrior.

    Do the warriors have to be Dragons? Do the dragons have a human form?
  17. We have to wait for more people to take the main six. Do you know anyone who would be interested in this?
  18. Uh, maybe Leucothea. I still have dibs on darkness, which was one of the main six. So, do the dragons have a human form, and the dragons are the warriors, right?
  19. Thats fine, please ask around. And you can be Darkness and yes all of them have either human like forms or a full human form.

    Also Gender doesn't matter for the six main ones.


    Darkness is taken.