Elemental Clans

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  1. Long ago, the world was ruled by mighty clans. Wielding the power of the elements, they constantly struggled against each other for dominance. After the final battle of the last Great War, only three were left standing: the clans of Fire, Ice, and Earth.

    Now the leaders of the clans and their closest subjects are gathering for a peace talk in which they will divide the remaining kingdoms and spoils of war among themselves. But tensions are still high, and the slightest mishap could cause them to descend into violence once more.

    Whose side will you choose?

    Keizel: The Crimson Phoenix[​IMG]

    Garron: The Dragon of Ice[​IMG]

    Nyera: The Forest Guardian[​IMG]

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    "Do it. We need to save this planet before there is no Earth at all. Just be peaceful," Sailor said to his leader, Nyera. He thought from the start the war was stupid, but perhaps that was because each of his triplet siblings was in a different group. He was trying to comfort her at this moment, to tell her she wasn't alone.

    "You going to give up when we've only just begun?" Hadyn asked his leader, Kiezel. "I'm a bit disappointed. They started it, why should we just want to sign for peace. It's probably going to be broken anyway." He believed strongly that this was useless, and he also just wanted revenge on his siblings for not joining the Fire after they were born to none.

    "Do what the wind tells you to do. If it howls, you should sign for it is crying, if there is no wind at all, they mustn't care," Leia told her leader, Garron. He had asked for advice and many had given it. She was hoping he'd take her to sign, or to not sign, the treaty.
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  3. Nyera sighed deeply. From where she stood in the middle of the forest clearing she could see the abundant signs of life all around her, the gentle breeze blowing through the dense foliage of the trees and the many small animals that made their home among the highest branches. It was a reminder of all she had fought to protect and preserve during the war. More than any other clan leader, Nyera had sought to avoid the conflict and keep the lands of her people a safe haven from the violent battles that had claimed so many lives. A good number of refugees from other regions now lived within the sanctuary of her forest, so she knew all too well the price in blood that would have to be paid if she and the other clan leaders failed to come to an agreement.

    Turning to her lieutenant Sailor, Nyera smiled gently. "Of course I will seek peace above all else, but the other clans are not pacifists like we are. If this summit fails, we will have to fight to protect our home." Reaching down, she plucked the string of the bow she held in her left hand. At a moment's notice she could produce an arrow from the wooden parts of her body and have it ready to fire. However much she believed in peace, she remained a formidable warrior who would fight for her people.


    Keizel strode through the forest underbrush, swinging one of his dual blades to cut down the tangled growth that blocked his path. He despised being in these lands, and he supposed it explained a lot about his enemies in the Earth clan that they chose to live here. No wonder the peace-loving treehuggers hated to fight, living in a place that kept them so well protected. In his native lands, Keizel and the rest of the Fire clan faced a daily struggle to survive among the scorching wind-swept deserts and volcanic fields. It was what made them strong, having to fight to remain alive at any cost. That was the lesson his father had drilled into to him from as far back as he could remember, and it made Keizel hate the other clans that much more that they had claimed the life of his father, the former leader of the Fire Clan, during the war.

    "Quiet, Hadyn." Keizel snapped at the younger member of his party. "No once is more disgusted by talk of peace than me. If the other two clans hadn't demanded we show up I would've just told them to go to hell. Make no mistake, though. If anyone crosses us here we'll burn this whole damned forest to the ground." He grinned at the thought. Keizel could imagine no better way to take revenge for his father


    Garron's party had traveled on foot from the north for five days, and from his scouts' reports they were now about two hours away from the meeting place deep in the forest of the Earth clan. He would be glad once the whole thing was behind them all. Although he was young to be the leader of a clan, he had fought bravely during the last years of the war to bring glory to his clan. He had also successfully negotiated with several of the smaller northern clans and convinced them to join his forces, so many of his clan's members trusted him to represent them during this peace talk. Still, Garron had serious misgivings about how this summit might go. Between the clans of Fire and Earth, opinions and temperaments were vastly divided. He would have to keep a cool head to see this through and make sure an agreement was reached that would benefit them all.

    Reaching a rock outcropping on the edge of the mountains, he climbed on top of it to look out over treetops of the forest in the valley below. His pale blue eyes took in the lands of the Earth clan and he breathed in the scent of the trees and the earth. Nodding at the words of Leia, Garron leapt down from the rocks and continued walking ahead of his party.

    "You know better than anyone how quickly the wind can change, Leia. I fear we will have to keep our wits about us if we want to get out of here in one piece."

  4. Iberis lithely traversed the rich forest behind The Ice Dragon, keeping a respectful distance from their recently appointed leader. Her eyes stayed focused on the figure ahead of her, finding the heat and the scenery to be an overstimulation of her senses. Although small in size, her agility has proven itself again and again, eventually winning a position by the Dragon's side. Despite this, she felt very much unprepared to come face to face with the Firelord, Keizel and the Mistress of these lands, Nyera.

    The sound of her leader speaking quietly to their companion, Leia, instantly pulled her attention. So battle was expected... A small flicker of fear danced in her eyes before she turned to Garron, bowing slightly before voicing the question that has been on the minds of everybody in the party, "Why did we come here, Garron? You've yet to mention the purpose of these summons. May I have the honour of knowing what it is I very well may die for, on this day?"

    Her words were followed with a deeper bow, blushing at the obvious anxiousness in her words, hoping it did not offend their Leader.

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  5. "I know," Sailor sighed. He wished the world was all the other clans were like them, "I understand," yet he did not understand why the other clans believed in that, "Perhaps we could come to agreement, or perhaps we can't, but I hope we can, and do it in a way that pleased everyone." He sighed again, looking out for the other clans. He knew that every individual was different, like each petal, but wished they all had a common goal that didn't include destroying the planet

    Hadyn scowled, "Can't we just do it anyway?" He wanted to do something more interesting than walking. "Forests are quite boring..." When he realised he wasn't in the mood, Hadyn went silent, and didn't say anything for a while.

    Leia appreciated her leader's remark to her advice. "The wind is contrary, but it's loudest of silence is the one that is the best of all." She realised that didn't make sense to the second she said it, or at least, it wouldn't make sense to most. Her life of riddles had taught her many that they made sense naturally.
  6. "W-what... are the other leaders like?", asked the young man, as he shyly looked up to Nyera. This was his first mission of this caliber and he was quite nervous even if the woods surrounding him were soothingly quiet. Nath joined the earth clan mainly because he enjoyed peace so he could help things to stay as peaceful as possible. He took the edge of his shirt into his fidgety fingers and started cleaning his glasses. The glasses weren't dirty but this was just a way to calm himself down. Slowly he turned his face towards Sailor and spoke hesitantly" Do you think there will be a war? I...certainly do not hope so... the last one was quite destructive...". He swallowed nervously. He didn't feel ready for this kind of a mission.
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  7. "Maybe," Sailor replied, "Nyera is right, they are not the most peaceful of clans, neither Fire or Ice." He frowned. "But I'd like to think not." He was taller than Nath, and looked down at him with a smile as he learnt of his anxiety.
  8. [​IMG]

    Adelaide stood behind her leader, Keizel, and Hadyn. She chewed on a pieced of dried beef she had prepared for the journey. The green hired girl had been born to a family in the Earth clan, but after showing strange signs of heat and fire, she left at a young age to join the Fire clan. The girl didn't speak much, even her footsteps were silent, and usually looked like she was in a bad attitude, even on a good day. She listened to the two others speak of how they had no interest in peace or how they wanted to burn everything they saw. Adelaide had no stance on peace or war. But she mostly trusted in her leaders decisions whole heatedly. But, the girl thought of something else this time. She cleared her throat, making her first sounds since they started there travel. "Maybe instead of burning, like always, we can try and strike a deal for land. We all know we could use the good soil for farming." Her tone was its usual tone that made her sound both bored and annoyed at the same time. She pulled out a piece of dried beef and bit down on her, ripping a piece off with her teeth and chewing on it. She held a hand out, her palm facing out as small flames began dancing on her green painted finger tips.
  9. Haydn yawned, "Fine, whatever. It was a suggestion," he bickered much like a small child. He was thinking about her words and the green fingers she had. She was a tree hugger. He felt sick that she was trying to help another clan. "I still went to burn this forest though," he muttered. He looked up at Keizel.
  10. Adelaide rolled her eyes and looked over at him, flicking her flames to the male. The fire slew towards him but extinguished an inch away from him hair. "I want to see your hair burn. You would become the laughing stock of the clan." Her words spat out sourly as her eyes glared at him. Though she didn't care what he thought of her. Most of the clan already assumed she was either a spy or a tree hugger due to her past. All that mattered to her was what the leader thought and how she could best make sure the clan would survive. She turned her gaze away and towards the sun in the sky.
  11. Haydn laughed at her bitter remark, unfazed, "Laughing stock? Compared to the girl who hung out with a tree?" He knew the clan didn't know about Sailor and Leia, and he hoped this peace thing didn't change that. He had moved sharply forward at the sight of the flame towards him.
  12. Adelaide clenched her jaw and snapped her glare back at him. she sneered at the sight of him. He got on her nerves, and the only thing she wanted to do now was burn him to a crisp, but she didn't want to upset her leader. So instead, she simply walked ahead of Hadyn to ignore him. She wanted nothing more to do with the pest. she held her hand out in front of her as flames appeared over her fingers again. She watched the flames dance around to relax herself. She found comfort in there heat.
  13. Hadyn was visibly threatened, because he had crossed his arms and anyone who knew him well knew that's what he did when he couldn't be bothered with arguing anymore, or when he was being questioned. He watched her make fire from her fingers. That always made him jump, because he had no magical qualities like many members of the clan. He was a half-bred with a human father and didn't receive any magical qualities from his mother like he knew his siblings did. He believed that toughened him as he tightened his grip on the dagger resting in his hand. Magic just was too difficult for him to perform.
  14. A few silent moments passed like an age, and Hadyn's strides slowly turned to trudges. He was practically asking be told off, as he glared at Adelaide, never taking his eyes of the rage of flames bursting out of her fingers like fireworks. He couldn't say what it was about them that he felt drive him round the bend, and eventually, he snapped, "Can you stop that?" He was sharp and didn't want to offend his leader but he was nervous about what was to come and didn't want any distractions. He was listening for something. An excuse, perhaps, to be able to leave, so the fire clan would never arrive at the peace meeting.
  15. "Quiet! All of you." Keizel barked at his subordinates. "We're almost there. I don't need your prattle distracting me." He was irritated enough by having to be here, and he would not be made to look like a weak leader with no control over his subjects. Keizel could care less if his commands rubbed them the wrong way. What was important was that he was feared and respected.

    After walking several more minutes Keizel's group arrived at the clearing. Stepping into the open space, they remained on the outskirts closest to the cover of the trees. If they had to retreat or find cover they would need to be in the best position to do so. As the members of the Earth clan assembled there watched them from afar, Keizel and his clan shot back scowls and dirty looks. Their intimidating appearance was their first line of defense, meant to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.


    Garron and his companions drew closer to the site of the meeting. The last report he had received from his scouts indicated it was only a short distance ahead. A feeling of apprehension grew in his chest. Now would come the most difficult part of their journey; ensuring cooler heads prevailed at this summit of the clans. He knew that the Fire clan's new leader would be there, the son of his former enemy and by all reports a brash young upstart. Garron did not look forward to dealing with him, but he knew it would be necessary to bear his insolence for the sake of making peace.

    Turning to Iberis, Garron closed his pale eyes and breathed deeply before answering. "We are here to make peace with the other clans. It is our duty to participate in these negotiations for the well being of all our people. And there will be no deaths today, I assure you. At least not for the Ice clan. Should fighting break out I swear I will protect you all."

    They continued to march, and before long they made it to the clearing in the forest. Garron stood ahead of his clan, his most trusted warriors taking up position directly behind him and the others standing in formation at the rear. A heavy silence hung over the gathered clans, but Garron's steady gaze and even expression did not falter. He would wait and see how things went before he made any move one way or the other.


    As the last of the other clans' representatives made their way to the meeting place, Nyera surveyed everything from the center of the clearing. Looking around, she took in the strength and numbers they had brought with them and tried to determine what their chances of surviving would be if they decided to attack. Deciding they were all evenly matched at the moment, she stepped forward to address the entire crowd.

    "Greetings, fellow clans. We of the Earth clan welcome you to our home. I am Nyera, clan leader and guardian of this forest. I now ask that the leaders of the clans of Fire and Ice join me in consecrating this meeting."

    Keizel and Garron both approached, joining Nyera at the center of the clearing. The three leaders faced each other, saying nothing but commanding the attention of everyone there with the weight of their presence.

    "As in the days of old, we must mingle the elements here as an offering to the gods. Let our offering be one of peace, dedicated not to the destruction of war but to building a future for all our people."

    Nyera raised her hand and members of her clan brought forth loads of withered branches and other pieces of wood. Piling them there in the center of the clearing, they soon formed a massive heap of brush and kindling. Nyera turned to Keizel, signaling him to take his turn. The young leader stepped forward, unsheathing one of his blades from his back and with a swipe sent flames into the heart of the brush heap. The flames grew until they consumed all the branches, making a large bonfire that sent waves of heat washing over everyone present. Garron was the next to step up. Reaching out with his gauntlet-covered hands, he drew in a draft of cool, moist air. As the air condensed, a small grey cloud formed over the bonfire that poured down torrents of snow and icy hail. Before long the fire was extinguished, leaving nothing but the charred remains of the bonfire lying on the damp ground.

    Nyera once more stretched out her hand over the bonfire's ashes. Up from the ground sprang a small green sapling that slowly stretched towards the sky, increasing in size and spreading out branches as it grew. It soon developed into a fully grown tree right before all their eyes. As if to mark the end of the ritual, hundreds of tiny buds popped up along the tree's branches and blossomed into pure white flowers that opened to the sun hovering above.

    Her work now done, Nyera lowered her hand and looked at the other leaders standing around the tree. "This tree will be the symbol of the peace we make here today. May it stand forever, and let no person raise a hand against another in its presence." She paused briefly before speaking once more. "The offering is now complete. We may begin."
  16. Sailor was nervous the closer the other clans got. They were, as Nyera had said earlier, not the most peaceful of clans, and this made it difficult to understand. He watched the ritual with great interest, it looked rehearsed, and when it was finished, he took in the leaders and their parties. He could see Leia close to the back - he knew she wasn't the most confident in herself during a fight - but Hadyn...he watched him all the time. He just stood there, to attention, close to the front but on the side. The dagger rested in his hands, but Sailor knew those knuckles would quickly turn white as the grip tightened and Hadyn's leader did a signal to begin a war that seemed destined.

    Stop looking at me. It'll attract attention, Hadyn thought as Sailor's eyes locked on him. He didn't want to see the 'symbol of peace' because he'd simply want to destroy it. The problem was, he wasn't just not a big fan of peace and butterflies and rainbows and flowers, but he felt some satisfaction in destroying them. However, the moments were given to Sailor. If he didn't know what his dimwit brother could do, he would've stabbed him by now.

    Leia struggled to see quite a lot of it, but Nyera's voice was loud and clear and she was rather pleased that this was going to happen. The only part she saw was the tree growing, and she gave out a small gasp. At first she was nervous this would attract attention, but she noticed a lot of the members of her clan did the same. Their territory didn't have much vegetation, if any at all, so they were shocked it could grow so quickly. It deeply interested her, and she was pleased. Pleased she could see it happen, pleased she was chosen to come to the peace treaty at all.
  17. Adelaid let her eyes rest on the Earth Clan. Her former clan. She didn't exactly miss them. Well, she missed a few things. Like the smell of the Earth Clan. She missed her parents. She missed the food often made there. And sometimes she missed the rain. Adelaid let the flames in her hand disappear as she quietly watched Nyera, her former leader. She offered no more words, just kept hee cold, stone gaze on the leaders.
  18. Shifting along the line of a broken thread called hope Yaelorn rode at back of Kiezel's ranks, garbed in brown and shrouded in a thin cloth that hid over half of her face. Betwixt the obnoxious cries of the rebellious, the assassin strayed quietly behind. With a presence of strong political connotation, she remained perplexed about his decision to hire her.

    In contrast to the nefarious sneers that clasped the fire clan's expressions like wrinkled paper, Yaelorn had no enthusiasm to spout threats.

    The ceremony unraveled it's events with calm while impatient children sat on high seats breeding envy, stemming from a root of greed ingrained into them by the men and women who raised them generation after generation. The dictators of each faction, all flawed with a different outlook upon life. Earth in all of naivety proposes peace to others that claim power is a greater reward. No matter how much she appreciated the green nation for wearing rose-coloured glasses, in reality, if peace was everlasting Yaelorn would be out of a job.