Elemental Battle

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  1. Leon sat in the back of the room. It was early in the morning and he was already working. He worked for Chief Bei Fong. She ran the metal bending police. Leon was glad to be on this womens good side because he knew what hell she could bring if she was mad. She toughened him up just like any other guy on the squad. Leon was glad he could work by her side. He ran his fingers through his messy dirty blonde hair. He was wearing the traditional metal bending police outfit. It was not one of the most comfortable outfits any one could wear, but is was something. It was a meeting that Leon was at. Chief Bei Fong was explaining how they needed to be on high alert. Leon knew this all to well. Mainly since the war started. Once the meeting was over, Leon made his way to his office and sat there waiting for a call.
  2. Lilian Farran
    Lilian was sent a letter from her father. 'Lilian I know how you like living in Omashu but you are need at Republic City. I was told to send someone I trusted to help with the crimes from the riots that have began from on of the past Fire Nation Generals. There getting worse. I already told a friend of mine that you are coming so your expected. Love your father.' She went into work and told the boss after Iroh had passed and then headed home to pack. Once she was one she headed toward the ships and gave the pass she found with the letter. They told her where she should go to board the next ship and she did. She then waited to arrive in Republic City one of the few places she still had not gone on her own.

    Luciano Thaxton
    "Men get ready we need to prepare for the next up rise. We have begun to spread all across the Nation and soon our point should hit even Republic City. And soon we shall begin to spread fear and start to bring the Fire Nation back to it's original glory now that the Avatar is gone and the new Avatar has not yet been spotted." Luciano walked on toward his head quarters to plan his next move. Before he entered his head quarters he turned to his right hand man. "Oh and tell the men already fighting the war that all is going acquiring to plan." He then entered his quarters and started to go throw paper work and seeing information on some of his accomplices.​
  3. Leon was enjoying the silence until he heard his phone start to ring. He jumped since he was startled by it then he quickly picked up the phone. "Yes! Hello!" The Chief was on the other end. By the sound of her voice she ment business. "Leon I have a important mission for you. A friend of mine is sending his daughter here to the city to help with the crime problems here. I want you to meet her by the docks. Just to make sure there is no funny business. " Leon nodded and stood up. "Yes Chief. I will meet her there." He hung up the phone and made his way to the docks.
  4. Lilian Farran

    Lilian had fallen asleep for most of the ride. Then she woke hearing the announcement of her stop. She stood up and went to get her stuff. Then she headed to see who was suppose to be waiting for her. 'I wonder who in the world my father's friend is?' She walked so she would be out of the way and looked not sure who she would meet.

    Luciano Thaxton
    Luciano heard a knock. "Yes?" The door barley opened. "Sir were your friend sent back saying that he's ready when you are and can't wait to see you again." "Good is that all?" "Yes." "Thank you." He then went back to his work at hand.​
  5. Leon was standing by the docks patiently for the boat to Arrive. The sun was coming over the horizon more and more as each second passed him by. After a long time of waiting, Leon saw the boat sailing over to the docks. He fixed him self up and waited for it to stop.
  6. Finally the boat had stopped and Lilain with her things got off. She looked around she noticed all the people. 'Great... that's a lot of people...' She got off the boat and headed to where she noticed others going to meet those to pic them up. 'My father's friend? Well he had said in the past that they were usually busy and help keep order of the place.... So maybe they sent someone else or they came in uniform...' She stood there slightly confused unsure on who it was she was there to meet.
  7. Leon searched around the people looking for a person who stood out. Not very much people looked like a traveler so he started to wonder if this was the wrong boat. He then noticed a girl with a lot of luggage. He ran up to her "Hello....are you the traveler I am supposed to meet?"
  8. Lilian heard a man and turned. "Um... I guess? Are you friends with a man named Kian Farran?" She looked at the man's uniform. 'So he's with the police force. Is that the job my dad sometimes would mention his friend got a job in?'
  9. Leon bow respectfully to The girl. He did not know about what guy she was talking about. It was obviously the chiefs friend that this girl was speaking about. "Um....no...I was sent from the chief to meet you here...Chief Bei Fong..you know her?"
  10. Lilian thought a moment to see if the name rang a bell. She then smiled remembering one of her father's old friends. "Yes I believe so. It's been a while since I've seen her but yeah that must be who my father was telling me about."
  11. He nodded and smiled kindly to her then turned gesturing for her to follow.
  12. She followed and carrying her stuff with her.
  13. He opened the trunck to his car and ooked to her. He then took the bags and placed them neatly inside of the trunk and got in the car.
  14. "Thanks." Lilain said as he took the bags. Then she followed him and got in on the passenger's side of the car.
  15. Leon got in the car and drove off. He knew that Bei Fong would be expecting to see her in one piece. He did not know this girl so he woundered if he could ask her some questions.
  16. Lilian looked out the window seeing some of the buildings that they passed she then looked at the man who came to get her wondering of some conversation that may break the silence. She had thought more on her father's friend and decided to ask if she really was the Chief of Police. "So um... Is it true that Bei Fong is the Chief of Police?" She asked curious and she was willing to answer anything he might ask since it would keep the conversation going.
  17. He glanced at her and nodded his head. "Yes. She is the Chief of the entire force. She is also the daughter of Toph Bei Fong. Anyway I am here to escort you to her safely.....if you not mind me asking but, how come you are here?"
  18. Lilian thought about his question a minute. "I'm here because my father needed someone he trusted to send to help deal with the crimes and riots that have been breaking out. And I guess the other reason would be I haven't been in Republic City before so to see the sites I guess."