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    For countless years the Emperor of the Yang Kingdom and the Empress of the Yin Kingdom have been battling for domination over the human world. In effort to finally overpower the other Kingdom, the rulers have created manifestations of their being and fused them with an element, creating an entirely new being. Because Yang is male and Yin is female, these assassins can only be the gender of their creator. Neither male nor females know what the other kind looks it—and their battles will be a first for having met the opposite sex.
    Their goal is to kill the ruler of the opposing Kingdom.

    Our assassins will start in the heart of their Kingdoms, creating a battle plan for when they arrive in the human world.

    Follow Iwaku rules.
    No god-modding.
    Be friendly in the OOCS and a fun opponent in the ICs! =D
    All deaths and amputations must be discussed and approved.
    You can app one of each gender (not the same elements, however) if you please.
    Humanoid characters only.
    Please remembers, these young assassins have never seen a person of the opposite gender.
    Enjoy the Rp!

    The Realms

    Sun (Yang) Kingdom


    Moon (Yin) Kingdom


    Human City


    The Elementals

    Characters (open)

    Elemental Assassin Males (Yang Clan)
    Metal (Claimed by: Catz)
    Wood/Plant (Claimed by: Thomas McTavish)
    Anti-Element (Cancels out ALL elements but has zero abilities and is handicapped in some way)

    Elemental Assassin Females (Yin Clan)
    Fire (Claimed by: YuriLucien)
    Water (Claimed by: Shayla)
    Anti-Element (Cancels out ALL elements but has zero abilities and is handicapped in some way.)

    Character Sheet (open)

    Age : (Between 15~30)
    Appearance: (Picture please!)
    Skills: (not related to their elements)

    Companion: (choices: Familiar, Shikigami, or Wekufe)

    A familiar is an elemental creature summoned by the assassin. I.E. Ice Elemental’s familiar appears to be a dragon carved of ice. With enough concentration, and Elemental can see through their familiars are for some time.

    Small spirits found in paper and are skilled at spying, stealing and enemy tracking. They are the only companions that can steal. If a Shikigami is discovered, it cannot be traced back to its creator.

    A shadowy spirit that has been invited into to an Elemental. Wefuke can communicate with the dead and ancient spirits. They can also offer protection and healing.

    Create up to three signature moves.

    Signature Move 1:

    Signature Move 2:

    Signature Move 3:

    You get fifteen *’s. Choose wisely.
    Physical Strength/Endurance:
    Signature Move 1:
    Signature Move 2:
    Signature Move 3:

    Star Chart:
    0 - Poor
    * - Okay
    ** - Good
    *** - Great
    **** - Skilled
    ***** - Supreme

    Balance Chart (open)

    Stronger à Weaker

    Fire àIce
    Water àFire
    Air/Wind àWood
    Earth àGravity
    Lightning àMetal
    Gravity àLightning
    Metal àAir/Wind
    Wood/Plant àEarth
    Dark àLight
    Light àDark
    Ice àWater
    Anti-Element à None

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  2. What are the differences between the kingdoms? Aside from the scenery, obviously?
  3. The Sun/Yang Kingdom consists of only male beings, while the Moon/Yin Kingdom consists of only females. :3
  4. ...
    Do they, like, have the citizens meet like once a year to produce children? Or are all-male children created by fusing the sperm/eggs of two members of the same gender? Or is it roughly the same kind of magic that created the Elementals? Or do people just not die of age?

    Off topic, I know, but... huh...
  5. No, those are good questions! I'm thinking... Both kingdoms have citizens, who have all been created through Taoist sorcery. For instance, if a man wants a son, he must visit a sorcerer who is able to take his sperm and fuse it with "Essence" (which is actually eggs that the yang Emperor has had harvested). The baby grows in a kind of tube. The same thing goes for the Yin Kingdom. The Emperor and Empress see the opposite genders as resources, really.

    The lifespan for any from these kingdoms is longer than that of normal humans, by a few hundred years. :3
  6. Gotcha.

    I may be interested in playing the Wood/plant assassin for the Yang kingdom.
  7. Very cool! I'll place the claim for ya and if you change your mind, just lemme know. :3
  8. [​IMG]

    Name: Hiyumi (Flame Arrow)
    Clan: Yin Kingdom
    Element: Fire
    Gender: Female
    Age : 17
    Species: Nekogami (not gami as in god, but spirit)
    Race: Elemental
    Personality: For a creature of flame, Hiyumi can be fairly timid and skittish unless she gets enraged, and then she becomes almost a completely different girl. If she cannot complete a task, she is very hard on herself and will push on, challenging herself—which conflicts with her lazy convictions.
    History: TBA
    Strengths: Wood, cat-like senses and reactions, calculated
    Weaknesses: Water,
    Likes: Fish, night, playing, creating new spells.
    Dislikes: Water, swimming, vegetables, failing, lazy, too much clothes,
    Skills: Very agile, great at healing by singing wounds and purifying them,
    Companion: Wekufe, named Sempai.

    Signature Move 1: Ever Burn. Her first real curse in which she if her flames touch her opponent, they will continue to simmer/burn in that location. The cure, of course, can be cured with Water or Earth spells.

    Signature Move 2: Serpent’s Flame. She can create a whip made of fire.

    Signature Move 3: Star Ignition. Arrows of flame fall from the heavens. This requires a LOT of energy, and if is combatted correctly, could lash back at Hiyumi.

    You get fifteen *’s. Choose wisely.
    Physical Strength/Endurance: **
    Stealth: *
    Luck: **
    Ever Burn: **
    Serpent’s Flame: ****
    Star Ignition:*​
  9. Will be having a CS up soon for you , darling! ^^
  10. Take your time! ;3
  11. Appearance (open)
    Elven Rogue.jpg
    FotA Wood Elf.png

    Name: Hayashi (Forest)
    Clan: Yang
    Element: Wood/Plant
    Gender: Male
    Age : 17
    Species: Kodama
    Race: Elemental
    Personality: Hayashi is generally calm, quiet, and laid back. He prefers seclusion to large gatherings, but is more than happy to entertain a few friends in his garden with tea and fresh fruits and vegetables. When angered he bears the wrath of nature, and so is a deadly foe.
    History: TBA
    Strengths: Quiet, level-headed until enraged, sneaky, water and earth empower him, can hide inside any tree not already inhabited by a spirit.
    Weaknesses: Wind, long-exposure to fire.
    Likes: Plants, gardening, fresh fruits and vegetables, hot tea, serenity, nature.
    Dislikes: Pollution, litter, waste, meat, humans in general.
    Skills: Good cook, excellent decorator, silent footsteps, master dagger wielder.

    Companion: A squirrel familiar with mossy fur. His name is Risu.

    Create up to three signature moves.

    Consume the Weak: Vines burst from the ground and wrap a victim completely, releasing an acidic substance that dissolves the prey and absorbs the nutrients from their body. This takes a lot of energy to do.

    Even Roses Have Thorns: A barrage of needle-like thorns fly at the target from Hayashi's palm.

    Deadly Beauty: Hiyashi can create any natural plant-based poison. He must make direct skin-to-skin contact for the poison to take effect.

    You get fifteen *’s. Choose wisely.
    Physical Strength/Endurance: *
    Stealth: ***
    Agility/Dexterity: **
    Consume the Weak: **
    Even Roses Have Thorns: ***
    Deadly Beauty:**
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  12. Awesome character! He is definitely accepted! >w<
  13. Name: Inryoku
    Clan: Yang
    Element: Gravity
    Gender: Male
    Age : 15
    Species: Kodama
    Race: Elemental

    Personality: Iryoku has what you would call a superiority complex. He believes wholeheartedly that he is as perfect a creation as there can be and that none are his equal, despite his scrawny, weak, and unkempt appearance. By extension, he believes that the element he embodies is the supreme one out of them all and that the only one who could dare to challenge him would be his opposing gender equivalent. To say that he doesn't play well with others is a bit of an understatement. A trickster and just a plain rude and uncaring individual, he lives to do two things: Fulfill his purpose for which he was created no matter the cost and to prove his superiority to others. Aside from these two solitary goals, which at times are treated as one in the same, he is a cold and uncaring person who, despite having a sense of humor, is cruel to others.
    History: To be Lived
    Strengths: His intellect, ruthless personality, raw ability, cunning, and indomitable will.
    Weaknesses: His arrogance, shortsightedness, and his tendency to get distracted from the task at hand.
    Likes: Music, himself, proving how smart he is
    Dislikes: Other elementals
    Skills: Manipulation of others, subterfuge, domination, dancing, analytical observation

    Companion: Shikigami

    Create up to three signature moves.

    Subjugation: Gravity bends to Iryoku's will, allowing him to do things like increase the gravity on a certain spot or lift it off of an object entirely. This, by extension, allows him to both protect and defend himself by crushing objects or making them lighter than air.

    Vindication: By concentrating his control over gravity, Iryoku can create blast waves similar to a telekinetic strike.

    Abdication: Iryoku creates a point of gravity so small and so strong that it's akin to a black hole, sucking everything and anything towards its center to form a singular mass.

    Physical Strength/Endurance:*

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  14. Awesome character! <3 He is accepted! =D
  15. So when are we going to get started? Soon I hope.
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  16. I'll get started on the IC and introduction. :3 <3
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