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  1. Welcome!


    In the world of Va’siel a few chosen few can wield certain elements. These gifted individuals are knows as element wielders. These wielders are gladiators, soldiers, police officers, and mercenaries. You are that gifted person, one if the few in our world. All of you come from a variety of backgrounds, you maybe expericnced wielder warriors, or criminals, either way you will be accepted. This is Rohad Academy. A school that traines wielders. to become the best wielder mercenary in all of Va’siel. Welcome, Va’siel's future Rohad Mercenaries.

    This is a school roleplay for the first part of the role-play. This will take place in Ladria, one of the largest Wielder bases cites in Va’siel. Ladria is home of the very prestigious Rohad Academy. Here, you are trained to become a Wielder Mercenary that can be hired by the government of the people. But with a sister City-State preparing to attack, you may be forced to graduate early.

    In the world of Element Wielder a few chosen few can wield certain elements. These gifted individuals are knows as element wielders.
    There are six basic elements and six advanced elements. In order for a wielder to wield a particular element, they must be born with an affinity for that element.
    However, the wielder must also carry an emblem of their particular element on their element glove/gauntlet.

    These are the emblems carried by some:

    The Six Basic Elements

    Water: Water wielders control the element of water. Some advanced water wielders have been known to solidify water into ice.

    Fire: Wielders who harness the very power of flames. The second stage of fire is blue fire. The third stage, which very few wielders have reached, is black fire.

    Like water wielders, fire wielders are highly sought out for long missions. Their ability to create campfires in almost any environment has proven invaluable.

    Void: Void wielders can wield all six basic elements; however, this power comes with limitations. Void wielders can only wield weak attacks.
    No void wielder can wield blue or black fire, as those are advanced levels of fire.

    Mind: Mind wielders can mold the minds of others. The extent of the control they have over people depends on the power of the mind wielder & the victim.
    Some have been known to drive their enemies mad with false images of pain and suffering.
    Mind wielders can also use their abilities to re-awaken thoughts that have been long forgotten. Most mind wielders are highly intellectual individuals.

    Wind: Wind wielders can harness the power of wind, using that power in both defensive & offensive attacks.
    Even though wind is a basic element, not many wind wielders can be found in Va’siel. The reason for this is unknown.

    Earth: These warriors are numerous in Va’siel. Their attacks are sturdy and strong. Their defensive abilities are some of the strongest a wielder can ever hope to create.
    But their abilities go beyond the battlefield. Some Earth wielders are able to mold and enrich soil with nutrients to create rich farmlands. The crops grown from capable earth wielders are some of the most delicious found in Va’siel.
    The legendary warrior, Golden Wielder, was himself an earth wielder.

    The Six Advanced Elements

    Space: Power of the cosmos is a mere plaything to space wielders. Not only can they summon the force of space to use against their enemies, but they can call forth universal anomalies like meteors, comets, and black holes.
    Since there are so many mysteries in the great unknown that is the universe, the true extent to which gifted wielders can push their powers remains an enigma.

    Poison: Poison wielders tend to be sick beings, both physically and mentally.
    They possess the ability to create many attacks using venom and a variety of toxins.
    In past times, Poison wielders have proven useful during sieges, where they poison entire cities water or food supplies.

    Darkness: Only the most cold-hearted and wicked beings can properly wield the powers of darkness. Wherever they the go, pain and misery follows.
    Dark wielders can control many of the forbidden wielding abilities that were banned long ago for their inhumane and unnatural power.

    Chaos: Along with holy, chaos is the rarest of all the elements. In fact, in the past 10,000 years, Shal-Volcseck is the only known chaos wielder.
    What exactly can a chaos wielder do? No one who has seen their power has been left alive to tell the tale.

    Lightning: These wielders can summon the power of lightning. Most who practice this kind of wielding tend to be driven by offense. During battle, they rarely use their power for defense.
    There are stories of exceptional wielders who have wielded red and green lightning, though, most believe this to be just tales of legend.

    Holy: Only the most pure and humble of beings can hope to control this power. As such, holy wielders are extremely rare. With each passing year, Va’siel has become more sinister and wicked, full of murder, deceit, and lies. It is for this reason that many believe that the power of holy will never return to such a cruel world. However, there are stories that indeed a holy wielder has been born in the small farming village of Asturia.

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  2. Id be interested!
    Do we start with the basic elements, then grow to advanced?
    Regardless, I'd enjoy a fire and/or chaos character
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  3. I forgot to add that their is a possibility of duel wieldering! It's not common, but you will see it. You don't have have to start at basic, it just means they are commonly used. As for utilizing Chaos, your character will not have good handle on the element. And it is very rare to get the ability since it's so rare.
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  4. Interested!
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  5. Im down!
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  6. I'm interested :)
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  7. Thanks everyone for showing interest! Any questions?
  8. Looks cool :D
  9. I like how the magic is structured, but how long do you think the school part will take?
  10. Question, do advanced elements evolve from basic elements, or so they just exist on their own in a rare way?
  11. I'm in!
  12. School is 5 years long, but like it said in the opening post, you many have to graduate early. So this may not be a school rp for long.


    No they exist on their own, advanced just means they are the more uncommon elements. They can be duel wielded, for example, a duel wielder can wield fire and poison.

    The OCC will be up Tomorrow everyone, thank you for showing interest!
  13. So if they're super rare then do we need permission from you to make a character with advanced elements? Is it the same for duel weilders? Are there restrictions and stuff for the people who uses these? Are the amout of people who can make advanced/duel wield characters limited?
  14. Depends on the elements, you will need permission to use Chaos, don't want people running around to with that power. No, I don't mind how many duel wielders we has as long as there characters aren't using 2 advanced elements :/. And no, I will clarify the abilities that can be used with that elements to clarify them, guidelines so things don't get out of control.
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