Element role-plays (FxM)

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Your character, the princess of the (element) clan/kingdom runs away after being told she was going in an engagement with the prince of the (element) clan/kingdom. As she does she ends up in the unforgiving fire kingdom, ruled by my character's father, who had locked mine away to have full power for eternity. Will your character set me free? Or let me perish.


'Cause that's the way it's meant to be.
Your character, getting thrown from his kingdom, goes off into the world for the first time. Alone and confused. When he does he meets a young fire princess, who had ran away from home and went set off for adventure. But what if the fire girl wasn't running away from home but from someone? Will your character help her? Or go off on his own?

Hello everyone! Marcy here and I have some plots for you~ I hope someone or more than one person will be willing to do this role-play with me! But we will need to work on the plots more. So PM me (with rules of yours and I will send some rules of mine back) and maybe even another role-play idea involving elements?​
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