INTEREST CHECK Element bending highschool (sorta like avatar: airbender or Avatar: Korra)

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  1. Element bending highschool (sorta like avatar: airbender or Avatar: Korra)

    If 5 ppl are interested I will probably start the RP

    This role-play will be set in a school where special benders, from all for nations go to learn bending.
    This role-play is set in the School and campus. Each student will have their own 'apartment' on campus.
    All the fights and romances which play out between each student as well as hard study and intense lessons.
    The village or campus has for separate spaces which aren't segregated but are for each different element. An earth section, and Air section, A fire section and a water section. Each of these four sections cater to each of the the respective elements training needs. Each student is free to roam the campus and go wherever they like. The principal (a fade in fade out character controlled by me) A monk by the name of Lee. Who runs the school in the background and lets the fights and drama play out until he needs to step in. There will be exams and training tests and trips.

    Story goes from there...
    Maybe Fires wanna rebel, Maybe waters earths or airs wanna rebel. Maybe the teachers wanna rebel? I guess?

    Basic rules <-- cyan or teal, my fav color

    1) No godmodding. (its dumb)
    2) Don't kill other role-players in the rp. It ruins the fun.
    3) Do not control other people's characters
    4) Cursing is allowed if it's in a different language or it's not used all the time, let keep it clean for the most part.
    5) Don't be a d*** alright? Your character can be though
    6) Follow IWAKU RULES
    Character sheet:

    Skill: (healing, supporting, attacking... let us just say Tank, Healer, DPS ok?)
    Pet: (if wanted)
    Sibling: ?
    Anything Else We Should Know:

  2. Can I be the son of a prominent bender who can't bend? However, his own father pulled strings to keep him in the school, thinking him a late bloomer.
  3. Dude yeah, sounds ok. Any character is accepted I suppose
  4. I'd love to join!
  5. Count me as number 4 (counting yourself)
  6. Count me in! I love this kind of rp, especially since I just spent a week re-watching Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  7. fill in the character sheets pl0xz
  8. I'm currently working on the character sheet now, just have to do the evil bio, but do you want us to post them here, pm them to you, or post them in an ooc thread?
  9. post them here
    I will collate them and malke either a group or an OOC thread
  10. I'll make mine a little later. Have a limited amount of time right now.
  11. I'm really interested in this! hopefully you'll still have room and decide to do it. Here is my application either way.


    Name: Kolie Beblo

    Age: 17

    Gender: female

    Repationship?: none

    Appearance: waist length white hair, green Asian (more specifically Korean) like eyes, about 149 pounds and a height of 5'11. Kolie is not tough or really muscular, just very flexible and lean built.
    Personality: sweet and refined due to her family's customs. She cares for people and can't help but try and protect people who can't help themselves, even if it put her in harms way.

    Bio: Kolie was supposedly dropped on the door step of one of the fire nation General's. After she was discovered the next day by their only son, 10 at the time, he took a liking to her and was able to persuade his parents to adopt her as their own. The family was very good to her and didn't care where she had come from. They never heard from who ever it was that had left her there. A couple of years later her brother joined a fleet of raiders that went on a peace voyage to the water country. Her and her brother wrote each other every day, by messenger hawk, and were able to keep as close as if they were right there in the same house. Half way through his voyage he stopped writing and it was later found out that the boat was lost at sea. Kolie, her mother and father were devastated. Now at the age of 17, Kolie is making her own way in a life of hot headed fire benders with her recently discovered water bending talent.

    Element: Water
    Skill: healing and supporting
    Pet: messenger hawk
    Sibling: Brother, Bolin
    Anything Else We Should Know:
  12. it is happening I'm just going to create the stuff after I'm done my paper craft kirigami and origami
  13. I'm in. I just finished watching episode ten with my family. C: Was wondering if I could make the water bending teacher?
  14. Yes beauty yes
  15. ((I'm hardly awake for this so I'll fill out the rest when I wake up))

    Name: Sloan Gr├Ępoj
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: Nada
    Personality: flirty, sarcastic, attitude problems at times, loves to mess around, hot headed,
    Element: Fire
    Skill: DPS
    Pet: albino ferret
    Sibling: None.

  16. Maya Fei-Ying


    Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Relationship: None
    Element: Water
    Appearance: With long wavy brown hair and a slender yet powerful build, she stands at 5'7". She has a very young look to her for a 29 year old woman, and she has a flower tattoo with several details on her right thigh -- perhaps lotuses... As for her attire, she normally wears a short blue robe with white seams, when in colder regions, she'll throw on a jacket that's thick, and that hides most of her body.
    Bio: Upon being a very skilled water bender when she was younger, she was able to master both healing and offensive capabilities at the age of 25. Once she mastered water-bending, she moved to the high school of bending to become the water bending teacher. As for the tattoo on her right thigh, that is unknown to all, although she tells people it is a mere tattoo that she thought looked pretty.

    Skill: Water-bending master -- teacher.
    Pet: None.
    Siblings: None.
    Parents: Melody Fei-Ying -- deceased, Oro Fei-Ying -- deceased.
    Anything else we should know: She has brown leather boots, that are tight around her ankle and go up to her shin with a two-inch heel. She contains a knife in her right boot and she has no necklace of marriage, meaning she has no lover.
    Although, she does have a necklace that is just a black, leather choker; and the pouch around her waist is for her money.
  17. Name: Mio Coarizake
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Repationship: None
    Appearance: Mio has straight, silky, ebony black hair that goes down to her knees, and her bangs are a gentle slope that covers her right eye and is long on the left side of her face to match the length of her bangs on the right side. She has tan skin, but it's still fairly light. Her eyes are an ice blue color, an they are almond shaped. She has a slender body, in general she is attractive, but still a little deadly-looking. Most of the time, she wears a black pleated skirt that is about mid-thigh length, with tight black shorts about the same length, a white long-sleeve or short-sleeve button-up shirt (depending on the season) that she has the top three buttons undone, also sometimes wearing a red and black long-sleeve cardigan that goes a little past her waist and covers the palms of her hands and is loose and baggy, also having on mid-thigh high stockings that are black or red (depending on her mood), and wearing black knee-high, one inch high-heel boots that lace up.
    Personality: Mio is normally quiet and keeps to herself, mostly because she has a fowl temper. She has severe anger issues and has trouble making any type of friend that isn't an animal. When she's around others, she's usually rude and snaps at them for the tiniest little comment, even compliments some times. Most people think she's just a generally mean person, but that's not true. Once someone gets to know her, she's extremely kind, warm and sweet...Until you make her made again that is. She is also extremely hot-headed and stubborn, she won't change her mind no matter what anyone says, she's also really determined.
    Bio: Mio was raised in a family that made their life-long goal being to protect the Fire Nation's general and his family, but was actually adopted. Though her family was passionate about this, Mio was more passionate about just being alone and not having responsibilities. She tried to avoid just about everyone, which is why her parents thought she was going to rebel and go against the Fire Nation. It only took a month for them to gather up a small family army and march up to her room and then yell at her. They were all ready for battle, a fight against her, so she got extremely angry. That's when they found out she was a lightning bender, and they were scared. So, they decided to send her off to a random school for bender, trying to avoid her temper, and that's when she learned she was related to Zuko of the Fire Nation.
    Element: Fire/Lightning
    Skill: Attacking and Stealth
    Pet: Rin - male fire ferret
    Sibling: None
    Anything Else We Should Know: Mio is extremely gifted in the fine-arts, such as music, art (various forms). She's also talented in school, especially different languages and anything that has to do with reading or writing. Mio also has a major soft spot for animals, mostly the cute ones though.
  18. Shit will get made when I have the time sorry, maybe today or tomorrow >.<
  19. I'm very interested. I'll put up a sheet later today.
  20. Name: Rin Sha
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Repationship: (if anyone wants to)
    Appearance: View attachment 12828 (second from the left)
    Personality: bubbly is the best word to describe him. Like shiro from deadman wonderland.
    Bio: Born in a secret village, Rin was born as an assassin. She soon rose to the top of her clan. But there was jealousy in the air, and her closest friend betrayed her. She knocked her unconscious and dragged Rin to a city. It just so happened an old couple found her and took Rin in as their child. They later found out Rin had no recollection of her previous life but found she still had her amazing skill. So they enrolled her in the academy, and she started her new life there.
    Element: water
    Skill: tank
    Pet: flying lemur given to her by her grandparents.
    Sibling: (if anyone wants to)
    Anything Else We Should Know: uses kunai as another weapon.