Electronic Abstraction Part Two

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  1. When I read the recent newsletter I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. "song lyrics(?)" well, not really. These are actually poems but if you picture a beat behind them, my friends've said that they've pictured some of my work as dance or pop music so . . . *shrugs*. I'd probably have to learn how to read music before that'd be possible xD. Singers can get away without reading it, but songwriters? Doubt it. Also, while one of mine was in what appears to be Spanish, that is actually my made-up language. It does appear quite close but I'll be willing to provide a Spanish translation if anyone wants it (the poem'd be kind of mreh in Spanish, but oh well . . .).

    This will probably be the more disappointing of the parts since two of them fit in with the idea in the description and are earlier poems I submitted into a thread. This part was really inspired by Marina Diamandis' recent album as well as Sylvia Plath, Marilyn Monroe and other things that came to mind (Betty Crocker . . . even, as you'll soon see >:3). Well, here it is~

    I decided to label this as review because I'm kind of thinking about editing the Betty Crocker, Capitalist Homewrecker poem and would like suggestions.

    Born is the Primadonna

    Mommy, daddy, pay attention to me,
    Why do you always look at her and not me?
    Why do you always disagree?
    Why, I would love some company

    Mommy left Daddy,
    And Daddy left Mommy,
    But was “Daddy” ever really
    There for me?

    Now I have a second Mommy,
    Mom and Media Mommy,
    Tellin’ me to be perfect, pretty,
    Blarin’ and ringin’ with glee

    I made a mask brighter than Sylvia
    A character fiercer than Electra
    I’ll do one up on both of ya’
    I’ll be a perfect primadonna

    More hollow than blown bubblegum,
    More fiery than aged rum,
    Manipulation’s now my fun,
    Love me or run, run, run

    My life’s a play, a vapid game,
    Where I beg for my claim
    To toxic fame
    Momma Media to blame

    Hell, I don’t care if I’m hated,
    That’s exactly what I wanted,
    Sickening attention
    For my morbid satisfaction

    Let them eat my cake,
    It’s all corn syrup, fake,
    All my food shake’n’bake;
    From this nightmare I’ll never wake.

    What do you say now, big sista’?
    That I’m a big attention whore?
    Do tell more
    Like I’d pay attention to ya’

    Of course one day I’ll fall,
    Lose my marbles, lose it all
    The mask shattered forever more,
    Unable to rhyme anymore.

    I Wrecked my Own Home

    I’ll be like, totally
    Forever your girl, baby
    Y’know, I don’t think you love me
    Honey, you should really call me

    You should show how you love me,
    Get down on your knees, baby
    Pop me that pretty
    Question, baby

    I wrote you a love poem
    To read when you’re not home
    With some corny rhymes
    Oh, I bought some limes!

    Oh, who the heck am I kidding?
    Why’d he even bother reading?
    This filthy pile of crap
    Came from a dunce cap!

    Dunce cap, dunce, dunce cap
    Set, set is the trap

    All to the Vegas strip
    Ladies, we’re goin’ on a long trip
    Leave behind your hearts
    Your minds, your fine arts

    Let the lights in your head whir
    Give in to the booze making your speech slur
    Oh, that new boy, what a blur
    What happened between him and her?

    He shattered the home,
    Slandered her husband’s golden throne
    The wooden castle will soon groan,
    Quicksand eating it whole

    But still in her there’s a hole
    The new one won’t fill her supporting role
    He just lets the dead castle crumble
    Collapsing in a violent tumble

    “Marilyn, why did you lie to me?
    You said the high life was easy!
    I made him fall,
    But oh, do I regret it all!”

    Now you can’t say sorry
    Your “freedom” your inability

    Bleach to oblivion;
    You still won’t
    Be what they
    Want you
    to be!

    They don’t want a strong queen,
    They just want a pneumatic machine.

    Soon you’ll see
    That sawed is your “stable” tree,
    The branches of your youth
    Slain and burnt by truth

    So build,
    Build it well,
    Craft with care,
    A new mask,
    A façade,
    Beyond compare.

    (I Will be Saved)

    Rain ran down my temples,
    My locks limp,
    Lifeless tangles

    The thunder roared my mask away,
    The lightning made my whole world sway,
    Sudden truth of violent combustion,
    Without care for repercussion

    This forest of neon lights,
    Blinded me of my rights,
    Drained my heart to stay red:
    Now I’m living dead

    But in the night I wandered on
    Until the neon vampires were gone
    I let Night show her true colors
    Cosmic splendors

    The stars were a chorus
    All singing, sonorous
    They rang, luminous
    Intangibly harmonious

    “May I join you?
    I want to sing like you, too!”

    My eyes were emptier than ever
    Black holes that wept forever
    A million identities eaten
    My true light stolen

    I could feel the wind calling
    The sands shifting and falling
    He wished to whisk me away
    From this earth without delay

    Fading, sparkling
    I felt myself shimmering
    But no, I had to remain
    Bound to this
    Shifting terrain

    I took what the metal forest gave,
    Tore it all, left nothing to save
    I am no one’s machine
    I will be my own queen

    But Night, help me
    My old strength was all a reverie
    Help me stand for me
    To see the tender Sun rise
    With my now golden eyes

    The lights, the dancers, the distant lover
    Will never shatter dawn, my vermillion pillar
    And if they wish to know the true me more
    I will tell them
    Ego servābor

    Nuclear Warfare

    Look out to your right!
    Whirrin’ sounds and a blazin’ light
    If you don’t duck just right
    You’ll go on a fiery flight

    Hon, I knew it would go down
    Imminent is the meltdown
    Now comes the sirens’ blarin’ sound
    Against you my voice will pound

    Since you allied yourself with her
    I’ve gone off my rocker
    I’m off the charts, radioactive
    Insane, far beyond reactive

    My mind’s decayin’ Xenon,
    My anger redder than Neon,
    Go on if you dare,
    Watch my passion flare

    My face a makeup explosion
    Ready for aggressive seduction
    If you don’t accept my passion
    Expect a fatal reaction

    My hatred will radiate to her
    Infect her with mental cancer
    I’ll show you who’s really smarter,
    Who’s really prettier

    I just wanted your heart,
    All of you from the start,
    But no, you teased me,
    Denying my chemical fantasy

    But do forfeit soon, darlin’,
    For I’m surely decayin’,
    Havin’ trouble keepin’
    This act goin’

    “Loves me, loves me not,”
    With the latter I’ll rot,
    Becomin’ a mere spot
    To spite your thought

    Betty Crocker, Capitalist Homewrecker

    “I'm all about my cake;
    I'm try’na marry Betty Crocker”
    “General Mills' cultural perception of the American homemaker,”
    “Better to leave them broken than hurt yourself putting it back together.”

    The name’s Betty, Betty Crocker
    And what are you doing with her?
    You should pour your money into me
    Light me up like fireworks, baby

    Besides, I’m much blonder,
    With eyes much bluer
    And skin much tanner
    Than that four-eyed loser

    I can bake better,
    Cook quicker,
    Be dumber
    Than that un-American bummer

    I never quite stopped being a cheerleader,
    (Never stopped being a gold digger)
    Professional at submission,
    (At the art of deception)

    The dummy married me,
    Gave me a baby and wad of money;
    But no, I want more of your salary,
    I’ll rape you broke, honey.

    Your love is nothing compared to your oil field,
    And I squeezed dry what that could yield,
    Now you get to rot, old geezer
    ‘Cause you didn’t know any better . . .

    Oh, you’re asking for welfare?
    Bah! Like my new husband would care!
    As yet again proven,
    I support no one.


    You always laughed during the day,
    And in the night you would play,
    Leave me for a video game,
    Hookers and superficial fame

    I always wore a wig around you
    My identity split in two
    The lovely trophy wife
    Complying without strife

    But, baby you’re not the one
    Until otherwise proven
    There’ll be no nuclear family
    Just my radioactivity

    My blood on fire
    Into the desert I’ll wander
    The claimer of my soul
    Will consume me whole

    I’ll let my true hair
    Out without care
    You can’t force me
    To be your Barbie

    Stand back, neon vampire
    What will transpire
    Will eradicate
    All desire
    That rests in
    My heart,

    Day’s heat has left us
    Night’s mystery soon to join us
    In this agitation of ephemeral dusk
    Nothing has rhyme or reason
    Going by its own means
    As the sun sets

    This blazing wasteland
    My new, barren
    Testing sight
    Five, four,
    Three . . .


  2. So I was the one who wrote up the Newsletter. I could have sworn your poems were supposed to be lyrics! They have a very musical quality to them, so I got that vibe. :O

    As for the one I thought was Spanish, I actually didn't read that one. ><; I glanced at it and my brain must have auto-corrected it to Spanish because I speak it... Sorry for the mistake!
  3. xD It's okay. Puedo entender cómo pensaba que eran canciones. Me gusta que mis poemas flúan, entonces sonan como letras a veces por eso. También, mi idioma inventado es muy similar al español.

    Would you like to tell me what you think of this part? :)