Electronic Abstraction Part One

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  1. Dear Synthesizer
    Seduce me, baby,
    Make a melody
    So sugary
    I drift into fantasy

    A synthetic symphony
    Releases me, care free
    Anythin’ will really
    Do to escape reality

    Rose-tinted, more like bright pink,
    Deeper in the melody my mind’ll sink,
    Don’t care if I can’t think,
    I’ll pass shyness’ brink,

    Simple pleasure
    Toxic pressure
    My feelings in censure
    And music’s rosy allure

    Thump, thump, thump
    Out of my slump
    Synthesizer, pump
    Me up to jump, jump, jump!

    Even if I don’t dare in dance
    In front of people, in a trance,
    I got ya’ in my head, electronic
    Rhythm forever symphonic

    In my Head
    There’s a land one dares not tread,
    For one’d flee with dread,
    My bright fantasy to them poison lead
    Bursting forth in my head,

    Who dares to regulate imagination,
    Even if a monstrous abomination
    Suspended in a stellar space station
    Marked by constant oscillation?

    If you dare probe my mind,
    You will soon find,
    A land, the curious kind,
    Nearly bright enough to drive you blind

    A pink galaxy made of candy
    Golden rain of honey,
    With a wave welcomes you the bunny,
    What, you don’t understand me?

    Chê si no te la volu comprenderi?
    Io la fazu loca beni
    Sini signíficu entendibli
    Entendibli sólo a mi.

    But there’s more, for you
    Will soon see the workings of an inner Harajuku,
    Oh, what will your closed mind do
    When it sees outfits of acid green, jet black and neon blue?

    From strangers to a dear friend,
    All will fail to comprehend
    This special place where I play pretend
    A world where fun will never end

    No, You Can’t “Chū” Me
    Candy, candy
    Is so amai
    In my land, the kawaii
    Will reign, free

    Sure, I’ll be your sweetie,
    But only if you promise me
    That you won’t “chū” me
    Won’t touch my dolls, teddies,
    Or hoard of other toys

    I don’t need a boy,
    Have my loyal, amai cookies
    And my moon-bound bunnies
    Makin’ mochi

    Besides, I was a “grown up” once
    Never found love, not once
    Individualist monotony
    Competition’s acridity

    Everyone soon tires
    Of constant talk of haters
    “Why don’t you just grin and bear it
    Instead of getting in a hissy fit?”

    Rap, warui ko, rap away
    While I escape this land of grey
    To go a friendly omochaya
    Dressed up like a lovely Lolita
    No, not that kind of Lolita!
    You’re in the gutter, aren’t ya?!

    I’ll protect my precious innocence
    From your morbid advance;
    Besides, I’m well too childish
    For your liquorish licorice fetish

    Fine, call me what you want, a weeaboo,
    Like you’re the hontou no you,
    And not a powerless fool,
    Momma Media’s tool

    I’m not tolerant
    Of such views, ignorant
    Of Western and Eastern ideology,
    Removed from a dual reality
    Of happiness in individuality
    And in equality

    I am synthesis
    Of Occidental thesis
    And Oriental antithesis
    And Mommy and Big Sis’

    So what if I like something a little sweet?
    It’s not like I’m gonna force you to eat
    My favorite treat!

    I’m no company’s machine
    I’m ouhi of my own candy
    Aware of my fused cultural identity
    I’m my own freedom’s queen

    I won’t advertise like Kyary
    So back off of my fantasy;
    No, you can’t “chū” me!

    Paradigm Shift
    What is reality?
    Why, it can’t be objectivity,
    Forever tangential subjectivity,
    The limits of erratic electricity,

    Error, error, err—
    Not really sure if “I” really care,
    Do “I” really dare
    To call myself “I” when “I” could err?

    All “I” am is changing,
    Without stop self-rearranging,
    I am truly everything,
    Yet at the same time nothing,

    Oh, where’s your
    Not make
    Does this sense?

    “_” be
    Sans sub

    Do be afraid
    Is only breakdown
    Of your whole foun

    Weak Computer
    From truth ___ run

    If sound electronic am
    Synthesize I will
    My own net of param
    -eters ‘round this ever changing squiggle

    The sweetest sound I’ll be,
    Rhythmic, pulsating candy
    Imprisoned in a land free
    Of truth, of reality

    Mascina de Ritmu
    Sum mascina
    Es mascina
    Toti sõ mascine
    Sini pense reale

    Propia dansa'na
    Reinari musica'na

    Musica reina
    D'arti mórbida
    Toti'na hipnotisó

    Súa messagi
    Ê is che volemo crederi
    Cabu de noci
    Cubre profeta falsi

    Sum mascina de ritmu
    Es mascina de ritmu
    Toti sõ bailatte
    Toti sõ esclave

    Pa'ritmu morirã
    Comme lupi bailarã
    Débile'na atacarã

    Sistema'na resisterú
    In humanu me nararú

    No serú mascina de ritmú

    English Translation 8D:
    I'm a machine
    You're a machine
    Everyone's a machine
    Without actual thoughts

    Don't make up
    Your own dance
    The music rule

    Music the queen
    Of a morbid art
    With satisfaction
    She hypnotized everyone

    Her message
    Is what we want to believe
    Night's cape
    Covers the false prophet

    I'm rhythm's machine
    You’re rhythm's machine
    Everyone's dancing
    Everyone's a slave

    For the rhythm they'll die
    Like wolves they'll dance
    The weak they'll attack

    I'll resist the system
    I'll become a human

    I won't be rhythm's machine