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  1. Emberlynn nodded as the tournament staff handed her her a number and her registration info. Emberlynn was a bit of a tournament junkie. If a tournament was advertised, no matter what it would be, she would be registered. She couldn't say, for sure, if her Pokemon liked it as much as she did, but it didn't hurt to ask, right? She rushed outside the tournament building and headed for a nearby field, throwing all her pokeballs up into the air.

    "Hey guys! We're back in Goldenrod city! Time for a tournament, you guys ready?"

    All of her Pokemon cheered as they crowded around her, licking her and playing with her. She laughed as they showered her with their affection. She calmed them down as she needed to be serious now.

    "Guys, do you even like being in a tournament? I never thought to ask you guys before because I just assumed you guys liked it. That was wrong of me. So, do you guys like being in tournaments? Or do you like gym battles more?"

    Emberlynn's Lucario stepped forward, being the only pokemon who could speak using his own aura to do so.

    "Ember....we love battling with you, no matter what the situation. Tournament, Gym battle, we're with you all the way, right guys?" he turned to the team. They all cheered. Emberlynn laughed slightly.

    "Thanks guys! Your the best!" THey all crowded her again, making their affection known once again. Emberlynn hoped that she wasn't causing too much of a commotion. Otherwise, she would attract a lot of attention.

    Her precious pokemon, Lucario, Jolteon, Gyarados, Weavile, Houndoom, and Axew. She was so glad she had them all to enjoy this life together with. She tried her best to calm them once again, hoping against all hope that they hadn't disturbed the peace or attracted any attention.
  2. Aeon Hawk took his number and registration card, ignoring the look the woman gave him. He bought a bottle of tea from the machine, drinking it as he left the building. It was his third tournament, and he had won the past two. His sun-colored eyes gaze out across the field expanse, his ankle length hair, tied up in several braids put into one ponytail, accentuates his slender frame.

    The young man strides to the field, throwing his six pokeballs into the sky. Alakazam, Arkanine, Umbreon, Luxray, Misdreavus, and Skarmory. "'Kay, Arkanine, Umbreon, and Skarmory, I need you three on that side," he gestures, "the rest of you on this side." He continues planning, only distracted by a girl a hundred meters from him. "Triple play thirty centimeters from eachother. This will teach you constraint and the ability to focus your attacks."

    The group farther from Aeon shot attacks directly as told, while the closer group was less coordinated and was a little too close to the others. He figures that if they adjust their angle a few degrees to the right, they'd hit it correct. He tells them to do so, and his theory is proven correct. "Great job, guys!" He smiles, hugging all of them individualy.
  3. Emberlynn looked back behind her at all the trainers training with their pokemon for the upcoming tournament. The person who won this tournament earned a trophy, a year's supply of pokemon food and 75,000 yen. She couldn't wait! She was going to wipe the floor with every single one of these trainers. Looking to her left, she saw a trainer that caught her attention. A long braid going down his back and a beautiful physique. His pokemon were also beautiful looking, the sun making them shine, figuratively and physically speaking.

    Emberlynn walked over to the boy, intrigued by him. Walking up to him, she outstretched her hand.

    "Hello, my name is Emberlynn Sparks. I couldn't help but notice you training over here and I'm extremely sorry for interrupting, but I thought I should just introduce myself just in case we come head to head in the tournament...."

    Now that she was up close, he looked even better than he did before, making her face go red. Nevertheless, her hand stayed outstretched to the boy.
  4. Arkanine, seeing the girl called Emberlynn trying to touch his master, growls low in his throat, but Aeon reprimands him softly. "I'm Aeon Hawk." He takes her hand, falls to one knee, and in the most cliche' way possible, raises it to his mouth and kisses it softly. Seeing her face go even redder, he grins slightly, and Umbreon titters softly in a way that hints at laughter.

    "If we do go into combat during the tournament, then I hope-" He is cut off by Skarmory, who lands on his shoulder. A Skarmory's weight is at minimum 111 pounds, and that is no exception for Aeon's. He stands there for a good second, bearing his weight, then he shoos him away, as he knows better. "Ahem, I hope that you provide me a challenge."
  5. Emberlynn's face couldn't possibly go any brighter of a red.

    " I only hope for the same thing. Aeon Hawk huh?...Such a unique name and such a unique training style. Your pokemon look well trained! I can't wait to fight you in the tournament! This should be interesting!" Lucario came up behind Emberlynn, pulling her hand away from Aeon and growling.

    "You womanizer...stay away from my trainer...." Emberlynn looked to Lucario, a frown on her face.

    "It's ok Lucas...He won't hurt me. He's just introducing himself. Like what you should be doing..." Lucas sighed and bowed slightly.
    "I'm Lucas, Emberlynn's Lucario. These are my friends, Jolteon, Weavile, Gyarados, Houndoom and Axew..."

    Emberlynn giggled.

    "Thanks for introducing everyone Lucas! Your awesome!" She kissed Lucario on the cheek.
    "Sorry about earlier. You see, Lucas is very protective of me. He has been ever since my little brother died, who, was also named Lucas. I named him after my brother. He kinda acts like my brother. Jolt is my best friend. I've had him since I started on my journey as a trainer. I didn't evolve him till after we got 5 of the Kanto region badges...Ooops....sorry...didn't mean to ramble on. I just love all my pokemon like they are my own children so when I get to brag about them, I kinda go overboard. Forgive me for wasting your time, I just thought I should introduce myself and say good luck to you for the tournament!"

    Emberlynn bowed slightly again, her pokemon all around her and doing the same.
  6. "It is fine," Aeon said, smiling kindly. "I tend to do that quiet often sometimes. This is Lucky." He called his Luxray to him. Lucky had a dark blue spot in the shape of a star over his right eye. "You've met Umbreon, Arkanine, and Skarmory, unfortunately." For his trouble, Skarmory landed on his shoulder for several seconds. "Kidding, mate." Aeon told him, petting him upon the head. "The loner over there," He says pointing to Alakazam, "is Houdinia. I think she's jealous." Houdinia had a very short "mustache" and often prided herself in it. Aeon's gaze shifted from Emberlynn's to Missy's, his Misdreavus. She was hovering just behind Emberlynn, obviously up to no good.

    "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5P7wQNOAuo&feature=related" ((Just skip to 0:21, ^^'))

    Missy, making the noise, had said it right in Emberlynn's ear, scaring her very much. Aeon, trying not to laugh, failed and nearly doubled over at the look on her face. When he finished, he said, "Sorry, that's Missy. She doesn't like other girls who get near me. Ignore her."
  7. Emberlynn laughed nervously as the misdreavous hovered nearby.

    "Nah, it's ok. I'm used to pokemon disliking me...It comes with being a trainer. When I first got my weavile, she hated my guts. She wouldn't listen to a word I said. But now that I know how she likes to train and when she likes too, I'm her best friend! You see, it maybe called spoiling, but I see it as a way to befriend your pokemon. I like to do what they want to do when it comes to training wise. Because it still makes them happy and they are still getting trained, getting stronger and stronger. I don't know. I may be going about it the wrong way when I'm training her, but it doesn't matter. She's happy and that is all that matters to me....Sorry...Ramble again. Anyway, Aeon. I think I will leave you in peace. It was nice meeting your pokemon. They all seem happy to be with you and train with you! Thanks for introducing me! I'll see you in the upcoming tournament!"

    She bowed slightly again and headed off to a corner of the yard, raring to train her pokemon. Lucas put a hand on her shoulder.

    "Be careful of that boy Emberlynn. He may seem nice at first, but then he is just hiding the fact that he's a player..." Emberlynn grabbed Lucario's paw, turned back and smiled.

    "Don't you worry about him, alright? I will deal with it when the time comes...For now, let's just focus on training! The battles start in 10 minutes and I'm 10th so that gives us about 45 minutes to train! Let's give it all we've got!"
  8. "Nice meeting you, too, Emberlynn!" Aeon called after her, waving. There on the field, he shook out his hair, putting it all into a single ponytail, giving him a dramatic look. He helped all of his Pokemon with their aesthetic look, whispering them words of encouragement and things like, "All they want is a show, right? Well, we'll give them the best show they've ever seen."

    After making his Pokemon more beautiful than they already were, Aeon spent most of the rest of the time practicing their entrances. Aeon had always had an eye for the dramatic, winning people's hearts with his flamboyant and stunning demeanor. Except, his part was just half of the show. The other half were his Pokemon.

    When he first met Skarmory and began training for Tournaments with him, he went to great lengths to make it so, at any time of day, Skarmory's entrance would accentuate his steel colored body in the light of the sun or the fluorescent lighting of indoors arenas. Umbreon's entrances were grand as well, and sometimes Aeon would persuade the Tournament Coordinators to let him fiddle with the lighting to add a truly awesome affect.

    Aeon was number 13, but he went inside early to scope out any possible competition. He watched many of the Preliminary fights, leaning the winners' strengths and weaknesses, so he may avoid their strengths and exploit their weaknesses. "Number 5's got good coordination, but no control. Number 7's Gothitelle will be a problem, with her Trick Room." were several murmurings of Aeon as he watched the matches.
  9. Emberlynn practiced with her pokemon, trying to improve how they moved about on the battle field. For her, it was all about strategy. If she saw even the slightest opportunity, she would take it. Having pokemon that responded to her, sometimes, crazy commands was very important. It was how she snatched victory up from under an otherwise great trainer. Once she was confident of their ability, she headed into the arena, watching the other trainers battle with their pokemon. She especially analyzed the way the winners fought. Only by studying their habits would she have a chance at finding their weakness in training.

    It was the end of the 9th battle already. Emberlynn rushed down to the gate, awaiting for it to be her turn to walk out onto the field. Moments later, her name was called and out she stepped onto the field. It was no surprise to the trainer that she had a following of trainers that looked up to her. It was a club that followed her pretty much anywhere. It was annoying, yes, but if she could inspire other trainers, then she always tried her best in battles. It only consisted of 3 trainers, but she didn't mind. They were only studying her battle technique anyway so she let bygons be bygons. The other trainer took his place on the field and the match started. It was a one on one battle. The trainer chose an Hippowdon.

    Emberlynn smirked. She sent out Lucas. He took his battle stance as the battle commenced.

    "Lucas, lets get this party started with Force Palm! Go!" Lucas rushed at the Hippowdon, only to have it meet Lucas head on, having no sand to hide in. It took the hit, but in turn, the paralyze effect took effect immediately. How lucky was she?

    "Alright Lucas! Let's keep it up with Close Combat!" Lucas pelted the Hippowdon with a barrage of punches and kicks. That is when the hippowdon got the chance. It grabbed Lucas' arm and tossed him in the air, hitting him with a sand tomb. It hit, being super effective and sending him flying. Lucas caught himself. He was used to getting hit with those kinds of attacks, that's to say though that they didn't take their toll. They did. Lucas was panting heavily. Ground attacks especially hurt him. While he was down, Hippowdon attacked Lucas with a Take down. Lucas went flying again, almost running into the wall of the arena. He stopped himself, running at Hippowdon again.

    "Alright! I knew you could take it! Now! Use Aura Sphere while running at him!" He shot a blast directly at the big pokemon, kicking up a huge cloud of dust.
    "Alright, now use Close Combat and finish this up Lucas!" Lucas pelted Hippowdon with hits again. All Emberlynn could see was it flying out of the cloud of dust, it being unable to stand. Lucas struggled to stand as those hits took a lot of energy to do. Once the announcement that they had one was said, Lucas fell to the ground, panting and bruised. Emberlynn put her hand on her shoulder.

    "You did awesome Lucas, have a good rest now..." She waved to the trainer and headed off the field, feeling satisfactory about her victory. It wasn't her best battle, yet it wasn't her worst either. It did little to show her true abilities as a strategic fighter, but a win was a win. She headed to the nurse joy on duty so she could heal Lucas.
  10. Aeon had seen Emberlynn's fight, muttering to himself the whole time, knowing that Lucas would definitely be a problem, but already devising little tricks to confuse him and leave him wide open. He still wanted to see her other Pokemon in action, but this would do for now. The way her Lucas moved was truly stunning, like a leaf in the wind.

    The next two winners were unremarkable, showing no strategic knowledge, or, at the very least, finesse and style.

    Pretty soon, it was his turn to take the stage. He stepped out into the light of the stadium, shielding his eyes in a way that could be interpreted as a salute. The crowd roared, several hundred spectators recognizing the actor-slash-Contestant. He waved out to them, smiling broadly. The announcer said, "Welcome, Aeon Hawk and Lao Mao!"

    Aeon muttered to himself, "Lao Mao, what kind of name is that?" before waving kindly at his opponent. There was a slight smell of smoke in the air, as the previous victor's Blaziken nearly blew up half the stage.

    He brushed his hair out of his eyes, watching the countdown timer tick to zero. Finally, the signal was given, and Aeon called out, "Your turn, Skarmory." He didn't throw a pokeball out, and as the silence grew, and spectators began to believe that this young trainer had finally lost it, with a screech and a dazzling flash of light, Skarmory descended upon the arena, flying around it once, twice, before landing in front of Aeon. "Great job, mate." He whispered, his voice amplified across the arena.

    The other trainer, kind of dumbfounded and speechless at Skarmory's grand entrance, slightly foolishly sent out Kyurem, an ice pokemon. Skarmory's steel is super resistant to ice, which is weak to steel. This would be a fun match indeed.

    "Let's go! Air slash!" Skarmory flew into the air, nose-diving downward to the Kyurem, pulling horizontal inches from impact with the ground, and slicing him. At that speed, it was super effective. While Kyurem was recovering, Aeon shouted, "Spikes!" and Skarmory sent spikes all around Kyurem's feet. If he moved to attack or retreat, Kyrem's feet would take the damage of it.

    His trainer decided to take the gamble, and Kyurem stepped forward, his mouth agape, sending force a shockwave from it. Skarmory was shot back, nearly crashing into Aeon. When he reopened his eyes, Aeon could see the look there. He was going to do an experimental move that had great potential, but could be dangerous.

    "No, Skarmory, don't do it!" Aeon warned, revealing to the audience his distress. But Skarmory did, and after a final shout from Aeon of, "Control yourself!" he leapt into action. The move was a combination of Flash Cannon and Night Slash, both powerful by themselves and crazy dangerous when together. On previous test dummies, the move seemed to disintegrate the targets, something neither trainer nor Pokemon had predicted.

    Skarmory flew high into the air, gathering nearby energies, and, although it was too fast for anyone to see besides the cameras, one could see the after effects. The cameras would show Skarmory shooting the Flash Cannon, while Night Slash-ing Kyurem. The Flash Cannon's power went inside the slashes, causing the pain to increase greatly. Another camera showed Aeon clasping his hands as if in prayer, but his eyes wide open and filled with fear. This was the moment, the moment where the power from Flash Cannon would disintegrate Kyurem.

    Miraculously, it didn't. Aside from knocking out Kyurem, with several scars-to-be, nothing too bad happened. Skarmory landed, winded from the power needed for the attack, but okay nonetheless. Aeon let out a sigh of relief, and as the cheers rang out, he reprimanded Skarmory for doing something so rash, but secretly happy that they won. He waved out into the crowd and at his opponent once more, and took his leave, the adrenaline rush from the suspense just now leaving him.
  11. Emberlynn was excited to see that it was Aeon's turn next. He was, obviously, confident in his skill and looked as charming and as handsome as ever. She blushed at the sight of him standing there. When he called out Skarmory, he didn't have him in a pokeball. An intruiging idea to be sure. But whenever she let her pokemon wander free, they would always beg to be put back in their ball after a certain period of time. She guessed it seemed homely to them and whatever they wanted to do was fine, as long as they didn't go off and get hurt or hurt others. She watched as the other trainer foolishly sent out a pokemon without thinking. He was dazzled by Skarmory's entrance too no doubt, but that was rule number one for Emberlynn. Do not get distracted. It was a basic rule of thumb for all trainers, yet this trainer seemed to be missing the memo.

    As she watched Aeon battle, he battled with such grace and finesse that it put her battling to shame. She had to admit, she was a bit jealous. She would have to have a word with him after his battle. Emberlynn watched his Skarmory more closely for now, noticing how upset Skarmory had become at being hit. This was bad. If your pokemon weren't trained enough in how to control and manage their anger, they could do risky things. And what Emberlynn saw next was as risky as they came. A Night Slash combined with a Flash Cannon. That was a reckless move. No matter how she looked at it. Whether it was the pokemon that came up with it or him that taught his Skarmory to combine those attacks, she was angry. How could he do that to his Skarmory? Teach it such a dangerous move like that? She was definitely going to have a few words with him afterwards.

    After the heated battle was over and the victory decided, Emberlynn quickly made her way over to where Aeon was heading. She had to warn him. Combining moves like that was dangerous in the first place, both to trainer and pokemon. She was glad he had one, but no win should be worth getting hurt or worried over. She ran as fast as she could, frantically looking for Aeon. As she ran past the gate he had been sure to walk out of, she could see him just barely coming out. She put her hands on her hips like a typical angry woman.

    "Why did you do that? You could have seriously hurt that Kyurem not to mention yourselves included! You guys worried me...I'm so glad your ok, but please don't do anything reckless like that again. I may have only met you and so maybe I have no say in the matter, but a pokemon's wellbeing is important to me! Please, I beg of you, don't do anything like that again...I beg of you..."

    Emberlynn wasn't one to cry. Not usually. She only cried if something very bad traumatized her and that did traumitize her. She fell to her knees, grabbing Aeon's shirt and crying.
  12. As Aeon left the gate, greeted by clapping from the remaining contestants, he saw Emberlynn striding towards him, a set look upon her face.

    "It, ah, wasn't my idea. Skarmory and I, when we were first training with eachother, believed we needed a trump card in case we were caught in an unwinable situation or a life-threatening one. I hadn't thought of Skarmory doing that when he got hit, and it was a mistake on my part for letting him compete today-" He stopped, seeing her burst into tears.

    "Please...Emberlynn...don't cry." He didn't know what he should do, how he should treat the situation. This was a delicate scenario, and if he did something wrong, who knows what could happen. Finally, he made a split-second decision.

    Kneeling to her level, he took her into a hug, whispering to her, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know you care for all Pokemon. The first...the first time Skarmory did that without me telling him to, I-I don't know what happened, he just did it to a Butterfree. I did all I could to save her, but she was too far gone." Now, Aeon's eyes became wet with tears at the memory. "It didn't disintegrate her completely, only the bottom half of her...She died in my hands, when I was too weak to do anything." He was shaking now, the guilt rising in him like bile.
  13. Emberlynn's tears did not cease. Especially after the story he told her, holding him close and continuing to let the tears fall. She normally didn't get that emotional, but pokemon were her world. They mean everything to her. To see one hurt broke her heart in two.

    "I'm sorry...It's just....I grew up with pokemon and to see them hurt has always torn my heart in half...I can't imagine you seeing one die. That would drive me to the edge....I wouldn't have been able to handle it...Just promise Aeon....Promise me that Skarmory will never do that again..." She looked up after a few more moments, looking to Skarmory, tears still running down her face.

    "Skarmory...Aeon would be so devistated if anything happened to you...don't be reckless like that....Please...not again..." She continued to cry for a bit more until she composed herself enough to pull away. She wiped away the remaining tears, embarrassed that she had broke down like that. She tried to laugh it off a little.

    "I'm sorry for doing that...I don't normally do that...I had a bad experience in the past and that reminded me of that....I'm so sorry..." her face was red. She had been so close to Aeon, hugging him in fact. She had never been that close to a man. Especially one she had just met. She started to walk away, trying to hide her red face.

    "I'm going to watch the rest of the battles...We won't have to battle anymore today...We have a break until tomorrow...you and Skarmory should go get some rest...."
  14. "I-I promise," Aeon whispered as she got up and left. He hadn't told that story to anyone before, and even to Emberlynn, he didn't tell the whole thing. He ignored Skarmory for months after the event, not forgiving himself or Skarmory. He'd even almost killed himself, falling backwards off a building, until Skarmory came and caught him, restoring their friendship.

    He stood up, ignoring the stares, and taking his leave. Once outside, he found he could not hold back his tears for much longer, and he began running to his temporary room at the hotel. He was secretly glad that Skarmory had had the inner strength to hold back on his attack, but it was certainly not something he would advise him to do again.

    Finding his hands shaking too much to open his door, he retreated to a nearby alleyway, and he let himself go for exactly five minutes, he was counting. Afterwards, he took Skarmory out of his pokeball, and patched up his wounds, whispering, "I'm sorry," over and over. Skarmory seemed to know the error of his ways, and looked remorseful.
  15. Emberlynn had to stop the last part of her tears from falling as she entered the arena again to watch the remaining trainers battle. That battle for Aeon had to be hard on him and she felt really bad for breaking down in front of him, but she was too kind hearted to let that happen to him or his Skarmory again. She had been watching him as he ran off in the direction of his hotel. She would have Houndoom help her find him again so she could apologize. She never meant to hurt him at all, only to wake him up to the reality that his pokemon could have been seriously hurt. Not only that, but people could have been hurt as well.

    The battles wrapped up for the day and she headed outside the arena, sending out Houndoom in the place that he had run off. Houndoom sniffed the scuff marks of the shoe and apparently had gotten something. He followed it and she followed him. It lead her to a nice looking hotel. She ran inside, thanking Houndoom and asking the clerk at the desk.

    "Excuse me, does a Mr. Aeon Hawk stay here?"

    The person at the desk nodded.

    "But I haven't seen him at all today. I don't think he has arrived back yet..."

    She sent out houndoom again and tried to see if he could pick up a scent again. He picked something up and followed it, Emberlynn close behind. It lead her to an alleyway nearby the motel. Looking down it, sure enough, there was Aeon. He was patching up Skarmory and muttering something under his breath. She leaned against the nearest building, deciding to wait until he came out and went back to his room to talk to him. He still seemed a little shaken up...So wait she did.
  16. After he had finished patching up Skarmory, he embraced him, needing both the comfort of another and something to hold onto before he went stark raving mad. Putting Skarmory back into his pokeball, he began to leave the alley, seeing Emberlynn waiting for him.

    "Hey," he said, trying to avoid the obvious awkwardness from what had happened. Smiling weakly, he began walking to the hotel, seeing that she was following him. "Look, uh, sorry, about...all that back there..." He trailed off, not knowing what else to say. He stopped walking, leaning against the building to hear what Emberlynn wanted to say.

    He ran a hand through his hair, and sighed. Silently berating himself, he shouted idiot in his mind, knowing it was his fault for making her cry.
  17. Emberlynn called back her Houndoom and walked over to Aeon, placing her hand on his face.

    "No worries...we've all messed up in life...we've all done something we wish we could take back...And I'm no exception...My boyfriend....a couple months ago, he passed away from the same illness my little brother had...that illness has taken two important people away from me...it was all because I wanted him to come with me and spend the night camping...He caught it the next day and soon deteriorated....so much so that I had to say my last goodbyes to him 3 days later...I regret taking him there...Always wondering if I could just take it back then he would be here with me right now...But he isn't...I regret it...Yes...but I know he'd want me to move on with my life, do what makes me happy, so i've been entering every tournament advertised from Kanto all the way to Unova...It helps me remember him in the way he'd want me to remember him...Aeon...I'm sorry I broke down back there...I just...I didn't want to see anyone else close to me get hurt or die...I've had enough of that...All I want to see now are smiles of joy from people and pokemon...Again, forgive me...I had no right to take out my problems on you...Forgive me..."

    She moved her hand from his face and smiled sadly.

    "I hope we can still stay good friends...Because watching you battle reminded me of my boyfriend. He battled in a similar way to you, but with pokeballs....Being around you made me remember him...I guess I am just selfish...Just being around you because you remind me of my boyfriend...it's not fair to you...Once this tournament is over, I will be out of your hair for good...That way...you can move on and do whatever you'd like....forget about me and the trouble i've caused you...Just always remember Aeon...Pokemon...they need more than physical training, they need mental and emotional training as well...take some time and get to know your pokemon's personality, that way, when they get angry or sad or mad...you know how to calm them...Take care Aeon and I'll see you again in the tournament when we fight each other in the finals..." She decided to be bold, kissing his cheek and walking away, saying something as she walked back to her hotel for the night.

    "This may be selfish of me, but, ever since I saw you...Aeon...I've felt alive again...like James was by my side once again...Thank you and we will see you in the finals..."
  18. "I don't mind you sharing your troubles with me. When it seems like the weight of the world is on our shoulders, we need to have someone help before our back breaks. We've all...been sorry. We've all been hurt. But how we survive is what makes us who we are. I believe that the best sort of people are those who aren't afraid to ask others for help, or to lean on their shoulder, or even be next to someone when you need a reminder of a happier time, when everything in the world was simple, and everything was black or white. Real people are those who understand that humans cannot survive alone, that they need eachother to live. That's you. You know that if we were to go to 'every man for himself,' that the world would quite possibly end. Not everyone is perfect, but not everyone is a complete waste." Aeon stopped, catching his breath, as he had said all that with just one.

    When Emberlynn kissed him, a flash of heat radiated from the spot outward on his skin, and he flushed, realizing, that, for the first time in many years, he was caring for a girl again. He was moving on, finally leaving Analyss to go into the Mists, and to finally go into death, in his mind. "Goodbye." He whispered, though whether it was to Emberlynn or Analyss, no one knew.
  19. Emberlynn sauntered lazily into her room, her Jolteon following close behind. He didn't like staying in Pokeballs for too long. Once she had closed her door and locked it, she flopped onto the bed, too lazy to get up and get into her pajamas. She kicked off her shoes and curled up on her bed, thinking of the days' events. Jolt, seeming to realize his master was not her usual self, jumped up onto her bed, cuddling next to her. His spikes did not hurt her. Those spikes never were sharp to begin with. It was just extra slick fur. She patted Jolteon's head, smiling softly.

    "Jolt, you've always been there for me. Your such a great pal...Thank you...." She said as she remembered the kiss she had given Aeon. It made her flush a little, but she still smiled. She had only met the guy earlier today and yet...yet she was feeling that they were friends now...if not more...Jolt licked her face as if to ask "are you ok?". Emberlynn giggled at Jolteon's wet tongue.

    "Stop it Jolt! That tickles!" she grabbed the electric pokemon's head and kissed it. She then cuddled closer to Jolt and before she knew it, she was asleep, thoughts filled with 3 important guys, her brother, her boyfriend and Aeon. Hopefully, the next morning would be better. The battles tomorrow determined who would be in the semi finals.

    *NEXT morning*

    Emberlynn woke up, remembering she had slept in her clothes she had on the day before. Jolt got up, stretching and yawning widely. He jumped off the bed and Emberlynn got ready for the day. As soon as she was dressed, groomed and everything else a typical girl had to do for the day, she headed out the door and back to the arena, ready to do battle and make it to the semi-finals!
  20. Once back in his hotel room, Aeon fed his Pokemon, then, feeling the need for a change, he at himself in front of the bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors in his hands. "Arkanine, please stay off the furniture. The hotel'll charge us extra if you shed on it. Course, that'll only be a problem if we don't win, which won't happen." There in the bathroom, Aeon cut off most of his hair, leaving only what would count as a "normal" haircut.

    His hair was now more shaggier, but he felt he liked it better. "I look so young!" He announced, after looking in the mirror. His hair hadn't been this short since before he was a trainer. Umbreon almost didn't recognize him, running under the bed before smelling him.

    Aeon slept in his underwear and a t-shirt, his Pokemon all around him. He dreamt of Emberlynn laughing and spinning around, a white light around her.

    **The Next Morning**

    When he awoke, he immediately turned to Missy and Houdinia, both of whom could "listen" in on dreams. "You saw nothing, correct?" They both nodded their consent, and he was able to get ready for today's matches without much worry. As he was moving to put his hair up like he did yesterday, he stopped, realizing that he didn't have enough to do that with anymore. Sighing, he put on his clothes, and preparing Luxray for the battle today, which would hopefully be better than yesterday's.