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  1. "....I like singing; isn't that how I came to being? Saying that you like my voice, you've really made me happy..!" A girl sang behind glass of expensive store. The girl had long blonde hair with a white bow ontop of her pretty little head. On her feet was a tag of $39,000 with a name tag 'Kagamine Rinny 02'. She smiled at the people who stood there watching and listening to her beautiful voice. When a child put a hand against the glass she would do the same. Her smile would be so gentle...yet inside she felt like she was missing something. She wanted to get out of the store, explore and maybe fall in love. Yet her price was so high no one bought her yet. Once the people left she sat down and closed her eyes sighing. Once it started raining she put her hand on the glass feeling the coldness against her small and fragile hand. She wrapped her orange blanket around herself and closed her eyes dreaming of her prince coming to get her and to take her away from this glass prison.
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  2. A boy who comes from a rich family had longed a companion . Being his parents only child they did not want him "contaminated"so they called it ,they had him home schooledforever.. Even after he was done they kept him locked in the house...

    "Ive had it" he found out that his parents had been going on vacations and had other kids. After breaking past security he was gone. Out in the world alone for the first time he stood at 5'11" mid lenght black hair green eyes and his skin tone being a tan/peach color. His first stop was the mall he bought new clothes a bright yellow polo and some black cargo shorts. He walked along and saw a girl behind a glass... "she's beautiful" he says out loud.. but why is she for sale she is a person.. He looks at her.. After thinking for a while he heads inside while talking to the clerk he points to her glass container. And hands the clerk a creditcard.
  3. The clerk was a old man and took his credit card and checked. "That girl over there is Rinny Kagamine 02. They're A.I who are almost human. Thank you young man make sure you take care of her." The old man walked over to the glass and tapped on it. Rinny woke up and put her hand against the glass. Then she looked over to the young man and thought 'someone finally bought me...!' She smiled happily then grabbed her blanket and got out of the glass container. The old man walked over to the young man with Rinny. "Nice to meet you I'm Kagamine Rinny 02!" Her smile was gentle and happy. "This young man bought you Rinny. Have a good life and be careful. Young man if you need any help with her just come back. Even for a refund."
  4. What does he mean almost human as the old man approached the container and returned thats all the boy could think about.. "Hello Rinny im David(he turns to the man "thankyou" he looks back to Rinny )" her smile makes him feel welcomed a feeling he has never felt before. He smiles back"shall we be on our way?"David looks to the door and prepares to walk that way he waves to the old man.
  5. (how old are the characters)?
  6. (Rinny is 18)
    Rinny nods happily then grabs his hand holding it tightly. As soon as they walked out Rinny felt so excited she was finally gonna explore the outside world. She looked around then stopped at the plushie store. Her eyes were locked on an orange fruit plushie. She loved oranges with a passion and she would die without one. She put her hand against the glass and smiled happily looking at David. "Look David-sama its an orange! I love oranges their my favourite fruit in the whole wide world!"
  7. David looks from the foutain in the center of the mall to the store window.. To see a bunch of color "yea they are good want to go inside".. david looks confused he has never seen a "plushie" before "what is it ?" He walks toward the door and opens it.. "ladies first" he smiles looking into her eyes ..for a second he felt something what was it.
  8. "I heard they were stuff animals!" Rinny said as she skipped into the store happily. She picked up the orange plushie and hugged it tightly blushing and smiling. "Its so cute! Everything here is so cute! Oh David-Sama you have to get me this! Please?" She held out the plushie to David with cute puppy eyes.
  9. He smiled .. "umm if you want it I guess.". He smiles.. For the first time he was happy... He pulls out the creditcard and buys the plushie.. the clerk is a blond headed women about 25 "hi ma'am um can I get this plushie?".... "sure "she replied... "we have adeal . Buy 1 limited edition plushie get one free.. (she presses some buttonson the cash register) would you like it now or are you coming to get it some other time. " she looks at us .. ... I look over to Rinny