Election 2016: Too Many Cooks

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  1. Fucking CNN made this, you guys. CNN.

    This is from their official Youtube channel.

    I just.


    Wow. XD
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  2. I saw this on Elders React :P
  3. No, you saw the original Too Many Cooks on Elders React.

    This is a parody of it, made by CNN, to showcase the 2016 presidential candidates.

    That's what's blowing my mind right now.
  4. I want to hear more about Vermin Supreme! I think I'd vote for him.
  5. @Quiet One

    His campaign slogan: "A Vote For Me Is A Vote Completely Wasted". Half the time, I think he is too.

    In short, he's not the President America needs, but he's the one it deserves right now.
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  6. CNN knows peoples learn more from daily show, so why bother
  7. i don't get it

    are those Statesside politicians?
  8. Yes.

    Also, have you seen the original Too Many Cooks? Because that might help.
  9. Nah, I've never even heard of Elder's React.

    And I barely even know what CNN is.
  10. Too Many Cooks was a thing before Elder's React. Here;

    It's kind of amazing by itself.

    It's an American news network. One that I would not have expected to try to parody something like Too Many Cooks.
  11. what

    the hell

    I have decided to never again interest myself in Statesside politics and television.
  12. XD Well the original Too Many Cooks has nothing to do with politics. Hence why the very existence of CNN's parody of it is so strange and unexpected.

    But yeah, the very existence of the original is kind of amazing, too, for its own reasons.
  13. The original had twists though.
    This one was just six minutes of politicians. :/
  14. Saw this at four o'clock in the morning after a friend messages me about watching it on Adult Swim. Was uploaded within minutes of playing I guess. I thought I was suffering from a stroke for a few minutes and the visions which would haunt me for eternity would be the endless montage of 1980's sitcoms with a catchy yet annoying theme song.

    Damn you Adult Swim. Fucking with the heads of pot smokers everywhere at four in the morning. Or any other crazy folk up that late.
  15. That Rick Snyder death stare though...
  16. Well to be fair, they at least tried to add in some jokes. And I admit I laughed pretty hard when "national debt" came up, at the very least.

    Either way, I'm surprised that CNN made a Too Many Cooks parody at all in the first place. That's probably what I find the most amusing about it.
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